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dreamland groupchat

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Kirby has added King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, Marx and 9 others to Dreamland Group Chat 

Kirby has changed their nickname to 'marshmallow'

marshmallow: okokokokok

marshmallow: i made a groupchat for everyone!!!!

Bandana Waddle Dee: Kirby are you sure this is a good idea??? (/ω\)

marshmallow: i don't see why not!!

King Dedede has changed their nickname to 'dededad'

dededad: by royal decree everyone has to change their nickname

Magolor: No.

dededad has changed Magolor's nickname to 'bitch'

dededad: @bitch bitch

Meta Knight: Here we go.

dededad: @everyone CHANGE Y'ALL NICKNAMES

Meta Knight has changed their nickname to '#1 warrior'

Bandana Waddle Dee has changed their nickname to 'Apple juice'

Marx has changed their nickname to 'bitchboy naughty'

Apple Juice: Kirby how many people did you invite?? (・_・;)

Taranza has changed their nickname to 'homestuck kin'

Susie has changed their nickname to 'owo'

marshmallow: a good few!!

Daroach has changed their nickname to 'the rat that makes all'a the rules'

Adeleine has changed their nickname to 'afraideleine'

#1 warrior: Is this everyone then?

owo: Some people are probably lurking.

marshmallow: yeah!!! i'm pretty sure i invited the mages and ribbon!

afraideleine: @Ribbon you've been found out

afraideleine has changed Ribbon's nickname to 'strawberry'

strawberry: Aw, Addie!!

strawberry: To be honest, I was a bit stumped for a nickname...

Zan Partizanne: Ah. So the gremlin fairy and big-foreheaded artist is here?

Dededad has changed Zan Partizanne's nickname to 'thunder thot'

dededad: no being mean to adeleine or ribbon or you will catch these hands

the rat that makes all'a the rules: i will also fight you

dededad: get her ass

dededad: also @Francisca @Flamberge change y'all nicknames

Flamberge has changed their nickname to 'flaming lesbian'

Francisca has changed their nickname to 'uwu'

dededad: okay cool

homestuck kin: why nicknames???

dededad: what good groupchat just has default names

bitch: Fair.

bitchboy naughty: are we just gonna ignore the fact that zan actually typed 'Ah' like some haughty anime character

#1 warrior: She sounded like Shadow the Hedgehog.

afraideleine: she's v edgy

thunder thot: Why this?

dededad: you were mean to adeleine n ribbon, everyone knows this

dededad: thut

#1 warrior: thut

Apple Juice: Thut???

bitchboy naughty: t h u t

dededad: *thot

thunder thot: thut

dededad: I HATE YOU ALL

the rat that makes all'a the rules: get his ass

dededad: daroach you bitch thats my line

dededad: also @uwu @owo why do yall have matchin nicknames

marshmallow: they're in love!!!

uwu: it's cute leave me alone

owo: I just like how it immediately triggers a fight or flight response in anyone.

owo: Example:

owo: owo? what's this? you seem to be in a widdle bit of twouble!

#1 warrior: Had It Not Been For Kirby I Would Have Slaughtered You

bitchboy naughty: nah you're both alan

Apple Juice: alan??? (・・ ) ?

bitchboy naughty: assigned lesbian at nickname

flaming lesbian: HFKGJHGFSHDGF

flaming lesbian: YOUVE BEEN CALLED OUT

homestuck kin: callout post for susie and francisca:

homestuck kin: 1. lesbians

bitch: 2. Weeaboos.


bitchboy naughty: things are getting heated in the anime fandom

owo: Marx you are on thin fucking ice.

#1 warrior: Actually Marx is through the ice and at the bottom of the ocean.

bitchboy naughty: thats what i thought youd say you dumb fucking twink

dededad: hey

dededad: meta is at LEAST a twunk

bitchboy naughty: source??

dededad: his two bfs

the rat that makes all'a the rules: TWO???!!??!

bitch: Great.

bitch: Not only is he one of the best fighters, but he has two boyfriends.

bitch: Bye guys! Gonna go contemplate romance.

bitch has gone offline.

strawberry: Aw Meta Knight! Who are your boyfriends?

#1 warrior: Well, one is technically a datemate.

#1 warrior: But they're Morpho Knight and Galacta Knight.

flaming lesbian: god you guys are the ultimate power bfs

afraideleine: guys what's a twink??? or a twunk???

marshmallow: i don't know either!!

dededad: oh no

thunder thot: I'm going to tell them.

dededad: dont you dare