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I put a spell on you

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Naruto Uzumaki rubbed his hand on his head as he walked through classroom 157, a headache already forming on his temple as he thought about the disastrous last few weeks he had been having. Hell, who was he kidding, more like the last few months, the last few years, or maybe even his entire life if he was being melodramatic. He zigzagged through the desk that littered the english classroom. He stepped over bookbags,feet, and may have possibly accidentally on purpose bumped into a couple of occupied desk.

He plopped down into a seat in the second to last row, hoping to get a little shut eye in to relieve his aching head. He put his book bag on the floor next to his seat and folded his arms on top of his desk.He laid his head on top of his folded arms. He just wanted to breathe for a minute. God he hated this stupid stupid town, his stupid school, this stupid country.Why couldn’t he stay by himself where he was at? He was old enough to drive, two years away from being able to join the military, buy a gun, and be able to vote to decide who could run the country. Who made eighteen the magic number that decided whether he was legally able to make decisions for himself? In two years he didn’t think he would miraculously change his whole personality and way of doing things.Naruto wished he could emancipate himself. He should have at least had a say on whether or not he should’ve had to come live in this backwater ass town.

All of a sudden it was like he could physically feel, the weight of someone’s stare on the side of his face.He pulled his head up, ready to go off on the douchebag that was burning holes in the side of his head. Didn’t they know it was common courtesy to not stare at the kid who clearly did not want to be bothered. He put his head down for a reason. By the time he lifted his head up he was fuming. If his life was a anime, his entire face and body would be red and a visible vein would be popping from his forehead.

Naruto picked up his head to see a total babe staring at him.Anger was all forgotten as he took in the appearances of the girl in front of him. Sakura Haruno, one of the hottest girl in his grade. Girls like Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuuga, and Karui Samui were amongst that number but since his first day Naruto only had his eyes on Sakura.

“What can I do for you, lovely?” Naruto fought not to show his internal grimace on his face. God he had been hanging out with the pervy sage far too much lately.

“Can I have your seat?” Sakura looked like it pained her to ask him to give up his seat.Her face was balled up like she smelt something bad.

Naruto looked to either side of him to figure out why she wanted to the seat. He spotted the reason quickly. Sasuke Uchiha, a pretty boy who was top of the year, and a starter of the soccer team Naruto was planning to try out for. He instantly felt a scowl fill his face.

“Forehead, move it. I called dibs!” Ino Yamanaka rushed into the classroom, her loud voice silenced the quiet chatter the other kids had going on.

“Well I was here first, Ino pig!” Sakura turned to face Ino who was making her way to Naruto’s desk.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke who was studiously ignoring the two girls.He had a laser like focus on his notebook.Naruto looked him up and down trying to find the reason why two of the hottest girls would fight over him. Sure he was attractive in a objective type of way. If you liked his type of look. Pale skin, dark eyes,dark hair,nice face structure.Nice lips... Okay yeah he was attractive but he was a dick. A total bastard if you asked Naruto.

“Girls!” Their english teacher Mr.Umino totally took Naruto’s attention from contemplating how much a bastard Sasuke was. “Find a seat, I’m about to start class.”

They glared at Naruto then each other before finding their seats.Naruto shrugged at them then turned his attention to Umino.

“I figured since today is halloween, I’ll give you guys a little break.”Umino smiled as he heard the small cheers and groans of relief.

“Today we will be talking about Konoha’s very own personal ghouls.” He paused for affect. “The brothers.” Naruto rolled his eyes as soon as he heard that stupid name. The brat was obsessed with them as soon as he learned about them in school. He wouldn’t shut up about them.It was like he was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the guys.

Naruto would bet money that he didn’t have that these guys were as phony as a two dollar bill. Probably just some creepy old pedos who got what they deserved.Nothing supernatural or mystical about it at all.

Naruto pulled his notebook out of his book bag along with a pen.In the few weeks he had been in the guy’s class, Umino was a stickler for things like that. He gave this guy called Shikamaru a detention a day for sleeping in class. He let his mind wander as he drew aimless doodles .

He walked home from school.He walked through piles of leaves, as he twisted and turned down blocks leading to the new place.He shifted the backpack on his shoulders.He thought of the old man as he turned another block. Sure it was nice of him to adopt Naruto, he knew he was a handful. He wasn’t very smart, had hard time staying still, and he had a tendency to be a little loud and obnoxious.But he wished the old man would have thought about him before he uprooted everybody.

Naruto accidentally slipped on a leaf as he was lost in thought.He stood up quickly, his face was red with embarrassment. As he turned around to see if anyone saw his fall. He spotted someone instantly. He wanted to groan in sheer mortification once he recognized who was behind him. Sasuke.

“Are you following me, asshole?!”Naruto heard his voice go incredibly high at the end.He wanted to cringe at himself but the mix of anger and embarrassment stopped him from doing feeling the full impact.

“You wish. I live in the direction you’re walking,idiot.” Sasuke’s voice infuriated him even more.Even the way he talked was annoying.

“Yeah, your face is idiotic, bastard.” Naruto turned around and speed walked away from him, his ears burning in humiliation.