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Professional Friend Sans

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It was moments like these that Sans loved his new job.

The room he had been led into contained a chair, a huge table laden with different kinds of food, and a monster behind a thick fabric screen. Sans couldn’t see the monster at all.

“My client is very shy,” the cat monster explained, a right hand man hired solely for the purpose of interacting with Sans so that the true client could stay anonymous. “But also craves company during dinner. So this is our setup. You can sit down in this chair and eat whatever you want while holding my client’s hand through the screen.”

“rad,” Sans commented. He had already spotted two bottles of ketchup on the table.

“Then I shall leave you to it,” the cat monster exclaimed and left the room, closing the door and leaving Sans alone with the mysterious screen.

He allowed himself a moment to eye the screen curiously, but then he quickly brought his attention back to the food on the table. He wasn’t truly interested in who his client was, and he had better things to do than stare at some boring old fabric.

Instead, he sat down in the chair and moved his hand through the opening in the screen, where more fabric was arranged like a curtain. He could move his hand through it but couldn’t see what was on the other side still. His hand had been treated with a numbing agent before this, so he wouldn’t be able to feel much and tell the species of his client this way. It was truly an anonymous setup. That was fine for Sans. He was here to be the kind of friendly company his client needed him to be, and if this was it then he wasn’t judging. Besides, he had all this food to focus on.

It was truly an amazing spread.

The bottles of ketchup he had already seen stood next to a large serving of fries, and a burger. Both looked like they had been bought from Grillby’s, nice. There was a big pizza with his favourite toppings; extra tomatoes and extra cheese, hot dog pieces. Next to that was an actual hot dog, covered generously in condiments and onions. There, a platter of sandwiches, different kinds of toppings and sauces. Here, several salads, green leaves and vegetables and beans, some of them containing a form of grain as well. Oooh, over there was a steaming plate of curry, with both rice and bread. A tray contained a collection of small bowls, each filled with a different kind of soup.

Fried foods, fresh foods, greasy foods, healthy foods; the selection was more than his eyes could fully take in.

And that wasn’t even mentioning the dessert section yet, where cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice creams, parfaits, fruits and a variety of other delicacies were waiting for him.


Sans officially had the best job ever.

Just as he grabbed his first meal, some fries and a slice of pizza together with a bottle of ketchup, he can feel a pressure on the hand that he put through the screen.

He had no idea if the monster on the other side had a hand too or a paw, a tentacle or a little nub or claws or any of the other many possibilities that monsters could have for appendages. Nor could he feel if it was fur or scales or skin or chitin or any other material that made up this monster on the outside. It was impossible to tell, his hand was too numbed. All he felt was this mild pressure, telling him that someone was holding his hand, gently.

Careful not to overdo it with reduced feeling in his hand, he squeezed back, letting the other know he was there for them.

No words were exchanged as Sans and the anonymous monster ate together and held hands.

But he felt very content knowing that he could give even a monster so shy that it needed to hide behind a screen the feeling of having a friend.