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Combustible, Calescent

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After it happened, to say Iida was rattled would be an understatement.


The idea never crossed his mind and never could have crossed his mind. It would only have been possible in the barest sense - in that, within the known laws of physics, the relevant factors did indeed exist and could indeed come together. Logically, analytically, it was absurd. The level of likeliness so minute that it wasn’t worthy of consideration.


This did little to ease his mind as the class representative for 1-A stared at the unmoving numbers on his alarm clock where it shimmered in the dark, his teeth grinding together and a cold sweat beading over his face, his conscience slowly devouring him alive.



*   *   * 


It was no surprise that the few others milling about gave him a wide berth when they saw Iida trailing hotly after a sloping pair of shoulders and the explosion of shockingly yellow hair. The irritation was radiating off of Bakugou in palpable waves as he pointedly ignored Tenya, his posture that of an animal being backed into a corner. Midoriya had tried to convince him to avoid a confrontation, his eyes wide with worry as he insisted that it wasn’t worth the effort to try to reason with him. Tenya valued Midoriya’s input and reminded his dear friend of this as Izuku scrambled to diffuse the situation. It hadn’t changed his mind, however.


Iida refused to be dissuaded by the boy’s temper.


As the younger sibling of his remarkable brother and as the chosen representative of such a talented and distinguished class, Tenya strove to be supportive of the differences that made his classmates so unique and such inspirations to each other and to the many eyes watching them grow. He worked to understand the many motivations and passions of the teenagers who surrounded him every day. Uraraka’s genuine, childlike joy and hope delighted him. Tokoyami’s poetic stoicism fascinated him. Yaoyorozu’s fervent dedication to eating up all the information she could was remarkable to him. Each member of 1-A was incredible in their own way, and Iida worked hard to embrace and uplift them; to be the best class rep he could possibly be. His exuberance did seem to be off-putting to his peers at times (and to Aizawa-sensei, who had grumbled as much on a few particularly sleep-deprived mornings.) Tenya realized he was flawed and that he had much to learn before he could be worthy of inheriting his brother’s name, but when his own foolishness and shortsightedness threatened his confidence, the greatness of UA motivated him to keep going; to be better.


This was why, after an exhausting week of exams and endurance training, Bakugou striding into the lounge room, swinging himself over the back of the couch and slamming his dirt-scuffed boots onto the table had been enough.


Unsurprisingly, the moment Iida shouted his name and launched into the lecture he’d found himself giving the blonde a dozen times, Bakugou sneered at him over his shoulder and stalked out of the room, leaving Iida gesturing at nothing, mid-sentence. Frustrated and exhausted at having to explain the same simple concepts to someone who clearly comprehended them and just didn’t care, he felt his fists clench at his sides and something in his chest go hard and cold. He wasn’t finished, and he left Midoriya to stare after him with a scarred hand covering his mouth.


“It’s not unreasonable to ask you to have some respect for this institution, Bakugou, particularly when your peers admire you so much.” Iida had followed the blonde into his room when Bakugou strode inside and left the door to swing shut slowly behind him, his shoulders climbing to his jawline as anger vibrated off of him.


Turning on his heel, Bakugou leveled an unimpressed stare at him. “Can it, four-eyes. Just because you won some stupid election doesn’t mean you get to tell me what to do.”


“I’m not telling you what to do,” Iida responded, throwing his hands out in exasperation. “I’m attempting to have a civilized conversation with a fellow student about the minimum amount of decorum expected of them!”


“Tch. As if.” Bakugou’s glare dropped from Iida’s, and the dismissiveness of it made indignation prickle hotly beneath the collar of Tenya’s shirt. “Don’t act like you don’t think you’re better than the rest of us because of the damn stick up your ass.”


I think I’m better than everyone else? I’m not the individual here who thinks he’s above behaving with dignity!”


This brought the blonde’s eyes back to his, his sharp canines flashing as he took a step forward, bristling. “Shut up, tightass!”


Iida matched him, stepping forward and holding his stare. “Don’t swear at me when I’m trying to talk to you respectfully!”


