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Woman in charge

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“What's a fella gotta do to earn some quick cash around here?” Angel says exasperatedly as he looked at the young demon-women walking by.


Never had Angel ever thought he would end up in the more rural parts of hell, but here he was after chasing down some guy who owed him money. God, he was so close to getting that dough too! If not for the fact the fucker didn’t get hit by a truck while running away from him...what were the fucking odds that some schmuck would be driving by when he just about had that stupid-ass who owed him three hundred big ones?! This had to be the thing Vaggie always talked about, what was it again? Karmin? Karmicheal? Karmel? Ah, fuck, who cares anyways? It’s not like he was going to heaven, but he sure could take someone there for the right price.


Looking around, Angel sees a few rough-and-tumble cowboys and one or two biker dudes. Not much of any lookers are present in the bar. It was really hard to tell in a place as dark as this one. He highly doubted these men were the type for male bonding. His straightdar was going through the roof. His spidey-senses were tingling...or maybe that was the vibrator in his right pocket? It had been going off a lot more lately. I mean what kind of pornstar would he be if he was not prepared for a sexual encounter at anytime?! He was after all the one-and-only Angel Dust: renowned adult-film star!


A couple of women look his way smiling and giggling like hyenas. Angel rolls his eyes dramatically and turns back to the bar to sip on his beer. He cringes at the bitter flavor, but this was all he could afford if he wanted to save up for his sweet, sweet drugs...shaking his head of any thoughts of the bastard he gave head to several times who promised a big payout for giving head almost non-stop for three days straight. He should’ve known that guy was full of shit even if he wore expensive-looking suits that screamed: “big boss with big money to spare,” he still tried to run when Angel came collecting. Go figure, even in hell you still get screwed over, but guess that’s to be expected.


Sighing to himself, he runs one of his elegantly-gloved hands through his hair while another hand brings his beer to his lips. He takes another sip and cringes at the flavor, then lifts yet another hand up that’s holding a cigarette he bummed off of the bartender. He takes a puff of the nicotine stick, inhaling the sweet smoke. Holding in the smoke, he savors the flavor. Well, the beer tasted like piss, but at least the cigarette tasted good. He moves his arm away from his body and flicks some ashes to the the ground, careful not to get it on his favorite suit.

“Well, how are you, stranger?” A female voice gets his attention making him look to his left side. There stands a drop-dead gorgeous, if Angel wasn’t gay, he would probably be all over that. He could appreciate a nicely-dressed woman, especially one with tatas as huge as watermelons. How the hell was her dress still keeping those babies concealed? Her clothes were way too tight, adding to the fact her mellons looked like they would jump out and attack him at any minute. Wait a minute...didn't he star in a porno like that or was it some weird, foreign shit Vaggie showed him when he was really drunk off his ass? God, he couldn’t remember...well, that's what you get when you take hard-ass liquor and mix it with hard-ass drugs.


“Whaddaya want, toots? Can’t you see I'm busy?!” He asked her with slight annoyance in his voice.


She starts walking closer, making her boobs squeeze even closer when she walks; they also start bouncing forward trying to race out of her tight dress. Damn, how could the dame walk, let alone breathe in that thing? She soon stops in front of Angel and takes his cigarette right out of his hand, lifting it to her ruby-red lips to take a puff of the sweet nicotine. Angel clenches one of his hands into a fist hidden under the bar, while another hand under the bar moves in his jacket to pull out a small pistol. His other four limbs are lying on top of the bar where the woman can see them. She takes a long drag then blows smoke in Angel’s face.


“I'm busy too,” she regards him with half-lidded eyes then looks at the barkeep, lifting her hand up to flag him down. She continues to look forward, ignoring Angel as he lifts the hand holding the pistol up, pointing it straight at her head. “You see, I'm looking for the jackass who thinks they can screw around with my husband and get away Scott free.” The barkeep comes over silently with a drink already prepared; she must be a regular, he thought. Well, at least they would know what name to put on her tombstone. She lifts the drink that looks like scotch on the rocks to her lips and takes a sip.


“Ya don't say….” Angel cocks back the hammer and gets ready to squeeze the trigger when the unmistakable sound of multiple guns being cocked at once has him freezing in his tracks.


