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Daddy Says

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"Mama, Daddy says you need to take a nap."

Sakura looked down at her five-year-old daughter with curiosity. Yes, Rin knew some of who her father was, and what he had looked like, but she didn't call anyone else daddy. Sasuke and Yamato were each called by name with Pappa in front. She understood that neither man was her biological father, even if they did fill that role in her life.

So what the hell was she talking about?

"Who said that, dear?" Sakura asked carefully.

"Daddy did."

"Pappa Sasuke or Pappa Yamato?"

The girl clenched her fists and stomped. "Daddy! Not them!"

Nervous now, Sakura chose to change the subject. "Why don't you go get washed up for dinner? Your Papa Yamato is bringing dinner tonight. Pappa Sasuke isn't going to be home until later after dinner."

Sakura watched as her daughter's eyes became narrowed slits, reminding her of Kakashi's most displeased expression instantly. The frown Rin wore was the same one Sakura had never actually seen Kakashi's lips produce, but had always imagined when she saw his eyes like that.

"He said you need a nap because my brother is sad seeing you so tired."

Never once had Sakura told her daughter about the baby she almost had before Rin. That baby would have been a boy.

"That's enough. You don't have a brother. Now go wash up and get changed for dinner. You still have mud on you." Sakura demanded. "You know what? Take a full bath. I see something slimy in your hair, too!"

"You can't see anything in my hair!"

"Your hair is practically cloud white. I can see everything in it! Now go, or you will be going to bed early. Do you understand me?"

Rin hated going to bed early. She always had to say good night to both of her Pappas. When one was away for a night, she got to say it in a phone call. When one came home late, she got to either stay up or be woke up. If she was made to go to bed early, however, she didn't get to say good night in any form.

Sakura finished re-organizing the book shelf while her daughter bathed. She heard every angy kick at the tub and splash on the floor. Well... She'd have to make sure Rin cleaned that up, too. One thing she was despirately trying to teach the girl was to clean up her own messes.

"I'm home! Where's my favorite girl?"

"Taking a very messy bath," Sakura replied, jumping up to help Yamato with the bags he had brought.

"Sounds angry up there," he commented.

"She is."

Sakura took the drinks from him and put them in the fridge while he sorted the rest out on the counter top. Things went quietly domestic for a while.

"Any word on miss Amaka?" Sakura questioned hopefully.

Yamato blushed. Sakura had found out about his newest girlfriend a week ago. She bugged him about her once a day since. "She is coming for dinner tonight. I hope you don't mind me inviting her over."

Sakura gave him a look. "Are you crazy? I want to meet her and all, but... Don't you think you might be giving her the wrong impression?"

"The wrong impression? How so? I want her to meet my family, and you guys are my family!"

"But what kind of family will she think we are? What kind of relationship will she think we have had?"

He smiled, shaking his head. "She already knows it isn't like that. I asked her to be my date for the wedding already."

"Wow. You move fast!"

"How so?"

"You've been dating her for what? Three weeks now? And you asked her to accompany you to a wedding as a date? Don't you know what that means?"

"I know exactly what that means. It means I don't want to be a single man at a wedding and get hit on by old women with no other prospects. That happened at Naruto and Hinata's wedding. Remember?"

Sakura stifled a laugh. Every woman that had tried hooking up with Yamato at the Uzumaki wedding was at least twenty years older than him. Yamato was far more interested in women within five years of his own age. When he had found out that Sakura and Kakashi were married and having a child nearly six years ago, he had been furious, but still willing to protect them. He hated what they had done, but they were still his team, his family. She found out a couple weeks after the disaster of a surprise baby-shower her mother had put together on short notice, that he had confronted Kakashi about it the next day. He was upset that people had actually thought he, Yamato, had been the father of her child. Him or Sasuke. He didn't like the idea of Sasuke being the father of Rin either.

Now, it was all a thing of the past. Rin was five and a half years old. Kakashi had been dead for almost six years. Sasuke had been a good friend and stand-in father for Rin for years now. Eight months ago, they had officially started dating again. Their wedding was in three months. Yamato was still welcome to live with them, but he was looking to buy some property and build a house of his own. In his spare time, he was dating here and there.

Never before had Sakura seen Yamato so excited and happy about any of the women up until this one. They hadn't been together even a month, yet, Sakura felt that this one would be the one to hang on to him. All the others fell off the map for different reasons. Usually they couldn't handle the kind of hours he worked, or the frequency of his absenses from town.

Amaka came from a shinobi family, but had chosen to work in a furniture shop after the Fourth War had ended, resigning her position as a Chunin due to an injury to her back that healed badly. Amaka knew the life style. She knew her boyfriend was ANBU. She understood the demands that placed on him and how that could interrupt their time together.

"When should she be here?" Sakura asked.

"Any minute now. I told her when I expected to be home, but she said she had a few more deliveries to make and might be a little late."

"Good. I'm going to need a little extra time with Rin today."

Yamato became worried. "What did she do?"

Sakura leaned against the stove, crossing her arms as she looked to the floor. She realized now just how deep the words her daughter had said affected her. "She said 'Daddy needs you to take a nap because Brother is sad that you're so tired' or something like that. Sasuke and I have never told her about her brother. She knows Kakashi is.... How could she just up and say something like that? What could she possibly be thinking?"

Yamato sighed, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "She's probably acting out because of the wedding. I did... I did ask her if she was planning on calling Sasuke her dad after that happens."
"It's not like that," Sakura shook her head, finally raising her gaze to meet his eyes. "I asked her if either one of you had said that. She said no. She said it was her daddy."

Sakura didn't even realize she was crying until Yamato pulled her into a gentle embrace, laying his cheek on her hair. She clung to his shirt and started sobbing hard.

"Am I doing something wrong? Should I not be marrying Sasuke? Does she hate me for that?"

"I highly doubt that," he assured. "She loves Sasuke like a father. He treats her well. He's been there for her her whole life. It's got to be something else. You're not doing anything wrong. And as to whether or not you should be getting married to him? That's between the two of you. It's not like you've been a single mom this whole time and suddenly telling her you're getting married to a person she's never even met or anything. Maybe... Maybe she is just getting an awareness of what blood family versus soul family is. Maybe somebody at school teased her about having two Papas and no actual Dad."

It was no secret that many people thought Sakura had been sleeping with both men in her house this whole time. None of them did anything to fight that assumption. Fighting it would have made it worse. Rumor mills would go on no matter what their life style was. They were prominent figures, and people loved to tear down the best of them. At most, they did what they could to shield Rin from it. Now that she was in school, protecting her from such nonsense was no longer fully possible.

A knock on the door startled them apart.

"That's probably Amaka," Yamato sighed. "I'll keep her distracted while you get freshened up and see about Rin. Okay?"

"Thanks," Sakura squeezed his arm gently and made her way up stairs. They both knew she didn't want a guest of his to see her like this. Or see her daughter streaking through the house. Rin, even at five, was hard to keep clothes on, so very unlike her father.