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You will be mine

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Peter was sitting on the black wide leather couch in the empty spacious quiet for now living room early in the morning drinking his hot dark coffee without sugar in it, enjoying some quiet and calm time after a hard week of fighting crime. As he heard the noise of Iron man landing with all of the Avengers with him, Peter understood that his quiet time was over, as they walked in the kitchen and started their long arguing who did the most work and who was the best, it was like this always, for as long as Peter can remember, just like the first day when he was adopted and arrived here, in the big Avengers tower ten years ago. Sometimes it felt like everything happened just yesterday, thinking about it Peter drifted into his thoughts back at the time when he was only 10 years old at the adoption center.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
10 years ago
Hey there little guy” said a strange tall man with sunglasses and a glowing circle thingy in his chest. Peter was staring at him with big scared eyes and an old warned out stuffed teddy bear in his tiny hands.
It’s okay little buddy, I won’t hurt you, my name is Tony, Tony Stark, would you like to be my friend? ” the man gave his big hand for Peter to take and smiled showing perfect straight white teeth.
Yes, I’m…My…My name is Peter, Peter Parker” Peter said giving his small shaking hand to the man.
Peter darling this is Tony Stark also known as the Iron Man you like to watch on the TV so much” said Annie the Adoption center worker.
Iron Man?! ” Peter shouted looking up at the man again with surprise in his eyes.
Shhhhh little man, don’t give my secret away” Tony said smiling and winking with his right eye at Peter.
He is here to adopt you Peter” Annie said smiling. “Darling could you go and pack your things, when I get the papers ready?
Are you lying to me? ” Peter asked unsure of what was happening, his heart was pounding so loud, someone was here to adopt him? Not just someone it was Iron Man, the Iron Man that Peter admired so much.
No little guy, I’m here to be your friend and to take you to your new home, if you want to? ” Tony asked still smiling, kneeling down on one knee to meet Peter’s eyes.
Yes” Peter shouted running and hugging Tony around his neck. Tony stud up with Peter in his hands and walked after Annie.
It felt like the best day ever for him, he will be a part of a family, not just any family, he will be an avenger, just like he always said to his friends, that when he grows up, he will help people like the avengers do.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Peter? Hey Peter? ” Tony called.
Sorry, I was lost in thoughts” Peter replied as he saw Tony’s worried face right in front of his.
Is everything okay? You seem little down lately” Tony reached out his right hand and with his palm touched Peter’s forehead to check his temperature.
Dad I’m fine, just didn’t sleep that much last night, I’m only thinking about tonight’s patrol” Peter replied, trying to make his voice sound as calm as he could make it, he knew how worried and protective his dad was.
Peter was thinking about how happy he was to have this big family, sure it wasn’t easy to keep everyone happy when everyone was so different and on top of that had super powers of their own. His family was weird and unusual, but it was warm, big and caring, and it made his life full, it made his life fuller than he could have ever expected it to be, it made him feel full as well, even after he lost everything as a child. When he was adopted everyone took him in and loved him as if he was their own child, even if he was a weak and scared omega nobody abandoned him or pushed him away, then the spider bit him and everything turned around even more, it made him scared that his world will fall apart, but it didn’t, he couldn’t be happier for everything he had in his life, but sometimes late at night laying in his bed alone he felt like some small part of him was empty, it drove him crazy, because he just couldn’t figure out what it was.
Peter listen I know how much you love to patrol, but your heat is coming up and maybe you should take it easy? ” Tony sat down as his suit was left standing and then walked away.
It’s okay Dad, I still have a week so I’m good and I’ll be careful on patrol you know that and you know I can’t just sit in one place and do nothing, I will have a week of bed time soon, I will get my rest” Peter smiled, taking the last sip of his coffee.
I know that you are strong Petey, it’s just that I’m worried about you, that bruised eye really makes me mad that I wasn’t there to protect you” Tony looked at Peter’s left eye with sadness in his face.
I have my powers Dad; I’ll be fine” Peter smiled.
And I like to fight, it gets all my energy out and I feel good saving people, even if it’s just taking care of simple car thief’s” Peter smiled thinking about how he webbed the bad guy last night.
Give it a rest Tony, the kid will be 21 soon, he is no longer your baby boy” Clint yelled behind the refrigerator door.
Shut up Clint, Peter will be my baby forever” Tony muttered back.
He can lift a bus over his head, if anyone here a baby, it’s you Tony” Clint laughed.
Tony sighted and rubbed his temples, then stood up and left to make coffee for himself.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Peter was swinging on his webs throw New York city with a smile under his mask, he was feeling free, he landed on one of the skyscrapers rooftops and heard a loud crash as something heavy just landed not too far from him, as he turned around, and saw Deadpool standing with his arms against his hips checking if his legs were okay.
Well well well isn’t it Spidey, owner of a big heart, but I do have to say your ass is way bigger” Deadpool smiled under his mask.
[I do wonder if something else is big, if you know what I mean?] Yellow box pointed.
{Yes, we all know you’re talking about his dick, but we do need to see how big it is, to just know just for science purpose of course} White box replied.
Hello to you too Deadpool” Peter answered while exhaling in annoyance.
Is that it? No I missed you, no I love you? No proposing? Nothing? ” Deadpool threw his hands in the air, he made his voice sound hurt, like he was in pain, he reached and placed a hand over his heart like it was hurting.
As for you a hello is more than enough, because you just keep making those not funny, stupid jokes about my ass, by the way they aren’t funny, they never were funny in the first place and now I’m just tired of them” Spiderman smiled to himself.
Awwww come on I thought we were best friends already, don’t be so cold” Deadpool whined as he stomped his feet in the ground like a little kid that didn’t got the candy he wanted in the store.
Don’t push it Deadpool, just because I tolerate you, doesn’t mean I like you” Spidey pointed his finger toward Deadpool.
Deadpool held his hands up like he was ready to surrender. Deadpool was a dangerous man, more on that he was an alpha a really big and strong alpha, these kind of alphas Peter hated the most. The way Deadpool body was built was mouthwatering. He was tall, really tall, his wide shoulders, big arms, long strong legs, his confidence, would make anyone droll anytime of the day. Even if he was the arrogant asshole, with no mouth filter type of alphas, and ow boy Deadpool was the king of them all. I mean just look at him, standing there stretching, every muscle moving under his tight red suit, his huge biceps that Peter sometimes wanted to stick his teeth into. The most annoying part about all this was that Deadpool knew that he looked good, it was all intentional, he knew that every time he moved all eyes were on him, Peter could only imagine how good he moves in bed. How head spinning it would be to be under him, pressed down onto the bed by his weight, covered in sweat, screaming and moaning his name, asking, no begging for more, faster, deeper, deeper, wanting to be knotted by him and…
Peter cleared his throat. It was true that Deadpool was the alpha of the alphas, an alpha that every omega would faint over, an alpha that was scary to other alphas and not just because he carried katana’s and guns everywhere, but there was one tiny thing, that stopped didn’t Peter from doing anything crazy and jumping onto Deadpool to ride him until his brain got fucket. Peter already had a mate, he was dating someone that was appropriate for his everyday life, someone that his family picket out for him, not to mention that Deadpool was bad as a hero, because he was no hero, so in no way there was a possibility for Peter’s deepest, dirtiest dream to come true. He wasn’t stupid, he knew how to be a good sun, how to be a good superhero and how to be a good mate, even if all of the things sometimes overlapped and he started to feel like life was suffocating him. It happened a while ago, when Steve got kidnaped by Hydra, Bucky went insane over his runt and all the anger that him omega was gone, the avengers started to fight as well, because everyone accused someone else that it was their fault and not their own. They were all searching for Steve all over the world, so New York was left to defend only to Peter and with crime in every corner it got too hard to deal with, he felt like his life was slipping out of his webs, ha ha ha did you got the pun? Out of nowhere Deadpool showed up, at first Peter had to stop him, because he was literally killing everyone out on the streets, when Deadpool showed interest in joining him at his night patrols, they made an agreement that Deadpool can’t kill anyone or as he says unalive them in any way and now for the past half a year Deadpool joined him every night in his patrol. To be honest, because of Deadpool things did got a lot easier, when there were a lot of villains Peter was no longer alone to face them, when the nights were calm he had company and didn’t feel so lonely, when his heat hit him, Deadpool would take over the week and patrol so that Peter could calmly scream in pain in his bed without a worry that someone is attacking the city. Yes, his father was Iron man and yes his family was The Avengers, but they had to deal with bigger things, like villains who lifted cities up in skies and Peter took over the smaller villain’s, because someone had to look over the little guys as well.
