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Whispers in the Dark

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Part 1



As soon as Scott and Stiles started to head toward the emergency area, the lights went off, but the generator had come on quickly after — though they began flickering a minute after Scott and Stiles had turned on. These lights weren't going to last long at all. The rush of the available nurses, assistants and doctors started to scramble to make calls to other hospitals.

"Scott," Stiles said moving out of the way as a nurse rushed passed them. "We need to find her. Are you catching her scent?"

"She doesn't have one, Stiles," Scott told him in a concerned tone. "Check the emergency room, and I'll check upstairs. Be careful."

Stiles nodded.


It didn’t take Stiles long to reach the emergency room from Hera’s office. Luckily, she was still there but busy helping the patients, moving them out of the room.

“Hera!” Stiles called out. Seeing him, Hera told a near-by nurse to take over for a few minutes.

“What are you still doing here?” she asked him.

“I got that feeling again….” Stiles paused.

“What feeling?”

“That suffocating, cold feeling,” he told her. “I don’t know who it was when they passed me, but they’re here.”

“Is Scott still here?” Hera asked him and he nodded in response. “I’ll help you find him, then you two have to leave.”

“Doctor Deaton! There’s an emergency in the children’s wing; one of your patients isn’t leaving the room!” a nurse called out.

“How hard is it to move a child?” Hera asked frustratedly. “Just make sure everyone evacuates this floor.”

Hera motioned for Stiles to follow her as the nurse left the room. The two walked in silence while the lights continued to flicker. Once they reached the children’s wing, they could see a nurse standing outside the door, waiting for Hera.

“She said she wanted to see you,” the nurse said. “And she insisted that she would only speak to you and wouldn’t let us get close to her.”

“You couldn’t just trick her or something? Go help downstairs,” Hera told the nurse in a harsh whisper. “Stiles, stay here.”

The nurse nodded and left as Hera went inside the patient’s room. Stiles took out his phone and texted Scott that he was with Hera. A few seconds later, Scott messaged back asking where. Stiles turned around to get a look at door number and noticed the name beneath it.

“Hera!” Stiles shouted, but the door had slammed shut and the lights went out. Stiles pushed his body against the door, but it wouldn't budge. He was about to take out his phone when he heard Scott call his name.

“Stiles, what happened?” Scott asked when he got closer.

“The door. Won’t. Open.” Stiles said as he hit his shoulder against the door. “Look at the name, Scott.”

Emma Piouve

Hera struggled with the door after it shut behind her. She jiggled the door handled several times; though it wasn’t locked, it wouldn’t open. A small panic filled her; the air in the room had gotten colder, so cold that she started to see small cloud of air when she exhaled.

“Fuck,” she whispered, shivering.

“Do you know what I want, Hera?” the ‘girl’ asked.

“Eris, leave that girl’s body,” Hera turned around to face the small child.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m borrowing it — I promise to leave her decaying body here,” Eris projected using the voice of Emma.

“What do you want?” Hera asked. She was hoping to get to the point — she didn’t want to stare at the body of some innocent girl.

“Where’s the book? The book you stole from me,” Eris said. Emma’s body moved forward, closer to Hera standing at the door. “WHERE IS IT!?”

“I burned it.”

“Don’t lie to me. I know when you’re lying. Remember, Emma had a piece of you in her,” Eris told her and got closer.

“Leave. Her. Body.” Hera said. Her back was against the door, and Emma’s body started to levitate, her once hazel eyes turned black and the once pretty face was glaring at her. Hera didn’t want this.

“TELL ME!” Eris screamed. Hera bit her bottom lip and frowned. With the girl’s body in front of her, it was making her nervous. The fear of Eris controlling Emma’s body was starting to overwhelm her senses, but she started to feel Valkyrie take control — fighting the fear.

Eris smirked.

“You think that because you have a new spirit in you that I can’t control you like before?” Eris said. “You think that if you flash your silver eyes at me, you will scare me.”

“I’ll tell you, just leave her body,” Hera said strongly. “Let her be at peace.”

“Tell me then and I’ll let her go…” Eris told her.

“It’s somewhere you can’t go — somewhere we can’t go without a tether,” Hera answered. The look on Emma’s face showed no emotion, but the look in the dead girl’s eyes was fury.

“You think trapping it in the Otherworld will keep me from it,” Eris said.

“I told you, now leave her.”

Emma’s body stopped levitating and walked over to the window.

“I’ll leave, but her soul is mine.”

Emma’s body collapsed onto the floor. Hera exhaled and slowly walked over to the body. She wanted to be sure that Eris had left Emma’s body. Hera knelt down and stared at the now empty shell. She wanted to reach out and touch the girl’s face, but she didn’t want to feel the coldness from the lifeless body. The guilt that she suppressed from that night was starting to surface; her stomach felt like it was in knots, her throat was dry, as tears left her eyes.

