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Come from Hell

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Disclaimer: Grimm is the property of NBC, Universal, GKProductions, Hazy Mills Production and a lot of others. I don't own anything, beside the idea.

A/N: 1. It's been a while and for me personally a struggle. But I stand for my given word. Here we go, the second part of the "Hell"-series starts right now. I hope you will enjoy it :). And, just to make this sure, with this part the story will end, no cliffhanger in the last chapter.

2. Thanks again a lot to MerlynPyndragon for her help betaing also this fanfiction. Gal, you rock!

3. And I will give you a warning! This time there will be a fair amount of violence in the story!

This fanfic I dedicate to my father, who's birthday would be today. I miss you, Dad!


Two Hours earlier:

"Juliette, would you mind speaking with me in private?" Sean Renard asked.

Juliette Silverton looked at him, then at Monroe, still so sad and worried, holding Rosalee's hand. Wu on his lonesome watch near the door, trying to avoid looking into the face of the zombiefied Fuchsbau.

What could she do? They had to wait until Rosalee woke up and started her rampage before they could cure her. And the treatment was already ready and awaiting to do its job in the huge needled syringe.

She nodded and followed Sean out of the back room, into the closed shop front.

"What's up?" she asked.

Sean had turned his back on her. Holding his cellphone to his ear, he listened and then said, "You can ask herself, she's with me." With that he turned around and gave his iPhone to Juliette.

She took it, baffled, but held it to her ear. "This is Juliette Silverton. To whom am I speaking?"

"This is a friend of Sean Renard's," a whispering voice answered. "I am looking for the Grimm. I believe he's your fiance?"

Juliette's heart missed a beat. She turned around, feeling her cheeks redden. "Do you know something about Nick?" she asked hastily. "Do you know where he is?"

"Not precisely no," the voice told her. "But he's here. I am the one who discovered his jacket. And I doubt he would have left it behind."

Juliette smiled. The windbreaker she gave to Nick as an early birthday present. Luckily she gave it to him so early, otherwise it would be another heartbreaking memory she would have to fight opening the closet ...

"Listen, I think I know where the Grimm is," the voice told her. "Sean told me something about your condition. Is it true? And ... am I allowed to tell it to your fiance? It could help him."

"I already gave my permission and yes, it is true. I carry Nick's child. Do you need to know more?"

A sigh, then the caller took a deep breath. "The prince is up to something. Maybe he found out about your pregnancy, I'm not sure. But he definitely contacted the Cracher-Mortal again. I assume, this time he may come for you. Be careful and always be in company. I think I don't have to tell you how dangerous the Baron is."

It was like a door to her soul opened by listening to his words. A deep and dark hate slowly swelled inside her.

So, this time they wanted to come for her? They would have to pay a high price to get her.

"I'll be careful," she said.

"I've got to go now. Tell Sean that I'll let him know as soon as I find out."

"Your help is much appreciated," Juliette said and heard a click right before the connection died.

Her eyes were burning and she felt relieved and angry at the same time.

Nick was alive but a captive, and now, maybe because he didn't cooperate the way this Royal wanted, they wanted to come for her? The dark hatred inside her festered ...

"Juliette?" Sean asked with a soft voice.

She took another deep breath and turned around, straightening herself. "I'm okay." Her eyes fell on the gun Sean had in his hand now. She lifted her eyebrows. "What's that for?"

Sean stepped closer, holding the gun by the barrel and offering it to her. "I want you to carry a weapon from now on," he said. "Juliette, this is important. If Eric tries to get you ..."

"The last time I had a gun in my hands I shot you out of my house," Juliette said, giving him the cellphone back.

"Nick taught you well." Sean's voice was warm now. "Please, take it."

She didn't like guns. But he was right, she needed a weapon.

Juliette looked at the counter of the shop. There laid a huge kitchen knife she probably left after she mixed the treatment for Rosalee and looked here for some ingredients. She hesitated a second, then grabbed the knife and showed it to Sean. "I fear this is more of a weapon for me," she said. Opening her bag she put the knife into it.

Sean frowned. "Are you sure?" he asked.

Juliette nodded. The cold hatred inside her was bubbling. "I am. And now we should figure out who shall take the shifts to watch over Rosalee," she decided.


One hour earlier:

Christian peeked around the corner of the hallway, watching the two Severin cousins walking down it. With another look he made sure there was no surveillance anywhere near before he followed themhesitately.

When he saw them down in the kitchen locking the small freezer and leaving, he decided it was time to find out what they were hiding. And his suspicion about the renovated tower was right: the Severins went directly to the entrance of it. Taking the small staircase inside it, they moved up to one of the higher levels before leaving the stairs.