Why didn’t Peter tell that he had a mate or who he was to Deadpool? Because Deadpool was a big mouth and even if they worked together, trusting someone to know your secret identity wasn’t easy. Because Deadpool didn’t know who Peter was behind the Spiderman mask in the first place, so knowing if he had or didn’t have mate wasn’t necessary information. You may be wondering well how in the hell Deadpool didn’t knew who Spiderman was if Spiderman worked with Iron man and Iron man was Tony, and Tony was Peter’s dad, you would think it would be kind of obvious. Dad only let Peter be Spiderman after the super spider bite with one condition that he will keep it from everyone who he really is, being an adopted son of a billionaire, playboy draw enough attention in Peter’s life and he didn’t need any more attention as being a superhero was well, so dad put in a lot of work and lies to make it look like Peter and Spiderman were two completely different people. The amount of times fake Spiderman saved Peter was insane, there were even pictures of them together, they went to the same events, spend hours in the same space and hours doing different things in different sides of the world at the same time, so this way it seemed impossible for them to be the same person. Why was this agreement made? Dad said that what if one day Peter just decided to leave the hero business and create a family, this way his family would be completely safe from Spiderman’s enemies, it was a smart thing, but Peter never had the feeling of wanting to leave all of this, but he agreed anyway, because you never know how life will decide to flip and take a wrong turn and just fuck everything up, so still having his identity was the smart thing to do. As Spiderman Peter was loud, he always cracked jokes, jumped off buildings, did dangerous things to save others, swinging around town like crazy if he was bored, had word fights with the press, but Peter as well Peter was completely different, he was a silent shy boy, he went to charity events, never had a public scandal, never got drunk in public, never had a fight with anyone, never was mean to paparazzi even if they did follow him and his friends everywhere, his personality as himself and as Spiderman was complete different, just sometimes he got lost over who was the real him.
Hey feeling okay pumpkin pie?” Deadpool asked, brining Peter back from his thoughts.
Peter shook his head a little, his temples hurt a little, this wasn’t good.
Yeah, I’m fine, just thinking about all the lame jokes I will hear from you today” Peter replied and smiled under his mask.
I’m offended, my jokes are brilliant” Deadpool placed a hand on his masked head and pretended to faint, like he was so offended, that his body give up.
Anyway, Spidey you do know I’m, well we are, still waiting for the day when your suit malfunctions and your true smell will spread, you can’t hide it forever, I bet my gun collection that you must smell so fucking sweet, I mean with an ass like that, you must be tastier than candy” Deadpool spoke as he sat down and waved his hands around.
You and I both know that this will never happen Deadpool, and why are you so interested in my suit malfunctioning? It can’t be just because of my smell can it?” Peter sat down not to far from Deadpool, the air was getting warmer and warmer since it was the start of summer.
Well I was wondering since you said that in the suit you can’t smell, you don’t know how I smell and the silent but deadly fart never gets you” Deadpool scratched his head and started to laugh, in his low and sexy voice.
Peter started to laugh as well, even if he realized that Deadpool wanted to say something serious as always they brushed it off to jokes and didn’t bring it up ever again. Their laugh was interrupted by a scream and within seconds Peter had already jumped of the roof and was swinging towards the scream. A couple of blocks Peter saw a crowd standing around one of the skyscrapers, as he got closer he saw that there was someone standing on the roof right at the edge, it stretched his arm and was holding something small in its arms, wait the small object was moving, as Peter landed on the roof and got closer he saw a teenage girl standing in the edge, crying with a small baby in her hands, holding it above the street. Peter didn’t waste time and got closer to her.
Hi, hey I don’t want to scare you, I’m Spiderman, I’m here to help” Peter said, after his first word the girl shivered, so he started to take slower steps.
I know, who you are, everybody does” The girl replied.
What is your name?” Peter asked.
I’m Nora” The girl replied, right after she lost her balance, but was quick to fix it back up.
Peter almost had a heart attack over her loss of balance, the baby cried in her hands once again, but she seemed to ignore him.
Okay, Nora, what are you doing here? Why are you here with the baby?” Peter asked.
That is because this baby ruined my life, I want to get rid of it!” Nora raised her voice a little.
Calm down Nora, everything will be okay, please tell me what happened” Peter tried to speak as calmly as he could.
My alpha” She started to cry, at that moment Peter saw a clear bond mark on her neck.
My alpha left me, because of another omega, he promised to love me forever, he said that he will love me and our baby forever, but as soon as she was born he left us, he left me! He left me over another omega” Nora started to cry even more, she started to hiccup.
Peter’s eyes were glues on the child in her hands, that was crying in the girl’s arms, over a street that was hundred’s on meters below. Peter felt scared, he didn’t really know what to do, this was one of his biggest fears as well, to be left by his alpha. At that moment Deadpool opened the door to the rooftop and walked in.
Thank you for leaving me behind again Spidey, that is not cool” Deadpool complained.
You’re an alpha” Nora said, her voice started to tremble.
Stay away from me!” She screamed.
Deadpool looked at Spidey, then at Nora, at the crying child in her hands, turned back to look at Peter, slowly nodded and lifted his hands up like he was ready to surrender, he turned back at Nora.
Shhh princess, it’s okay, I’m not here to hurt you, let us help” Deadpool moved a little closer, but after Nora screamed again he stopped in place.
It’s okay Nora, we are only here to help” Peter said and slowly moved closer to Deadpool.
No one can help me, not you, not that alpha, I hate alpha’s! I want all of them dead! Just like her” as Nora said those words, she loosened her grip and let the child fall from her hands.
Get the girl” Peter yelled at Deadpool and started to run.
Without hesitation he jumped of the roof after the baby, who was crying, falling right to her death. Peter got close to her in midair, took her right into his hands, now there was only one question left how will he stop them from falling with a baby girl in both of his hands, he was after that if he won’t hold her tight enough, her neck might snap from the sudden movement. As the ground was getting closer Peter’s thinking time was getting shorter, until he got an idea. He hugged the little crying girl with his left arm and webbed her tight to his chest, then with his now free right hand, he shot a web up to stick to the buildings wall. But because this was poorly calculated when Peter’s web stuck to the wall, it got tense and slinged back a little with Peter at the end of it, it ended up with Peter smacking to the wall with his back right before he stopped. It hurt like hell, Peter felt as his whole body burned, his head started to pulsate, it got hard to breath for a second. He forgot all the pain when the crowd under him started cheering, Peter slowly and carefully crawled the rest of the way down. As soon he was on the ground, police men and medics gathered around him, he carefully cutted his webbing and loosened his grip around the little girl, as one of the medics took her from his grip, he saw that she was okay, she started to cry again and was immediately taken to the ambulance. The door of the building opened and Deadpool walked out, with Nora throw over his shoulder, she was screaming and hitting his back with her arms. He walked up to the officer and handled her to him.
She didn’t mean anything back, she was just treated bad by her alpha” Peter stood up and tried to defend her, she didn’t deserve to be punished by this, after all it wasn’t her fault that her alpha was an asshole, but she will need to face the consequences because she tried to kill her child.
She will be taken care of, we will look into the situation, she still is responsible over this and thank you men for saving her” The officer said and walked away.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
It was later on the same night, Peter and Deadpool were sitting in their usual rooftop eating, unhealthy friend food, with their masks rolled up over their noses. Just this night the same tasty as always food, didn’t taste like anything to Peter, his mind was so lost that he forgot he was eating. Usually after all night patrols he would stuff his face full with food, because of how hungry he would be and without a worry that Deadpool will judge him for eating like a pig.
Hey what’s wrong? Is the food bad? You don’t seem to be hungry, you only took a couple of small bites” Deadpool asked, with food falling out of his mouth.
No the food is fine, everything is okay with it, it’s just I’m thinking about Nora and the whole situation, how much she must have loved or still loves her alpha, I mean she had a bonk mark and everything, she said that her alpha left her over another omega, I can’t even imagine how much could that hurt, to love someone so much, to have a child with them and then end up left one with a baby crying on your arms, that is the scariest feeling and…
And this is your fear as well isn’t it?” Deadpool interrupted.
Peter didn’t say anything, he just nodded slowly.
