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Naruto Futaverse

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The village hidden in the leaves had seemed quiet for a couple of years now, that mainly had to do with a certain blonde kunoichi away on a journey for some important training, and Konoha just wasn’t the same without her. Word was she’d be coming home any day now, but until then, there were still missions to clear, jutsu to practice, and classes to take at the Fire Country Ninja Academy, not only the political and military center of one of the largest nations in the ninja world, but also the most highly populated of futanari kunoichi there was in one establishment, let alone a single village.

 The past couple months had seen a dearth of missions for the chunin, thus many weekdays were spent either tutoring the cadets, doing D-rank missions (really, just community service), or simply training, more to pass the time then to keep in shape.

The fifth hokage’s apprentice stuck her pink-haired head through the door to the ladies locker room, finding it thankfully empty save for three shower stalls, a cloud of steam rising over each curtain, obscuring the figures inside. Coated in the sweat and dirt of practice out in the field by the monument stone where her team first formed over the lunch-less task of securing bells from their sensei, she hurriedly crossed the tiled floor to her locker, quickly undressing and stuffing her wardrobe into it, grabbing a towel and speeding into the nearest stall. As hot water rained down on her, rinsing off her sweat and easing the aches of her muscles, the teenage kunoichi took a moment, as she often did, to examine her body, an all too familiar sense of shame filling her. She wasn’t ashamed of the penis hanging limply upon on her groin itself, fin her village, it was rarer to find a girl without one. No, she was bothered by it’s pitiful size, to even say it was a glorified clitoris was an understatement, for at least a clitty could become erect.

With a pained sigh she turned up the shower, took a bar of soap and began scrubbing away, hoping her body worries would be lathered off her and wash down the drain with the grime. It didn’t work, as always.
For Sakura Haruno, bathing and showering were just another reminder of how pathetic she was, having to feel all the curves and measurements she didn’t have on a regular basis was the daily three meals plus dessert for her insecurities. At fifteen, other futanari were already developing enough to make porn stars jealous, sporting chests that turned heads and hung like beasts. Combined with the endurance, stamina and flexibility that came from ninja training, any other girl her age was more then capable of proving true every rumor you could hear about a hermaphrodite. A reputation the hidden leaf was quite (though not openly for the sake of public-decency) proud of in fact.

Yet here she was, with a tiny useless dick, breasts that were hardly better then bug bites, and not even a hint of muscle tone to show for her all training these last few years. The only proof she had even been going through puberty in the first place was the thin strip of pink curls on her pubis and the ample balls that were doomed to never release their contents, not on a face, not inside the warm wet walls of a vagina, never with another partner. The most she had going for her were a breedable set of hips, but even the prospect of being a simple housewife was out of reach for such a talentless twat like her who couldn’t even make a sandwich or fetch a beer without messing something up.

 Dejected, she left the stall with her head hanging, towel clutched in her hand as the last bit of water dripped from the shower head, skin still wet as she returned to her locker, sighing as she opened it up and rummaged around for a fresh pair of panties. One of the showers turned off, she looked to see the silhouette beyond the curtain gather up a bundle of long hair and tie it in a ponytail. Oh god, She threw her clothes out of the locker, quickly tossing through them as another shower turned off, the figure within sporting just as much hair and a more voluptuous outline. Dammit, she couldn’t have forgotten to take her dirty laundry home again had she? She couldn’t allow them to catch her like this, naked and vulnerable. Another shower shut off and she quickly wrapped her towel around her waist as a curtain pulled open, she took a breathe and tried to look casual as she continued going through her dirty clothes.

Ino gave a stretch as she strut towards the lockers, towel around her neck to dry her dripping hair as she let her cock hang out out freely and proud. Sakura tried to pay the blonde no mind, but she could feel her fellow kunoichi’s eyes on her, followed by swift hand to the rear. “No clean clothes again teeny-tits?” Ino snarked as she opened her locker.

“N-no....” Sakura replied submissively, “It seems I forgot to do my laundry again.” She tried to throw out a chuckle, but it came out as nervous as you’d expect. Ino gave a predatory smirk as she pulled out a set of cream yellow boxers, plenty of room in the crotch for her, enough to stuff some big balls comfortably inside of them if she had them. “Well...I can let you borrow something, won’t have any bras in your size unfortunately.” She took out one of a matching color and made a show of holding it against her bouncy jugs. “Just had to upgrade to C-cup a week ago, you see.”

