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Through the Dark Pages (Inktober 2018)

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Above the door, a floating bell jingled. Harry strode into the shop, alive with excitement. Customers milled about, some few noticing him and beginning to whisper. He walked forward to the counter, a grin coming to his face. Behind the curving expanse of glass-fronted wood, the proprietors of the place gave him a pleasant greeting in the form of identical smiles.

"Look who it is, Fred," George said, nudging his brother. "Our favorite customer."

"The one with the most gold," Harry said.

Fred nudged back. "Bet he's here to pick up his book. Naughty boy."

"It's in, then?" Harry asked, his green eyes lighting up. "You've got it?"

"Oh, we've got it," George assured him. "But are we going to give it to you?"

Perplexed, Harry's grin faltered. "You know I've got the gold to pay for it."

"It's not gold we'll be wanting," the twins said in unison. Fred clarified. "Something a bit more intimate is needed for us to be able to release it to you. That's the way the Exotic Erotica works, you see. In order to pass it on to another person, they have to perform an erotic service for the book's current owner."

Harry lowered his voice as he leaned forward. "You mean, in order to take possession of the book, I have to perform an erotic service on one of you?"

"Not one of us," Fred said.

"Both of us," George grinned. "We're co-owners of the book."

"Co…owners? How does that work?"

Together they said, "We're sure you can work it out."

Thinking he already knew, Harry looked around at the customers moving around the shop. Looking back to the twins, he asked about the book's whereabouts. Fred reached under the counter and brought out a handsome, leather-bound book with silver runes embedded in the cover. In the center, a perfect circle was broken in two places by an arrow. Right away, Harry could feel its inherent energies.

"How do I perform this…service?" He asked, looking up.

George leaned forward, pressing his hand to the glass countertop. "On your knees, of course."

Harry smirked. "The two of you?"

"That's the way it works," Fred told him. "But we can't leave the shop. It's our busiest time."

"Then how will I…" The answer came from the twins' shared grin. "No. Not here. With everyone milling about this way? Are you mad?"

"One way glass on the counters," Fred assured him. "No one can see a thing."

"Means you have to be quiet, though." George said, his grin widening. "Keep your slurping to a minimum, your groans to yourself."

"Try not to get too carried away, like you did when we placed the order for you."

"Wait, if you're co-owners of the book, then you must have had to perform a service on its owner in order to get it for me."

The twins answered in unison. "Oh, we did!"

"You're sure you want to part with it, then?"

Fred nodded. "Oh, we're sure, Harry. It's more than worth the cost to us."

"Come 'round, then," George urged him. "Best get to work on your payment so you can get this beauty home to your husband. You'll want to try the Tantalizing Tendrils straight away! Hands-free pleasure for the both of you."

"Have you tried it?"

"Oh, we have!" They said together. "Works in groups, as well. Up to ten, so we've been told. You'll need some sort of flower, however, to activate the spell. One special to you works best."

"Come on, then," George said, one hand grazing his crotch. "We've got a business to run and you aren't our only customer of the day."

With some reluctance and another look around the busy store, Harry came around the end of the counter. He went up the three steps, onto the raised platform. Most of the patrons were enthralled by the whizzing and buzzing of the shop's many displays. No one saw him sink to his knees between the twins. No one saw Fred work the zipper of George's pants down nor the reciprocal action. Harry saw the beautiful uncut shafts of twin Weasley cock come into view, his mouth watering at the prospect of tasting them both at the same time. From the slits in their identical burgundy pants, Harry watched them both harden.

Fred's body eased in closer so his cock touched George's. Harry flicked his tongue along the underside of their heads, tasting mingled pre-cum. A hand settled on the back of his head. His tongue eased further under their heads, licking and moving slow enough to gather their liquid. Using this, he worked Fred's cock into his mouth, closing his hand over the base of George's. The hand on his head urged him forward and he did as he was told.