Well I may not know how a normal relationship works, but I know how they don’t so I guess…Well I can’t say that I understand that feeling Spidey, but I do know that the right alpha will love his omega and will never want to leave. Me myself, if I ever found my omega I wouldn’t let anyone get near them in their life time, I would rip anyone’s lungs out that hurt them, then shove them right in their mouth and see them choke on their own pair of lungs, with blood splashing everywhere and them trying to scream” Deadpool made a fist in the air as he turned a lovely, deep heart conversation into a disgusting talk about murder.
God Pool and here I thought that for once you will talk about something sweet” Peter complained, he signed and rubbed his neck, because it felt stiff, his back still hurt a lot.
Well Sweet butt, just so you know red is the color of love and blood it is so easy to mix those things up, you would be surprised” Deadpool joked as he watched every movement of Peter’s hand onto his neck. Maybe he was wondering if there was bond mark there.
Only for you” Peter joked back and both of them started to laugh.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
After they ate and joked some more, with Deadpool turning everything into a sex related joke and Peter wanting to never hear Deadpool talk again. As sun started to rise and it was time for them to split and go back to their own everyday life’s. Peter did wonder what Deadpool did doing the day time, because as far as he knew, Deadpool never left his house without his mask or suit on, they talked over it a lot. Deadpool admitted that even if he didn’t give much fucks in life, his skin still made him very self conscious every day and that he avoided mirrors or going outside without his suit. It must be hard not to be able to just take off the mask and live a normal life, as normal of a life Deadpool could have. Well Peters life wasn’t that normal either, he did live in a house full of super heroes, at night he was a super hero himself, in daylight he was a shy boy, with a couple of friends.
Hey Pool” Peter said.
Yes, Pumpkin” Deadpool replied.
I was just wondering what do you do in the day time, when we aren’t on patrol” Peter asked and turned to face the small white eyes and the red mask that hid Deadpool’s face.
Deadpool tough for a minute.
You wouldn’t want to know” He replied.
Okay… Never mind than” Peter said, got up, stretched, his back hurt like crazy. He walked up to the edge and turned around to face Deadpool who was still sitting on the ground.
Do you always have to jiggle you sweet ass in front of my face? I mean I’m not complaining or anything” Deadpool said. Peter was sure that if he didn’t have his mask on, you would be able to see Deadpool drooling.
That is enough talk about my ass, you know there is a lot more of me than just that, anyway, see you tonight for patrol Pool, Bye bye” Peter waved good bye and then jumped of the rooftop, as always he waited until the last second before shooting his web and catching himself in the air, the adrenaline from swinging always felt good and it didn’t matter for how many years he has done this, he never got bored of it.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
You came home today later than usual, why?” A voice came from the bedroom as soon as Peter walked out of the bathroom.
It was a busy night” Peter replied as he walked closer to the bed.
You smell like an alpha, did you fuck with anyone and just stand there now laying to me?!” The voice growled with anger.
Suddenly Peter pushed to the ground with a body on top of him and a hand on his neck, choking him. A punch came swinging hitting Peter right in the face. Peter tried to move and push the man away.
STAY PUT AND TELL ME THE TRUTH RIGHT NOW, WHY DO YOU SMELL LIKE ANOTHER ALPHA?!” An alpha command came and Peters body become lose, his limbs left numb, he wasn’t able to move.
I saved a little alpha baby girl today” Peter cried out, he hated this, he hated getting alpha commands, when his body responded to them in an instant because of its biology, while he felt like a prisoner in his own body.
And then what? You fucked her after saving her?” The alpha yelled.
No! You are my one and only alpha, Harry please stop this” Peter left as tears started to form in his eyes.
Are you ordering me around?” Harry yelled and another punch reached Peters face.
Harry spit onto Peter, got up from him and walked back to the bed.
Go the fuck to sleep” He growled.
Peter with tears in his eyes, stood up, walked to his side of the big bed, got under the covers and like many mornings with tears in his eyes fell asleep, if he wasn’t dead tired from patrol, he wouldn’t be able to sleep at all.

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Wade woke up horny as always, that bouncy botty covered by blue spandex is just way to sexy, Wade was about 89% sure that Spidey didn’t wore any underwear under that spandex. Wade slowly got out of his bed, sat at the edge of it, he stretched and got up, walked up to his bathroom and took a hot shower, the hot water hitting his swelling knot hurt like fuck, but at the same time it felt good. Wade carefully took it into his hand and slightly squeezed, he hissed and threw his head back in pleasure. He slowly stroked himself up and down as the hot water stream hitted his skin, giving even more sensation, he was so hard that he felt every individual water drip on his dick. He squeezed even harder, started working his hand up and down faster, he threw his head back as a low growl escaped his mouth.
{Ow yeah, imagine that your dick is getting squeezed by Spidey’s little wet whole} White box said.
[I bet he is tight as fuck] Yellow box added.
Would you two mind shutting the fuck up. I’m in the middle of something” Wade said out loud, his words echoed in his empty bathroom. Only he knew that he wasn’t the only one that heard it.
Not minding that he was disturbed by his own mind, Wade continued, to be honest White did give a good idea to imagine.
Wade continued this time imagining Spidey on top of him, bouncing and moaning, good he looked to tasty, Wade wanted to just take a bite. He picked up a faster paste, sometimes a deep low moan escaped his mouth, it didn’t take long for him to cum, but it didn’t feel enough. Even after masturbating three time didn’t feel enough, Wade got pissed off and stopped the water from running, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, tied it around his waist, letting it hang low on his scabbed hips and walked into the small kitchen to cook up some pancakes.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Wade was sitting by the bar drinking whiskey on the rocks, this was his third glass already, ignoring the fact that he was here for only ten minutes, only here he could come without his suit, not having to cover or hide, he had simple ripped jeans on and a red hoodie. This was his favorite bar Sister Margaret's was the only place in New York that Wade felt like he was home, a place he belonged at. It was a magical place for all fucked up tooth fairies that could knock your teeth out or give you a lap dance, the badass Santa clauses that watched you when you were sleeping and knew when you were awake and naked, Peter Pans that took beautiful girls away, Easter Bunnies that hid their “eggs” from the police, a truly magical place, straight out of a fairytale.
You seem to be grumpier than usual, tell Daddy what’s on your mind, what is bugging you” Weasel teased him.
Nothing much” Wade said as he pulled his red hood from his sweater on his head, he wasn’t in a big mood to crack jokes right now.
Hey buddy, what’s wrong? Did you lose a job or something? Didn’t got to murder anyone before your morning coffee?” A hand came and pulled off the hood, leaving Wades bald head to just show off.
Wade sighed.
Hi Ness, why are you two so sticky this morning?” Wade complained.
It’s five pm Wade, this isn’t morning time, it’s evening already” Weasel said.
And we are your friends, we care about your always grumpy ass, today it seems to be even more grumpier, what is it? Have a butt plug stuck inside? Want me to press the button for it to start vibrating?” Vanessa teased.
I wish” Wade laughed.
As always his friends knew how to break inside of him and make him smile. Vanessa locked beautiful today, as always, that low cut, short, tight, black dress locked wonderful on her, it did leave a little bit for a man’s imagination, just the right combination of sexy and naughty. He and Ness met a couple of years ago, at first they fucked for a couple of months, then tried to create a relationship, even if she was the best thing that happened to Wade, something still fell weird and odd for him, so they broke up, but stayed close, best friends.
Vanessa was sure that Wade had a soul mate somewhere and that was the reason he was so tensed. Ever since he moved to New York, his runts started to get worse and worse, sometimes he felt like he was just about to lose everything and murder everyone around him.
I don’t know, I started working with this Spider boy a couple of months ago and now I can’t stop thinking about him” Wade confessed.
Ow I know that Spider-Guy on YouTube, he is awesome, I have seen so many videos of him, have you seen how he catched a whole bus just with his hands?” Vanessa sounded dreamy.
I wish I was that cool” Weasel complained while cleaning an empty bear glass.
That kid has balls, he publicly told everyone that he was an Omega, even after that he got a lot of shit because of it, but now look at him. he works with the avengers, he fights monsters and looks like a god damn snack, anyway he is a nice kid” Vanessa said.
Yeah, he sure is nice, way too nice to be with someone like me” Wade sighed again and took his glass, chugged it all down and placed the empty glass on the bar. Weasel took two more glasses, placed them next to Wade’s and poured more whisky in them, he took one of the glasses and started drinking, Wade took his glass into his hands, but just held it looking at the drink, without taking a sip.
