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     "What is this?"

     She looked at her surroundings, observing every single bit. She feels like a plane, taking off from land to the air. She's floating, but she didn't have any wings. She's just rising above, looking through the skyscrapers as they grew smaller the farther that she went, and noticed how the glimmering lights from the traffic and the buildings paralleled to the universe seen above her, and for a minute, she adored her view.

     She looked below her once more, and began to be startled by how high she was, but she learned to manage after a few comforting words to herself. Still, the probability of falling, as she felt her feet step onto nothingness, is up high. Anytime she could just drop. So she decided to test her strength by landing atop the highest building she could see, and she was able to land safely. She sighed in relief.

     She wanted to catch a glimpse of the cars down, so she walked off the building and back into the air, but she immediately dropped, as if she didn't have the ability to fly earlier. Though, someone caught her, holding her arm and pulling her upwards, back to the chopper pad. She craned her head to see who it was, but it doesn't show a face. It looks like a silhouette, even. All she knew was, she could tell that it was a man from the vein protruding from his skin and pressing on her arm from his, and that he had perfectly good reflexes to catch her immediately before gravity could do its works and land harshly on the busy streets of London. London, as she recognised it.

     When she was set back down to safety, the silhouette still remained on her side. Her brain told her about being frightened, like she was supposed to be scared, but she wasn't. Not anymore. Not even at the apparition that saved her.

     "Thank you," she said to the silhouette, nodding.

     She watched the lights of the passing vehicles from down the building with the shadow. She could feel his arm brush hers, but whenever she turns to him, she can see through him.