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a billion times is not enough

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“Pond, could you please tell Can to reserve a seat for me too? Thank you very much.”

It’s the mention of Can’s name that makes Tin stops in his tracks and look at Pete. He knows Pete is still pissed at Tin for their last conversation, but that doesn’t stop Tin from talking to him after he hung up the phone.

“Where are you going?”

“Football field,” Pete answers him, his voice sounding a bit tight - the way it always get when he is being resentful. “Pond, his girlfriend and Can are going to cheer for Ae, so I’m going as well.”

Tin nods at Pete. “I’ll go with you,” he says without thinking twice.

“Why?” Pete sends a suspicious look at Tin. “You don’t care about football.”

Tin licks his lips, being assaulted by the memory of Can’s lips under his owns. The way the hyperactive guy stopped struggling and stood still, letting Tin have the upper hand for once in their ever-going spats. He hadn’t seen Can since their kiss, but he had been curious about what reaction he would get out of Can when they meet again.

“School spirit,” Tin replies with a serious face. Pete just narrows his eyes at him.

“I don’t want to fight with you, Tin.”

“I’m not gonna do anything,” he promises. “I just want to watch the school game.”

Pete rolls his eyes, shaking his head. “Let’s go then,” he says, turning around and making his way to his car. Tin follows him closely.



When they arrived on the bleachers, Can hadn’t got there yet.

“Thought Can was supposed to hold you a place,” Tin says to Pete.

“Pond is here,” he replies with shrug, going to sit beside a redhead and a lanky guy. Tin has to bite his lips to stop himself from asking where the hell Can was supposed to be. Tin would’ve wasted his time if the guy didn’t show up in the end.

He sits on Pete’s side and waits. The game starts and Tin’s eyes keep wandering to the entry of the bleachers to check for Can’s arrival. He doesn’t have to wait for long because soon he spots the familiar outdated haircut. He turns towards the football field and waits.

In his periphery, he sees a movement and knows it’s Can arriving. Before he registers, he’s stretching his leg to make Can stumble.

“Clumsy,” Tin says without turning to look at Can when he stumbles. He waits for his reaction. Tin is already preparing himself to another one of his over the top rantings. However, when too many seconds pass and he’s met with silence, Tin is forced to look up at Can.

“We need to talk,” he says, grabbing Tin’s hand and pulling him up. A surprised gasp falls from his mouth. Can is stronger than he expected. His strength reminds him that, despite his small stature, he’s still an athlete - and a very good one if he holds a place in the university’s team.

Can doesn’t stop, just keeps dragging him and Tin, be it for the shock or astonishment, doesn’t even think of protesting. He just follows.

Can only lets him go when they are inside the locker room, pulling Tin in front of him.

“You just can’t stay away, huh?” Tin says, turning his head slightly to the side with a hint of a smirk on his lips.

“I could say the same to you as you literally made me stumble to pay attention to you, hm?” Can replies with an innocent smile.

Tin crosses his arms. “I didn’t do it to get your attention.”

“Sure,” Can snorts.

“What do you want to talk about?” Tin asks with an air of disinterest.

“I don’t know, maybe the fact you kissed me?” Can answers back, impatiently. “How about why you did that, huh?”

Tin frowns. “ I thought I was pretty clear about it.”

Can tilted his head to the side, seeming confused. “Ah, not at all.”

Tin steps closer to Can and, immediately, Can steps back. “I did it to shut you up.”

“What?” Can sputters in disbelief. “To shut me up? That’s how you shut people up?”

Tin gives him a smirk. “Just the really annoying ones.”

“Are you really going with that?” Can inquires, narrowing his eyes at him. “Really?”

Tin crosses the distance between them, Can walking backwards until his body hit the locker. Tin put his arms in each side of Can’s head, pressing his body against Can’s, leaning his face down Can’s.

“I don’t think you learned how to shut up yet, Can,” Tin tells him, licking his own lips at the sight of Can’s mouth so near his. “You need another lesson.”

“Wh-,” and before Can could say anything, Tin presses his mouth over Can’s.

It feels just as soft as the last time. He can even feel the lingering scent of artificial strawberries coming from Can’s lips, probably because he had been munching on some kind of candy. He feels Can moving his arms and he waits to be shoved away, but instead of pushing him, Can grips Tin’s shoulders and moans quietly.  

Tin takes advantage of Can slightly opening his lips, capturing the bottom one with his teeth and then sucking on it. A delicious groan leaves Can's mouth, going straight to Tin's cock.

Fuck. He couldn't believe a chaste kiss like this one got Tin that worked up, but Can really did it for him. Shit.

Tin had to force himself to lean back and extract himself from Can's lips.

He opens his eyes and finds Can gaping at him, his lips looking inviting. It takes a lot of Tin to not lean over once again and kiss Can for real. He takes a deep breath and just incline his head to whisper in Can's ear.

“Maybe this time you'll learn to shut your mouth when you're around me,” Tin tells Can, his voice sounding rough even to his own ears. “If you dare to annoy me again, I'll kiss you once more,” he promises.

He steps back, releasing Can from his arms. Before he could form a reply, Tin turns around and exits the locker room.

Outside, he can hear Can yell and curse Tin. He'd have laughed at Can's reaction if he hadn't felt himself so affected by the kiss.

Tin takes another deep breath and licks his lips. He knows the scent of strawberries will follow him for the rest of the day.