Baby don’t bring yourself down so much, you’re a good guy, the right person will see that, I just know that your soul bond will see the good in you right away” Vanessa said as she placed a hand onto Wade’s back and started to rub it.
Vanessa, please stop with the whole soul bond thing, it just makes me want to kill myself even more” Wake looked down back at his glass again, swirled the whiskey around again.
I know what could cheer you up, you need to murder someone and get some cash, let’s go and look at today’s money making menu” Ness said, smiling at Wade, she took a sip of her whiskey.
About that, I have crazy interesting news” Weasel said. Both Wade and Vanessa looked up at him, waiting for him to continue.
Weasel cleared his throat.
You know Tony, the rich guy, the one that owns The Avengers, well he has an adopted son and that son isn’t a super hero, like his dad” Weasel started to explain.
I know everything, I worked with them, get to the point” Wade protested.
Okay, okay, so anyway, there is a huge amount of money placed for his head, there were so many failed attempts that the price has raised up to 2 million dollars now” Weasel explained.
Wait, why would anyone want to kill that kid? Isn’t he the most boring kid ever? He only goes to charity events, never been caught drunk or with hookers like other rich kids” Vanessa got confused.
That is the exact same thing I was thinking, maybe someone wants the kid dead as revenge” Weasel said.
This did get Wades attention.
Then the price wouldn’t be so big if it was just revenge” Wade said and started to think.
I thought that as well, so I did some digging around, turns out that the order was placed on him because of his mate” Weasel said.
You mean Harry Osborn? That hot alpha with the rich daddy?” Vanessa sounded all excited.
Yes. It so happens that someone doesn’t agree on their relationship, so they want the Tony kid dead” Weasel explained.
That seems pretty stupid, to place that much money over someone’s head” Wade commented.
The price is so high because no one was able to get even close to the kid, I mean it is obvious that you can’t just walk up to an Avenger’s son and slice his head off” Weasel explained.
I see that spark in your eyes, this interested you, didn’t it?” Vanessa bumped Wade on the shoulder.
It sure did, I’m gonna go snoop around” Wade said, finished his drink in one sip. Left a couple of bucks on the counter, stood up and left.
{Today just got a little more interesting} White said.
[I can already imagine all the stripper’s we will buy with all of that money] Yellow was excited.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
After a couple of hours of snooping around, gathering information, Wade was sitting on a roof, of one of the coffee’s in the city, he was watching his target. The kid was out with his friends, who were and obvious lesbian couple and they were super hot, but there was just something about the kid that caught Wades eye. The boy was small about 5’9, he had a full head of brown messy hair, that made him look like he was straight out of bed after some good ass sex. He had beautiful light hazel eyes, there was just one thing, his right eye was all red ad puffed, someone must have hit him pretty good, but who could have that been? There was no way in hell that Tony was the one that beaten him up. Wade got interested into this whole thing, so he decided to investigate a little more, before claiming the reward. The boy didn’t seem that interesting, he didn’t dress in any weird way, he didn’t attract much attention, it seemed like he wanted to be invisible. After he and his friends drank their coffee, they got up and walked around town. The kid seemed be in the same mood always, until he saw a stuffed cat, that was about half his size, he went in and brought the stuffed animal. On their way back, he was holding the stuffed animal close, smiling shyly behind him, his smile just shot at Wades heart, wade himself didn’t knew why, but he wanted to see that smile again and again. The boy hugged the two girls, waved them goodbye and went back into the tower. That was Wades que to move as well, it was a long time before when he made a visit, so it seemed very appropriate to visit the avengers again, after all, weren’t they all friends? Wade went into the tower, was let in by security, because technically now he was a kind of a hero. He went up to the top of the tower in the elevator, there he was greeted by an empty room.
Hello?” Wade said.
He looked around the space, it was a large area. On both sides of the elevator were large long hallways with big metal doors on each side. Straight forward was a big round glass table with the Avengers logo in the middle, around it were a lot of chairs. Further was a kitchen on the left side, and a big black couth with a gigantic TV in front of it. There was a gigantic fireplace with an open flame, in front of it was a big black carpet on the floor and a lot of light grey pillows. The whole space was covered with glass windows, because it was late evening, you could see all the city lights from this tower.
Do you expect me to believe that you brought this piece of shit yourself?” A voice came from the end of one of the hallways.
Harry I’m begging you to stop, I really did buy this myself, there is no one else but you, I swear to you, please give it back” Someone was crying.
Wade wanted to move to the direction of the voices to see what was going on, but before he could, a guy walked out of one of the metal doors. He was about the same high as the kid, built much bigger, clearly an alpha. He had dark brown hair and an expensive looking suit on, after him came running Peter, Wades target. None of them seemed to notice that Wade was standing by the elevator. The guy with the suit passed the whole living room and went straight for the fireplace, he was being followed by a crying, still good looking Peter.
Harry I’m begging you, don’t do this” He cried out.
STAY RIGHT THERE” An alpha command came from the suited guy.
Right in the moment the smaller boy stood still in the middle of the living room, crying, he was clearly uncomfortable with the alpha command given to him, but he wasn’t able to resist it.
The suited guy walked up to the fireplace and tossed the stuffed animal in.
{What the fuck is going on here?} White was confused just as Wade was.
Wade decided to bring attention back to him, there was no way in hell he was letting this arrogant piece of shit alpha bully that little guy for any longer, he cleared his throat and both of the boys shot their eyes in the direction that he was standing.
Who the fuck are you?” The suited one said.
I’m your now friendly neighborhood Deadpool, I’m here to see Tony, I have something to talk over with him” Wade said.
Great another hero” The suited one said in a sarcasting voice.
Dad isn’t home right now, none of the avengers are, they are all on a mission right now” The smaller boy said, still standing in the same spot.
Wade walked up to the boy, he felt as the other alphas eyes followed him, he stood right in front of him and reached his hand out.
Deadpool, and you will be?” Wade asked.
It was stupid to ask, Wade knew this boy’s name, his age, and details like his favorite book, because he was his target, he was here to kill him.
The boy reached out and shook Wades hand.
Peter Stark-Parker” He said and shyly smiled.
At that moment his pheromones hitted Wades nose and Wade lost his mind right away.
[O my god, do you smell that?] Yellow more so screamed than said.
{Holy fuck, he smells so fucking good, don’t you think Wade?} White asked.
{Wade?} White repeated.
[Yo, dude?] Yellow yelled.
Wade was just standing there looking at the smaller boy, holy fuck he smelled so good, like lemons, but at the same time sweet like strawberries, it felt overwhelming, Wades mind went just black, that was the best smell an omega ever had.
The weird part was that the boy was just as stunned as Wade was, they were both just standing there, pressing their hands in a greeting, but not moving, just both staring at each other, without blinking. Wade was staring into the boy’s beautiful hazel eyes, his eyes were full of tears, which made them sparkle in the bright light of the room. The only thing that wasn’t nice was the big bruise under his right eye.
Excuse me?” The suited guy interrupted.
The moment he walked over, Peter let go of Wades hand and looked at the floor.
[No way, do you feel that?] Yellow was shocked.
{I did feel that, I want that kid now} White stated.
Yeah” Wade said.
What?” Harry asked.
But before he could finish, Tony landed in the big glass balcony and the moment he saw Deadpool he walked up to them.
What are you doing here?” Tony asked, he had an unpleasant look on his face.
I’m here to talk to you” Wade said.
Tony rolled his eyes and turned his head a little, then suddenly jumped before Peter, lifting his chin up.
What happened to your face honey? Who hurt you?” Tony asked, more so attacked with his question.
Tony’s eyes went big for a second and then he jumped from Peter right next to wade, he placed a blaster from his suit right next to Wades head.
Did you fucking did this?” Tony hissed.
Before Wade could say anything, Peter interrupted.
Dad, he didn’t do anything to me, he just got here, he is looking for you” Peter said.
Tony let go of Wade and walked back to his son, now the blaster was gone from his hand.
Who did this?” Tony asked again, lifting his son’s chip up, to look him in the eyes.
Nobody, I fell” The boy said.
And for a split second on the word Nobody his eyes traveled and looked at the suited arrogant asshole, this was all it took Wade to realize that the guy who burned the stuffed cat in the fireplace was the one that beat up this omega. Ow this motherfucker will get it, no one is allowed to beat up a much weaker omega, no one.
