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What he needs

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“Don’t you fucking touch him!” Sam could here that Dean was twisting and fighting the ropes like he’d never done before. “I’ll fucking rip your heart out through your ass!”

“Oh Dean. You talk a big game.” Lucifer didn’t even bother to look at Dean while talking to him. He was too busy making sure Sam wouldn’t be able to move when he loosened his power on him.

“You know? Getting in to this body gave me an opportunity to mentally scar both of you in a whole new way.”

Lucifer used Cas’s hands to tie the last rope on Sam’s leg. Making him lie spread out, bend over the hood of the Impala, not able to move an inch. In Cas’s shoes he walked around his work making sure it was done properly before releasing the hold his archangel power had on the younger brother. Sam fought the ropes, but nothing gave he turned his head and found Dean tied to a chair a few parking spaces from him.


“It’s okay Sam. I’ll figure it out!”

“Again with that big mouth of yours.” This time Lucifer walked straight to Dean, lifted his face to make him look into Cas’s deep blue eyes. “I’m sure this will shut you up. I’d always wanted to make Sam mine. Making you watch while I soil your baby brother, your favorite angel and your precious baby, is just icing on a very delicious cake.”

Lucifer moved a hand in Sam’s direction and his jeans and boxers tore off his body, leaving him completely exposed to the huge parking basement.

“What! No!” Sam’s head got fuzzy. He was sure he was screaming and desperately pulling the ropes but most of all he was fighting the urge to throw up. He could see Dean’s eyes flaring open in disbelief from across the room.

“You’re deranged! This… this is…” Dean paused and looked at Sam. Seeing the panic in his older brother’s eyes made Sam’s heart stop. “… there’s no word for this. You’re sick!”

“Yeah well, it looks like this sick, deranged angel has the upper hand.”

Lucifer left Dean like he was nothing and laid eyes on Sam. The amount of adrenaline running through Sam’s body burned his muscles and lungs, but did nothing to the ropes on his wrists and ankles.

“Don’t! No…! Don’t!” Sam was shaking his head violently against the hood, the only part of his body he was able to move.

Lucifer touched Sam’s ass and both brothers screamed words none of them understood.

“This is going to be so good.” He slapped Sam’s ass and the hunter yelped loudly on impact. “You know… This vessel is rather well equipped.”

Cas’s hand made it’s way slowly down the narrow of Sam’s back and into his open crack. Sam tensed, but with legs spread so far apart he cloud do nothing to protect himself.

“Don’t! Please…”

Tears were forming in his eyes and begging was the last resort.

“Leave him the hell alone!” Dean’s voice was high-pitched and cracking. “Even being Satan, you can’t imagine the torture I’ll lay on you!”

Lucifer looked over at Dean. “Worse than this?”

Sam screamed out as a dry finger entered him fast and with no warning. His legs were shaking, but he couldn’t use them anyway. The burning and fear let the water fall from his eyes.

“Take me.”

The voice was low. Sam almost didn’t hear it for the blood pumping passed his ears.

“Take me!”

This time there was no doubt.

“No…” Sam gasped as the finger turned raw against his insides. “Dean, no…” Sam had already been tortured by Lucifer. He was the punching bag... The broken one. They both needed Dean to be whole.

“No.” Lucifer pulled his finger out and left Sam panting and shaking. “This is all about Sam. Besides, I’m sure a part of you would love making sweet love to this particular body.” The trench coat landed on the concrete floor between the brothers.

The amusement in the taunting voice made chills run down Sam’s spine. Chills quickly forgotten as the finger punched its way back in and Sam cried out tears springing from his eyes. Lucifer twisted and turned inside him, making the dry rim burn hot.

Panting and gasping for air he looked at his older brother. Dean was fighting the ropes and shouting, but Sam didn’t hear anything but his heart against the cold metal and Lucifer’s loud breathing.

“D… De-Dean. Dean!”

Dean froze and looked Sam in the eyes. Sam shook his head and as a new deeper punch bored inside him, he squeezed his eyes and jaw tight, but quickly found Dean again.


“Stop begging! It’s unbecoming for a gentleman like you.”

The word was not for the torturer, and Sam knew that his brother had heard it. Dean bit his lower lip and nodded before he looked down. Still fighting the ropes, but soundless and not looking at his younger bother being violated by his best friend’s body.

“No no no. Dean, you are going to see this.” Lucifer took his hand off Sam’s hip and Sam saw Dean fight the movement, but nothing could be done. “I’ll make it so you can blink but your eyes won’t stay closed. You wouldn’t want to miss it if we make a dent in your car.”

The finger was gone, and Sam did his best not to clench as he knew it was going to be excruciating when it returned.

“Sammy…” Dean gasped and soon Sam knew why. The thing pressing up against his ring was not a finger.

“No. It won’t…! You can’t!”

“Oh I can. I’m strong remember?”

Sam turned his head away from Dean but forcefully it was moved back, and his eyes were open. Lucifer bottomed out at the first thrust.  The force splitting him open was worse than being stabbed, burned and shot at the once. Sam would know. While gagging and coughing up air and half cries he was forced to look at his brother. Tears were running down both their faces, and both heartbeats threatened to kill them.

The torture seemed to last for hours. The endless pounding followed by red fire burning through his spine, stomach and thighs, was relentless. No breaks. No coming up for air.

“You enjoying this as much as me Sam?”

Sam couldn’t answer if he wanted to. Dean looked like he was going to say something, but his lungs were clearly taking over his ability to control anything.

“I can make it better for you.”

A finger made it’s way in under the hard cock, ripping the dry red rim further open. Sam tried not to think about the warm trail, of what he could only imagine to be blood, running down his inner thigh. The finger pressed in deep and bored into his prostate, making every thrust burn hotter and spread to his entire body. His eyes rolled back and soon he was not able to fight anything. Electricity ripping through him, making his whole body shake. Dean vanished from his eyes and he was left only with the persistent pounding and the pain.