“Mister Dust,” she starts to speak in a low, sexy but dangerous voice full of authority. Oh, he knew that kind of voice demanded respect and held promise of power. Shit, he was fucked in more ways than one when he looked to his side and had seen at least twenty different guns pointed at him. When the woman looked up and over at him, that's when he knew he was really screwed to hell. Her eyes were ablaze and piercing like they were taking him apart limb by limb. “I am a very compassionate woman here in hell, but if someone touches my sleazy husband without my permission, they will be punished!” There is a slight growl to her voice as she sets down her drink hard, making it slosh out of the sides. “I married that fool when he was just a rookie, no-account lackey in my crew and I'm not going to be made a fool of because he can't keep his dick in his pants!”


The bar has gone eerily silent as all sets of eyes are now on them and the scene unfolding before them. A drunken patron leans over to their companion to whisper, “This is better than the TV dramas in hell!” His buddy nods in agreement, that is...until both are hit hard over the head with a pool stick effectively knocking them out.


A gruff male voice speaks up, “Boss, you want us to get the riff-raff out of here?”


The woman speaks up, looking over Angel's shoulder. “No, that's quite alright, I want them to know what happens when they cross me.” She then turns her attention back on Angel.


“Why punish me when it was your husband who cheated on you to begin with?! I mean, what's your problem? Are you jealous you're not satisfying him enough that he had to come to the best lay in town to get his rocks off?” He puts the gun down on the bar and smiles at the woman, leaning back and crossing two sets of his upper arms over one another.


The woman or the boss now that Angel knows is sitting back, leaning on the bar with a sinister smile on her face, worthy of any powerful demon. “Oh, I've taken care of my better believe he will behave from now on. As for you, Mister Dust, as luck has it...I happen to be a fan of yours. However, since you insulted me, I can't go easy on you now!”


“Oh, and what the Ffff….” The next thing Angel knows is that there’s a painful blow to his head, knocking him out. When he finally wakes up, the first thing he notices is that he’s tied up. The next is a rubber ball is in his mouth preventing him from yelling out.


“Ahh,'re finally awake,” a female voice drifts from behind him, making his body jerk to see the bitch who had a death wish. Boss or not, she was going to die when he was finally free from his binds. He glared as best he could at the woman, but it did nothing to change the fact that he was tied up. As he squirmed around, he felt a lack of clothing. He also appeared to be in some small-ass, weird chair that left his ass dangling over the edge.


(From here on out, you are the sexy, dominating demon-woman who gets to punish the bad Angel)


I smirk down at the man in his binds, knowing he probably already wishes me dead, but that was not my was the fact that my good-for-nothing husband did not know his place! What kind of drug-lord would I be if I let the ones responsible go unpunished? I lift the riding crop upwards, moving it under Angel's chin to lift up his head to look directly at me. “I'm going to show you just how good I am, Mister Dust,” I purr out as I watch him try to speak with the gag in his mouth. It all comes out as incoherent grumbles. “I'm also going to put you in your place….” I grin sadistically down at him. Angel was lucky that I was a fan of his work or else he would be on display right now at the bar I found him in as a lovely corpse.


I lean back, looking down at him and slowly walk backwards so he can see my skimpy leather, one-piece outfit. I have my favorite whip and paddle hanging off my belt. My boobs are squeezed even more to look two times bigger than what they actually were. My heels clink against the tile floor as I start to walk off from his view to get a few things. I place the items on one side of him, just out of his view. I walk back again, this time returning with a glass of whiskey on the rocks. “Don't worry….” I look over at him as I take a sip from my drink; I can see the hate burning in his eyes. “You're not the only one being punished.” My grin gets even sinister, that of a true, demon drug-lord, as I think of my suffering husband. “He will never do something behind my back without my permission again.” I take another swig of my drink. “Oh, I'm must be thirsty, did you want some?” There is a jerky nod from Angel as his white hair bounces with his movement. I then quickly down the glass in one go. “Oops, I'm sorry, all out.” I say as innocently as possible. Again, there is a bunch of mumbled-up, gurgling sounds that are coming from him; he is glaring daggers at me. I set the glass down and move to take off his gag.