Damn it, and to think she was flat until two years ago, at this rate she would be as busty as Anko-sensei before she hit twenty, maybe even Lady Tsunade

“Don’t have worry about that, obviously.” Sakura sighed the last word, being mocked for a small chest she could live with. Another curtain opened and out walked Hinata, her head and thick-framed, curvy body wrapped in towels, probably for warmth rather then modesty Sakura figured, unlike her she didn’t have anything to hide. “Ino, Sakura.” She greeted in that soft, almost angelic voice of her. “Good afternoon.”. There was a noticeable wobble in the cheeks of her backside as she walked. “Hi Hinata.” the Pinkette replied. “uh, hey, do you have any clothes that I can borrow?”

“Hm? Well I can look but I think my clothes would be a bit big on you.” She undid the towel around her body. God, those those jugs would make any baby very happy, and with hips like that she could push them out easy, even her dick with it’s modest length was pleasantly plump with a big round end.
Neither of the other girls could look away, Ino’s cock was already chubbing. “That’s okay.” Sakura tried to sound content. “It’s just until I can get home.”

Hinata gave a small nod as she took out the smallest pair of shorts she had, with an ass like hers Sakura could curl up in a ball inside them. “Maybe Tenten would be closer to your size.” she pondered.

Sakura grimaced, don’t tell her. 

“Tenten would what now?”


Sakura gulped, her worst fear coming to pass as the last of the shower-takers entered the room, preferring to towel-off completely before leaving her stall, Tenten’s body was the least sodden of the four kunoichi. Sakura wanted to draw some semblance of comfort with her presence, A year older then all of them, and yet flat as a board, more like a popsicle stick with her frame actually. But no,with the muscle tone in her limbs and abs, the meatiness of her big, fat dick, and large juicy nuts hanging below her bushel of curls, and the aura of confidence she brimmed with, Sakura couldn’t even feel better about herself with the relatively less developed girl who joined them at the lockers.

“Sakura doesn’t have anything clean to wear.” Ino explained.

“Yeah, you don’t mind if I borrow some right?” Sakura said, she wanted, needed to leave that room quickly, all three of her fellow ninja, close enough to smell the shampoo they used, all their developing bodies on full, shameless display, two of them quickly getting aroused thanks to Hyuga’s plump and curvy body. It was the situation that would lead to exactly what you’d expect of teenage hermaphrodites left to their own devices without supervision. 

“Sure thing, if you’d do me a favor.” Tenten produced a thick notebook from her locker. “Fill my bingo book?”

“Your bingo book?” The pinkette took a step back, she had a hunch what her upperclassman was talking, she hoped she was wrong.

“Yeah, you know how bounty hunters and the like keep bingo books of shinobi they could fight? Well now futagirls are keeping books for their sexual partners and other herms.” Tenten flipped through a few pages. “Has nude photo of each, and includes all the statistics; measurements, fetishes, reproduction counter, even how much spunk they shoot. I’ve gotten plenty from girls all over the village but I still don’t have yours.”

“” Sakura held her arms, clearly uncomfortable, her hunch had been right. “Well, uh, I can do it for you later if that works.”

“Oh come on, just do it here.” Tenten whipped out a little camera. “I mean you’re already like ninety-nine percent naked anyways.”

“Actually Sakura,” Hinata removed the towel from her head, letting her now-dry silky long locks hang freely as she started brushing them. “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you always try to stay covered up?”

“Yeah...” Ino shut her locker and gave the pink haired girl a good look over. “Come to think of it, I’ve never seen you seen naked form the waist down since we were little.” They used to share baths when they were friends. “I have no idea how big your dick has gotten since we were ten.”

Sakura tried-and failed- again to chuckle nonchalantly. “Ah, hehe, j-just like to stay decent you know? Not every dickgirl needs to flaunt her stuff, just because we’re ornery doesn’t mean we have to act like whores.” 

“Fair enough.” Ino leaned against the lockers. “But its still kind of odd how you seem so nervous.”

Hinata snickered. “Sounds to me like she’s embarrassed about something.” Sakura caught a glimpse of her pale eyes looking to her towel, did...did she use the Byakugan when no one was looking?

Ino grinned. “Oh? Are you trying to hide something?”

Tenten gave similar smile as she crossed her arms over chest. “You know what? I bet she’s not even packing, she’s just been pretending to be a futa this whole time to fit in.”

“I-I’m not!” Sakura’s voiced cracked. “I’m the same as all of you, I’m just not a shameless pervert about it.”