Blood-red eyes slid away again, the shorter male’s voice dropping to a gravelly pitch. “You have five seconds to get out of my room.”


“I will not be intimidated by you.” He held his ground, forcing the volume of his voice back down. “Just because Midoriya is afraid of you doesn’t mean I have to be.”


Evidently that was the wrong thing to say. Bakugou’s head snapped up, his eyes wild and his hands tearing from his pockets as he balled them into shaking fists. “Go to hell, you prick.”


“How dare you,” Tenya heard himself breathe.


“Two seconds.”




The impact of being hit full-on nearly knocked the wind out of him, and the door rattled on its hinges when he slammed against it. He reacted without thinking.


Tenya didn’t realize his quirk had activated until his vision refocused, having launched across the room in self-defense in the same second that Bakugou had attacked him.


Bakugou stared at Iida where the taller male had pinned him to the bed, face blank with disbelief. Gasping for breath, Iida stared back.


He was shocked at himself for letting his engines activate, and even more shocked that the move had successfully pushed Bakugou back. His hands looked huge where they held his weight down on Bakugou’s biceps, and the blonde’s face was blank astonishment.


Of course he’s surprised, Tenya’s brain scolded, a thump of guilt hitting the bottom of his throat. You’re the class representative; he wouldn’t expect you to stoop to retaliating.


As his engines cooled and he panted for breath, Bakugou went completely rigid, his face turning red as he held Tenya’s stare. The taller male’s eyes left his, scanning his body as he noted the blonde’s breaths only growing quicker, his pulse rising to a feverish gallop under Iida’s palms, his baggy pants tightening with an obvious-


“You’re-” Iida jolted, his skin flushing and his eyes snapping back up to the smaller male’s, the realization hitting him like a shockwave. “-you’re-“


Bakugou grabbed his hair and dragged him down to find his mouth.


There was heat and movement against his lips, breath flooding in when he was too stunned to shut his own. Nails scraped against Tenya’s scalp and the mouth smashed against him parted in the smallest drag of silk and damp.


As if in some parallel world Iida felt himself snarl and kiss back.


Bakugou’s mouth was slick and hot as their teeth clacked together and he pushed his tongue inside. The blonde let out a feral sound, a ripple of muscles pressing against Tenya when the smaller body arched against him to get him closer. He was between Bakugou’s legs somehow, his hands clamping over just-smaller wrists to hold them in place above a blindingly bright mess of hair. Katsuki tasted like sugar and copper, and Tenya heard himself stowing away this information like he was memorizing something for class.


Bakugou’s tongue rose to push his own back and thought ceased altogether.


Tenya rolled against the blonde, pressing him firmly into the mattress, and when Katsuki tilted his head and greedily licked at the back of his teeth, a low noise bubbled up Tenya’s throat and he followed. When Bakugou jerked and strained against his grip, he released his wrists. The smaller male broke the tangle of their mouths and pushed himself up on his elbows and Tenya followed him, finding himself enough to support his weight with his arms and putting a few inches of space between them. Bakugou’s lips were parted, a flash of white teeth in a bath of warmth and red as he gasped for breath, and despite his own horror, Iida’s eyes followed it, traced the flecks of light in the saliva on the blonde’s bottom lip. He looked up then at Bakugou’s eyes, and they were rage and loathing; a bottomless fire so deep that he felt his insides twist and be pulled forward, pulled against everything he was and everything he stood for.


Their lips brushed again and Bakugou made a sound like fury against his mouth. Iida crashed against him like a storm.


Hands clawed up under his shirt and Iida growled against Bakugou’s roaming tongue. When the blonde’s legs tightened around him to pull him in, he went willingly. It was a blur of heat and movement and breath. Tenya buried his face in the crook of Katsuki’s neck and was shocked to find his own hands ripping at the hem of the blonde’s shirt and the waistband of his pants. His fingertips skirted over the toned expanse of skin there and Katsuki let out a strangled sound at the contact. Iida thought, profoundly and clearly, there’s no way this is happening.


