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Meera's Kinktober 2018 Collection

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It always goes so fast.
Just a few minutes ago, Helena had been watching her beloved twirl around in her dress, silk flowing with her movement, weightless and ethereal.
Now, she finds herself pinned on the bed, locked in a kiss with Ivory, her fingers tangling in her hair.
The strap of her dress slides off her shoulder and Helena eagerly pushes it down further, while Ivory pulls her other arm out of the dress, letting it slip down her body with ease.

She sits up, straddling Helena, and looks down on her lover with a smirk. Her clawed fingers dance over her firm breasts, starlight shimmering on her skin. Her hair cascades down her bare upper body like a gentle stream making its way down a mountainside.
'Come and get me,' says her expression.
'Please,' her dilating pupils add, an unmaskable indicator for arousal.

Helena grabs the silken dress and rips it from Ivory's hips, tearing the fabric with little effort. Normally, she would have flipped Ivory on her back now, and had her way with her, but there's a tiny thought in her mind, making her hesitate.
“Love,...” she addresses her. “You're Queen now.”
Ivory's face lights up when she understands what Helena is implying.
“Are you asking me to rule over you?” she purrs, while trailing a claw along Helena's jawline.
Instead of responding, Helena grabs her hand and presses her lips against Ivory's feeding slit, feeling her hand tense up under her mouth.
She allows Helena to remain like this for a few seconds before pulling away. Her sharp teeth are visible under her smile when she leans down to kiss her.
Helena's hands trail down her spine, coming to rest on her hips.
“Closer.” she whispers against Ivory's lips.

Ivory sits up again, reaches out to dig her claws into the wall for leverage, then pulls herself forward. When she settles, her thighs rest on Helena's shoulders.
“Like this?” she asks, her gaze meets Helena's as she looks down.
“Exactly like this.” is Helena's sole response.
She takes the opportunity to suck a bruise into Ivory's inner thigh, but her fangs get in the way. For the moment before Ivory's regeneration kicks in, blood trickles from the small wound. Helena licks her thigh clean and smirks up at her lover, who still has her claws in the organic walls of her Hive.

The thin underwear Ivory wears stands little chance against Helena's hungry fangs when she tears it open in the crotch area, then reaches around Ivory's hip to yank the rest off.
Ivory inhales sharply when Helena's tongue slides along her labia. This is not new for her, no. She's had Helena's face between her legs countless times, but never like this.
Never so … in control.
It's easier for her when she's the one on her back, left with nothing but to react, but now, the liberty to move changes everything.
Helena's hands are on her lower back, providing stability without restricting her range of movement. Ivory breathes heavily, feeling Helena's tongue lazily circle her clit, humming innocently while glancing up at her every now and then.
Her eyes glimmer like rubies and Ivory reads a challenge in them.

She chooses to accept.
Her first move is slow and shy, her hips roll against Helena's mouth, and she's instantly rewarded with an increase in speed, a light nip on her clit that jolts up her spine like lightning.
“So, that is how you wish to play this game.” she whispers, her voice shaky and weak. Helena chuckles under her, and Ivory swears she sees her wink.

The tightness in Ivory's abdomen aches beautifully when she grinds against Helena's face, against the flat of her tongue. Her hands uncramp and let go of the wall. Ivory allows her full weight to rest on her lover's shoulders now, no longer concerned with being too bold.
She sets the tone now, Helena's the one who has to react and adapt to her, and she seems to know exactly what she's doing.
Between the rolls of Ivory's hips, Helena somehow managed to shift a little and push her tongue into her. Not far, of course, but the unexpected sensation does its job.
Ivory leans back, into Helena's hands who holds her up without fail, pushing her hand between her legs and spreading her labia.
Helena takes the cue and focuses her attention on Ivory's clitoris again. She seals her mouth on her and sucks, her tongue still dancing in circular patterns, seemingly tireless when trying to please her beloved.

Power isn't so bad.

Ivory indulges herself until the tightness spills over, tingling heat surging through her body. She throws her head back, her thighs pressing against her lover's face as she climaxes, the wet warmth of Helena's mouth still on her.