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Brother's Comfort

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17 years ago...


Michael peered into the doorway, awaiting his big brother’s response. It wasn’t often that the 16 year old was actually home so when he was, Michael made a point to see him. Typically Linc was out hustling, trying to put food on the table or screwing random chicks. Michael had never cared for any of them except Veronica from next door. But she was gone away now just like every other woman in their life.

As he peeked inside, Michael was pleased to find that yes his brother was home. Lying in bed, shirtless in the summer heat Lincoln stared up at the ceiling.

"Fancy meeting you here," Michael joked as he plopped down beside him.

When his brother didn’t respond an eerie feeling ran through him. Something wasn’t right. He took a closer look and noticed the glazed look in Lincoln’s eyes. Familiarity hit. He was high again.

"Oh Linc."

Usually it was pot, sometimes strange pills he bought off weirdos. Enough to make him too reckless, too giddy but on occasion he took something big.

"To take the edge off," Linc had explained once and maybe for the small stuff that was true.

But Michael wasn’t a little kid anymore and with age came sharper perception. Lincoln only graduated to the heavy stuff when things got to be too much.

"What did you take?"

His brother blinked at him, not quite seeing him through his high. Annoyed, Michael climbed onto him, and began going through his pockets for clues. He found his answer in an empty plastic wrap bag about the size of an eraser. Pills. Heavy ones.

It’ll burn off, they always do.

But that didn’t stop his heart from pounding with fear every time his brother ingested them. All it took was one time—one bad trip and he’d lose the only one in the world he had left. Their dad had walked out before he could remember, their mom had died young. They’d bounced from foster home to foster home (sometimes Linc to juvie) before his brother had acquired their rundown apartment (off the books of course.) Technically they were still wards of the state but their current foster mom didn’t give a shit as long as her checks came.

Linc had managed to get a place big enough for the both of them and by either some miracle or a complete lack of competence the state hadn’t caught on. As long as Mike continued to do well in school and show signs of being a healthy boy, they were set. So he kept his grades up and did his best not to rock the boat.

"What was it this time?"

Lincoln wasn’t big on words or expressing emotion. He was social enough but he had a habit of keeping people at arm’s length. He never let anyone get close and he never discussed what he was feeling. It was why, though Michael hated the drugs, he understood the reasoning behind taking them. Lincoln needed release. Comfort.

He propped himself up on the bed beside his brother.

"I wish you would talk to me."

Lincoln snorted, catching him by surprise. He watched his big brother roll over to his side and slur something incomprehensible. Then he caressed the rough sheet with his cheek and laughed again.

"Very funny," Michael murmured sarcastically.

It wouldn’t be so much when the high wore off and life was still just as hard as it had been before he’d taken those pills. Then where would he be?

"Why Linc? Why can’t you just open up to me?"

He spent the night in Lincoln’s bed, watching over him for signs of overdose or illness. By morning he’d barely had any sleep save the couple of hours off and on. He also had the dilemma of whether to keep watch or go to school. Remembering the image to social services, Michael opted for school. He couldn’t afford to be discovered. If they took him from Linc he’d die.

He went through the motions in class, raised his hand to answer at appropriate times, smiled and nodded when spoken to. He knew how to keep up appearances. Still, he wasn’t sure if he could spend an entire eight hour day away from his ailing brother. He made it to lunch before faking ill and heading home. On the walk back his concern grew. What if Linc had vomited in his sleep and choked on it? His gait switched into a trot and by the time he was near the apartment, a full sprint.

Before he reached the door, he heard a moan from inside. Linc’s voice. He knew it from anyone’s. Panic gripped him as visions of his brother’s discomfort played through his mind. What if Linc had fallen? Maybe he’d gotten a bad batch of pills. He could be drowning in his own blood right now. Michael couldn’t grasp his keys fast enough as he flew through the door and straight to Linc’s bedroom.

When he rounded the doorway, however the sight before him brought him to a halt. Lincoln was definitely groaning but it wasn’t because of an ailment.

It was because of the blond bitch on her knees in front of him.

Michael recognized her cheap dye job from days before. Lisa Rix. The latest of Linc’s conquests. Disgusted, Mike started to turn and leave. Then Lincoln made a strange noise and curiosity drew him. He watched his brother, completely uncensored. Linc’s body was tensing up with pleasure but it was his facial expression that caught Michael. Pure bliss, not drug induced or alcohol fueled but pure and carnal bliss. From a natural source.

He’d never seen anything have such an effect on Linc.

Like the explorer in the wilderness, Mike stood back and observed, thoroughly fascinated. He’d always been attentive to details and of course the details of his brother were no exception. He’d memorized every tick and turn of Lincoln’s personality before Linc had even understood that he had one. Every gesture, every twitch he could tell when Linc was getting antsy or telling a lie. He could tell when he was feeling down. This was a new observation to add to the collection.