Tony slowly nodded, then took his eyes of his son and looked back at Deadpool.
What was that you wanted to tell me?” Tony asked.
Right now Wades mind was black, because in reality there wasn’t anything he had to tell, it was just a stupid cover up, but now he needed to think of something.
I think the boys should leave for this” Wade said.
Why?” Tony frowned.
Believe me, it will be better if they leave” Wade said.
Right now he was thinking over of what to say, he came here to kill the kid, but right now he wanted to protect him, what the fuck was wrong with him? Wade decided what will he do.
[Wait what do you mean you will tell Tony about the thing?] Yellow was concerned.
{WHAT? Since when are we the good guy who protects people?} White wasn’t pleased.
Tony looked at Peter, then nodded and started to walk towards the elevator.
Come with me” Tony said to Wade.
Wade followed after him, they both got into the elevator, the door closet, they went down a couple of floors, until the elevator stopped and opened the door to a new space. It was like big man cave but on a way bigger scale size. The room was full of arcade games, there were a couple of pool tables, even a bowling alley at the end of the room, it was just a big open space full of games. Toby walked past everything to the big black leather couch, sat down, waited for Wade to sit down as well and waited. It was a sign for Wade to start talking. Wade cleared his throat.
Your son is in danger” Wade said.
Excuse me?” Tony looked confused.
There is a huge amount of money places over his dead head” Wade said.
Tony was just staring at Wade, with a very lost and confused look on his face.
Someone wants him dead, they placed 2 million dollars over this” Wade continued.
Since I’m not the only one that works in the dark market, I came here to warn you to keep him safe” Wade finished.
Why would you warn me? Why not came here and get your reward?” Tony asked.
[Ow shit he is on to us] Yellow panicked.
Because I work with Spidey, Spidey is part of your team, I wanted to help, because it was the right thing to do, that kid brushed his good vibes onto me” Wade smiled behind his mask.
So because you work with Spiderman, you wanted to help my son, because Spiderman is a part of my team?” Tony asked really careful.
Yeah, I mean aren’t they like friends or something?” Wade said.
At that moment Tony relaxed a little bit.
Yeah, they are friends, do you have the thing where it says that my son is wanted?” Tony asked.
Ow yeah sure, I have it on my phone” Wade said, as he pulled his phone out of one of the pouches. He give it to Tony.
Tony placed the phone down on the glass table and spoke.
Jarvis, could you scan this phone and pull up the wanted Peter post?” Tony said.
Right away sir” A voice spoke and the glass table turned on, pictures of Peter popped everywhere. Lights flicked until in front of their faces the wanted post appeared.
It appears sure that someone wants Peter killed because of Harry” Jarvis said.
I don’t understand” Tony said.
Why because of Harry?” Tony was lost.
Maybe the client is jealous over Peter, sir” Jarvis said.
Yeah that is obvious” Tony said.
But who has that much money to place over jealousy” Wade asked.
Jarvis, could you break into the system and see from where this was sent? Maybe find the bank card number or something?” Tony asked.
This will take a while sir, the website has a lot of security measurements” Jarvis replied.
Okay, tell me if you find anything” Tony said.
After his words, everything shut down, the table was back at just t being a simple glass table. Tony locked at his watch.
I need to head back, I only came here to get supplies” Tony said.
Come with me, in the meantime, I need to figure what to do” Tony said, as he walked back to the elevator.
Wade fallowed him, they were back in the big living room. Peter was sitting on the big black leather couch. As soon as they walked back, he stood up from it and walked up to them.
Dad is everything okay?” Peter asked.
Yes, okay, Peter you are under house arrest” Tony said.
What?” The boy asked.
In other words, you are grounded and Deadpool here will keep you safe” Tony said.
I will?” Wade asked.
He will?” Peter asked as well.
Yes he will, feel free to use this house as your own, until I’ll get back” Tony said to Wade.
I…Um…” Wade stuttered.
Wade can you keep my son safe?” Tony asked.
Yes” Was a short, confident answer from Wade.
Good, we will talk over everything when I’ll get home” Tony said. After that he turned to Peter, give him a kiss on his forehead, turned around, walked up to the balcony. His suit gathered around him literally from his skin, that was the coolest thing Wade has ever seen and Tony flew away.
I’m sorry, what have you said to my dad that now I’m grounded?” Peter seemed mad, really mad.
Well…” Wade didn’t know where to begin. This wasn’t planed at all, he wasn’t supposed to be here, more ever to guard this kid, he was supposed to be here to murder him, collect the reward, convince Spidey to date him, go on a vacation and fuck Spidey in every corner of the whatever island they would go to. Why was Wade stuck here as a body guard for Tony’s kid? Everything was so unclear. The only clear thing was that he will punish that Harry guy in the face and will make him pay for what has he done to this wonderful smelling omega, Wade won’t let anyone hurt an omega, more so an omega that smells so good, Wade felt as he started to get hard, just thinking about this omega.
{Ow shit, do you like this tiny guy?} White asked.
[I know, I do] Yellow replied.
Will you explain?” The boy asked and brought back Wade from his thoughts.
Hmmm where should I start” Wade said as he scratched his head, over his mask.
I can’t be at home, I have things to do later” Peter said.
Things like?” Wade asked.
It isn’t your business” Peter argued back.
Well I guess than you don’t want to know anything” Wade yawned.
I do!” The boy said a lot lauder than needed.
But I really can’t tell you” The boy said, this time so quiet, that Wade almost missed it.
They both stood there, not to far, nor to close enough, Wade once again was hit by the amazing sour and sweet omega smell, that made his head feel like he was on a rollercoaster and everything was spinning. He was staring at the boy trough his mask, the boy was staring back with his big hazel eyes, they both just stood there. Wade noticed that the boys nose moved a little, it meant that he was smelling Wade back as well. Using this, Wade let out more of his pheromones out and watched the boy’s eyes, as soon as Wades pheromones reached him, his pupils become huge, all of his eyes were almost black, you could barely see the hazel color, there was only a tiny rim left of hazel in his eyes.
Will you care to explain what is going on?” Harry interrupted.
Wade was forced to move him focus from the boy, to the arrogant ass walking up to them.
{I want to punch him in the face} White said.
[I feel the same way, I want to go back to smelling that sweet boy] Yellow said.

Chapter Text

Peter thought he will lose his sanity this week, because yesterday and today were the worst days in his life ever, but he just had to wait because the rest of the week was just waiting around the corner. First thing in the Monday morning dad and all the avengers were called out in a training mission by S.H.I.E.L.D. in some super secret deserted island for an entire week. Peter felt scared and worried for them, after all it was his family that was leaving who knows where, to do who knows that, but at the same time he felt mad and jealous that he couldn’t go as well. Like what the hell Nick, why didn’t you invite Spiderman into the mission as well? But this didn’t mean that Peter couldn’t wine his way into the mission. Even when that failed Peter got mad and just went out with Gwen and MJ to go get coffee and stay a little out of the now empty house. On his way back he brought a stuffed kitten that Harry later on burned in their fireplace, later in the evening dad got home to gather more supplies, at the same time out of nowhere Deadpool showed up in the tower and everything started to become an ever bigger mess from that point on.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** \
Monday morning
Peter we’re leaving for a week there is some special training by S.H.I.EL.D.” Tony said.
Okay, dad, I will go and pack everything I need” Peter got all excited by the new mission.
No Peter, you will stay home” Dad said.
WHAT?! That isn’t fair!” Peter tried to protest. There was no way he was going to stay at home and lose all the fun of training, more so ever stay at home alone for a week with Harry. Even if Harry was his mate, chosen by his family, just not by Bucky, but Peter hated him, he hated getting all he alpha commands, losing control over his body, feeling fear all the time, getting beaten up…
Son listen your heat is in less than a week, we can’t risk it starting on the mission” Tony said.
I can just take the new medicine that Bruce created and I will be fine, I’m sure that this time it will work” Peter tried to convince Tony.
No sweetheart, I’m not tacking that risk with you, do you understand? ” Tony spoke in a lower voice, this way letting Peter know that he won’t change his mind.
And Peter don’t forget, this heat is special, you will bond with your mate, because it will be your 21st birthday” Steve walked over with a smile.
After those words Peter’s whole body went numb, that was right, this Friday was Peter’s birthday, his 21st birthday, the day he and Harry started dating he promised that on his birthday he will mate with him with a bond, a bond that will mean that they will be together, forever, Peter will belong to Harry FOREVER.