“I guess it can't be helped...” I walk slowly towards the spider-demon as I move my hands behind his head to unfasten the gag. I hold one strap in my hand, letting it fall and dangle in my one hand. Almost immediately, a string of profanity hits my ears from a loud angry voice.


“YOU FUCKING CUNT! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOIN’?! JUST WAIT TILL I'M OUT OF THESE SHITTY BINDS, YOU SADISTIC PIECE OF MOTHER-LOVING-CRAP BITCH!” The gag is prominently shoved back in his mouth, quieting him immediately. I quickly strap it back as I unhook my leather paddle from my belt.


“Obviously, Mister Dust, you have yet to learn your place nor the predicament you now find yourself in.” I sneer down at him as I twirl my paddle in one hand, then bring it down in the other as a threat. “You're lucky I like your work and have use of you or you would have been dead a lot sooner.” I growl out at him.

“I guess I need to teach you, your place...” I lift the paddle back as I swing forward to his exposed ass, just dangling over the seat. His eyes go wide at the feel of lack of some protection his clothes would have provided from the force of the blow. I grin wide, showing off my pointed teeth. I lift it back again, bringing it forward once again on his bare bottom. I repeatedly move the paddle back, then down on Angel's bottom making loud smacking noises fill the room. After the tenth (or was it eleventh?) time, I stop and once again remove his gag to let him speak.


“Is that the best you can do? My grandmother could hit harder than that!” But I can already see the angry red marks left from each blow and see his eyes water slightly from the pain.


I decide to leave the gag off for now, maybe if he begged for my forgiveness I will stop my spanking. “But, Mister Dust,” I say sweetly, “bad boys like yourself need to be punished.”


“Go for it, I don't see anyone bad here but y…” There is a loud smack and the smile on his face is instantly gone.


“Careful with your words, Mister Dust.” I warn him in a dangerous tone as I once again bring the paddle down over and over again on his fuzzy, little rear.


“Toots, I can go on all day with spanking! ‘Sides, I thought you were going to please me or show me how good you are?” He smiles cockily at me and I stop in my tracks. So, he wanted to play that was fine by me. He would be begging in no time at all.


“Oh, you're quite right, where are my manners?!” I put on a show of covering my my mouth in fake surprise. “How could I forget something like that?!” I reach to his side, grabbing the items I placed there. I uncap a bottle of extra-slippery, heated lube and squirt some out over a sizeable lavender, vibrating dildo. I lean over him, making my boobs go in his face as I shove the toy all the way down his ass. There is a gasp, followed by a hiss from the man below me.


“Now, we're getting somewhere…what's-a matter? Can’t do things yourself? Just going to let your toys do all the work?!”


I quickly get out a thin, long, and skinny toy and pour globs of lube on the skinny, long device. I then shove the device in his urethra, making it a snug fit around the entry way. I quickly put on the harness cap, securing it in place so it does not pop out from his muscles or any built-up fluids. I flip on the vibrator in his rear to a low-setting and watch him relax at the sensation.


“Ya could’ve done that sooner ya know… about that liquor?”


I ignore him as I flip on the long, skinny device to a low-setting as well. I can see his dick start to wake up more as it lengthens from the sensations. “I am going to let you think about your behavior and actions. And until you beg for my forgiveness, you will remain like this.”


Angel has a shit-eating grin on his face as he says, “Works for me!”


Oh, we will see how long he could actually last...because he always came in his movies. Sure, he had experience with similar situations, but not where he dealt with toys as powerful as these. I flip the switch to max on his rear as a starter and leave the other on a low-setting in his dick. “I will be back later after I have attended to some things.”


“Take your time, this works for me not having a boner-killer such as yourself around!” Angel laughs at me as I turn and walk out the door. I change into my regular attire; an attractive tight-fitting dress and start looking at the schedule for the rest of my day.


I retreat back into my office where I’m greeted by a tall, horned-demon who is standing by my desk. “Everything has been taken care of boss.” He rasps out as I nod.


“Good, I'm going to be looking over a few more things, then I have to check on our guest. Why do new pets have to be so stubborn?”


“If you like, Boss, we could teach him a lesson in manners.”


“NO! He is not yours to touch or train, do you understand me?” I growl out almost immediately at one of my lackeys.