He watched as Lincoln grunted out loud, his hand pushing Lisa’s head down in his groin area. Mike didn’t look at that, he wasn’t some kind of pervert he told himself. But when Linc got louder and hissed "Yea, just like that" he had to see what "that" was. He found Lisa’s lips devouring a very hard, very slick cock. Lincoln’s very hard, very slick cock. Another part of his brother he’d yet to file in his directory. Michael watched the way her mouth moved, the way her throat swelled, definitely deep-throating the engorged flesh. He watched her actions, Linc’s reactions to those actions. Then—

"Oh fuuuuuck!"

Linc jutted his hips forward, his hand smashing her face into him as he pumped frantically. This was an orgasm, Mike knew and again he noted that he’d never seen this aspect of his brother. He let his eyes travel from Linc’s body again to his facial mannerisms as he milked his climax. From his wide open mouth to the way he squenched his eyes completely shut as his head tilted backward on the bed. Then afterward, the way his body just collapsed. Relaxed.

Now that it was over, Michael crept back to his bedroom where he shut the door behind him. He sat down at his second-hand desk, processing the new information he’d acquired. Today he’d seen a different side of Lincoln. A side he was sure his brother would never willingly show him. And it was invigorating.

His mind was working a mile a minute, filing and recollecting all of the new information. Michael loved to learn things.
He kicked off his shoes and began to change out of his school khakis when he noticed the tent at the front of his pants. He stared down at it, almost as if it were a foreign object. His dick was hard. At this age he wasn’t new to erections. Well he was almost thirteen. And he had just seen live porn. Any guy would react the same way. He dismissed it as basic biology and continued on with his day.

When Lisa Rix left, he found Lincoln lounging in bed completely chill. Michael noted his posture, the contentment on his face.

"Hey Mikey, how was school?"

He sat by his big brother. By now it was late enough for school to be over so he decided not to mention his early departure.

"It was okay. You know, it’s school."

Linc reached over to his right to find a loose cigarette. He glanced over at Michael, seemed to think better of it. He knew how much Mike hated the smell.

"Hey, what do you want for dinner tonight? Your choice."

Michael shrugged.

"I don’t know."

"How about Pedro’s. We haven’t had them in a minute."

It was Michael’s favorite Mexican spot. He couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face.


He liked his brother like this. Not stressing or cursing or high.

"Sure, why not?"

That evening Michael made the connection for certain. Oral sex made Linc a much friendlier housemate. He was more accommodating, more easygoing, he was happier. Mike was sure to file that into his information bank as well. Undoubtedly it would come in handy.

It wasn’t long after that it did.

Michael was up one night studying when he heard Linc come home in a huff. He could tell before meeting him by the slam of the front door, the angry stomps through the kitchen. Lincoln cursed after grabbing a bottle from the fridge and slamming that door too.


He didn’t look his way.

"Go to bed, Mike."

The older teen took a swig from the bottle. Drinking. He was upset. Michael registered the tension in his shoulders, the tight furrow of his brow. The slight way his hand shook around the neck of the bottle. This wasn’t just anger alone.

"Linc what’s wrong?"

"Goddammit Michael I said go to bed!"

His brother was spiraling again. He knew the routine. On the occasion that their hard-knock life was too much for his 16 year old brain he’d find some alcohol, pop some pills and spend the next few days in a drug induced stupor. It had happened twice before. Mike was worried it was becoming a pattern. Even worse, he feared that pattern might eventually escalate to a harder drug. He couldn’t bare the thought of Lincoln on meth or heroin.

He would have to devise a plan to bring Linc out of these moments. To relax him.

It was later that night when he checked in on him. Sure enough, he found his big brother spacing out on the bed. He was now in his boxers having stripped for sleep before his trip. Michael walked over to him, studied his dilated pupils. Linc barely registered his presence. Good. That meant he wouldn’t stop him.

Focused, Mike crawled onto the bed, pushed his brother’s legs apart. He thought of Lisa Rix and how he’d seen her handle him. How calm Linc had been afterward. How happy. He was doing this for him.

Carefully he reached into Lincoln’s boxers, touched the warm flesh of his big brother’s cock. He’d never touched another guy’s junk before. For a moment he took in the new sensation. It was still soft, in a flaccid state. Even through the opening he could see dark pubic hair surrounding it. He decided it would be better to remove his boxers entirely.
Linc offered little resistance. He just blinked and uttered something incoherent.

Once his brother was naked, Michael surveyed the image. He was already bigger than him, his body forming muscle that Mike in his preteen state could only dream about. But Linc practically lived shirtless at home so that was nothing new. His lower region, however was uncharted territory. Michael noted the dark, black line that formed below Lincoln’s belly button, the way it lead down to a patch of hair surrounding his sleeping cock.

Again this wasn’t completely new, he’d seen Linc whip it out and piss on numerous occasions but that had always been just a glimpse and never the whole shebang. Now it was ALL in his face, balls and everything. Fascinated, he studied the sight. It wasn’t until Linc mumbled something and tried to turn to his side that Michael came back. He pushed his brother back down then took him into one hand.