Petey, sweaty are you okay? You just turned pale” Steve pointed out.
Is everything okay? ” Tony asked, he seemed very concerned.
Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, I’m just not feeling so good, I guess because my heat is so close” Peter tried to smile a little, to make this as much believable as he could.
Tony walked closer, placed his hand on Peters forehead, he fronwed a little.
Your temperature is a lot higher than usual, I will order Jarvis to remind you to take medicine, no patrol today as well, understood?” Tony said.
This isn’t fair dad!” Peter protested.
I will tell everyone that Spiderman went with us, so you will get a little vacation and” Tony said.
Dad you can’t away my patrol as well, you’re not letting me go on the mission and now I can’t even patrol? This is so not fair” Peter frowned as he crossed his arms on his chest.
Don’t make me take your suit away Peter” Tony yelled and everyone in the roof just stopped, froze and turned their heads towards Peter and Tony.
Yes, dad” Peter sighed.
Tony sighed as well, he rubbed his temples.
If anything bad happens call me okay?” Dad said.
Yes, Dad, please be safe” Peter said as he hugged himself.
Tony walked up to him, kissed his forehead and walked away, to pack his left things for the trip.
Peter, sweaty is there something wrong? When I mentioned your bonding it looked like all the good emotions left your body, I know that bonding may seem scary, but let me tell you this, with the right alpha, with your alpha it is a magical thing” Steve grabbed Peters hands into his own.
Steve was right, the right alpha is what every omega needs, but it didn’t mean that Harry was Peter’s right alpha, now it was just too late to change anything.
I know that Steve, I guess I’m just a little scared, that is all” Peter tried to smile a little again, he hated lying to his family, but this was a different thing, it needed to be lied about.
If you’re not ready, just tell that to Harry, I’m sure he will understand” Steve hugged Peter. After a long hug Steve let go of Peter and walked away.
Peter felt a harsh tug on his arm as he was dragged away into the hallway, it was Bucky.
Bucky was the one who quickly picked up what was happening between Harry and Peter, he knew because he himself was once controlled and even tho Peter tried to make it look as natural as he could, without fighting to much over the alpha commands Bucky saw right throw him.
You fucker, you still haven’t told Tony the truth” Bucky said, trying to keep his voice down, you could hear a little growl in the back of his throat.
I haven’t I mean there is still some time left before... Peters words were cut off when Bucky punched a wall next to him.
You will either go and tell him now pf what the fuck is happening or I will, enough is enough Peter, what the fuck is wrong with your fucking head? Do you like that shit?!” Bucky said with his jaws clenched so hard that you could hear the tension.
I will when the time is right and
Bucky what are you doing?” Peter was cut off by a worried Steve’s voice.
Bucky moved his arm away from the wall and walked towards his and Steve’s room and closed the door with a bang.
Steve walked up to Peter and placed a hand on his shoulder, he lightly squeezed Peters shoulder.
Petey I’m sorry about Bucky, I know he doesn’t mean to bully you, I don’t know what’s gotten into him this past month, he just seems to be so angry at everything, he didn’t hurt you did he?” Steve seemed so worried.
Steve and Bucky were an odd match, Steve carried about everyone, he always felt so responsible for everything and Bucky well the only one he carried about was Steve, at least that was what he said, but everybody knew that Bucky carried for everyone in his team as well. Steve always tried to find a peaceful way to solve everything, without as much damage as possible and Bucky just wanted a gun in his hand and shoot everyone that wasn’t market as a friend. They were a complete opposite of each other. Just like and Deadpool were. Wait? Why is he thinking about Deadpool right now?
Peter shook his head, trying to move those thoughts away.
It’s okay Steve, I just got annoyed that I can’t go with you guys on the mission” Peter said, he saw how worried Steve was, it hurt his heart, dad and Steve were the closest with Peter, not telling them everything hurt the most, he never wanted to disappoint them.
After everyone got their stuff packed, argued a lot along the way, what family doesn’t? They got into the big avenger’s plane and left, Peter was left alone, alone with Harry. At least he will be safe during his heat, Harry found heat’s disgusting, he said that a needy omega was overrated, that all the whining was pissing his off, so when Peter’s heats come, Harry would just leave for a week to go and party with his friends somewhere in an exotic place. Peter hid all day in his big library, he didn’t even open any of the thousands of books that were waiting for him, he just sat on his pillows, hugging his knees, crying into his blanket. His thoughts sometimes slipped into the night patrols with Deadpool, all the stupid jokes and nonsense Pool did. Even if knowing that Deadpool was a lost mind maniac somehow to Peter he wasn’t scary, Peter never felt like he was in danger being with Deadpool, if you don’t count fighting with the villains and deadly weapons, sometimes Peter even cough himself missing his patrols or waiting for them, but this week he can’t even enjoy that. The worst thing about all of this was that dad didn’t leave him alone, for some reason Deadpool showed up out of nowhere, talked with dad which made him angry for some reason and now he was in charge of watching over Peter.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Tuesday was a calm day, Peter spend the whole day hiding from Deadpool and Harry in his big library. He tough over and over again on what happened on Monday. The whole day just played in his head like a broken record. Peter though about what dad said, the whole not allowed to go on patrols thing. He thought about what Bucky forcefully said to him, even if he was completely right, Peter still couldn’t bring himself to say anything to dad when he was back on Monday. He tough about Gwen and MJ, how they didn’t say anything about his bruised eye when they went out for coffee, he knew that they looked at him uneasy and wanted to ask, but this wasn’t the first time that they saw Peter like this and as always he would just brush everything off or not talk about it all. The closer to his heat the ore brutal Harry would get. Just like last night. When Deadpool settled to sleep on the living room couch despite Peter telling him to just go to the guest bedroom that was downstairs, Deadpool refused and blacked out on their living room couch. As soon as Peter was back to his room he was pressed against the closed door, with Harry’s hand on his neck, chocking him, making him lose all the air in his lungs. At first Harry blamed everything on Peter, he was so angry that Deadpool was here and that he had to play the nice boyfriend part even if Peter’s family wasn’t home, it took Peter a lot of convincing and crying for Harry to believe that Deadpool being here was dad’s idea and that he didn’t wanted him here himself, because it disturbed his life as well. After Harry calmed down and got horny he started to kiss Peter forcefully, but when Peter refused because he was scared that Deadpool might decide to just walk in any minute, that made Harry mad as crazy. Peter was striped right in front of the door, pushed down on his knees, with his face buried to the cold ground, his ass up in the air and then he was forced into sex, to Harry it never mattered if Peter’s slick was there or not, he would just put on a condom and go to town, not minding that to Peter it was extremely painful to bear. If Peter cried out of pain at any time he was always silenced with an alpha command, making his own body and mind his own prison. As always after Harry was done, Peter was just left on the floor crying in pain, a lot of times bleeding. If it wasn’t for his mutated spider powers he wouldn’t be able to walk the next day, even with his fast healing he would still be in pain the next day, but it was bearable so he just hid it as best as he could. Peter curled into his blankets more as his mind slipped the first time he smelled Deadpool’s smell. Because of his suit, no one was able to smell his smell nor he was able to smell anything either. Dad build his suit this way not only to keep him safe, but this helped with all the distressed smell of everyone in danger, not smelling all of the mixed smells really helped Peter to just concentrate on what he was doing.
Peter still remembered Deadpool’s smell so well. He still remembered how devastated he felt when Harry found his stuffed animal hidden in his library under the same covers that Peter was covered in. For some odd reason Harry never let Peter to have anything that Peter loved all the stuffed animals where thrown out or burned, because Harry stated that they were all gifts from other alphas even if Peter bought them himself had the receipts and everything. Peter still remembers how much of convincing it took for Harry to let him keep his piercings. When Peter got drunk with Gwen one night he decided to get his nipple pierced, as he got back home, Harry ripped the piercing out. After a lot of crying and begging Peter got his nipple piercings done again, this time both of them, he was still scared of Harry ripping them out as well.
Peter shook his head, this wasn’t what he wanted to think about, he was thinking about Deadpool’s scent. He remembered how it hit his nose when Deadpool walked up to him, he smelled like smoke and for some odd reason mint it was a weird mixture of scents, but it made Peters head go dizzy, just one sniff and Peter felt lost, he smelled a lot of alphas in his life, more than half of his family were alphas, Harry was an alpha but Peter hated Harrys smell. Peter never tough that mint could smell so good, not to mention he never thought that Deadpool would have that smell, for some reason he imagined that he would stink, but he didn’t. Harry’s smell was more like a pinecone, there was nothing bad about the pinecone smell, but after smelling Deadpool, Peter never wanted to smell anything else ever again in his life.
