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Days Gone By

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There was nothing that Shinjiro hated right now more than himself. If Minato and Souji were to catch on what he was thinking at the moment, the outcome would be incredibly unpleasant. Curse his hard-earned healthy body for producing male hormones!

In retrospect, the situation he found himself in was very unfortunate, but someone like Iori would call it an opportunity. The problem with that is, he wasn't Iori. Okay, back to the situation.

Minako, his beloved girlfriend, was napping on the couch. Okay, that wasn't unusual in the least. Almost everyone who lived in the dorm had slept on it once in awhile. Even the prim and proper princess that is Kirijo Mitsuru slept sitting up on that thing. It really was a comfy couch. No, it wasn't the softness of the paddings nor the plushness of the pillows; Minako shifted in her sleep and scratched her leg, making her school skirt ride up a little bit, giving him a wonderful view of firm, smooth thighs.

And Koromaru wasn't around to provide any distractions.

He really should be the gentleman here and walk away, leaving her to nap in peace. But the thought of Junpei coming home to this sight was unacceptable - that pervert might get ideas. And Aki as well. Despite both of them having girlfriends (each terrifying in their own right) he knew well enough about the male mind and their roving eyes. Ken was one of the mature-minded residents here, but he’s currently undergoing puberty and Shinjiro would rather not speed that process up.

Minako scrunched her nose cutely and mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like ‘mille feuille’ and ‘butter scones.’

“Damn, I just can't leave her like this,” he muttered to no one in particular. He technically could, but the odds of Minato and/or Souji returning first wasn't very high. Gently, he scooped her up in a princess carry and slowly headed towards her room. The soft jostling wasn't enough to wake her up, but she smiled and snuggled even deeper into his chest.

After he gently laid his girlfriend on her bed, he took in his surroundings. Her taste in interior decorating hadn’t changed much; bright colours, hearts and flower prints, a few stuffed toys. What caught his eye was on her study desk, placed neatly on the top shelf like a small shrine - two framed photos. Her recognized one as the same picture in Souji’s room. He left that alone. Instead, he picked up the other one. When he looked closer, he realized it was a candid shot of two people, who did not notice they were being photographed.

In it, two people, a man and a woman, wore soft smiles. They stared serenely at each other, as if trying to convey the depths of their feelings through their gaze. The man in the photo had  short auburn hair and reddish brown eyes. The woman wore her blue hair in a neat ponytail with a few bobby pins to hold up her bangs. She had stormy grey eyes. His smile was wider and wildly more energetic compared to her demure, cute one.

Shinjiro realized he was staring at a picture of Minako’s parents. She inherited her father’s hair and eye colour, while her twin brother had their mother’s. Both twins had a mix of their parents’ facial features, sharing the same nose, forehead and chin.


The picture frame almost slipped out of his hands. He hastily put it back in its rightful place.

Minako got up from bed, rubbing her eyes and yawning cutely. Shinjiro’s cheeks warmed at the sight.

“I knew I wasn't dreaming.” She smiled at him.

‘Her mother’s smile,’ he realized. “Yeah, well. I didn't want people to bother you. Must have been hell of a study session back at school.”

She loved that about him. Never wanting to appear that he cared, but he did it anyways. “What were you looking at on my desk?” His cheeks heated up even more. “Come to think of it, this is your first time in my room, isn’t it?”

Oh how he wished Iori would provide a distraction right about now - preferably a loud one. He averted his face so she couldn't see him blush.

Minako giggled at his silence. “Don't tell me this is your first time in a girl’s room?” she asked innocently, and gasped when he didn't give her an answer after five seconds. “It is, isn't it?!”

Shinjiro grumbled. “So what if it is?”

“Then you shouldn’t mind if I do this.”

Shinjiro’s eyes didn't even register her movements. In an instant, he’s engulfed by arms around his neck and soft, plump lips pressing against his own. Granted, Minako had to stand on her tiptoes to offset his height, but she managed to pull him down a bit so that she could indulge herself in the kiss.

Warm fuzzies fluttered and spread in the young man’s gut. Ever since taking residence in Inaba with his team, far away from prying eyes of former schoolmates and the gang members from Port Island, it had been a little easier for him to express his feelings openly, even if it was more action-oriented than forming words. In the privacy of his girlfriend’s bedroom, he had no problem expressing said freedom by wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer. He held the back of her head, entwining his fingers between her silky, auburn hair. He felt bold enough to loosen her hair tie so that he could feel more of her luscious locks. It definitely had grown much longer during her coma, and it made her look even more attractive.

The kiss got even more heated as Shinjiro gently coaxed her mouth open with his tongue, requesting permission to enter. Minako gladly handed him that control, tightening her hold around him. Unfortunately, they had to breathe at some point, so they separated to take in more air.

“Minako, we have to stop…” Even as he warned her, his fingers rubbed her waist to tease the skin underneath her blouse.

She replied by sneaking her hands under his school jacket, fingers doing the same to his abdominal area. Her ruby-red eyes gleamed mischievously. “And what if I don't want to?” She bit her lip seductively.

Shinjiro knew he would be in trouble. “Shit…” Blood rushed south towards his bottom half. “Minato’s gonna be back any minute now. And I ain’t giving the rest of the perverts any more ideas than they already have.”

As expected, she pouted. It didn't help the situation that teasing her only increased his own excitement. “You’re no fun,” she whined, separating herself from him.

“I’m home…” came Minato’s tired voice from downstairs.

The female twin’s eyes widened. “Oh crap! I hope he doesn't open the -”


“Shinji help me~!”