The door had finally swung open, both Scott and Stiles stumbling inside.

“Hera?” Scott spoke. Scott looked at Stiles and gave a slight nod. The boys started walking over to her, and she raised her hand behind her to stop them.

“I’m fine,” Hera’s voice cracked. “Just go home now.”

“Eris is still out there,” Scott commented. “We can do something.”

“No,” Hera hesitantly reached out, picked up Emma’s body and turned around. “I can’t have you meddling in my mess. Go home. Please.”



Derek tossed and turned in his bed for 30 minutes before he knew he wasn't getting any sleep tonight; the headache from earlier grew worse, and he was starting to feel anxious. There was no reason why he felt like this — it was the middle of the night and he hadn’t done much since the pack left his apartment.

Derek got out of bed slowly; earlier he realized that any type of quick movement made his headache worse. He walked from the bedroom area to fridge to take out bottled water. He twisted the cap open as he walked into the middle of the living room, pausing to take a sip but stopped when noticed the black bird sitting on the ledge of the balcony.

Derek took a sip and walked out to the balcony. The bird kept staring at Derek, until it screeched making him drop the water bottle and cover his ears. The call of the black bird made his ears ring and the headache worse. He was also starting to feel his claws protrude from his fingers as he made his way back into the loft to his bed. When he looked back up, the black bird was gone. He began to fade in and out of consciousness when heard  her voice.


This is my fault…

I can’t be here anymore; I’m putting them in danger.

I can't do this, I can't do this, I...

I'll just, just...

But I can't let them suffer like everyone, like Emma...


Listening to the voice was starting to become harder, his shift was getting hard to control because of the panic he was feeling, and he could barely stay awake.


What am I going to do?


Derek could still feel the panic, but he could also feel that holding it together wasn't going to last long. He rolled over onto his side to face the door, wrapped his arms around his chest, his claws digging into his sides. Whatever was happening to him was becoming more painful.


Alpha, beta, omega,’ Derek thought, hoping to regain some control of his emotions and shift. He continued to chant those words until finally he slipped into unconsciousness.


That night at the hospital was a long one for Hera. Her fear from earlier in her shift never went away. As soon as it was over, Hera walked out of the hospital and kept walking. If it led out of Beacon Hills, she wasn’t sure how she’d feel. The sun had already come up, and the birds were chirping loudly when Hera felt like she should stop. She looked around and noticed that she was in downtown. Standing in front of Derek’s apartment building. Hera sighed loudly before proceeding to into the building, but there was a moment of hesitation as she was standing in the lobby.

“What am I doing here?” Hera asked herself. She thought about turning around, but her body wouldn’t comply and she started to feel exhausted. Hera dragged her feet toward Derek’s door, where the tug was guiding her. Once she reached the door, she knocked on it and waited for a few minutes for it to open.


Derek stuck his head out of the shower after he heard a knock. Quickly, he stepped out, dried himself off, pulled on a pair of sweats and answered the door. He was surprised to see that it was Hera on the other side.

“You look tired,” Hera commented.

“You look worse,” Derek raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry for showing up unannounced, but I just walked here,” Hera started. “I've already tried walking out of the building, but..."

"But what?" Derek asked, cutting her off. Hera pursed her lips before she continued.

"But, my body wouldn't let me. I think it has to do with the bond thing," Hera explained. "Now, are you going to let me in?"

"Yeah," Derek said, turning around, and he started walking back toward his bed as Hera just stood at the doorway taking note of the triskelion tattoo on Derek’s back. Derek glanced back at her, confused on why she hadn’t moved from the door.

"Alpha, beta, omega," Hera whispered. She walked in, sliding the door closed behind her. "Last night, I heard you..."

"What is happening to us, Hera?" Derek asked.

"I don't know for sure," Hera started. "Maybe it's another effect of bond -- I haven’t had a chance to research what’s happening to us. Scott and Stiles told me you had a headache last night. My headache got worse last night after...."

"After what?" Derek said, hoping she would continue.

"After Eris showed up, possessing Emma's body," Hera finished. “What did you hear?”

"Everything. You were panicking," he answered. The was a long pause of silence before Derek spoke.

"And I don't think you running away would be best for any of us."

She rolled her eyes and walked over to the couch and sat down while Derek took a shirt and pulled it on. Sitting down on the couch made her feel the sudden rush of sleepiness, making her eyes droop.

"Hera, you can sleep my bed if you want," he told her as she had dozed off. She mumbled something incoherent and laid her head on the armrest and stretched out on the couch with her shoes still on. He went over to her and pulled off her shoes. Derek placed them underneath the table and went back to the bedroom area, starting to feel sleepy himself.