“Then prove it,” Ino said. “Lose the towel and get completely naked like the rest of us.”

Sakura gripped the towel securely as she took a step, turning her back moving closer to Tenten. “I won’t, I have nothing to prove to any of you.”

Ino gave a shrug. “Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to believe you’re a phony then.”

Hinata snickered again, and Sakura could just barely make out the veins around her eyes receding. Of course, she could use the Byakugan to see through clothes, how long had she been up to that? And her dick was completely hard now, the foreskin peeled back. Dammit, it’s always the quiet ones. “Oh, I assure you, she is very much a hermaphrodite, she’s just....insecure.”

The other two girls began to chuckles. “Well that would explain a lot.” Ino said.

“You know Sakura, The best thing to do about your fears is facing them, so why don’t you just get it over with?” Tenten said as Hinata and Ino stepped closer. “Take the towel off and let us see your baby dick.”

Sakura pressed her back to lockers, surrounded by the three futas, all erect and eyeing her like predators looking for the tastiest bit of meat to bite into. Were they getting off on this? “I-I’m not letting you see it!” She covered her mouth as soon the words.

“So you’re not denying you have a baby dick then?” Tenten pulled her arm away from her towel.

Sakura tried to struggle but she was weaker then all of them, “No, I just...I don’t...You can’t.... please stop!”

Hinata took her other hand and gently caressed her knuckles. “Don’t try to fight it Sakura, it will be much easier if you just give in.” though she didn’t pin her arm against the locker as Tenten did, she still gripped her wrist with enough strength to keep her from freeing it, her expression and tone were of a sadist.

“Please, no!”

Ino crouched in front of her, “And a one, and a two.” her left and right hands took hold her towel with each count. “and a three inches or less!” She shot up, pulling the towel with her movement, flipping it up and yanking it lose.

Less then a second.

It took less then a second for her skin to lose contact with the concealing cotton that was her one and only shield against the humiliation she long feared would one day find her.

In less then a second her emotions shifted from embarrassment and fear, to outright terror, to utter defeat, shame, worthlessness and despair.

In less then a second the three kunoichi caught a glimpsed of the tiny useless dick she tried to hide from then.

In the second after that, the whole locker room filled with a cacophony of laughter, though one who listned cold faintly make out one voice sobbing.

Sakura slid down to her butt, one hand on her face to cry into as the other hid her shame, a futile gesture though, as the other three had already committed it’s sight to memory.

“Oh my god! You don’t even have a dick worth a damn.” Ino busted between her bouts of laughter. “You truly are the worlds most worthless cunt, would a girl even be able to feel that?”

“Oh, you poor thing.” Hinata giggled like a schoolgirl behind her hand. “My baby sister is already bigger then you ...when I changed her diapers at five months old.” She lowered her hand and gave her a look of pity. “She cried less too.” 

“Oh come on guys, we’re being cruel, she didn’t ask for this” Tenten lowered to one knee and put a hand on Sakura’s shoulder. “What do you say we make it up to you? In the way futa’s do best? Just cause your little tick-tack isn’t any good doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having our nice cocks stuffing your holes. “

Sakura hiccuped a couple times “Just do whatever you want.” She didn’t care anymore, she just wanted to run home and cry into her pillow, or slit her wrists.

Ino looked back and forth to Hinata and Tenten, “Hear that guys? ‘Do anything you want’, sounds like consent to me, let’s fuck the shit out of this pathetic twat.”

“Sounds good to me, I’ll go first.” Hinata tilted up Sakura’s face and thrust her cock between her quivering lips. Seven inches of plump juicy peckermeat slid past her tongue, the sizable round glans pressing into the back of her throat, the pinkette’s nose tickled buy the fluffy hairs of her neatly trimmed patch, balls as big as lemons smacking her chin. “Hup! Ha! Hup! Hup! Un!” She went as she fucked the useless cunt’s mouth-pussy against the lockers doors, lightly but audibly slamming the back of her head against the metal, her ass bouncing enticingly.

Ino stroked off to the wonderful sight until precum dribbled over her fingers, smearing it up down her shaft to use as lube. “Excuse me a second Hinata honey.” She dragged out Sakura’s lower body out from under for proper access to her pussy, the blunette adjusting her posture accordingly to keep hammering into the back of Sakura’s throat. Ino spread her legs, lined up with her and slid inside in one rough shove. All thirteen inches disappeared past her lady-lips, which kissed the blonde’s hairless base as her narrow tip hit her cervix.