It took no prompting for him to begin bobbing his head back and forth at a slow, steady speed. His hand worked in counterpoint to his mouth, sliding up when his mouth went down. Fred pumped for him when he withdrew and began working his fist at a faster rate. George pushed his head down when he felt the beginning of his orgasm begin.

"You're too good at that," the proprietor said through clenched teeth. "Go slower. Make it last."

Looking down, Fred watched Harry's mouth engulf his brother's shaft. "After all, we're releasing the second of two prized possessions to you. First the map, now our favorite sex manual. You need to ensure we're getting our fair profit from this…exchange."

Harry smiled up at him, forcing George's cock into the back of his throat. They shared the same loving glance as the kneeling male began bobbing his head back and forth at a slow pace. This drew George up to the tips of his toes. His eyes fluttered, then closed.

"I think he likes it, Harry."

George marveled at the flittering tongue on his shaft. "Draco's taught you a few things."

On the other side of the counter, a customer brought up a box of wriggling gummy worms. Smiling, he placed his coins down on the surface. Fred rang up the sale, then put a tab on the top of the box to keep it sealed until they were ready to be eaten. He leaned forward, handing the package down to the man. He even offered a smile. "Come again."

"I haven't cum the first time," George muttered, holding tight to Harry's head. "But I'm about to."

Another woman in a frilled coat came to the counter. "Could you order a case of the chocolate frogs in time for Halloween?"

Harry's hand closed around Fred's lower shaft, causing him to jump. Thrilling to the reaction, he began pumping hard on the portion he held. He enjoyed the stutter Fred developed in trying to rattle off the dates of arrival, terms of pick-up and other facts. For an added bonus, he released George and angled his head so he could run his tongue along the bare shaft. Fred forgot what he was about to say.

"Are you all right?" The woman asked, looking up at him. "You know, it might be the elevation. It's odd to have your counter so far up off the floor."

Fred gave her the best smile he could muster. "It helps us keep an eye on our…customers. Make sure there is no…thieving going on."

"I know a charm for that."

Harry's mouth engulfed Fred's head and first few inches. "Perfect," the Weasley said, attempting to maintain his composure. Warm lips moved up his length until he felt the press of a nose into his pubic hair. One hand gripped the edge of the counter. The woman began to rattle off the components needed for the charm, the way to make certain it did not maim, and other details. Fred felt his balls tighten. The first hard shot of cum filled Harry's mouth. Fred made a choking sound. George coughed to cover what he could of it. The woman went on. Harry swallowed, his head still moving.

"I don't have any more," Fred said, attempting to pull back.

"I'm sorry?" The woman asked.

"More…of the frogs. In stock. I don't have any more."

"That's why I'm ordering the case," she said, perplexed. "Are you sure you're all right?"

George grinned. "We're both all right, now."

Harry's hand was covered in the other twin's wet release. "I'll say you are."


An easy wind blew against the manor house, causing the shutters to rattle. On the inside, looking out of a second story window, silver-gray eyes followed the tumbling autumn leaves. In great waves of gold and red, all of his earlier hard work scattered further and further out onto the lawn. Near the gates of the drive, two new jack o' lanterns stood atop bales of hay amid the tasteful holiday display. The pane of glass against his fingertips felt cool as he covered one of the pumpkins with his thumb. In the half-light of the day, he picked out the winding driveway between the tall, evergreen hedges. No car lights, yet.

"Are we going to do this or what?"

Draco turned from the window, a sly smirk sliding onto his face. "Oh, yeah, Weasley. We're going to do it. You're going to beg for me to stop and when you do…I'll think about it."

"Don't flatter yourself, Malfoy. You aren't that good."

Crossing the room, the blond raised a hand. Tendrils of sparkling green energy trailed out from each fingertip. Around the irises of his eyes, the same brilliant green glowed. "I think you'll find, Ronald, I've gotten a lot better at this since the last time we played.

"I hope so."