Out of nowhere Grew texted and said that they just had to meet, but because of Peter’s eye he didn’t wanted to be seen by his friends, to his family he was able to just brush the black eye all to Spiderman time, he said that he was just in a nasty fight with a villain, but what to say to his friends, they didn’t know about his super hero life, not to mention once he got so drunk with them, he just blabbed everything out about his horrible relationship, so ever since then they were onto him just like Bucky was. This was his second worst thing this week.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hey, Tiger, we are going to a coffee shop today and you will join us, I have exciting new to tell you, no excuses, you will be there, you are only allowed not to come if the world was ending. See you soon, love you
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hello, Gwen, sorry I’m not feeling so well today, I think I’ll just stay at home today
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

After this message about 15 minutes passed and Gwen hasn’t texted anything else. Peter though maybe for once his best friend believed him and will just let him stay at home, in his bundle of tears and blankets, he felt safe here.
Suddenly the library door bursted open and Gwen walked in holding hands with MJ.
Peter what the hell do you mean you will stay at home?” Gwen yelled.
She left MJ’s hand and walked up to the blanket mountain, found Peter and started to pull him out. As soon as Peter was out, she looked at him and stopped, froze a little, looked at MJ and then back at Peter.
Tiger, what happened to you? You look more beaten up than you did yesterday” Gwen asked.
MJ walked closer, the only thing Peter heard from her was a gasp, when Peter was pulled in a tight hug from both of the girls. They stayed like this for a couple of minutes, Gwen pulled away first, she stood up.
That is it, Peter you will be leaving with us, I don’t care what your dad will say about this” Gwen said.
Dad isn’t home” Peter said shyly, still in the arms of MJ. Only now Peter noticed that she smelled different.
Why not? Did something happen? ” Gwen got worried.
He and the others left for training in a mission” Peter said. He wanted to be a brat about it and tell them that he wasn’t invited, but he couldn’t, because what a “powerless” teenager would do there.
That is perfect, then we will be leaving, tacking you with us and never coming back here” Gwen stated.
I can’t leave, dad got me someone to watch over me” Peter said.
As soon as he finished Deadpool showed up at the door. As soon as he showed up Gwen started to growl so loud, she stood in front of MJ and growled like crazy at Pool.
Go the fuck away” Gwen growled.
That would be my line, I’m watching over that guy, so you better move your ass away” Deadpool said back, he didn’t even take one care that Gwen was growling.
Gwen stopped growling and started to laugh like crazy.
Is he your babysitter?” Gwen laughed even lauder.
Peter felt so embarrassed that he wanted to burry himself in the yard outside and never be seen again.
Aren’t you that Drunkpool guy the one that fights with Spiderman now days?” MJ asked.
Drunkpool hmmm that sounds good as well, let’s keep that as plan B, but no I’m Deadpool and yes I do fight along Spidey” Deadpool stated.
By the way who are you? Why are you here?” Deadpool asked.
I’m Gwen, Gwen Stacy, this is Mary Jane my omega so stay the fuck away from her and that pile of tears and pillows is Peter” Gwen said.
Deadpool nodded, then sniffed around a little.
Your omega is pregnant isn’t she?” Pool said.
After those words Peter jumped out of his blankets right next to Mj, that was the reason she smelled different.
Oh my god, why didn’t you two said anything to me?” Peter more squawked than talked.
That was the big news Gwen wanted to tell you” Mj smiled and placed a hand on her not visible yet belly.
I can’t believe it, I’m so happy for you two” Peter said and hugged Mj. Soon after he started to cry, gosh his emotions were out of control because his heat was not too far away.
MJ started to cry as well and hugged Peter back, slightly rubbing his back.
Okay this is cute and all, but we are leaving now, come on Peter, let’s go” Gwen said.
Oh, wow, hey, the boy will stay here” Deadpool said.
Am no he won’t stay here, is that monkey butt face is here, I’m not leaving Peter here alone with him” Gwen stated.
Monkey butt face?” Pool asked.
Harry his mate, that fucker won’t hurt our boy ever again” Gwen said.
Should the babysitter know this?” Gwen asked in a mocking voice.
Hey, I got that job by an accident” Deadpool said and lifted his hands up like he was in surrender.
Wait the guy who threw that stuffed animal in fire is your mate? You have got to be kidding” Deadpool laughed at first, but when he saw that this wasn’t funny to anybody else, he got quiet real fast.
It is my job now to take care of the kid, so you two can go, I need to have a word with him” Pool said in a very mad tone.
Peter felt as he swallowed his saliva from that tone, but deep inside somewhere he liked it, even if he could never admit it to himself or to others.
Yeah sure, we will just leave our best friend with a stranger like you, don’t be stupid” Gwen argued.
If anything bad happens you can kill me” Deadpool said.
It’s okay Gwen, I will be fine, but we still need to talk about everything, come over tomorrow okay?” Peter said still in MJ’s arms.
Gwen kneeled down next to them on the blankets.
You sure about this?” Gwen asked with an uneasy expression.
Peter nodded, hugged MJ, then Gwen.
If anything happens call us okay?” MJ said.
Okay I know, I will” Peter promised.
If anything bad happens we will run over here right away” MJ said.
I will run over here, you will calmly be at home” Gwen stated.
Excuse me? Did you just stated that I can’t do anything because I’m the pregnant one? That is so unacceptable behavior” MJ laughed.
As you say princess” Gwen smiled at her mate.
This was the first time Peter was looking at his friends with jealousy, this was the first time he felt empty watching them, this was a new feeling, what was wrong with him these past few days?
Be safe, Tiger” MJ said as he hugged Peter once again, then stood up and linked hangs with Gwen, who was smiling the whole time. They began to walk to the door where Deadpool was standing by.
If you hurt my, I mean OUR little Tiger, I will haunt you down, got it” Gwen said as he looked right at Deadpool’s white eyed mask.
Sure thing captain” Deadpool replied.
Bye bye Tiger, call us okay?” Both of the girls said.
I will, I promise, Bye bye” Said Peter.
After that the girls left and Peter was left alone in his huge library with just Deadpool standing by the door.
This was the third part that made this week the worse ever. Was Deadpool.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** \
Either you will talk yourself or I will start to ask unnecessary questions and make you answer all of them” Deadpool said.
Who gives you any power to ask anything anyway?” Peter protested, he was still sitting on the floor, covered by his blanket from head to toe, avoiding any eye contact.
I’m your babysitter, the coolest one there could be” Deadpool joked.
Why do you even care?” Peter asked.
Deadpool froze for a little, he kept quiet for a couple of minutes, to Peter it felt like a couple of hours.
I just don’t know okay, there is something weird about you that makes want to take care of you” Deadpool said.
For a second Peter felt overwhelmed with those words, but only for a split second, before his mind made him come back to his senses.
Oh yeah? Isn’t it just because I’m an omega and an all mighty alpha like you sees me as the fragile little being?” Peter said, inside he knew that Deadpool would never view him in this way, not for once he ever said anything about Peter, well about Spiderman being an omega, he never made a joke about who was stronger or anything like that, so why was Peter attacking Deadpool now over something he clearly knew? Why did he felt so irritated being around him? They worker for hours together, fought assholes together, the times Deadpool saved Peters ass was uncountable, Peter knew what kind of an alpha he was, Peter knew that he wasn’t that alpha that saw omegas only as a whole to stick its knot in.
Hey! That has nothing to do with your biology, I don’t care about that shit, just because you’re an omega it doesn’t make you any less of a person. Like hell Spidey is an omega and he lifts a fucking bus over his head, he can break a person’s arm just like a tooth pick, he can be thrown throw walls, hurt and bleeding but still get up and go fight back again, he sometimes does so much stupid shit just to save someone, he jumps of building not caring if he has a safe place to land and unlike me he can’t just regenerate his ass back to life. On top of that he is one of the smartest people I have ever met in my life, he is way fucking smarter than I’m but he never makes fun of me because of that” Deadpool went on and on about Spiderman.