Blood trickled and Inn chuckled. “Really? This is the first time you’ve taken a cock?” Dumbslut didn’t even pop her cherry on a dildo to pass herself off as experienced. “You know, it does make me happy to be your first you know, I’ve always wanted to do it with you Sakura, as friends, or more then that.” She lifted a leg and placed it on her shoulder, gripping her supple thigh. “But deflowering you as a worthless bitch who’s only good for being a cum dump? That’s even better.” She started moving, feeling Sakura’s walls stretch around her girth.

Tenten looked up and back down from her bingo book eagerly as she filled it out, her phimosis dick leaking a clear fluid. “Hey, how big is she when hard?” She asked.

“Let’s see.” Ino grabbed Sakura’s tiny dick with her finger and thumb, stroking it as she sped up her thrusts. Sakura let out a long whine around Hinata’s dick, though unable to get it up, a futanari’s cock was as sensitive as a clit, and for one of her size the stimulation could be quite overwhelming, even if she wasn’t being fucked and throated. “Uhn. Fuck. Mmn.” Ino grunted “Her pussy’s pretty hot and juicy though, figures that a useless cunt is only good for making use of her cunt, how’s her mouth?” 

Hinata gasped for air between her aroused sounds, “Hun! It’s wonde-Uhn! wonderful!” she shuddered and locked up, bottoming out into Sakura’s lips as she let her body react naturally, following its urges and just nutting into whatever pleasurable hole her cock was stuffed inside of without discretion “Now be a good bitch and swallow it all.”. Sakura rolled her eyes up as a liter of salty splooge poured down her gullet, her body quivering, pussy clinging tightly to Ino’s prick repeatedly prodding the entrance to her womb. “Huh! Fuck!” Ino was set off and shot her load as well, blasting off nearly a gallon of hot, thick jism right past Sakura’s cervix and filling her baby chamber with spermless spunk.

Sakura could do nothing when they took her, humiliated and sobbing she only lied there and accept the girls having their way with her, but as they fucked her, and as they came into her mouth and pussy, something seemed to shift in her mind. Something about being a used as a fuck toy and a semen receptacle just made her feel....accepting of it all. 

“My turn now?” Tenten asked as Hinata got up off her knees and Ino pulled her softening pecker out with a satisfied sigh. “Whew...Yeah go ahead, I’ll need a moment to recharge.”

Hinata giggled. “Do you want her sloppy seconds Tenten? I’d don’t mind having them.”

“In that case, let’s spit roast her.” Tenten grinned. “I’ll be happy just to bugger her, but I gotta get this big bastard wet first, I can tell she’s gonna be tight.”

Hinata chuckled as she set up Sakura on all fours, facing the older kunoichi who wasted no time stuffing her mouth yet again with another cock, one much longer and girthier. Prepared by Hinata’s plump shaft, it took little effort for Tenten to cram her ten inches down her throat. As Sakura gagged Hinata made a hand sign. “Sterility Jutsu.” A surge ran through her being, and her testicles felt a tad numb, she smirked, she was set on emptying her balls inside this bitch, but it wouldn’t be good for a Hyuga to go knocking up the common folk recklessly, now she could take thing as far as she wanted. Grabbing the pink-haired girls firm heart-shaped butt she lined and pushed her modest length inside her creampied passage with a moan.

Ino sat on the floor, resting until she could pop another boner, watching with a small pit in her stomach, this wasn’t like Hinata. In fact she was one of the few who didn’t tease Sakura, but watching the way she slammed her hips into her, it was starting to make sense. One could easily discover that the Hyuga girl was infatuated with a certain blonde kunoichi form their year, one who had a crush on Sakura of all people for a time.

It was a hate fuck. 

Every thrust Hinata made was an expression of her jealously and contempt for Sakura stealing her love interest’s affections. Ino was no different, she longed to be close with Sakura years ago, but she was smitten with a moody pretty-boy who didn’t give a shit about anyone and who ran away from the village, and was the whole reason the shallow bitch stopped being her friend. She fucked her to make up for her unrequited feelings as much of out the spite that grew out of them. She’d probably feel bad about everything happening and try to stop Hinata, if it wasn’t for being over her. 

Tenten grabbed Sakura’s head, gripping her pink locks tightly and holding her down as deep on her dick as she could, the useless cunt continued to gag and cough, trying to struggle with her eyes rolled up as Hinata kept hammering into her, a fat pecker with the force of thick hips behind it slamming her loud enough to reverberate acoustically throughout the locker room, a loud moan ringing out before she bottomed out and came inside her, stuffing her cunt with even more hot hermaphrodite jizz. Hinata panted a bit and gave Sakura’s small ass a firm swat, eliciting a noise form her with Tenten’s ten-incher still lodged down her bulging throat. 