“D… D… Dee…”

“I’m here Sammy!”

The last thrust made Sam’s eyes spring open and the first scream in, no one knew how long, tore trough the concrete room.

“Thanks bunk-buddy.”

Wheezing for air, Sam laid limp on the car and with blurry vision, he watched Lucifer close his pants, pick up the trench coat and on his way out, place a hand on Dean’s shaking shoulder. “For your information: Cas really liked that. I mean, does it matter which Winchester he gets anyway?”

As soon as Lucifer left with Cas as his hostage, the lock on Dean’s head disappeared and the ropes on the chair loosened.

Without delay, Dean tore off his dark green jacket and rushed to his brother.

“I’m sorry Sammy.”

Sam winched as Dean laid the jacket carefully but quickly over his lower body. Sam couldn’t talk. Not that he would know what to say if he could. He couldn’t move. He just laid there watching Dean’s shaky hands untie the ropes.

“Can you walk?”

Sam shook his head. He was sure he’d plummet to the floor if he moved off the hood of the car.

“Not a problem. I’ve got you. Just hold the jacket, okay?”

Sam grabbed the sleeves of the jacket and let Dean move himself under his arm. Supporting himself some against the car and a lot on Dean, Sam made it to the rear-door. For the first time Dean hesitated. Sam steadied himself and removed his arm from Dean, leaning against the roof and still with his eyes plastered to the floor, he nodded for Dean to let him go.

Sam wasn’t able to contain the hisses and moans the pain forced out of him as he bend over to climb in. Lifting his legs was torture all over again and he fell hard on the seat as the ordeal was over. Dean must have waited till Sam was completely quiet, because he only appeared in the door when Sam had covered himself with the jacket. Dean covered him with a tarp from the trunk.

Something caught Sam’s eyes. Dean’s wrist. With a sudden movement that surprised Dean and pulled electricity through Sam, he grabbed Dean’s lower arm. Fighting the ropes had cut him open almost all the way around his wrist. There was lines and smears of blood down his hand. The wound was deep and uneven and already on it’s way to get infected.

“Not important. Let’s go to the bunker.”

Still making sure not to look Dean in the eyes, he looked at his brother’s other arm. Dean was hiding it outside the car.

“Let me see.”

If the rope had torn into him slightly different from this, his brother could be bleeding out as they spoke.

“It’s just rope burns. Let’s get you home.”

Sam tightened his grip on Dean’s arm with all the strength he had left. He needed to see. Dean sighed and presented the other arm to his brother.

“You broke your wrist?”

“I did everything I could. I’m sorry Sam.”

Sam let go of his brother and let him close the door by his feet.

The drive was less than comfortable. Every turn made Sam tense not to fall off, resulting in muscles spasming and cramping. Every bump tore into his abused hole like Lucifer was back and even the smallest shake or rattle made all the pain spike up in flares, making Sam hold back from throwing up.

In the bunker’s garage both brothers stayed in the car. Sam wasn’t sure how to move, and he didn’t want to go by trial and error. He looked at Dean’s hands squeezing his fingers blue around the steering wheel.

“This is not on you Dean.”

Like a switch was turned on Dean got out and opened the door by Sam’s head. “I’m gonna skin him you know.”

“I know.”

“I’ll torture him for this and then I’ll hold him down and watch you end him”

Dean grabbed Sam under the arms and pulled his younger brother out of the car as Sam cried out and bored his fingers into the arm holding him.

“The car…”

For some reason it was easier for Sam to address the blood when the most horrible thing in the sentence was that the Impala’s leather upholstery was covered in it.

“Sammy… My wrist will heal. The car can be cleaned. Let’s get you in bed before you pass out, okay?”

Dean didn’t let Sam answer before he wrapped the long arm around his shoulder and all but carried Sam and the tarp to Sam’s room. Sam fell to the bed with a howl which had Dean apologizing again, while he covered him with the blanket.

“Sam…? What do you need?”

Sam slowly and with much effort, turned away from Dean. He wanted nothing, but he needed everything. He needed someone to fix this. To heal him. To make him forget. But Cas was gone. He didn’t want to see Cas ever again although he knew this wasn’t him. He never wanted to see Dean ever again, but this wasn’t his doing either. He needed to turn time back… he had no idea how long. Long enough that he’d never met Lucifer.


Dean spoke quietly now, and by the sound of it, he’d hunched down by the bed. “Tell me what you want me to do. Do you need a doctor? I’ll get one…” Dean paused for Sam to answer, but Sam had nothing to say. He hoped with all of his heart that he didn’t need at doctor.

“…Do you need me to call someone. Would it be better if Jody was here?”

“No!” Sam turned his head and looked Dean in the eyes for the first time since they were forced to do so. “I don’t want anyone else here.”

“Okay… okay. It didn’t look too bad with the amount of blood, but if you’re still bleeding tomorrow, I’ll get a doctor here.”

Sam didn’t want to make that deal but he knew it was the only way to go. Dean stood up and gestured for Sam’s shoes. Sam nodded, and Dean untied them and removed them carefully without lifting Sam’s legs or making him turn to his back.

“I won’t leave the bunker. If you need anything; call me... You hear?”

Sam grabbed Dean’s arm and held tight. “Let me fix your wrists.”

“No Sam. You sleep. I can do it on my own.”

Sam didn’t want Dean in the room, he didn’t want Dean to look at him. But he needed him to be there. To be close. He didn’t want to touch anyone, but he needed Dean to be real.

“I’ll get the bandages and the disinfectants. Hold tight.”