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Draggka of the Darkspear

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“What’s dis?” Draggka asked, handling the strange square box with a lens in it.

“It’s a S.E.L.F.I.E camera!” Tinkerspring grinned at her friend. “It stands for Self-Enabling Low Focus Image Extractor! You’re an engineer, you should know this!”

“Well excuse me fer being busy wit da garrison and not being able to check everyting dat be coming out of da Engineering Works.” The troll drawled, giving the goblin a flat look. The priest giggled, undaunted.

“Oh, lighten up! You could be letting the Archmage turn you into a pincushion.”

“Hm. I not be convinced dat dis ring be worth de pain yet.” Draggka grumbled, eyeing the golden jewellery on her left hand. “But dat not be what I wanted to know about dis.”

“Sure.” Tinkerspring nodded. “You know what a camera is, right?”

“A ting dat takes an image of what its pointed at and puts it on a bit of paper, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Now, you know that if you want to get a picture of yourself, you’ve either got to be really rich and have lots of time to go and find a painter to paint a portrait of you, or you’ve gotta find someone with a camera and pay them to take a picture of you, right?”

“Yeah...” The troll glanced down at the S.E.L.F.I.E camera. “Dis changes dat, I imagine.”

“You’re getting it!” The goblin nodded rapidly, her large ears flapping with the motion. “This camera is designed to be used by anyone, to take pictures of themselves! That’s why it’s low focus.”

“Oh, dat’s why it be ‘self-enabling’!”

“Exactly! And it prints out the picture straight after you take it too! Instant portraits!” The priest almost bounced up and down in her excitement, and the hunter could almost see the gold pieces flashing in her friend’s eyes.

Draggka’s eyes brightened with equal excitement, and she looked the box over in a new light.

“Now I see why ya be so interested in dese tings.” She grinned.

“Well, yeah! But I know you’re a giant tech nerd and you’d like to know about it.” Tinkerspring shrugged. “Also,” she pulled a piece of paper from her robe pocket. “Here’s a portrait of me using that thing. Don’t you wanna try?”

The picture was pretty good, clearer than Draggka had expected. Tinkerspring was grinning wide in the shot, purple eyes gleaming brightly, her ears almost too big to fit into the shot. It almost perfectly summed up the goblin’s character (minus the lack of gold money bags).

“So?” The priest asked, leaning close.

“Alright.” Draggka grinned, pushing her back with an arm. “I’ll bite. How does it work?”

“Oh, it’s easy!” The golbin turned the S.E.L.F.I.E in the troll’s hands. “Point the lens at your face, and you see that box through there? That’s the frame. Move it so you’re looking right down it - yeah, like that! Then press the button at the top!”

Draggka suddenly felt self-conscious, staring down the barrel of the camera. Spirits, what if she actually looked hideous? She only managed a slight, shy smile before she took the picture. There was a click, and the box whirred for a moment, before a slip of paper emerged from the slit at the bottom.

“Let’s see, let’s see!” Tinkerspring urged, jumping on her tiptoes until Draggka knelt down to her level.

It took a moment for the picture to appear, but Draggka recognised herself. Orange eyes, a mohawk of bright red hair with two braids hanging down either side of her head, long pointed ears both pierced with a pair of gold earrings. Her nervous smile baring her short tusks.

The hunter didn’t consider herself particularly beautiful, but she had to admit that she really liked herself in this picture. She looked...pretty.

“There you are!” Tinkerspring cried. “You’ve now got a portrait of yourself, with not a gold spent, and in the same hour! And it’s a perfect likeness!”

"Yeah.” Draggka smiled. “It is.”