Six hours passed before Braeden decided she might actually need help looking for Hera. Marin told her when Hera was finished with work, but when she went to the hospital the nurses left over from night shift said they saw Hera leave with her lab coat on. Again.

Braeden pulled into the animal clinic parking lot, and with luck the infamous blue Jeep and motorcycle were already there. She walked in the clinic and into the back, where the entire pack was standing around the table.

"Good, you dorks are here," Braeden said. The group gave a her a quick glance before returning their attention back to the table. "What are you guys looking at?"

She got closer to the table to see that they were looking at a raven.  

"Is it dead?"

"Yeah, it's just...." Stiles paused. Braeden raised her eyebrows, encouraging him to continue, but Deaton did it for him.

"It's a special raven from the otherworld. We had Parrish confirm it."

"I have memories from the nogitsune talking about a raven, that it's insatiable," Stiles said uneasily, clearly uncomfortable.  "I think this one has followed me the day after Hera's patient died. Malia found it lying at my window."

"I'm actually looking for Hera," Braeden started. "The sooner we find her, the better."

"She doesn't have a scent," Scott told her. "It will take hours to find her."

"The nurses said she still had her lab coat on. Maybe that has something on it."  


After a couple of more hours of searching, the pack and Breaden still hadn't had any luck. All of trails that led away from the hospital ended up back at the hospital.

"How could it be this hard to find someone," Lydia complained, getting out of the Jeep.

"Have we called Parrish and asked him to help?" Malia suggested.

"Yeah, he's working and he said he'd call if she showed up," Braeden said.

"Maybe we ask Derek for help, he has been missing from this whole thing," Stiles said. "They are bonded or whatever."

With Braeden, the pack headed toward Derek's loft downtown. Once they were at the door, Scott knocked on it.

"Did you tell him we were coming over?" Kira asked.

"I texted him," Scott answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"You always say he never answers," Stiles commented, giving the door another knock.

"Maybe he's not home," Lydia said.

"No,  he's here," Scott told them. "Did you bring it Stiles?"

"Bring what?" Lydia asked. Stile turned to the girls and grinned, showing them a small silver key. Lydia rolled her eyes and he turned back around to unlock the door. Once the door was open, they saw Derek kneeling in front of Hera with his hand on her face. The group heard him whisper her name; he was too absorbed in what was happening to Hera to notice the group enter his loft.

“Derek, what’s wrong with her?” Braeden demanded walking over to the two. Close up, Braeden saw Hera’s eyes glow silver, glazed over, not really focusing on anything.

“She’s been like this for too long,” Derek said. “I woke her up when she was having a nightmare, but she's still in a trance. I can get a few responses, but only in Latin."

Lydia stepped forward from the group and stood next to Braeden.

"What has she said so far?" Lydia asked.

"Corvous, scintilla, clamor," Derek responded.

"Raven, spark and scream," Lydia mumbled.

Hera moved to look at Lydia, causing chills to run up her spine.

"She needs you to scream Lydia," Derek told her.

"What? How do you know that?"

"She keeps saying your name and clamor, I think it will break her out of the trance."

"Derek, we don't hear anything," Scott said.  Derek finally noticed the confused, questioning looks they were all giving him now.

"Just scream, Lydia," Malia said.

“My powers don’t work like that, Malia,” Lydia said while turning to scold her. Lydia moved closer to Derek and sat down across from Hera, who was still looking at her. Hera gave a slight reach toward Lydia, but she flinched away. In a swift motion, Hera took Lydia’s hand and Lydia screamed. Everyone in the room covered their ears as the banshee wailed loudly.

After a minute of Lydia’s scream, she stopped and everyone relaxed after a little; Hera removed her hand from Lydia’s and pulled something from her mouth. It was a metal arrowhead, with an ‘A’ etched into it. A quick sight of this, Hera kept her hand tightly around the arrowhead to keep it from being seen from the others.

“Sorry, Lydia,” Hera apologized hoarsely.

“So, are you going to explain what the hell that was?” Stiles asked.

“Well, when you’re a medium -- even with a spirit occupying a part of you, you can still get pulled back into the Otherworld,” Hera explained. “They like to give warnings to me. They pull me in while I sleep. It’s when the mind is most vulnerable.”

"How did you get Lydia to scream?" Stiles asked.

“Easy,” Hera said. “I got her to predict my death.”





Uncomfortable silence filled the room after Hera’s proclamation. Funny enough, this was the first time she said that aloud. The longer the Valkyrie stayed in her body with missing pieces of her spirit outside of her body, it was taking years off her life expectancy.

“Well, I came all the way here to find you, Hera,” Braeden said. “We need to talk.”

Hera nodded and used Derek’s shoulder as support to stand, but turned to the pack.

“Is there something you guys needed from me?” she asked.

"It's about the raven I found outside of Stiles' window," Malia answered.