“Yes, Ma'am.” He bows his horned-head as I take a seat behind my desk.


“Now then...make sure the boys are ready to go in thirty. We’ve got some work to do.”


“Yes, Boss.” He turns and walks out to leave me to shuffle through things and look over documents.


I am so busy doing my job that I’m broken from my trance-like, work state when there is a knock on the door. “Enter.” The same demon from before along with two other different-looking demons enter the room. The one closest to the door speaks up first.


“Uh, Boss...the boys have been ready for over thirty minutes.”


“WHAT?! Why didn't any of you come and get me when the time I said passed?!”


The demon from before speaks up this time, “We tried, but we didn't get any response from you.” He awkwardly twist his hands together as he looks at the ground like some scolded kid.


“Fucking great! Going to be late getting everything done today!”


I storm out of the room followed by my three lackeys at my heels. “Get to the cars! I have something I must do first.” I continue stomping towards the room I left Angel in. I open the door and there he is, still where I left him with a happy smile on his face, but a bit more redder then I remembered. “Are you ready to beg now?”


“Nope, I could go on for hours like this!”


“Oh, well in that won't mind me upping things a little.”


“Go right ahead, but nothing you do is going to make a difference.” He smiles dopely at me.


That's what he thinks. I walk over switching the device in his dick to max. I hear him take a sharp intake of air in. I walk behind him, coming back with a few more devices in tow. I strap on a semi-looking chastity device over his cock and flip a switch on. I take out a remote and turn it on half-way as Angel lets out a moan. I then grab some nipple-clamps and clap them to his nipples and hook it to a small electro-shock unit, putting it at pulsate. I finish him up with a blindfold and his gag once again strapped back to his head. “Well then, sweet dreams my dear, Angel...Mama has work to do.”


I walk out the door, locking it behind me so no one messed with my new pet. I then get into one of the cars waiting for me outside which is followed by five other identical cars. While we drove, I played with the remote control, making it go high then low. When we finally got to our destination, I put it on high and leave it as I got out of the car to show the asshats who they think they are, trying to move in on my drug turf. I pull out my big, trusty revolver as I am followed by twenty men into the small warehouse.


Five hours later, I’m completely exhausted and forget anything about Angel as I head to my room for a quick bath. After I finish bathing, I slip into a silky, night-robe and pass out in my bed. It's a little past noon when I finally do get up. I then use the restroom and flip on the TV. Almost immediately, a porno comes on showing none other than my favorite little Angel. Quickly putting on a new one-piece leather outfit, I rush to the room I’ve been keeping him in. I unlock it to reveal a shundering mess of a spider-demon. His once fluffy fur is slicked back with sweat and matted to his body. I walk over, letting my heels clink against the floor, making him jerk towards the noise and shudder. As soon as I remove the blindfold, I see the tear streaks on his face. “Are you going to be a good boy if I remove the gag?” He nods yes and looks up at me pathetically shaking from lack of release. “Are you going to beg for my forgiveness?” Once again, he nods yes.


I remove the gag and immediately, his voice comes out in a sobbing plea. “Look, I'm sorry….please….just let me cum….please…..I need to….. I need to….ahhh …..I...I ...I need to peeeeeah….” He half sobs, half whines. Angel probably couldn’t tell which he wanted more after trying in vain to get some sort of release. After all, he was drinking quite a bit at the bar and he had not expressed any need to go yesterday and now with all the sensations, he must be going wild. I smile down at him as I put a thoughtful finger to my chin as if I am thinking.


“Hhhhmmm, I don't know if you mean it.”


“Please, I'll do anything! Just let me piss or cum! I can't tell anymore! Please!” He lets out a whimper as he struggles against his binds.


“In that case,” I move in front of him and undo the snaps to the bottom half of my leather, one-piece-looking swimsuit. I press my pussy to his nose. “I want you to suck me off for an entire week….nah, make it two, whenever and wherever I wish. You will follow my every order; if not, there will be consequences! Understood?” He nods erratically as he tries to wiggle forward to my pussy. He sticks out a tongue and laps at my entrance. “If I feel teeth, I leave you like this for a week.” He nods as he strains to lick my slit.


