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I need you Byungho, forever

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Sangwook stared at Byungho. Byungho's lilac hair, light brown eyes, Sangwook just loved everything about him. "I wish I could have him." Sangwook told his other two band mates.
"He does look right for you." Commented Jinseob.
"We have accually thought that since debut." Myeongcheol added.
"Well, can you too help me get him? Please?" Sangwook begged.
"Of course! What are bandmates/freinds for" The two younger boys replied in sychonization.

Jinseob and Myeongcheol went over to Byungho and asked where he likes to hangout. "Oh, umm. Funny you ask because I was going there but I like to hang at the library," told the very much older boy. Jinseob ran off to find Sangwook. "Sangwook, he likes to hang out Arirang Digital Public Library." Jinseob told Sangwook.
"Is that for real what he told you? or Did you get a text from Myeongcheol saying that?' Sangwook laughed.
"He told us the library but never specied which one. So I had asked Myeongcheol tell me which one." He admmited.

Myeongcheol called Byungho a few minutes ago tellng him that Sangwook wants to come along with him when he gets off of work.

After work he picked up Sangwook and they left off to the library.

"Don't go in yet Sangwook." Byungho requested.

Byungho grabbed out their portable chargers, a big blanket, and two water cups.

Byungho handed Sangwook his stuff in a bag. And they set off to the entrance. They grabbed a few books an went to a table of 2 people. Byungho wrapped themselves in to the big, beautiful. patterned blanket. They opened the first book and started read. After a few pages Byungho started to read quietly to Sangwook, making him sleepy.
When Sangwook was almost a sleep Byungho kissed his forehead and said "I love you, Sangwook."

"Love you Byungho" Sangwook said falling asleep right after.

Byungho carried Sangwook to the car a drove the beautiful sleeping boy to their dorms.