Hera rolled her eyes. She was feeling even more exhausted than earlier.

She needs her space right now. She's feeling way too tired for this. I'm feeling way too tired for this.

Hera stepped around Derek, still using him as support in fear of falling over. Her legs were beginning to feel like jelly the longer she stood.

"It's just a raven. A bird. You'll be fine," Hera said to Stiles. She was lying, but this was something she couldn't deal with right now.

"Parrish said it's from the Otherworld, Hera," Braeden said softly and crossed her arms.

Hera moved back to her spot on the couch, finally removing her hand from Derek's shoulder. She placed her hands over her face as she sat back.

This is becoming the worst day ever.

Without hesitation, Derek stood from his spot as he felt a wash of emotions from Hera.

"She needs some space," he told the pack.

"We need answers, Derek," Scott said. "Why was there a raven outside of Stiles' window?"

"She doesn't know, Scott," Derek retorted. "She doesn't know every answer to all of your questions."

He doesn't have to do this.

I know I don’t have to…

"How can you trust her so easily?" Kira asked.

"That's a complicated answer," he told them.

"Look, I know it's a lot to ask. There are things at play that I haven't figured out," Hera said, finally speaking up. “Give me three days. I need some room to breath, I need to clear my head.”

The pack looked at each other briefly and the tension in the air started to dissipate. Derek started to dismiss the pack out of his loft, taking the key Stiles used before shutting the door on them. When Derek turned around from locking the door, he realized that Braeden was standing across from Hera on the couch. Hera took a deep breath and gave Braeden a look. Braeden raised her eyebrows and  reached into her leather jacket pocket.

“I came to give you this,” she pulled a slim white paper out of her pocket. Hera reached out and took it; once Hera looked it over, Derek spoke up.

“What is that?” he asked.

“It’s a list of names,” Hera answered looking at him, but turned her attention back to Braeden. “Who gave you this?”

“No one.” Braeden told her. “Look, I have to go.”

Hera looked back over the names again with a frown and placed the piece of paper on the table. Derek walked over to the table and picked up the paper.


Peter H.

Jackson W.

Isaac L.

Cora H.

Themis S.

Lucas H.

Liliana H.

Asar H.


Derek turned the tiny paper over and looked at Hera.

“Just a list of names, it’s more than that isn’t it?” he asked her. Hera nodded and stood from her spot on the couch. “I just don’t recognize the last four names on the list.”

“Themis is my sister,” Hera said as she shoved her feet into her tennis shoes. “I’m not sure about the other three, but they’re important to you.”

“Then why is your sister’s name is on the list?”  Derek asked. “And I haven’t talked to Jackson or Isaac since they both left for Europe.”

“Maybe she becomes your emissary,” Hera stepped in front of him. “I don’t know. These types of messages from Braeden aren’t meant to be taken seriously. She used to have these episodes where she wakes up in the middle of the night and write or draw things on the wall.”

Derek raised his eyebrows.

“She wrote that before Deucalion nearly ripped her throat out.”

“And how do you know that?”

Hera turned Derek’s hand over to show the blank back, but moved one of his fingers out of the way. It was covering a date from a year and a half ago.

“Nothing about this seems right,” Derek said folding the paper back up and handing it to her. “She gave this to you.”

Hera looked back down at the paper Derek was trying to give back.  

I can’t take it back, Hera thought to him.

Why not? It’s a piece of paper,  Derek responded back.

Because I can’t.

So, this paper is more than just some joke from Braeden?

It could be, I just…. I just don’t want the paper

“Is there a reason you two are just standing there staring into each other’s eyes?”  

Hera and Derek were startled out of their trance and noticed Peter standing a little ways away from the loft’s sliding door. Hera moved her hand from Derek’s and took a couple of steps back; they were standing toe-to-toe, communicating to each other with their thoughts. Again.

“Derek, are you going to introduce me to your new guest?” Peter asked, now standing closer to both of them. Peter gave Hera a tight smile but that faded quickly. “You’re not like any of the other girls Derek has brought home. You don’t have a scent.”

“I’ll see you later Derek,” Hera said. Hera turned to grab her white doctor’s coat and keys from Derek’s coffee table, but Peter took hold of Hera’s arm. Hera snatched her arm from his somewhat tight grip. Peter smirked and went to reach for Hera again, but as soon as Peter reached out, Derek quickly took hold of Peter’s outstretched arm.

“You shouldn’t do that, Peter,” Derek said. Hera quickly shuffled out of the apartment and mentally thanked Derek, shutting the door behind her.

You’re welcome. Derek thought in response.

“And you shouldn’t get so attached to a stranger, Derek,” Peter said. Derek let go of grip on his uncle and shoved the piece of paper in pocket. “Who is she?”

“Hera and she’s just a doctor”