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"I love you, you love me."  Reid and Jack sang with absolute abandon.

Agent Aaron Hotchner contemplated murdering the dinosaur.  His spaghetti was nearly right.  Jack liked spaghetti a little softer than, well, usual, Aaron and Spence hand acquiesced.  

Spencer and Jack faced each other, making hand gestures to go along with the song, "we're a happy family," Spencer looked just as pleased as Jack to have mastered the actions.  Jack jumped himself into a startled Spencer's lap;  "with a great big hug"  Spencer tentatively wrapped his arms around Jack, "and a kiss from me to you,"  Spencer shyly kissed the top of Jack's head, while Jack looked up hopefully with puckered lips,  "won't you say you love me too?" an awkward hug between the young man and the boy.


"Yes dear, sweet white goes with soggy spaghetti."

"Spencer?"  Aaron looked serious.

Jack instantly took on the foreboding look on his dad's face.

"Spencer Reid, will you marry me?"

"YES!  He'll marry you!"  yelled Jack.

If happiness were fatal Dr. Spencer Reid would have fallen dead in that moment.