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A Heart Hurts, Harmed the Harellan

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A heart hurts, harmed the Harellan.

Clever and kind, doing the People proud,

A Hero that turned the trickster’s twire,

A lover that livened his lost desires.


The story starts with a stir in the sky;

Heavens hexed, the hero arrives.

A Magister too, yet his matter minute;

This tale is about our lovers two:


The famed trickster and thunder, toil and trouble;

Fen’Harel and Inquisitor, Dread Wolf and First,

Solas and Lavellan.

A love like no other.


Her mark malevolent a mortal mortifies;

His magic helping, healing, making whole.

The rift restored, a cheer, a landslide;

Tarasyl’an Te’las, Skyhold, home.


In dreams he came, a guide, a kiss;

A dance, a song, Solas and Lavellan.

Realize she’s real, an inevitable remiss.

The rebel to his passion now a slave.


Ar lasa mala revas, hope for happiness.

Beauty, freedom, dread for not deserving.

Her face bare, his heart enclosed, loved, hurt.

Separate. Solas solemnly sorrows.


Final fight, the menacing Magister’s end;

The orb obliterated, the sad Wolf scarpers;

Final words, those of undying love.

Her heart hurts, harmed by the Harellan.