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My London Boys

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The city of London in which everything was vibrant and alive, the sound of the cars and the buses racing to get home from work, the tube rattling underground along with people talking and running for their bus or train. For one girl all this hustle and bustle was nothing, she was going to an award party alongside her boyfriend.

Waiting for her taxi, Eliza stood outside waiting for her taxi until she felt it start to rain, "Typical fucking weather." She grumbled and started to text her boyfriend.

"Ben come to pick me up please, I need to pick up my dress. It is raining and my taxi is late. I will make it up to you. xx"

Eliza sent her message and hoped Ben would reply, putting her bag over her head to keep her hair from getting wet that was when she felt her phone vibrate.

"Of course darling, I am on my way. Oh there will be three of us tonight at the party, my friend Tom will be there xx"

Eliza smiled and messaged back as she did her taxi pulled up, "Miss Eliza Harley?" The driver spoke.

Seeing the driver, Eliza walked over to him, "You are late? I ordered you an hour ago and you were supposed to of turned up fifty minutes ago. Also, do not give me that about the London traffic. To bad my boyfriend is picking me up." She told him then walked away.

The driver looked at her and scoffed, "Pfft fine be like that. Your boyfriend whoever the poor man is can come and chauffeur you around and I bet he gets paid with sex!" He rudely replied as Ben turned up and got out of his car.

"Now that is no way to speak to a young lady now is it?" He spoke politely.

"Should have heard her attitude towards me then, the little bitch has no manners." The driver spat, glaring a look at Eliza who was adjusting her top.

With that Ben just turned away and let the driver be on his way, walking towards Eliza he place a finger under her chin and looked her straight in the eye, "You did not have to be so rude to him you know." He tilted her head back slightly so after she answered he could give her a kiss.

Eliza looked at him then smiled weakly, "I know but I have had a shit morning, everything went wrong for me. I am just so fed up." She sighed, taking Ben's spare hand.

"Then let me treat my girl to some breakfast, we can go to our favorite place. We can not have you starving before the party tonight can I?" Ben chuckled as he leaned down to kiss her.

Eliza smiled when she felt his lips press on hers but as he broke away, she had a glint in her eye, "I would love too but I need to pick up my dress before anything or they will take it back and after the amount, I paid for it. I can not risk it." She bit her lip nervously.

Ben chuckled, "You mean how much I paid for it? You designed it, love. With your fashion career, I am surprised you have not been picked up yet." He took her hand and brought her over to the car before unlocking it.

"I prefer to work as an independent fashion designer, Benny. At least I have more fun that way than working for some shitty employer who doesn't know shit." Eliza chuckled and got in the front seat.

Ben laughed and got into the driver's seat, "Darling, they will need to know things before working in that trade otherwise they would not be a leading fashion company." He told her as he started the car and drove.

"I know that, sweetheart. I meant that some little shit that calls themselves the manager might not know everything that a manager has to besides at least by working independently if it goes wrong it is on my own head and I will not have to shout at anyone." She replied, reaching over to put some music on.

Ben looked over at his girlfriend and chuckled knowing how feisty she could be he just stayed silent and listen to the music she had put on which was Cherry by Lana Del Ray which he knew was her favorite song.

"My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme and all of my peaches are ruined." Eliza sang quietly knowing Ben was listening.

"I think you should have become a singer instead of a fashion designer, Eliza." Ben smiled to her as he drove through the city.

"You never know, sweetie. I am only twenty-three I could still become a singer." Eliza chuckled as she looked through the window, her brunette hair getting slightly in the way.

After half an hour, Ben had found a place to park his car. Eliza got out and looked over at Ben, "I need to go collect my dress then we can put the dress safe in your car then breakfast." She smiled.

Ben nodded in agreement, "Actually Eliza I need to collect my suit as well. So if I meet you here in say fifteen minutes we can put them in the car." He told her.

"Of course." Eliza smiled.
Going to the shop alone, Eliza sighed as she thought about the party, she knew some of the people going there as they are friends with Ben, entering the shop she looked around and found where she had to collect her dress from as she walked up to the counter.

"Name please?" The middle-aged woman asked.

"Miss Harley," Eliza replied.

The woman looked and shook her head, "There is not a Miss Harley here, Ma'am." She looked at the young woman.

"Oh, of course, try Cumberbatch," Eliza told her.

The woman's eyes lit up and went to search again, "Ahh yes we have one for Cumberbatch. Are you the young lady that Mr. Cumberbatch is dating?" She whispered quietly passing Eliza the dress.

"None of your business." Eliza promptly replied and took the dress before walking away.

In the suit shop, Ben had just picked up his tuxedo then saw he had a ring box in his pocket as he was going to propose to Eliza this evening for the party. Smiling to himself, he kept the box hidden and out of sight as he made his way back to the car.

After packing the dress and suit into the car, Ben and Eliza had their food. They both decided to go back to Ben's place.

Carrying Eliza through the door, Ben placed her on the sofa, "I believe you were going to repay me." He whispered, kissing her neck softly.

"Hang on big boy, I will repay you tonight. I promise." Eliza kissed him back.

"But Tom will be with us." Ben groaned, placing his hand on her thigh and slightly up her shorts.

"When we are in bed he won't be." Eliza chuckled feeling Ben's hand going up her leg.

"I guess not but I can not wait until tonight, darling." He grumbled.

"Well learn to." Eliza teased as she looked at the time, "Anyway I have to get ready. I need to make myself look perfect." She smiled as she gently pushed Ben off of her.

"You already are perfect." Ben groaned as he felt hit the floor.

"Well to you I am but for a party, I am not." Eliza giggled.

"I am sure you will be the belle of the party, my darling. Do not be too long." Ben smiled as he watched Eliza take her dress and run up the stairs.

Sitting back on the sofa, Ben sighed as he put his fingers through his hair, thinking about Eliza and how she will be at the party he thought about how Tom would be around Eliza, knowing his best friend too well he was worried about Eliza taking more of an interest in Tom then him before he heard a voice coming from upstairs, "Ben!! Do you want to join me? There is plenty of room!" Eliza called out.

"I am coming to my love!" Ben shouted back as he ran up the stairs and started taking his clothes off and joined Eliza in the shower.

"Hey, darling." Eliza purred feeling Ben's hands around her waist, "Can you help me?" She asked.

Ben smiled to himself and grabbed her soap, "Of course." He whispered as he lathered the soap and started to creep his hand between Eliza's legs, "The best place to start." He purred while he softly washed her nether region but he decided to be cheeky and as he washed her he brushed against her clit making Eliza moan softly, "Oooooh did you like that?" Ben asked softly as he rubbed her clit with his large fingers, "Yes...." Eliza purred placing her hands on the shower wall. That was when Ben took advantage and slid his finger inside her which made Eliza draw out a moan, "Beeeeeeeen please." She moaned feeling Ben's finger pumping her, "Yes darling?" Ben teased, "Do it harder please." Eliza begged him making Ben smile as he slipped in another finger inside her.

Once they had finished in the shower, Eliza came into the bedroom wrapped in a towel with Ben not close behind her, "Come, darling, we must get ready."