Standing naked, save for the burgundy jockstrap, Ron ran a hand through the thick hair on his chest and stomach. Having filled out, his body was broader than Draco's, much more muscled, and he stood an inch taller. Still, this did not detract from the blond's lean muscle tone and ivory complexion. They stood a few feet apart, both sizing the other up. Draco's nude body responded to Ron's, his pale pink nipples rising along with his cock.

Draco smiled, trailing the tips of his fingers through the air. The greenish wisps responded, grazing the redhead's chest. Ron shivered at the contact. Sensations of intense pleasure went right to his groin, plumping up his own penis. He felt the rest of his body going rigid.

"Body-binding, Malfoy?" He asked, feeling the effect taking hold. "First Veritaserum, now this?"

"Part of the deal, Weasley," Draco said, directing the green energy down further. "No one forced you to come, you know. No one cursed you into climbing those stairs, coming into our room, and taking off your clothes."

"I know. I'm here because I wanted to be. I drank it because I thought it would be fun to spill all of my deepest, darkest secrets while—"

"I molested your beautiful body."

Ron smirked. "Yeah. Voluntary molestation while being interrogated – who wouldn't want that?"

The cool green fingers dipped low on Ron's torso, following the center line the different cluster of muscles created. They warmed as the moved, creating lasting trails of pleasant heat. At his navel, Draco slid one of the ethereal fingers through the silver ring running through Ron's flesh. He gave it a gentle tug. The heat spreading through the other's body was evident in his face. Draco smiled as he teased the navel piercing.

"Never thought of you as the type to get these sorts of things. Doesn't seem like the sort of thing you would do, but then, neither does this."

With his other hand, Draco ignited the same tendrils and began tracing circles around each of Ron's pink nipples. This brought him to the tips of his toes, causing him to suck air through his clenched teeth. The coolness he expected manifested as increasing heat. Draco tugged the navel ring.

Ron hissed. "Charlie's influence," he managed to spit out.

"Just how much influence do your siblings have on you, Ronald?" Draco asked, slipping his incorporeal index finger through the silver ring hanging from Ron's right nipple.

Feeling the nudge of the potion, Ron gave a grin of his own. "Quite a lot. Charlie, in particular. He can get me to do almost anything."

Draco clamped the pink nipple between his thumb and index finger, giving it a pleasant tug that brought Ron closer to him. He then rubbed the sensitive area with the pad of his thumb. Across the short distance, Ron let out a series of whimpers, eliciting a broader grin from the blond.

"What sort of naughty things has he gotten you to do in the last month?"

Again, the Veritaserum pulled the answer from him. "Gave him a right good mouthing two weeks back, took every inch. All nine of them. I even swallowed." His face became dreamy. "I don't mind it. Just before he comes home, he changes his diet so he tastes like strawberries."

"Isn't that sweet? Strawberry cream," Draco mused, teasing both nipples this time. "What about your other brothers? Fred and George, maybe?"

"Oh, yeah…we get on a lot. Who wouldn't, right?"


"Every time he's home, we get off a good shag or six. He's fun to flip with because he doesn't get hung up on who's on the top."

Draco stepped forward until his real fingers could grasp Ron's nipples. He grew a little rougher as the tendrils of green moved down, wrapping around Ron's torso. While his fingers worked the pale pink nubs, the tendrils caressed Ron's lower body, curling around his hip and sliding into his crotch. They lifted the full pouch of his straining jockstrap, caressing what pulsed inside of it. Ron sighed as Draco continued working over his nipples. The heat in his crotch built.

"What about Percy?"

"Me and him? Not really. We cuddle, sometimes, but he doesn't like being on the bottom. I think he gets his kicks after work down in Knockturn Alley, if you know what I mean. Fred and George have had a go with him a few times. Charlie says he's taken a turn but you know how Percy is."

Just then, the door to the bedroom opened. Dressed in a fitted, double-breasted black coat and pants, his hair hanging over his shoulders, Harry entered in an excited flourish. In one hand, he held a very special book. In the other, a half-dozen lilies. He came around the naked form of his friend, tossed the book onto the bed, and pulled Draco into an embrace.