Thanks, Magda, Christian thought. As quiet as possible he followed the cousins, always ready to jump into the next doorstep to hide as best as he could. And he didn't have to follow much longer. The cousins stopped at one of the closed doors.

Christian found another cell nearby unlocked and slipped inside. There was a vile odor hanging about but it was the best hideout he could find right now. He put his ear against the door and listened very carefully.

There was a male voice he didn't know, dark and warm and very plain. "I need to see the Prince," this voice said.

Christian frowned. He'd never heard the Grimm speak. All he had was a blurry picture of him, which Sean had sent him right after said Grimm went missing. So he couldn't make out if this was the person he had searched for two months now or not.

"The prince is probably busy," drawled one of the cousins in a heavy accent.

"I NEED to talk to him. NOW!" the unfamiliar voice said in a sharp tone.

Christian bit his lips. Silently he wished the cousins would leave now so he could find out who was imprisoned here. The smell in the cell he was in was nearly overwhelming.

Dear God, was something rotting in here?

Christian risked a look around but didn't spot anything, only a little scratch mark on one of the walls. High, small windows, a pallet against one side. But underneath the odor he could sense something else, another smell. Sharp and all too familiar with two Grimm in the castle: the smell of another Grimm.

A third Grimm here? His feeling grew that he had finally found who he was looking for.

"Geh und hol ihn," he heard one of the cousins say.

"Warum ich? Du kannst ihn ebensogut holen gehen. Ich war das letzte Mal da unten," said the other Grimm.

Christian listened and hoped for a second that both would leave. But finally, after an argument about who would do more and who would be too lazy to do his work correctly, the bigger of them, Franz, left, while the other stood waiting at the cell.

Christian sighed softly

So close and yet so far away ...


Fifteen minutes earlier:

Eric Renard was about to leave the castle when there was a knock at the door. He looked up, frowning, and thought for a moment. This was not the right time to disturb him. He wanted to drive to a dinner he was invited to by Adalind Schade. She had told him she had big news and a surprise for him. Well, hopefully she didn't want to tell him he was the father of her unborn child because he could sense it wasn't his. On the other hand she could have a real surprise for him. His private secretary, Christian, had suggested she may have something really surprising for him. Christian was always well informed all the time, and, although he would never say that aloud, he trusted the little man. That half-Maushertz knew what was good for him.

On the other hand, there still was the sick Grimm in one of the cells. If the venom didn't kick in the right way, it could kill Nick Burkhardt. Last time Eric had checked on his prisoner the Grimm seemed slowly to regenerate, but was still weak. So ...

No, this could be important!

"Come in!" he ordered.

The door opened and Franz Severin, one of the two Grimm he set up as guards over Burkhardt, entered the room.

So his suspicion was right.

Eric turned to the Grimm and looked at his face very seriously. "Any news? Is he better?"

Franz nodded. "He seems to be getting back to normal pretty quickly, your highness. He sent me here. He wants to talk to you, saying it's important."

Eric sighed.

Nick really had to work on his timing after he joined Eric's forces. This was the third time he would be late to a meeting, or would have to leave early like he did in the first time.

"I'm coming," he said.

Adalind always tend to be late herself, so there was no need to be at the restaurant early. She'd better learn that he wasn't her servant. Well, hopefully this little comedy would end soon ...

But talking about lessons, maybe it was the time for Nick to get another one. Maybe he should witness what would happen to his fiance back in Portland, or sooner or later here, if he didn't cooperate.

Eric had already sent the needed papers to bring Juliette Silverton the same way to Austria as he did before with Nick Burkhardt. Well, not exactly the same, as this time the Baron would watch over her while she came via cargo-flight directly to Vienna. Hopefully, in a couple of days, Eric would have the right medium then to control his new Grimm.

He pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and used the speed-dial while he followed Franz to the renovated tower, his personal little Grimm-prison.

"Qui?" the dark and silky voice of the Cracher-Mortal answered after picking the call.

"Good evening, my dear Baron," Eric greeted his associate. "I hope the papers arrived in time?"

"They did," the voice told him. "I'm at her home now, waiting. She will be here soon."

Well, that would be a pleasant gift to teach his new Grimm the needed lesson.

"You wouldn't mind me letting the Grimm listen to your beautiful performance, do you?" Eric asked, climbing the stairs. "Could be exactly what he needs right now."

The Baron laughed. "She's arriving here now," he said. "And, of course, you are very welcome to listen and let him listen, your highness."

