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Whispers in the Dark

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Chapter 6 | Part 2




On the second day of her three-day breather from the pack, Hera walked out from Jordan’s apartment with a leather-bound book in her arms. Jordan told her that her answers about what was happening between her and Derek were in the book he told her about. After hours of reading after her 12-hour shift from the hospital, she couldn’t find a damn thing.

Tired, Hera made her way to her car in the parking garage, but when she entered the garage, she noticed Stiles’ Jeep behind her car. Hera rolled her eyes. She could tell that Stiles had fallen asleep waiting for her to come back from Jordan’s apartment. She unlocked the door to her Audi, tossed the book into the passenger seat, shut the door and made her way to the driver side of the Jeep. Hera sighed and pounded on the glass window waking Stiles up. He looked at Hera and gave a guilty smile and wave.

“Roll down the window, Stiles,” Hera told him. Once he did, Hera reached in and flicked his ear. “Why have you been following me? Since I left for my shift for work yesterday?”

Stiles rubbed his ear before he responded.

“You said you would train me,” Stiles answered. Hera’s eyebrows turned in. “And I was curious.”

“I’ll train you once I get the right items,” Hera told him. “The emissary council is supposed to send along what I need for you. It should be in a few days or so. But go home, Stiles.”

Stiles drummed his fingers on his wheel before moving his car out of the way, pulling off around the corner to turn around. Hera rolled her eyes as she made her way back to her car. She got in and started to back out when she saw large figure covered in bones and animal skin blocking her path. Hera felt her stomach drop when a someone jumped onto the hood of her car. The blue hue of the person’s skin made her glad she wasn’t getting another visit from Eris. The creature jumped from her hood and made her way to Hera’s driver side and yanked the door off. The person pulled Hera out of the car, dislocating her shoulder. Hera cried out and she was pushed against her car, with the female’s hand around her neck.

Do you know how hard it is to find someone without a scent?” she asked Hera.

“A jaguar shapeshifter,” Hera said between her teeth. “So who sent you?”

Kate gave a laugh and dug her claws into Hera’s side, causing her to cry out.

“No one. You ruined my plans for Derek Hale,”

Kate released her grip from Hera’s neck and threw her against Stiles’ oncoming Jeep.

Stiles halted the brakes of the Jeep as Hera made impact to his driver’s side with a crunch. Just a few feet away he saw Kate and a berserker. Stiles forced his door open which Hera used for support to stand up. Stiles moved under Hera’s arm to support her and chill ran through his body. It was like he was being dunked into a basin of cold water again. Dizziness overtook Stiles’ balance and he felt his back against his Jeep.

The heavy footsteps of the berserker came toward Hera quicker than she thought it would. Still leaning against his Jeep, Stiles saw the berserker take a swing at Hera and stop. He didn’t know what she did, but Stiles felt his body get colder. In a swift motion, Hera took the berserker’s arm that had stopped in mid-motion and flipped it over to its back. Kate growled and rushed at Hera. Kate swiped at Hera many times as Hera did her best to block them, but some hits had been successful. From where Stiles was, it just look as though, Hera was just avoiding Kate’s hits. Stiles frowned. Why wasn’t she fighting back? She could easily flip a massive creature over, incapacitating it but not make a move to the were-jaguar attacking her. Kate took a few more swipes but this time Hera grabbed Kate’s jacket and pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear.

Stiles couldn’t hear what was being said but the look in Hera’s now silver eyes made him wish that he didn’t follow her. Hera’s eye flickered over to Stiles and she left go of Kate, who seemed to be paralyzed. Hera stepped back from Kate and walked around her, but as she moved away, whatever that kept Kate in a paralysis stopped working. Kate clawed Hera’s back. Before Kate could make another swipe, the lights in the garage flickered and turned off.

Stiles’ eyes struggled to adjust to the pitch blackness and only heard Kate’s roar before complete silence. Stiles could feel his heart pound in his chest and felt shake his body.

“Hera?” Stiles said softly. Stiles slipped inside his car and turned the headlights on. Hera’s wings were now visible, refracting the light from the Jeep and a gold javelin was firmly in her right hand.

“Hera,” Stiles called out again, this time more firmly and the lights turned back on. There was no sign of the berserker or Kate -- just Hera standing several feet away from him. He could see the tension in her shoulders relax; her wings seemed to have faded away from its physical manifestation and the javelin in her hand was reverting back to its original state. Blood on her left side, blood ran down staining her shirt and pants. Hera limped closer to Stiles with her hand attempting to cover her injury. Stiles rushed over to her left side and took her arm around his neck.

“We should get you to Deaton,” Stiles said. “We need to get you to Deaton.”

The closer they got to the Jeep, the more Hera could feel her energy fading. They barely made it back to Stiles’ car without Hera falling to the ground. Once they reached his car, Stiles pulled open the back door and helped Hera in.  

“Get the book,” Hera wheezed against the back seat.

“What?” Stiles frowned. “Hera, you’re bleeding out on my seats.”

“Get the book in the passenger seat, please,”

Stiles sighed, shut the door and jogged over to Hera’s car. The book was still in the passenger seat left untouched. He pulled the book out of the seat and locked her car. Stiles hopped back into his car and drove all the way to Deaton’s.