Should he jerk him first? Probably. That was what they did in pornos. He began stroking Lincoln’s cock.
His brother’s low moan startled him and he jumped. His eyes shot upward and he was relieved to see that Linc was still out of it. He had no idea what was going on. It was for the best. Mike went back to stroking and was satisfied when Linc’s cock hardened in his hands. He could feel the heat radiating beneath his fingers. This was the part where the girl would lick the guy’s shaft. He leaned forward and let his wet tongue glide across the head. Linc moaned instantly. A clear bead of moisture seeped from the slit of his cock. Michael’s eyes widened in fascination. He repeated the movement and achieved the same result. Interesting. He continued with the licking, going up and down his brother’s shaft with lips and tongue. He didn’t know why he was kissing with his licks, only that Lincoln seemed to really like it.

Then Linc’s pelvis began to move and Mike realized it was go time.

Forgive me, Linc but you need this.

He’d practiced on bananas and various long foods since deciding to give him the Lisa Rix treatment—even pressure points in the hand to prevent gagging. He wanted to be thorough. Despite his preparation, Michael wasn’t ready for the wave of heat that flooded him when he took his brother’s rock hard cock into his mouth. Lincoln groaned out loud.


Mike swallowed him whole, just as he’d done the banana and bobbed back up. Linc wasn’t curved like the fruit nor was he as soft. He was full on cucumber now, straight and hard and mouth-filling. He could probably put someone’s eye out with that thing. Mike closed his lips around it, inhaling Linc’s scent as his nose bounced off his pubes. He’d showered that morning but by now the day’s sweat and heavy jeans coated him. He no longer smelled like bargain soap. He smelled like pure unadulterated Lincoln. Michael was too focused on his task to process how that made him feel.

Linc was quickly becoming very vocal. Though he couldn’t form words, he was groaning and breathing and moaning all over the place. Completely uninhibited by the drugs, he didn’t care about modesty. There was no such thing as pride. He began to buck under his little brother, completely owned by the sensation he was receiving.
Mike rather liked this shift in the power dynamic in their relationship.

Feeling heady himself, Michael sped up his sucking, giving Linc something more to exclaim about. His head fell back and he desperately pumped up into his brother’s mouth. Mike tried to push his hips back down but Linc was stronger and the force of his thrusts overpowered him. If he didn’t stop soon Linc was going to cum. Michael wasn’t sure why but he didn’t want it to end just yet.

He lifted off, replacing his mouth with his hand. Linc released a cross between a whine and a grunt, his naked hips jutting just the same. Mike clasped Linc’s spit soaked cock and caught his breath as he watched his brother’s movements. He found himself mesmerized. This was a lesson in human behavior that the books couldn’t teach.
Just when he was sure Lincoln would burst, Michael slowed things down. He let his hand trail away from his brother’s raging erection to glide up his abdomen. Linc objected but the drug had him so far gone he couldn’t voice it. He panted, rolled his head around but could do little else. Mike let him settle, never losing contact with his hot skin. When he was convinced that he’d calmed him somewhat, Michael took his brother’s cock once more.


He ignored the shiver Linc’s cry sent through him, the confirmation that yes he, Michael was the one in charge here. He had the control. To exercise the point he cupped his brother’s balls and fondled them, same as he’d done his own plenty of times. It had the desired effect and Lincoln went into a frenzy. Michael toyed with him a bit before straight deep throating his brother once again.

Linc’s cries shook the walls. Mike felt his brother tensing up for climax. This was the part he couldn’t much prepare for. Alone in his room he’d attempted to learn what cum would taste like.
After a solo session of grab the snake he’d licked his own hand, even swallowed some of his own semen but somehow he knew that it would be different with Lincoln. Everything was different with Lincoln.
He felt his brother’s cock pulsing in his mouth as suddenly hot spunk shot straight down his throat. For a second Mike almost panicked for fear of choking on the heavy stream but then he regained himself and swallowed it down.
Load after load, his brother shot, groaning his delirium out as he came.

Michael took it all, a sense of high filling him with every gulp. He’d made his brother very happy tonight.

Take that Lisa Rix.

After Linc was finished, Mike gave a few extra sucks for good measure. Linc gave another cry, his prick over-sensitive at this point. Michael showed mercy and released his brother’s spent cock to fall back against him with a slap. Linc uttered some unintelligible noise, still breathing hard.

Michael sat up then, surveyed his brother one more time. His big brother, the one person in the whole world that actually gave a damn about him. He cared for him, provided him with food, shelter, protection. Love. Lincoln did so much for him. All at his own expense. While he encouraged Mike to finish school, Linc had dropped out to make money for them. While he encouraged Mike to stay on the straight and narrow Linc was involved in petty crimes, thefts, burglaries. He was sacrificing so much for him. The least Michael could do was make him feel good once in a while. Help him clear his head.
But how often was once in a while?

He pulled Lincoln’s boxers back on, taking one last mental photograph of everything that was his brother. This wouldn’t be the last time, he was sure. Lincoln was strong but he was human. There would be more meltdowns, more drugs thus more opportunities to provide comfort. He’d be there to provide it. All he wanted was for Lincoln to be happy.