Their kiss started easy enough, tender touching of their lips. Draco's hand tangled into Harry's thick hair, finding the scalp and caressing it. Against his naked body, he felt the brass buttons of Harry's coat dig into him. He pressed forward, delighting in the subtle pain. Harry deepened the kiss, forcing his mouth open and sliding his tongue in alongside his own. Aware of the masochistic thrill his husband received, he pulled him forward more, allowing the buttons to dig in a little deeper. Their kiss intensified.

Watching, Ron felt the heat of the two radiating off of them. Draco began working the buttons of Harry's coat loose, needing to feel the warmth of bare flesh underneath. For his part, Harry did not help. He just continued kissing, tangling his hands in the mass of wavy blond hair framing Draco's face. The light scrape of stubble against his hands thrilled him. He loved the new beard and mustache, cut close to the blond's face and trimmed short. It gave him a rakish quality.

"I started without you," Draco muttered, continuing to kiss. "He's been very eager for you to get home. He's come close to cumming, just from the questioning alone."

"Learn about his brothers?" Harry asked, unbuckling his belt.

"I was just about to delve into it. I was more interested in what he and Victor Krum get up to when he visits Bulgaria in the winter. Turns out Victor has a penchant for leather and a little humiliation."

Ron whimpered again, still being caressed by the heated ethereal tendrils in his crotch.

"Also for very large penises," Harry said, working on the fastening of his pants. "Which is why he and Ron get on so well. Massive, Ron is - and it's not by magical means, either. He's always had a gigantic penis. It was the second Sword of Gryffindor."

"So, are those for me?" Draco asked, indicating the flowers his husband still held.

"For all of us," Harry responded with a devilish grin.

They parted long enough for Harry to put the lilies on the bed, get out of his boots, and take off his coat. Draco pushed his pants down and he stepped out of them. Naked, Harry gathered the other's pale body to himself and their kissing continued. Nearer to Ron this time, Harry let a hand settle on his friend's hip. This elicited a gentle moan which Harry rewarded by turning his mouth toward Ron's. The trimmed red facial hair scratched against his own dark goatee and mustache. Draco leaned in and began kissing Ron's neck, moving his mouth along the smooth skin to the slope of his shoulders.

"I managed to get the Exotica Erotica," Harry told his friend in a low and rumbling voice.

"You know what that means," Draco said, breaking from Harry and getting in behind Ron. "You're not leaving until the sun comes up on Sunday – and it's only Thursday, now."

"Maybe not even Sunday," Harry added, continuing to kiss Ron's hard, muscled chest. "Unless a sinister wizard escapes and goes on a rampage, I don't have to be in until Tuesday."

Green tendrils worked down around Ron's calves, heat massaging and rubbing the skin, ruffling the light dusting of red hair there. Draco's hands caressed his hips and lower back. Harry did the same for his front. Both used their naked bodies to rub against him, exciting him. The Veritaserum worked his tongue loose yet again.

"I don't want to leave on Sunday. I want to be right where I am for as long as you'll have me."

"We plan to do terrible things to you," Draco said, one hand rounding over the redhead's nipple. "Me and my husband have been planning this for some time."

Harry's fingers closed over the other nipple. "Almost a month."

Ron groaned. "Use me. I want you to."

"Have Fred and George ever taken you?" Draco asked, biting the hard flesh between Ron's shoulders. "Slid their identical cocks into you at the same time?"

"A few times. Fred likes to take things slow, though. George goes a little faster. Makes it hard to synchronize that way."

Between them, Ron's thick, muscular body did not move other than to spasm or quake with the kisses, pulls, nudges, bites, and licks administered to it. Draco's mastery of the body-binding spell made it so he could not move in any large motion but he could react. The modification was one perfected by himself and another Auror for interrogation of suspects. It worked well here, as well. Earlier, just after the spell had been cast, Draco shaved the area just around his nipples, leaving the thick mat of chest and stomach hair intact. Baring the area around the nipple, however, left it sensitive and susceptible to torture. Harry picked up on this, at once, and set about licking and mouthing the tender flesh.