Just when it seemed she was going to pass out, Tenten finally and mercifully pulled out, giving her a little smack on the face with her slobbered knob. “Good job.” She said, getting behind Sakura she lifted her up, holding up her legs and pressing her phimosis tip against her tight little pucker. “N-no, wayte.” Sakura babbled a bit, cum and saliva still dripping down her chin. “Naht mai azzhole.”
Tenten gave her a “Tsk tsk.” as she adjusted her grip, putting the girls ankles behind her head, “You already told us we can do anything we want, so be a good little cumdump and take your buggering.” She pushed and Sakura grunted as her virgin asshole was invaded by the upperclassman’s phallus. Inch by inch she plunged her long thick dick deep into her ass, Hinata and Ino watching as Sakura’s hole stretched out around it until all but an inch remained.

“Hot damn.” Ino remarked, her penis now fully recharged and standing ready, “Hold her still for a bit.” Ino joined them and returned her cock to its rightful place inside Sakura, the two holding the helpless twat between them as they rammed their rods alternatingly in her tight, newly broken-in holes, their shafts rubbing together inside her. “Any way I can join in?” Hinata spoke up. “Her mouth was so good and I could use a clean-up.”
Tenten and Ino agreed and carefully adjusted position, Tenten sitting on the ground so Hinata could fuck Sakura’s mouth again, upside down, her balls smacking her face as Ino continued to hammer against her cervix. 

Earlier, as Sakura sobbed, she spent a moment debating as to whether or not to hang herself in her bedroom. That thought was the furthest thing from her mind now. All she can think of was the three futa cocks making use of her body, though mocked for being undeveloped, it was still desirable as a source of pleasure and release.
She wanted more, more cocks to suck and fuck and stroke, more dicks blowing their wads inside and all over her. She wanted to be used as nothing more then walking talking sex doll.

It made her useful to others. 

Ino, Tenten, and Hinata all hit their peaks in unison, and cried out together as they came, Sakura came right with them, squirting juices in Ino’s lap as all three of her carnal cavities were filled with quite possibly two or more gallons of hot sticky baby-batter combined, over half of which was shot up inside her rectum thanks to Tenten. “Whew...” Ino went as withdrew from her former love, pecker going limp again. “You want her pussy now Ten-inch?”
Tenten chuckled as she slowly pulled Sakura off of her. “Tempting, but I can’t get a sterility jutsu to work, I’d rather my kids not have any uselessness-genes. ”

“Fair enough.” Ino wiped her pecker on Sakura’s flushed face to clean her cum off of it, Hinata doing the same with her belly. 

“Hm? Did she never get an erection?” she asked. 

“Yeah, you’re right, she’s been soft this whole time.” Tenten came around to stick her dick in Sakura’s mouth, who was still just lucid enough to acknowledge the taste and smell of her own ass on it. 

“Look at her, she’s basically ahego.” Hinata observed. “All this stimulation and still flaccid, do you think...?” 

“No way.” Ino almost snorted. “Isn’t that like medically impossible for a herm?”

Sakura babbled a bit with a mouthful of Tenten, she wanted to explain that it was possible, just extremely rare for a futanari, and it never happened due to age like it could in males, but she only had so much cognition left, she’d rather just just bask in the afterglow of her orgasm and the feeling of all the cum inside her.

Ino giggled got a few markers out of her locker. “Well, since we can’t just leave her here, let’s make sure she’s looked after.” Tenten and Hinata agreed to three them wrote all over the nearly-fainted girl. Broke baby dick above her bikini trim, itty-bitty-titties across her chest, dumbslut on her big forehead, cum dump, cocksleeve, human onahole and other assorted titles wherever they could, though they were kind enough to leave a No breeding! prominently on her stomach, couldn’t let the schools new toy be knocked up before everyone else had chance to enjoy now could they?

Their tummies grumbling and demanding lunch, the three ninja got dressed and left the locker room, Sakura still lying on the tile in full view of anyone who would enter, and as the day went on, plenty did, from students and genin to even the teachers and jonin, even an Anbu according to rumor. It only took two days for word to spread all across the school and the rest of the village, but by then Sakura was way to busy enjoying her new status to be bothered by it. The useless cunt had a very useful cunt.