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Unraveling a Mind

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57 days until

Time seems to move too quickly; the sun is already rising, but Elijah feels absolutely no impulse to leave. Everything feels warm and safe and the pale oranges painting the sky beyond the window only served to fuel the full-body lanquidity. It feels beyond right to be back in the company of Connor. Elijah tilts his head to peer down at the android now resting peacefully atop himself. The light that streams through the window paint Connor’s already delicate face in warm and blushing tones. His hair appears almost golden at the tips, and his eyelashes cast delicate shadows against his cheeks. Elijah is caught between the urge to wake the android with kisses and the sincere desire to continue to commit a sleeping Connor to memory.

The urge to kiss him wins.

The past wrongs Elijah committed were not forgotten, but Connor decides he will be paying them no mind if that meant he was allowed as many kisses as he asked for. Elijah and Connor had been chipping away at the night hours with talk of philosophy, and freedom, and the hopes they had for this new found feeling. Unfortunately, with the rise of the sun comes the end of the few romantic hours Elijah had permitted.

Every moment Kamski spends here laying on the couch rubbing soothing circles into Connor’s back is another moment of missing camera footage he’ll to explain away. He is already pushing his luck. The camera system at CyberLife doesn’t just ‘malfunction.’ No machine Elijah has had a hand in has ever malfunctioned. Elijah is well aware of the fact that this will be a happening difficult to explain away, but he finds himself drunk on hope this morning.

Hyper aware of every minute movement Connor makes, the tickling sensation of Connor nuzzling his face against Elijah’s chest completely cuts his line of thought short. Propped up on his elbows now, Elijah uses a free hand to lift Connor’s flushed face up towards his own. Elijah presses their lips together leisurely, and Connor moans softly into the relaxed and unhurried kiss. Elijah threads his fingers through Connor’s hair and Connor finds himself struggling to chase both the sensation of Elijah’s lips against his own and the feeling of Elijah’s delicate fingers carding through his hair.

They had shared a number of more wanton kisses illuminated solely by the electric glow of the city below them. But now, under the warm sun, that urgency and need for the unknown were replaced by a comfortable familiarity and complete cognizance of the other.

“Connor, I’ll have to be leaving soon,” Elijah says into the androids soft hair as he moves to kiss the top of his head.

“If you go now, I’ll be very angry with you,” Connor mumbles back before abruptly sitting up straddling Elijah’s hips. He throws Elijah his best scowl, but his ruffled hair and kiss-wet lips undermine his show of upset. Elijah can not remember the last time smiling came so instinctively.

“Fuck, Come here Connor.” Elijah sighs as he reaches for Connor’s wrists, but Connor pulls them away before Elijah can get a hold on him. The dramatic exhalation Elijah emits as he sits up inspires a fit of laughter from Connor. Elijah cuts it off with another kiss, then another, and another.

“Elijah?” Connor asks between little sighs as the man works his way down his neck.

“Yes, Connor?”

“I’m happy. You make me so happy.” Connor declares with such earnest.

“I feel the same,” Elijah presses the words into Connor’s shoulder amidst the kisses.

“You also make me very sad sometimes.”

“I’d sincerely like to stop making you sad. I'm sorry for all the times I have.” Elijah lifts his head to look Connor in the eyes, “You know how sorry I am, right? I never want to cause you another sadness as long as I live. I mean that, Connor.” Warm hands come to cup Connor’s face, and graceful fingers run carefully over the android's skin.

Suddenly Connor feels tears well up, and he struggles to hold them back. Of course, Elijah sees being so close to Connor.

“I feel too many things when I'm with you, Elijah.” He tries to laugh off his words, but the tears are beginning to make themselves known as they trail down the android face. Elijah brushes away the wetness.

“You overwhelm me in the most amazing way possible,” Connor explains with hitching breath as he bends to hide his face against Elijah’s shoulder.

“It's exhausting isn’t? The human experience. You’ll get used to it, humans have been doing it for ages, and we have yet to collectively die of exhaustion,” Elijah chuckles as he wraps his arms around the android.

“I will never be used to you, Elijah,” Connor whispers, just short of incoherent.


The two do eventually part, and Connor tries not to make a fuss about the fact he will have to go a whole day before he can touch Elijah again.

Elijah leaves Connor with a kiss on the cheek that - in its domesticity- had Connor blushing more than any of the passionate kisses they had shared hours ago.

Upon leaving the lab, Elijah immediately races to one of the floors security rooms. Luckily, he is able to avoid any confrontation. Either enough people knew who he was to stay clear, or had absolutely no idea thus granting Elijah invisibility. It seemed to Elijah that being either completely known or completely unknown had a lot of similar perks.

Once he had made it inside of the small closet-like room, he found the primary hard drive. He moved to turn on one of the connected monitors. Immediately, a fit of burning anger flared up in him; apparently, after unanimously being voted out of his own company, Cyberlife had had the audacity to continue to use the same encryption program he had written back when he had first started the company. With one deeply exasperated exhale, he began work on outsmarting his past selves’ security system.

By the time he was done, 3 and a half hours had passed, and he had learned just how paranoid his younger self had been.