"We're going to impale you," Draco went on, rubbing himself against Ron's back. "Both Harry and I are going to slide up inside of you, the Great Serpent and the Lion, and we're going to fuck you senseless."

"When," Ron groaned, anxious for this to happen.

"We'll get around to it," Harry assured him.

After completing the kissing and licking of Ron's entire upper torso, Harry stepped back. Draco also disengaged, repositioning the green tendrils along Ron's shoulders. He and his husband went to the bed, got into the center, and began kissing yet again. Left immobile, Ron endured the gentle creep of the tendrils down his back and chest, teasing through the silver rings dangling from his chest, sifting through the thick locks of long red hair, and sliding into the sensitive area of his armpits. He watched as Harry and Draco caressed one another while they kissed, while they pushed their bodies into one another. Pressed hard against their lower stomachs, he saw their erect cocks glide against one another, causing his own to throb all the more. This magical torture left the front of his jockstrap straining and damp.

After half an hour of this, Harry got to his feet, standing on the bed. Draco, on his knees, threaded his left arm through Harry's legs, letting his head rest on the man's hip. Holding out both hands, Harry summoned the book and one of the lilies. Both floated into the air. The book opened to its center and pages began turning. The first words from the book sounded ancient and powerful. The lily went from stark white to a cream color.

The Malfoy-Potter bedroom consisted of a trunk, two nightstands of dark wood, an armoire, two comfortable chairs and a tremendous octagonal bed with four curved posts and a dozen decorative elements. Along the tops, several silver hooks and rings had been attached via magic to the metal and wood posts. Long, slender cords of woven silk hung from the hooks and rings. As the words flowed from Harry's mouth, these cords began to move.

The room took on a rather different feel, as though the room were tightening. No one felt closed in or trapped, but as though they were being protected. The door and windows tightened in their frames, the latches grew closer. Outside, the shutters ceased their rattling.

"There, the security portion is complete," Harry said, smiling. "Ready for the next part?"

Instead of answering, Draco leaned forward and began mouthing the head of his husband's beautiful cock. As his lips moved over the slick helmet, Harry started reading again. The lily all but withered but remained intact. One hand settled on Draco's head to hold it still while his hips began to move. The words from the book rose up off the page, glittering gold and silver. Light from the different sconces around the room grew dim. Draco's mouth held tighter to Harry's cock as the head began touching the back of his throat.

They felt the effects of the spell first, both in their groin. Pleasurable tendrils of sparkling sensation manifested and began sliding around their cocks and balls. Draco moaned, not letting Harry's hardening shaft out of his mouth.

Ron felt the same effect as the green tendrils became darker, almost black, matching those moving over the males on the bed. Both of his arms rose on either side of his body. The slender cords of silk from the bedposts rose up. They knotted themselves at one end through the silver rings, then reached out. Ron felt them coil around his wrists and begin drawing him to the bed. His head fell back, his long hair grazing the top of his buttocks. His body contorted a bit as it was gripped by magical energies and manipulated. His shoulders tensed, his back arched, forcing his chest forward. Both legs bowed back, thrusting his bulging crotch forward.

Harry continued the spell. The book's pages turned. Letters danced around his head, glittering with what looked to be fireflies. All three males felt the dark tendrils slide up and into their most private areas. For Harry, this was around his balls, forming a tight ring that heightened his pleasure. Draco felt them ease into the tight crease of his ass, parting his cheeks in the most gentle way. Ron felt them begin to caress the full length of his cock inside the cotton pouch.

"Deeper," Harry urged his husband, allowing his hand to slip away.