I feel generous and move closer so he has a better reach to my kitten. I feel his face press forward as he licks up and down my slit. I see him shiver from all the sensations from my toys. He struggles to stay focus on the task at hand and not think about sweet release. I frown as I run my fingers through the back of his hair and yank his head down into my crevice. I hold his head in place as I thrust my hips forward into his mouth. He soon catches on and flicks his tongue out between my folds. I feel him shiver and shake as his tongue goes in and out of my moistening folds. He then flicks his tongue upwards to my clitoris and then he presses on it with the tip of his tongue, wiggling it around in circles. He then presses down harder on my clit as he wraps his lovely, soft lips around it and starts to suck. The suction is so nice that you throw back your head and moan. Making sure to pet his head, racking your nails through his hair, making him shiver and shake even more.


He soon moves his talented mouth off my clitoris and to my sweet folds, where he wiggles his tongue in and out. He starts to suck and twirl his pink appendage all around inside my pussy while making me moan even more. Soon, I start thrusting forward making him go deeper and deeper until I am almost suffocating him with my pussy. I pull and tug on his hair to encourage him to keep going. Before long, I am squirting deep inside his mouth, making him drink my lovely, pussy-juices. I pull back with a smile on my face as I look down at him, then pat his head. “Good boy! Did you enjoy your lunch?”


“ No…”


“Oh, ok. Well, I have to get going!” I turn and start to leave when he calls out to me.




“Yes?” I turn and look expectantly at him.


“Aren't you going to take this off so I can cum or piss or whatever combination?!”


“Nah, you seem to have not learned your lesson, so I must be on my way..” I turn to leave again when he calls out once more.


“Wait…..I...I... I….can I have some more….” He looks away and shivers. “I'm still hungry…..Mama….Boss….Mistress....”


“There, was that so hard?” You walk over to him and pull up a cushion-chair at his level. You also pull out a small device from a pocket in your belt. “I have a treat for you.”


“These things finally off?” Angel asks hopefully.


“No, but it will help me feed you faster.” I smile sweetly and get closer to him. “Now, say, Ah.”


“Ahh….” Angel opens his mouth wide as he feels something placed around his tongue that starts to vibrate and hum to life. I sit down in front of him, spreading my legs and pulling him closer as I wrap my legs around his head.


“Enjoy the meal, my little Angel.”


He presses the vibrating toy to my clit and swirls it around sending pleasant vibrations through my pussy. He wraps his mouth once again over my clitoris and presses the vibrating device further into me while sucking so hard. His suction is so wonderful that it makes my toes curl as he keeps eating me out. Not letting up once on his lovely suction, it further adds to the pleasure and before long, I am squirting once again into his mouth. He catches and swallows it all licking his lips as I pull back making a small trial drizzle down his chin. I pet his head, “Good boy, did you enjoy your meal?”


“Yes, Ma’am.” He shivers from the vibrations.


I get up and move, “I suppose you’ve earned your right to cum.”


Angel is about to retort but bites his tongue as I unhook the chasity-like device and remove the long, thin vibrating toy out of his dick after unhooking it. You decide to leave the dildo and claps on him. I then turn to leave. “Aren't you going to let me piss?”


“Go right ahead, I'm not into watersports, but you still need to learn your lesson, so go for it. Piss, cum, do whatever you need.”


You move to sit down and look at him with distant eyes as he’s shundering to hold back. He continues holding back in spite of your declaration, so he doesn’t humiliate himself in front of you.


Sighing, you get up and attach the half-chastity device back to him and letting the intense vibrations do the rest. You sit back, watching as he’s shundering one last time and starts to wet himself all over his stomach and lower-half; some manages to get on his chest. He then finishes shaking only to cum explosively, getting it all over his body. I sneer at his messy body and leave the room.


I send in one of my more trusted maids to untie him, take off all the toys, and clean him up along with the mess he made. I’m not a monster after all. I just wanted to humiliate him like he did to me in the bar and around town, knowing my husband played with him and Angel gave no shits about it, only wanting my husband's money. She would soon turn him to a cunt-worshiping, least hers, till she was done with him. She still had to teach her husband a lesson of who was the best fuck ever and make him rue the day he cheated on her. After all, he was now paralyzed thanks to Vinny. She smiled in delight at the thought, yet knew he was not off the hook yet.