He tore Bakugou’s shirt over his head and stared at the elegant, lithe body before him, scattered with scars and glistening with sweat that glowed with his heaving gasps. His eyes trailed hungrily, past sharp collarbones and corded neck, and the defiant expression on Bakugou’s face as he lay splayed before Iida made the class representative’s arousal strain painfully against the tightness of its confines. When Bakugou let go only to shove his pants off of his narrow, chiseled hips, Tenya didn’t hesitate to shed his own clothing. It fell to the floorboards around him like the rules and dignity that governed him, sloughing off of his skin like sweat. He climbed onto the mattress as the blonde moved to meet him, clawing at his shoulders and the back of his neck as Iida covered his mouth again with his own. Something thrummed through Tenya, frightening and powerful, and when Katsuki made a guttural sound against his lips, Iida made one right back.


In a flurry of movement, Katsuki pressed a knee to Tenya’s side and pulled him toward the mattress. He complied, opening his eyes when the blonde pulled away from his mouth and pressed his back into the sheets. Iida watched Bakugou move gracefully to kneel over him, stomach rippling as he breathed, hands slick and superheated as he braced himself on Iida’s shoulders. He leaned in close and Tenya lurched to meet him, growling when a sharp canine dug into his bottom lip. The fog evaporated from the lenses of his glasses when Bakugou tore his mouth away again. Tenya’s breath hitched when it cleared to reveal the blonde moving down his body, the heat radiating off of the smaller male a sharp contrast to the cool air.


“Wh-” his voice was husky in his throat, buried under a swell of adrenaline and need. “-what are-“


Iida’s eyes went wide when the blonde knelt between his thighs, his striking red gaze flickering up to meet him. Impossibly, surreally, Bakugou wrapped his fingers around Tenya’s aching erection, and Tenya choked on his own windpipe.




“Shut up,” Bakugou snarled, and time screeched to a halt as he lowered his head to take the tip of Iida’s cock into his mouth.


The world went white.


Distantly Iida heard himself making a high, strangled sound as he mashed his palm to his mouth, all sensory input narrowed to the sweltering, velvety heat of Katsuki’s tongue and lips. He growled as he took him deeper and the sound vibrated down to Tenya’s bones. Bakugou stroked what his mouth couldn’t envelop with nimble hands that squeezed and twisted, spreading the mind-shattering, searing wetness down to the base of his cock, making a slurping sound so obscene that Iida’s head fell backward and his eyes rolled up into his skull.


When he pulled off with a loud pop Iida gave a full-body jolt, his knees shaking. “Ngahh ... wh-what ... are you-“


The hands on his dick were still moving, solid and tight and quaking him until his spine crackled with sensation so bright it hurt. He heard himself making pitiful, garbled noises. “What does it look like, idiot?”


The pressure left his skin and Tenya let out a hoarse sound at the loss, the chilly air dizzying on his painfully engorged dick. Bakugou moved back up, the backs of his firm thighs brushing against his legs, and Iida could only watch as he reached one hand behind himself and pressed two fingers behind his balls.


The picture he made was one that Iida couldn’t have fathomed without seeing it. His wiry yet toned body flexed and rippled breathtakingly as he worked one finger inside himself, something Iida thought he must have done many times before for his movements to be so steady even as his face contorted with the feeling. The cords stood out in his neck and his thighs seemed to tremble and relax as he opened himself up, his other graceful hand moving to squeeze his cock, straining and red despite the seething, sharp sound he let out between his teeth when his middle finger nudged in beside the first. Tenya’s mouth hung open as he looked up at Bakugou’s face. Admittedly, he hadn’t spent as much time fantasizing as most teenagers, but the blonde’s expression and the little sound he let out as he pushed his fingers inside himself were erotic beyond anything he ever thought possible. With a soft, shaky breath he withdrew them, and without breaking eye contact he brought the hand to his face and spat on it. Bakugou gripped Tenya’s painfully swollen erection and slicked it in three maddeningly steady strokes, and a crushing wave of heat washed over Iida as goosebumps leapt up over every inch of him. He felt himself shaking as Bakugou held him in place with smoldering eyes.