Derek leaned on the car door of his black Camaro outside of the police station. He was waiting for Parrish to finish his evening shift. Derek decided that if Hera was going to be searching for answers, he might as well ask Parrish. He seemed to have some knowledge just before he shifted at Deaton’s house.

Derek checked his watch a few more times as a dull pain on his side was surfacing causing him to grab his side. The scuffle of boots entered his ears and he looked up. Parrish was heading toward him already dressed in his civilian clothes and a duffle bag on his shoulder.

“Hey,” Parrish said. Derek held his hand up as for his greeting. “What did you want to speak to me about?”

“Hera,” Derek said simply. “And this bond thing.”

Parrish pressed his lips together.

“Right, but as a warning I only know a little bit -- the basics,” Parrish said. He dumped his bag down to the ground.

“How does it work -- the connection?” Derek asked, crossing his arms.

“Traditionally, it’s between those of the same supernatural group. Normally when the conditions are right,” Parrish explained.

“Conditions?” Derek raised his eyebrows.

“Uh, yeah,” Parrish said. “And they are physical. And are made permanent with an act, like marriage.”

“Marriage?” Derek stuttered.

“I’ve read that sex is another way to complete a bond,” Parrish said.


“Yeah. You shouldn’t have to worry about that,” Parrish said, but Derek felt like there was an implied ‘yet.’ “Hera told you that you two have three-fold bond, right?”

“She did, but vaguely.”

“Well, it goes beyond the physicalness of a relationship. You’ve essentially become synchronized,” Parrish said. Parrish could tell Derek was doing his best to hide the pain that he was feeling. “Even now, you’re experiencing her pain.”

Derek grimaced. His facade was over. Derek hunched over in pain -- now his back was stinging and throbbing. Parrish placed his hand on Derek’s shoulder.

He could feel himself starting the shift again, but he was lucky his claws weren’t starting to come out.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you in?” Parrish asked.

“11,” Derek responded through his teeth. Parrish looked around the station’s parking lot, there were still a few cars left for night shift. His old Mustang was just a few feet away.

“Give me your keys,” Parrish demanded leaning over, trying to get a good look at Derek. Derek reached into his pocket and gave the keys to Parrish. “We’re going to get you to Deaton’s, which is across town.”

Derek didn’t protest as Parrish helped him into the passenger seat.

As soon as Parrish pulled into Deaton’s driveway, he noticed Stiles’ Jeep backdoor wide open. He helped Derek out of the passenger seat and made their way to the front door, which was also open, with a trail of blood leading into the living room. The two walked into the living room and looked around — the trail of blood was at the base of the steps with Odin. He was sitting up conveniently out of the trail of blood as though he was waiting Derek to walk through the door. Odin moved from his spot at the stairs and looked up at Derek. The white dog whined.

“Can you make it upstairs?” Parrish asked. Derek nodded in agreement and footsteps drummed down the steps. Stiles had a look of panic across his face and both Parrish and Derek noticed the blood on his hands and clothes.

“How did you — ” Stiles said, but stopped when he could see the noticeable pain on Derek’s face.  

“Where is she?” Derek asked, making his way to the base of the steps with Odin trailing behind him.

“Her room. She won’t let Deaton and I in,” Stiles explained while Derek passed him on the steps. “And she keeps talking about the book she left in my car.”

“I’ll get it,” Parrish said and left.

Stiles followed Derek and Odin to Hera’s closed door with Deaton knocking.

“Hera, you need to let me in so I can look and tend to your wounds,” Deaton said. There was no response, until Odin started scratching and whining at her door.

“Is she really going to let the dog in?” Stiles muttered.

“No, but she will let me in,” Derek said. He walked to her door and turned the knob. Derek pushed the door open, slipped inside and shut the door behind him.  

Once Derek shut the door, Hera pushed him against it and she leaned into him. The two of them slowly sunk down to the floor and Derek wrapped his arms around Hera.

You’re bleeding, Hera.

Hera groaned in response as though she was complaining at Derek worrying over her.

And you feel feverish.

I’ll be fine in the morning. Just need to stay here…okay. I need you here.

Derek took a deep breathe and he could feel the pain disappearing.

Healing yet? he asked. He felt her body finally relax into his.

Yeah, I am. I hope you weren't in too much pain.

I’ll be fine. What happened tonight?

A fight with a were-jaguar -- Kate Argent. She had a berserker at her side, fighting for her — it was strange.

And you know for sure that it was her?

The Valkyrie spirit. All anyone has to do is look me in the eyes as a Valkyrie for me to know things about them.

How did you get rid of her?

Frightening  her.

The two sat in silence for a couple of hours until Derek felt the change in Hera’s breathing pattern — it was slow and steady. Slowly, Derek held onto Hera as he moved over to the bed and placed her down. He took the blanket that was at the end of her bed and covered her with it. As he turned to leave, he felt an internal tug; he wanted his feet to move toward the door, but his body wouldn’t let him. Sighing, Derek took a throw pillow from the other side of Hera and sat down on the pillow. He leaned his head against her bed and closed his eyes.