The lily withered, falling to the bed just as another moved into its place. Letters rose up and joined the others as Harry read several other passages. The tendrils around his balls moved into the area between his asscheeks, parting them. Draco groaned as the moving magic on his own body did the same. Draco fell forward, forcing all of his husband's shaft into his mouth and throat. Both he and Harry convulsed at the wave of pleasure.

Ron's body moved off the floor and his arms secured to the bedposts. Additional cords came from the lower portion of the posts, wrapping around his ankles and drawing them apart. The magical tendrils slid into the tight crack of his ass, as well, intent on finding his center. Spread apart this way, suspended in mid-air, he could offer no resistance, even if he wanted to.

Managing to keep his footing, Harry felt the silken press of the thickening strand press against his pucker. Looking down into Draco's silver-gray eyes, he knew the same thing was happening to him, as well. Ron's groans told of his a similar happening. At the first penetration, each of them reacted in their own way. Harry held to Draco's shoulders to stay standing. Draco swallowed all of Harry's cock and began milking it with his mouth. Ron relaxed, allowing the thick coil full access to his ass. In the same motion, all three of them felt the sexual magic take hold of them.

The letters floated up over the bed, extinguishing the light from the scones. Replacing it with their own silver-gold light, they formed a circular configuration, a word meaning protection. The book floated out, its pages turning to another section. Harry smiled, knowing what this would do. He began reading again.

Each of the coils inside of them began moving while more appeared outside and began moving along their skin, caressing them. Nipples, underarms, navels, balls, calves, pectorals, the magical tendrils summoned from the book wrapped, released, rubbed, and massaged all three nude males.  Draco let Harry's cock slip from his mouth, a groan of pleasure escaping him. Behind him, Ron's hard body tensed with the pleasure coursing through him. Harry read on.

Draco pushed his knees apart on the bed, allowing the spell's manifestation deeper access into his body. Several thrusts caused him intense pleasure. His hand closed over Harry's cock so he could begin stroking it. His other hand threaded through the man's open legs. His fingers found the open pucker and felt the back and forth movement of the glittering strand. In this light, it looked almost purple. It glistened, this magical construct of the book, like it was excreting its own lubrication. It did not move inside Harry as the one moving inside him did. The back-and-forth motion was faster but still even. Draco smiled, knowing the pace his husband enjoyed.

"No," Ron moaned. "Not…not yet."

Inside of him, the tentacle-like thing slowed, easing him back from orgasm. Both hands held the cords around his wrists as the motion eased. Suspended in the way he was, he found the experience to be somewhat overwhelming. The working tendrils inside his jockstrap wound around his cock, jerking him off as they pleasured his ass.

Another lily withered and fell to the bed beside him. Another rose into the air and the pulsing of the tendrils increased. With his head pressed into Harry's hip, Draco felt the intensity building. The rhythm followed, forcing him closer to release. His hand worked Harry's cock, eager to taste the effects of the book's first sexual spell. He stroked until he heard the faint gasp. Harry's hand returned to the back of his head, guiding his mouth back to his now-drooling cock. Only too happy to oblige, Draco swallowed all he could. Inside, the squirming shaft brought him closer to the edge.

Groaning, Ron's body tightened in the binding. Harry reached out, attempting to touch his friend. The tips of his fingers grazed the soft fur of his chest but he could do not better without dislodging himself from the warm mouth around his cock. They felt the same steady thrusting of the tendrils so Ron understood his friend's dilemma.

"Everyone ready?" Harry asked, almost breathless.

A muffled sound of agreement came from his groin. Ron's blue eyes glittered back at him, his head nodding. Long strands of damp red hair clung to his face. Still holding to Draco's head, Harry moved forward so he could touch Ron. For this last part, they would all be as close to one another as possible. The book followed, floating along with his movements. Overhead, the letters began to form a circle, throwing more of their light down on the trio. Harry began reading the last portion of the incantation.

Like long, slender snakes, the conjured tendrils of magic wound up and long each of their bodies, rubbing and caressing them in unison. Harry's words spurred them on, winding them around balls, nipples, and hard curves of asscheeks. The tendrils pumped faster, all at the same speed now.