The walk back to the lobby was equally easy. People passed quietly beside him, not at all questioning that he had come from an especially off-limits room. Elijah smirks to himself as he heads towards the elevator. After the few hours spent under Connor’s complete concentration, it feels almost strange to be so ignored. It’s not that it pricks his ego, it’s just that Elijah has a hard time not noticing the contrast.

Mind still elsewhere, Elijah enters the elevator. Just as soon as the door was about to close, Cecilia appeared from around the corner. She holds her brunette high as she moves through the space stiffly. Elijah holds the door for her. As the doors closed behind them with a soft ‘ping,’ she immediately turns to face Elijah not even affording him the time to properly greet her.

“Sir, If I may ask, what business were you attending in the security facility?” She questions cooly.

“Fuck” Is Elijah’s immediate thought, but outwardly he only tosses the short android a soft smile.

“I was only looking over footage of my conversations with Connor. It’s necessary for my research.” He responds readily and hopes that is enough information to satisfy the woman. He expects her to say something in response, but she merely nods and focuses her eyes straight ahead in her typical inhuman fashion.

Elijah breaths out a breath he didn't notice he had been holding.


Upon arriving home, Elijah tries to quietly slip into his study without disturbing any of his girls. Although he had every right to refuse them the information and could do so easily, Elijah was not in the mood to be interrogated about where he had been for the better part of the night.

He leaves his shoes at the door and begins to walk down the tiled hall to his office. Elijah has almost reached the safety of his study, when he hears one of the Chole’s call out, “Mr. Kamski?”

Elijah sighs noiselessly and turns to retrace his steps back to the main living space. When he enters the area, he is met by all of the Chole’s sitting on the couch in various states of upset. Something about the sight brings on a sudden flashback to when he used to get questioned about his constant going out when he was in college. Of course, his parents were unsettled to find out that he was part of a well-known club on campus whose main activity was getting entirely blackout drunk. College at 15 years old had been quite an exciting time; it was a time full of moments like these.

“Where were you? You departed very late last night, and were gone for 8 hours and 25 minutes.” the original Chole inquires as soon as he enters the room. Her arms are crossed, and she regards him as if he were a small child.

“I don't owe you an explanation. But, if you must know, I was working.” Elijah offers in a hope to get his girls to leave him alone.

“If I were gone for 8 hours, you would be demanding an explanation.” Sweets interjects, coming to stand.

“That’s a different situation.” Elijah has to fight the urge to roll his eye. He instead smiles indulgently at his concerned girls. Although this treatment vexes Elijah, the ‘family meeting’ the Choles had orchestrated was honestly endearing.

“If you’d like to go out, by all means, do. I only caution you that the rest of humanity might not take kindly to you. I only ask that you girls tell me if you plan to leave to keep you safe. If the world adhered to my every whim, you all would be allowed out at any time” Elijah attempts to pacify Sweets.

“That’s not my main concern,” Angel mutters quietly from the edge of the couch where she has perched herself. Elijah turns away from the quietly seething Sweets to face the softest spoken android of the group. Her lips are fixed in a concerned frown.

“Your levels of serotonin are very high, oxytocin as well.” She carefully examines, obviously running medical scans on her creator. Her ordinarily soft eyes had hardened to the steeliest blue Elijah had ever seen on the girl.

“We are just concerned that you may have relapsed, Elijah.” the original Chole admits, standing and coming to take his hands in hers. She glances up at him sympathetically through blond lashes only to fix her gaze on the floor again, perhaps feeling Elijah's annoyance. Annoyance which radiated off him in waves at the moment.

‘Ah, so this is what all of this is about’ Elijah thinks to himself; Less about the long hours gone, and more about the suspicious rise in chemicals he used to chase by dangerous means. The fact that one night of kissing and light petting with Connor was enough to affect his body’s oxytocin levels so drastically is what surprises Elijah; this is a whole other point from him to ponder at another time. More than anything, Elijah tries his best to think of some explanation that avoids the fact that he has spent the night with the android he was supposed to be pulling apart.

“Girls, this is very sweet of you all, but I can assure you, all of that drug nonsense of mine is very much in the past.” Kamski smiles at them and attempts to leave the room, but Chloe refuses to let go of his hand. Cleary his explanation had not assuaged the curiosities of his Choles.

“What accounts for this rise then?” She questions him, “I have no calls from Cyberlife logged from the time of your leaving.”

“It’s nothing for you to concern yourselves with. I have work to do, really.” Elijah huffs out as he pulls his hands away from the android. She furrows her brow at him but does protest his movement.

“While I really do appreciate your concern, I’m excellent. Maybe if we had done this four or five years ago, it would be justified.”

“You wouldn't lie to us.” Angel pipes up again as the other girls continue to scan his appearance and traces of the bodily chemicals that so concerned them. It only takes a few more well-placed words to extrapolate himself from the situation.

As soon as Elijah reaches his office, he moves as if possessed to the desk cluttered with papers and books and charts. The chair squeaks in protest as Elijah throws himself down. His new found and affirmed affection for Connor has spurred his need for a solution to their situation regarding Cyberlife.