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Second Choices

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I never enjoyed the thought of being someone's second choice. But as fate would have it, I was the second choice of many. I may have been the first born, but even within my family it was no secret, that they would prefer someone else over me.
It never really bothered me. I knew I wasn't the best. At anything. Especially since I was the established black sheep of the family anyway. My younger sister though was an angel on earth. And I mean it when I say that. She is a good person, no matter to whom and when. No matter how many times my childish jealousy hurt her, she always was the one to stand beside me and not make fun of who I was. She was the one angel and light in my life I would always treasure and protect. Since she did so much to protect myself from my own demons within.
So when I saw her falling in love and being loved in return I was more than happy for her fate. Finally she found someone who could protect her from her side. My hiding in her shadow would not be needed anymore. Instead I would become the quiet shadow that'll watch her happiness and her light with joy. I was looking forward to it, really. No matter how unusual or special her choice was. Actually, I wasn't even surprised she caught the attention of a god. After all, she was an angel on earth.

“(y/n), can you please hand me the plates?”, my sister asked smiling and I nod. I was smiling as well, something I mostly showed only around people I really trusted or cared about.

I handed her the plates and leaned against the counter. My eyes were attracted by the sparkling emerald embedded on a thin band on her hand. The ring was gorgeous, just like her. It fit well on her thin fingers.

“Will you do me the honors of singing on my wedding?”, her voice asked me quietly. It made me chuckle.

“We both know your singing is better than mine, sweetie.”

“That's not true and you know it...!”

I laughed and grinned. “Fine. I'll sing if you sing a duet with me.”

Her eyes widened and she looked away, clearly embarrassed. “You know I can't sing...”

“Ah, and I thought I was a liar”, I replied and shook my head. How could she not see how amazing she was? She was honestly so humble and even a little insecure even though she was so perfect. Whenever I would call her pretty, she'd call me gorgeous, not believing that she was in fact the more beautiful one between the two of us. She was truly kind and she deserved the world.

“Is dinner almost done? Your parents already opened the champagne and I don't think the bottle will last much longer”, a voice spoke from the door frame to the dining room.

I looked at my sister's groom and smiled a little. “It's almost ready. We'll be out in a minute.”

He nod and his emerald eyes looked at my sister. “Don't take too long. I'll wait with your parents outside then.”

We celebrated their engagement all night. My parents were proud. As expected, my younger sister would be the first to marry. Everyone was happy for her. For her and her chosen one.

I remember the love and honesty in those eyes as if it were yesterday. I remember how careful and tender his actions towards my sister were. I remember how she would blush, how she would gain a little more confidence around him and how she would bloom like the most beautiful flower on earth. I remember it all. She was his first choice. Or so I thought.

I smiled at my sister's back as she would slowly walk into the chapel. Her white wedding dress hugged her figure and made her look like the angel she was. Her long hair was partly pinned up into a beautiful up do, some lose curls falling down and framing her face. She was glowing with happiness. We prepared months for this day and finally it was here.

The wedding march played in full volume and I peaked curiously forward. The groom was obviously nervous and his tall blond brother stood proud next to him as his best man. He nodded when he noticed my look and I smiled back. Thor might be a bit much for me to handle at times but he was a good person. I didn't hate him.

The wedding proceeded smoothly. That was, until the fated question was asked. If anyone opposed this marriage.

It was the wedding day of my little sister. Her perfect once in a lifetime day.

Ruined by the opening of the chapel doors.

I saw his emerald eyes widen, I saw my sister's confused frown. I saw the beautiful foreign woman walk up to Loki, giving him a slap and glaring at my sister. I saw my sister wince and back away a little. I saw the pain in her eyes. I saw how he was still not saying anything, just staring confused and shocked at the woman that suddenly appeared at the venue.

“You're alive...?”

I heard his whisper, the dreadful realization in it and I heard his unwillingness to believe it. I saw her smirk and I heard her question.

“Did you miss me, beloved husband?”

I could've heard a pin drop in this silence. Everyone tried to process her words. In the end it was the pained voice of my sister that spoke up first.

“You're... you're already married..?”

“No!”, he blurred out. Too fast. It was a lie. He looked too desperate. The woman looked too confident.

Thor placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him and shook his head with a sad expression.

“He is. But to his defense I have to say we thought Sigyn dead since she disappeared many hundred years ago.”

I almost could hear my sister's heart shatter. The man she had trusted so much, the man who proposed to her and wanted to make her his wife was, in fact, already married. And now his actual wife appeared.

I wrapped my arms around my sister protectively and even thought she was supposed to be a little taller than me she felt so small and weak in my arms. Her shoulders were twitching with her sobs, her carefully prepared Make-Up slowly ruined by her tears. It was a disaster.

I always thought that my sister would be anyone's first choice. But it seems this time she ended up being the second choice.

In the end, their romance ended with a big disaster. Chaos and anger erupted the moment that big revelation happened. Who knows who was to blame. Maybe Thor was right back then and Loki wasn't at fault. Loki and Thor both disappeared that day with that woman Sigyn. Supposedly to clean up the mess and make everything right again. I still remembered Loki's desperate pleading promise to my sister that his feelings for her were genuine and that he will fix the mess he created. That he will come back and do anything so she would forgive him. I saw that he meant it, I saw that he truly cared and was sorry. But all that mattered to me was that he broke my precious sister's heart. And he will pay for it.

I will kill him. Even if it is the last thing I will do.