"Merlin's cock," Ron groaned, his head falling back. Both arms tensed on either side of his suspended body. The cords around his wrists and ankles held him tight. "It's going so…deep."

Harry continued reading as the last of the lilies rose up. They were all gone, save this one. It rotated in a lazy circle, its whiteness turning to a dark cream. On the page, the glowing letters matched those above them, the ones throwing down their light. Inside his own body, the magical movement brought the tendril into direct contact with his prostate. His cock swelled inside Draco's warm mouth, threatening to gag him. Were he not used to the size by now, it would have. Harry took hold of Ron's neck as the strands of solidified magic worked inside their bodies. He kissed his friend, who groaned against his lips. The contact sealed the proverbial deal – causing his cock to erupt.

Draco held to Harry's hip and the back of his leg. The length of his husband's beautiful cock eased back, allowing just the head to flood his mouth. It tasted like a thick, salty broth of lust and pent-up need. Harry's hips worked back and forth a few times before easing deep into this throat. The blond swallowed hard as his own hard shaft released. The first volley coated Harry's leg from the knee down, running in great streams onto his foot. Draco moaned as the tendril around his cock and balls tightened to increase the pleasure. The one working inside of him eased as he reached his climax.

They all did.

Still kissing Harry, Ron's body strained against his bonds as his own climax did not come. Instead, he felt the tightness around his balls increase but the pumping tendril eased and slowed to a stop. Against his friend's lips, he groaned and whimpered his frustration.

"You know the rules," Harry said with a mischievous smile when he broke the kiss. "You knew them when you agreed to this weekend."

All the redhead could do was nod. He had known. "Bloody sadists."

Draco pulled himself from Harry's spent cock. "That's why you're here."

The book's pages fluttered. The illuminated words returned to their normal state as those circling the trio dimmed, then faded all together. Light in the sconces returned to normal and the tightness in the room eased. Without fanfare, the last of the lilies fell to the bed as the book closed and did the same. The conjured tendrils of sexual magic faded, as well, leaving all three males feeling empty and spent.

"Brilliant," Harry sighed, resting his head on Ron's strong shoulder. "Bloody brilliant."

They stayed as they were for a while, each recovering in their own way. Draco moved first, disengaging from Harry enough to get to his knees. Raising a hand, he concentrated on his fingers. A green glow appeared around his fingers. Ron groaned, knowing what was coming next. The glow spread, becoming an ethereal hand that gripped Ron's thick pouch. Harry snickered as he fell back on the bed. Propping himself on his elbows, he spread his legs. Draco moved back on the bed to settle in between them. His husband's thick cock rubbed against the center of his back. They watched the mystic hand rub and caress Ron's confined, tortured shaft.

"What's next," Ron asked, looking down at the hand easing into his jockstrap. "The rack?"

Draco smirked. "By the time we're through, you'll wish for the rack."

"What's next," Harry answered. "Is a pumpkin and a pair of handcuffs."

In response, Ron's pouch grew even larger. He let out another long groan as the hand began stroking him from within it. Draco rubbed Harry's legs, spreading his own and letting Ron get a full view of his cock. He knew how he enjoyed such a view.

"Maybe we should call your brothers," Draco suggested to the redhead. "Bill and Charlie are home for the holiday, aren't they? We could get Fred and George to close the shop an hour early on Saturday if they knew the reason why."

Harry chuckled. "We could have our own version of the Hogwarts Express right here in our bedroom. Would you like that?"

"Merlin's cock…yes," Ron hissed. "Run the Weasley Train on me! It'll be just like Christmas before last when we went to Belfast and Charlie played conductor."

"You dirty pig," Draco said with a lascivious grin.

"I'll send the owl after," Harry said, leaning forward. His mouth found Draco's neck.

"After what?" Ron asked, squirming in his bonds.

Draco answered. "After he fucks me."