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Filling Cold Hearts

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They attracted looks anywhere they went, especially together. Alone, just one man was enough to turn heads, with his nearly white blond hair and bright hazel eyes. His high cheekbones accentuated his fair features and bright teeth. Ringabel showed them often, in wide smiles and sharp laughter. Alternis's were featured more sparingly, and hardly in public.

When the men were together, and especially when Edea was with them, they were practically a public disturbance. Edea could coax out smiles from Alternis that showed the best of his features and temper Ringabel's extravagance into something more palatable.

More often than not, they were together in public, arms or hands linked as the three sat beside each other in restaurants or wandered through stores. There were many rumors, mostly whispered by scandalous citizens.

They would be even more scandalized by the details of what exactly went on behind closed doors.

Edea sucked hungrily at Alternis's cock, hand bracing his length at the very base as he pistoned his hips against her lips. His cock was thick and filled her mouth as he fucked it, his hands cradling her head and tangling in her hair to hold her steady and in place for him. Already, she could taste a hint of his come, wetting her mouth even further. She was unable to do much but suck as she drooled around his cock, her mouth a mess of saliva and precome, that nearly muffled the grunts she made with each movement of the men surrounding her. That low sound was nothing to the wet noises of Ringabel plowing her from behind, his hands tight on her hips and pressing her into the wood she was on top of. His own hips were hammering against her with little restraint, the motions made easy and quick by how wet she was. His cock, identical to the one in her mouth, was filling her in much the same way, overwhelming with the swiftness in which he moved, overeager and excited to fuck her. Between the two of them, her body was filled from either end, and she was all but trapped by their cocks.

They had decided that instead of going out to eat for lunch, they'd have lunch in the office instead, and Edea had been subsequently bent over her own desk, one man behind and another in front. Her bared breasts rubbed against it with each hard thrust, the men moving her back and forth as they rocked in tandem with one another. Edea was torn between the sensations before and behind her, rolling herself back and forth to meet her partners as much as she could. Already, her toes, which barely reached the floor in her current state, were curling with intense pleasure and tightness that coiled in her body, right above where Ringabel was pounding into her, driving her hips into the hard wood of the desk every time his cock plunged deep into her dripping sex. The rough motions made it difficult to continue to hold onto Alternis's cock; she squeezed him tightly with both mouth and hand, eyes rolling back to glance up his form to watch his face as he kept her still for Ringabel. He was enjoying her sucking him as she was fucked. They all were.

She closed her eyes and focused on sucking his cock, and on squeezing her inner muscles around Ringabel's. Already, both men were reaching their limits, and she would likely follow soon after. It wasn't just their rough motions. It was how she was utterly at their mercy between them and their cock. In short, pleasure-filled moments, the three of them came almost in unison, Edea's groan of pleasure muffled by the cock in her mouth. Through the static in her ears she could hear the twin shouts of the men who filled her, and a rush of warmth from both sides, Alternis's come thickly flooding her mouth and coating her throat while Ringabel grasped her hips painfully tightly so that he emptied into her. For long moments, she rode the edge of orgasm, shuddering between them, all too aware of how this would look to an observer. She swallowed slowly, tongue thrumming against the head of Alternis's cock, heavy against her lips.

As they all began to come down from their climaxes, Ringabel pulled out, smearing his softening cock against her thighs. Already, his come was beginning to drip out of her, a peculiar feeling. Edea lifted herself up on her arms so that she could twist and look back at him. He looked very satisfied with himself indeed, smacking her thigh. "Are you full?"

"How much longer is lunch?" she asked them both instead of answering his question. Alternis was also going soft, but she still had him in her grip, and she lightly stroked him from base to tip, enjoying the way his hips continued to twitch against her hand. How he could handle being stimulated right after orgasm, she had no idea. His cock was red and still swollen slightly with desire, even as it drooped.

Alternis was petting her hair, running his fingers carefully through it to remove the tangles he'd introduced. "We have about another thirty minutes," he replied, glancing up at the clock on the opposite wall.

"Thirty minutes…" she thought. They were young enough that with enough stimulation and arousal, they could bounce back fairly quickly. Still, thirty minutes was pushing it. Ah well. She was the boss, and that meant lunch could take longer than normal if she wanted it. Who cared if they had meetings or were late on paperwork?

"Can we have a second course? You two can switch." She had already started to reach down so that she could touch Ringabel's member, her fingers sliding along its length made slick by the erotic combination of their fluids. It felt warm in her hands.

Alternis flashed bright white teeth at her. "I'm certainly not full yet."

"Me neither," Ringabel said, his hips jutting against Edea's hand. She was once again trapped between them. "How about some dessert, dear?"

It was settled; Ringabel took his place in front of her and she dipped her head to kiss the head of his cock, her hand working to get him nice and hard again. He was helpfully gathering her hair in his hands, intending to pull it into a rough bun at the top of her head. Already, she could feel Alternis rubbing his own soft but twitching piece against her come soaked sex. His hands caressed her bottom, giving one cheek a rough spanking. As soon as both men were ready, she would find herself between them one more, pussy and mouth filled with twin cocks.

Oh yeah, the rumors didn't even come close to the reality.