Franz looked back over his shoulder, then stepped aside and let Eric through the small hallway.

"I am sure this will be very entertaining, Baron," Eric smiled. "Oh, I just talked to your daughter today. She's all her father."

"She is. Eloise will follow me one day in the business. I'm glad you like her," the Cracher/Mortal said.

Well, not exactly liking. But Eloise Freda was definitely an interesting character and her special ability, as her father's, could cause a lot of havoc. To be true, she wasn't the Baron's real daughter, she was more special, and so he adopted and raised her as his own. But she wasn't a Cracher-Mortal like the Baron and his sons. No, she was something also interesting ...

Hans opened the door to the cell and let Eric enter.

The Royal raised his eyebrows when he saw Nick, still ashen and sweaty, on an endless march up and down this cell, but now stopping and turning to him. Face all pale but a very serious look in his eyes.

This really was interesting!

"She's coming up to the house," the Baron informed.

And Nick sank down on his knees right before him ...



"So, why don't you tell me?" Juliette asked with a bright smile on her face.

"Maybe later," Sergeant Wu answered and tilted his head a little. "What's up? Should I join you?" he nodded up to the house.

Juliette did another quick look. And again she saw the dark shadow in the window to the living-room.

She turned again to Wu and shook her head, grabbing her bag. "I think I can manage to put some clothes together by myself. Thank you." She smiled. A single line was growing on her forehead. "But ... be here in reach, okay?"

She felt her heartbeat speeding up when the adrenaline kicked in, and took another deep breath, wondering why Wu couldn't hear the drumrolls in her ears with the rushing of her blood as she could.

Wu nodded. "Will be." He smiled.

And Juliette opened the door and left the car. Her knees were filled with pudding and she forced herself to take the walk up the porch.

It would be so easy, she only had to turn around and call Wu to come and join her. She could again take the easiest way, the way that would risk both their lives.

This guy, Christian, to whom she'd spoken on Sean's phone, he was a real hero for warning her. But this was useless. She already felt the net closing all around her, and after the Cracher-Mortal spat Rosalee into a zombie, Juliette had made her decision. If he really wanted to come after her and Nick's baby, he would be welcomed to hell! She had been used too often, and playing the sitting duck wasn't her way to go. And with the pregnancy there also changed something inside her. Made her will stronger, herself more stubborn. If the Cracher-Mortal tried to trap and abduct her too, he should come. She would take him and teach him a lesson!

Juliette stopped at the porch, opening her bag. She took a last look back to the car, Monroe's old beetle with Sergeant Wu on the driver's seat. The Asian cop looked up to her.

Maybe she would see him now for the last time ... Or not!

Her fingers found the knife she still had in her bag, she took it and the keys, turning to the door.

It was time for a payback!

Juliette turned the key in the lock, unclosing the door and opening it.

She took a last deep breath, did another quick look over her shoulder but changed her mind. She had to stay focused now if she wanted to make this. Otherwise the Cracher-Mortal could surprise her, and that was the last thing she needed right now.

The knife in her hand but hidden in her bag, she entered her house. With one glance she cecked the stairs. Clear! She could see all the way down to the dining area, which also was clear. But she couldn't see the living-room or the kitchen.

When she saw that dark shadow the last time, he was looking out of the front window of the living room, just where Nick and she had set up their little TV area. Was he still there? Had he moved?

Juliette was lucky that the house had so much open space, but unlucky that there was enough obstruction to concel an attacker and allow him to come close to her. Close enough to spit in her face ...

Juliette stepped forward, pretending to be innocent and not knowing he was here as best as she could.

She could sense another living being around, but she still couldn't make out where.

Another step forward.

She listened, trying to figure out from where the attack could happen. The last thing she needed right now was an ambush.

She was of her rocker to think she could handle a Cracher-Mortal, the reasonable portion of her mind told her. Even Sean Renard had respect for those Wesen, leaving Monroe and Rosalee alone. This Cracher-Mortal had trapped Nick, who was on his own back then too. Nick was an experienced Grimm. what was she?

Juliette turned around the moment she heard a rustling behind her back.

"Bonjour, ma belle," the dark-skinned man with the tophat greeted her. And then ... the woge started.

Once more Juliette felt this door inside her soul open and ... she lifted the knife, throwing her bag away. With one movement she was out of the reach of the Cracher-Mortal, spinning around behind him.

"This won't be necessary," he told her, turning. "Just ..."

With a scream Juliette lurched forward, jumping on him. Her legs closing around his hips, she raised the knife while his face became that of a giant blowfish. The blade sank into his eye, right before he could spit at her.