The blonde held Iida’s cock steady and lowered himself, his breath hitching softly when he pressed himself against the head and then let himself ease lower.


The fluttering wetness of the blonde’s opening sent sizzling, overwhelming streaks of lightning up Tenya’s veins as his hands found Bakugou’s thighs and it teased the very tip of his dick. Sweat trickled down the back of Tenya’s neck and his gaze moved over the blonde’s gorgeous, shuddering form hazily. It seemed as if it would never work, like he would never fit past that tight ring of muscle, and then Bakugou relaxed and opened up and sucked him in, letting out a soft little sound and making a face like he was in terrible pain and in ecstasy, and he sank down, enveloping Iida’s cock in tightness so hot it felt like the world was ending.


“Oh my God,” Iida heard himself saying, and Bakugou’s ass pressed warmly against his thighs, legs trembling as he exhaled shakily over Iida’s chest.


“Fuck.” It was breathless, nearly a whimper. Tenya blinked his eyes open to look at Katsuki’s angular features as they screwed up at the onslaught of sensation. He stilled for mere seconds before he was lifting himself up again, gritting his teeth and letting out a choked growl. Bakugou didn’t stop until he had almost pulled off completely, and Iida coughed out a sound like a sob. The blonde slammed back down and both of them shouted hoarsely.


In what little of his brain was managing to work, it didn’t surprise Iida that Bakugou fucked like he fought. He was feral, fingertips slipping and digging into Tenya’s chest as he snarled and hissed. He was ruthless, riding Tenya hard enough to punctuate each movement with a deafening, filthy slap. He bared his teeth like something wild being threatened and fought every sound that escaped his windpipe. Iida could only grip his thighs and groan rapturously at the searing, tight heat and the heady scent of Katsuki’s arousal and sweat as it washed over him.


Shit,” the blonde snarled between choked noises. His eyes burned Iida as they met his stare, a painful, alarming red framed by his pale eyelashes. Iida felt his fingertips digging cruelly into Katsuki’s thighs as the smaller male impaled himself again and again, but Katsuki did nothing to stop it, and as the heat of his glare and his tightening insides consumed him, Tenya realized distantly that he didn’t care enough to stop himself.


“Mmmn - B-Baku-“


Shut up,” Bakugou hissed, barely more than a breath, and his nails dug into Iida’s abdomen as he leaned forward in a breathtaking, catlike stretch to brush his mouth against Tenya’s again. His mind still fought to protest this - to think despite the heat and the friction and the horrible, heavenly grip of Bakugou’s body where it swallowed his cock. When he pressed his lips to Bakugou’s and the blonde moaned softly at the tongue pushing into his mouth, however, a full-body shiver and a violent wave of emotion overtook him, and the clinging pieces of his conscience were swept away. He loosed a hand from its place on the blonde’s leg, sinking into his soft, unruly hair, holding him close. Bakugou let out a strangled, muted sound when Iida began to rock up into him to make up for the awkwardness of the stretch. Their noses bumped together clumsily, and Bakugou breathed out a moan so shockingly vulnerable that Iida had no choice but to swallow it up. He dragged Katsuki closer by his hair and rocked harder to meet his movements.


“Sh-shit-” Bakugou spat against his mouth, brows drawing together as his whole body shook with the force of each impact. “Fuck.”


The feeling of his smaller form quaking with every slap of skin as Iida held him in place did something to Tenya; awakened the machine in him. He grunted with the effort and thrust harder, building up a rhythm and tensing with the thick, winding cords of heat down his stomach that wound tighter with every breathless sound he knocked out of the blonde.


The blonde - Bakugou - fickle, driven, volatile Bakugou, panting into his mouth and clawing at his sides as Iida drove himself into his trembling body.


Tenya’s hands moved from his thighs to his hips and he shoved Katsuki back into his next thrust. The harsh “Shit!” it punched out of him made a low, rumbling sound bubble up Tenya’s throat and he did it again.