Peter sat there amazed, this was the first time he heard someone talk about him like that, Deadpool was really amazed by Spiderman, that means all those times he said something like this he really meant it. This made Peter feel like an asshole for not believing this guy much more.
You really like him don’t you” Peter said out loud without realizing it, at this moment he was so glad that he was covered by blankets because right now he had the biggest and stupidest smile on his face.
Yeah I do, if only the world was different” Deadpool said.
The last few words echoed in Peters head for a while, what does he mean by that?
What do you mean the world was different?” Peter asked.
Deadpool shock his head.
We aren’t here to talk about me or Spidey, we are here to talk about you” Deadpool said. Then he gasped and started to panic.
What’s wrong with you?” Peter said as he popped his head out of his blanket.
How will I go on patrol with Spidey if I have to baby sit you? What to dooooo?” Deadpool panicked.
That’s right, tonight’s patrol, Peter himself hasn’t thought about that at all. Dad did forbid him from going on patrol this entire week, even if yesterday he cheated and stayed home because Deadpool said that the first night he will stay with Peter and would skip patrol, but he promised it to Spiderman today. Because last night Deadpool was sleeping on Peters couch, he couldn’t really go out on patrol, the moment he tried to go to his fridge at night to get his cold green tea to drink he was attacked by sleeping Deadpool with a gun to his head the moment he stepped into the living room area. But tonight he needs to patrol, he can’t just skip patrols nights like that, even if dad said he couldn’t go, but technically Peter didn’t go on Monday night so he technically listened to his dad, right?
It is completely okay, just go, I’m not a kid, go and do whatever that you do” Peter said as convincing as he could.
You sure you will be okay if I leave for a couple of hours? ” Deadpool asked.
I’m not a child for god’s sake, just go” Peter said.
Okay, I will be back in a couple of hours, if anything happens put the bat signal up” Deadpool said.
Put what up?” Peter got confused.
By the way mister, don’t you think that you can just leave the whole walk thing just like that, once I will be back, you and I will talk” Deadpool said.
Fine, just go, you’re pissing me off” Peter whined.
See you later, grumpy baby” Deadpool joked, got up and left the library.
Not long after Peter got a message to his phone from Deadpool.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hi dreamy butt, I’m all up if you are all down (if you know what I mean) for tonight’s patrol, I’ll meet you in an hour, love and kisses. Your lovely always missed and loved Batman, I mean Deadpool
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Peter laughed to himself as always Deadpool’s text were weird and never really made any sense at all.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Okay, see you tonight
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Peter always kept his messages short and simple for his Spiderman side.
It meant he had an hour to get ready and swing out to their usual meet up place. Peter didn’t waste his time, he got up from his blanket covers and walked to the elevator. As he got in he ordered Jarvis to take him to the secret floor. As he got out of the elevator he walked to the glass door, entered the code and walked in to get his suit. The secret floor was way down underground the building, it was a place where dad kept all of his suits, all of his weapons and his most loved cars, along with Spiderman’s old and new suits. As Peter walked over to his side of the room he pressed a button and the big painting moved from its place revealing a room full of Spiderman stuff, like his bike, his web shooters and of course his suit, just wait? His suit wasn’t there anymore, what was going on? There was a note stuck inside the empty space. Peter walked over, took the note and read it.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Peter as I said, no patrols, that means NO PATROLS, to keep you from breaking this rule I’m taking the suit with me.
Love Dad.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Peter felt so mad right now, he screamed and threw the note on the ground, he felt as furry burned his face. Fuck no no no, he wanted to go on patrol, he felt like in a prison just being at home, he needed his freedom. Peter starter to mumble something under his nose, cursing and not making much sense because he was so angry at dad, how could he just take the suit. Peter was close to losing his mind when something caught his eyes, it was his old suit, hanging at the end of the room. Peter knew that this suit wasn’t working that smooth as his new did, but it was his dad’s fault that he had to take this one, after all he did take the new one, leaving his old one here. Because Peter felt furious he got his old suit and putted it on, this was it, nothing will stop Peter from getting what he wanted. Peter looked around, it seemed that the suit was just fine, he put on his web shooters and went to the roof. As soon as he was on it, he leaped down, feeling as sounds of this busy city filled his head and his mind. He shot his web and caught himself from smacking to ground below him, swung on it and continued his journey until he landed where he needed to be, this felt good, Peter felt good, being out of the house, being just here to patrol with no Harry around, no dad to tell him that he was doing the wrong thing or Bucky threatening him to tell the truth, this was just him out on patrol not as Peter Stark-Parker but as Spiderman, this felt right. Peter was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t register when his spider sense warned him as he was hit by a metal arm. Peter quickly came to his senses after the hit, got himself back on this feel, ready to fight.
Oh look an Octopus” Peter teased the villain.
I’m a doctor” The villain screamed as his long mechanical limbs flew right to Peter. He managed to jump out of their way and to web them together, but as soon as he was one with webbing them together a third one came and grabbed his leg, smashing Peter hard to the ground.
You know, I think you meant that you need a doctor” Peter teased the villain again at this time he was swung to a wall.
Doc. Octopus ripped Peters webbing of and it was two mechanical arms coming back to attacking Peter.
I’m not the insane one, you are, all of you are” The villain screamed.
Peter was quickly jumping out of the way, without breaking a sweat. He webbed or kicked the villain sometimes making fun of him, it was fun to Peter, he felt alive, well except for the parts where we would get hit.
Out of a sudden Peter felt hot, his whole body started to feel heavy, when he felt slick coming out it hit him what was happening. He lost balance for a second and was captured by one of the metal arms, he was swung to the ground again, but then Doc. Oc. Stopped and sniffed the air after that he laughed.
What could we expect from and omega hero, did our fight got so hot that you went into heat?” He laughed.
Peter was grabbed by his arms and lifted in the air, brought close to the villain’s face. Peters whole body felt hot, his head was spinning, no no no Peter thought, this was the worst time for his heat to start, why now? Why today? His heat wasn’t supposed to start until next week. What will happen to Peter now? At this moment he regretted that he took his old not properly functioning suit.
Octopus started to rip Peters suit off, Peters whole chest was exposed.
These look nice, you really are a dirty whore that you have them pierced” He laughed.
No, let me go” Peter cried out.
At that moment Peter felt like he was going to throw up, but out of nowhere a katana flew, cutting one of the mechanical arms off.
Yo, you ugly fucker, get away from my Spidey” Deadpool said.
Peter cried out of happiness that Deadpool come here, wait but Peter was in heat this isn’t good, he needed to get away as quickly as he could, while Deadpool fought with Doc. Oc. Peter started to slowly crawl away from them, he gathered all his strength and stood up, with his legs wobbling and barely keeping him up, before he could take a step he fell down onto his hands and knees, he was shaking, he started to feel as slick was coming out of him so much that it was running down his legs, his body was overheating, he powerless, Peter started to cry, he left so bad, he didn’t listen to his dad and went out on patrol with this shitty broken suit, he let everyone down, he lied to everyone, he was no hero, he was a failure.
Spidey” Peter heard Deadpool’s voice behind him.
Don’t come any closer” Peter cried out.
Spidey, it’s me, everything’s okay, I won’t hurt you” Deadpool said. As he slowly started to walk closer.
Peter sat down on the ground and slowly turned to face Deadpool.
I said don’t get…” Peters protest was shut down when Deadpool hugged him.
It’s okay, calm dow… God Spidey you smell so good right now” Deadpool said as he covered his nose with his hand.
Peter tried to struggle his way out of Deadpool’s hands, but his strength was completely gone, his nose and mind was filled with Deadpool’s scent. He felt like he was drunk, it felt so good at the same time just as wrong.
Alpha you smell good too” Peter cried out.
Deadpool froze a little, shook his head, he stud up with Peter in his hands and breathed out.
Where do you live Spidey? We need to get you out of the streets, smelling like this you will bring all the New York villains here” Deadpool said as he started to walk back on the rooftop, giving him some distance until the next rooftop.
The tower” Peter said faintly. The fact that he hasn’t really eaten anything for the past two days really didn’t help his condition.
Okay, hold on tight” Deadpool said. As he started to run towards the edge with Peter in his hands, he made the jump with no difficulties.
Peter was losing his mind in Deadpool’s arms, his head was spinning, all he could smell was that strong mint smell, it was filling his head completely.
Pool, I think I will faint now” Peter said before blacking out in Deadpool’s arms, before losing his mind to the darkness he heard Deadpool curse.