Now it was him who screamed.

Juliette flipped over his shoulder, spun around again and drove the knife to its hilt in his back. A dark and violent growl came up her throat as she yanked the knife out of his body again.

The Cracher-Mortal staggered forward with baby-steps, whimpering.

"This is for Nick!"Juliette yelled and hammered the knife a second time into his back. Then a third and fourth time, while the Wesen's steps got weaker and weaker, his screams slowed down to a moaning, and finally he sank to the ground.

The hatred, this cold and mighty emotion, controlled her completely, and Juliette was lucky she had this anger. Embracing it, she became something she never expected to be possible.

With a last wild scream she hammered the knife into the back of his neck, turning it and slicing through flesh, the gristle, and finally, with more force, slicing through the spine as the Cracher-Mortal died, his screams drowned in blood. Juliette scramble back to her feet again, soaked in Wesen blood, his severed head in one hand, knife in the other. She was shaking and freezing and growling all at the same time.

And then she heard a tiny little voice asking: "Baron? Are you okay?"

She let head and knife slip from her hands, rushing over to the counter where a cellphone was lying, activated.

Grabbing the phone she spun around once more after she heard the door lock clicking.

"Hello?" a voice with a british accent asked on the phone.

Juliette still fought to get the control over her body and her emotions back, took another deep breath before she said: "You will get your Baron back in pieces until you return Nick to me!" With that she ended the call, looking at Wu, who just entered the house.

The sergeant stared at the mess and the headless corpse, then at the separated head before he turned to her, eyes wide, face ashen.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"Made a point," Juliette answered. With a shaky hand she whipped some hair from her face, leaving a streak of red on her forehead between all the bloody dots.

Something had changed, she realized. She had changed. She didn't feel like she felt before ...



Christian still was in the other cell, near to the one Eric and the two Grimm had just entered. He could see the man imprisoned there, now for the first time and also only for a few seconds, but long enough to recognize him.

He had finally found Nick Burkhardt!

Christian's stomach jumped a little in excitement while he carefully watched what was going on in the other cell, but couldn't really make out any real details thanks to the cousins Severin, who blocked his view almost completely.

Christian listened and heard Nick's voice, low and sounding a little desperate.

Then, suddenly, the scene changed abruptly. Eric stepped back, nearly bumping into the the bulky bodies of the two Grimm cousins. Christian thought he had heard something like a weak scream but wasn't sure.

Burkhardt was jumping to his feet again, trying to get after Eric.

"No! Don't do it! I'm here! I'm doing whatever you want!" the young Grimm screamed. The taller of the Severins pushed him back into the cell, while Eric still stumbled backwards with a pale face.

What was going on there?

Christian stepped back a little, still peeking through a small opening. He watched Eric now while he heard the Severins locking and blocking Burkhardt's cell.

"Baron? Are you okay?" Eric finally asked, and Christian realized the Royal was talking to a cellphone he held to his ear.

He seemed to get an answer as his face turned a little more white. The hand he held the cellphone in sank down while Eric stared into thin air, shaking and visibly shocked.

"Your highness?" the smaller of the Severins came to him, looking worried.

Eric still stared into thin air, gasping. Then he looked up. "Don't you feel it?" he asked. "Another one has just awoken. We woke her up!"

"Who?" the Grimm wanted to know.

Eric straightened his shoulders. Taking another deep breath, he regained his self control again. "Doesn't matter. One way or another, she will come here!" He turned and marched down the hallway to the staircase again.

Christian shut the door close as quietly as possible, still listening to what was going on. Footsteps were following Eric. He could hear the cousins talking with low voices, obviously confused about what they had just witnessed.

He waited until he was sure he was alone with the captured Grimm. Then he slowly opened the door again, peeked in all directions and left the cell carefully, stepping to the other one. There was a latch outside, which held a little window closed. He opened it and looked into the cell.

"Nick Burkhardt?" he whispered after he couldn't spot the Grimm.

"Another game?" a dark voice asked. "What does he have in mind now? I will give in, I will work for him, if he will leave Juliette untouched. You hear me?"

Christian frowned.

"I'm sure she's okay," he said after a short while. "So you are Nick Burkhardt, right?"

A face came up and Christian realized the Grimm had been sitting right before the door on the ground. Now he could see him clear: big blue-green eyes, dark hair, a little unshaved and pale.

"Who are you? Another one to torture me?" Nick asked.

Christian shook his head and smiled shyly. "My name is Christian, and I'm working for Sean Renard," he answered, "and you have no idea how relieved I am that I finally found you!"