The gradual rise of Bakugou’s voice, a hostile growl being overtaken by sighs and half-swallowed, high pitched cries sent a devastating shudder down Tenya’s spine. Bakugou was going pliant, his firm chest resting more and more on Iida’s body as his hands shook and slackened their grasp on him. He liked being manhandled and controlled, the part of Iida’s brain he could never shut off dutifully filing that away. The obscenity of being privy to that fact - being the reason it was brought to the surface - made a thrill of greedy, possessive desire ripple through Tenya. He redoubled his efforts and was rewarded by Katsuki scrambling back to sit up and take the brunt of it full-on. It was bizarre to see the quaking of his body as Iida brutally slammed him down onto his hips, that ever-skeptical face screwed up in a desperate attempt to conceal just how badly he wanted more. Gravity brought him down harder and beckoned Iida deeper, and when Katsuki grabbed his weeping, heavy dick in one hand to pump it in time with Tenya’s thrusts, he thought for the first time that yes, he could be into this, could be turned on by the sight and smell of another male’s skin and breath and erection.


Then Bakugou came, and the painful squeeze around his cock and his heart guaranteed it.


“Holy fuck-” Something like agony twisted his features as his body contracted in a vicelike grip around Tenya. Ropes of cum spattered Tenya’s chest, a seething noise escaping the blonde’s bared teeth. Tenya moaned, enraptured and utterly in awe, and his heaving breath caught in his throat when he realized that tears were glistening through Katsuki’s pale eyelashes. The realization hit his rapidly-slipping control and he slammed into the blonde, lifting their hips off of the mattress and half-shouting at the crashing relief of releasing into Bakugou’s tight, suffocating body. The merciless impact made the smaller male’s face crumple with the feeling, and he let out a whine, high and obscene.


Tenya collapsed into the mattress. The air raked against his lungs as he gasped for breath and the sweat on his skin settled, warm and cloying. Bakugou tensed with the effort to stay upright, his lidded eyes defiant even as he shook and slackened.


He watched as if in someone else’s body as he slid out and Bakugou’s raw, angry hole twitched at the loss of him, his own come drooling out and trickling down a toned thigh. No longer a virgin, having lost it to someone he barely knew after last having kissed a girl shyly at the age of ten.


Bakugou let out a long, shuddering breath and slumped onto the mattress beside him. Heart thundering in his ears, Iida breathed in the musk of their arousal and found himself listening to the deep rasp of the blonde’s inhales.


The reality of it crept over him like the cold, dense air that filtered into the room.


When he noticed the box of tissues on the orderly nightstand beside him, Tenya reached out a shaking hand to pluck a few from it. The utter absurdity of acting out such a cliché hit him and he huffed out a quiet, half-hysterical laugh as he moved to wipe the mess from his stomach. Too many nerves were firing and ringing for him to care or to stop the shuddering breath he let out when he gingerly cleaned his limp, oversensitive dick. He dropped them in the spotless trash can beside the nightstand and found his eyes drawn back to Bakugou.


His expression, something between exhaustion and irritation, hit Tenya in a way he couldn’t explain. He stared at the blonde, breath caught in his throat.


The red of his eyes was a vibrant sliver, his pupils so immense that Tenya felt the gravity of them pull deep in his gut.


Shaken, he sat up, his arms unsteady as he found his balance. His eyes darted across the mess of clothing scattered on the floor. Shock echoed through the resounding silence in his head.


He dressed wordlessly, hearing nothing but the slowing of the deep breaths behind him.


Tenya straightened his shirt and ran a hand through his hair, his eyes fixed on the floorboards. He swallowed thickly and forced himself to look back toward the bed.


Bakugou looked like a work of art, his back rising with deep breaths, the light glistening on his shoulder blades and in the small of his back. He watched Iida unflinchingly as the taller boy stood at his door.


A prickle of unease seated itself in his stomach, and Iida left, closing the door quietly behind him.