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Scribbles in Margins

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“You escaped, Dorian,” she said, eyes gleaming. “You left and never looked back. You didn’t have to endure Endovier and you’re lucky for that. But after you escaped, Endovier lost a slave. Compensation was needed.” Dorian realized suddenly what she meant.

“No,” he breathed.

“And who better to fill your shoes in the mines, than the very Captain who let you escape?”

“No,” he said again, shaking his head.

“Chaol was sent there, many years ago. He never came back. I tried to convince the King to bring him back, but he threw me in the dungeons every time I brought it up. When Hollin ascended to the throne he even threatened to send me to find Chaol in Endovier and stay with him there. I sent word to Endovier in secret. Asked if there was anyone who had worked there for a decade and still lived. There were three people. I travelled there. When I arrived, they told me one had died four days prior. They’d kept the body because they knew who had asked for information, and my reputation still held back then. They showed me to the dead man’s body first.” She stopped and gulped and Dorian guessed the rest. “I almost didn’t recognise Chaol’s corpse. He looked like a toothpick.” She shuddered. Dorian was too stunned and grief-struck to speak. She went on: “He spent ten years in Hell, paying your debt, Dorian. So don’t presume to know what has happened since you left. You know nothing, Dorian Havilliard.” With that she turned and stalked out of the alley, leaving him standing motionless in the dark, trying to digest the story she’d told him.

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The bond shuddered and snapped, with a blinding agony that sent her to the ground on her knees. She knew Jules wasn’t dead, but it still hurt.
It hurt so bad.

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“Please, my lord. I don’t know how you and Robb left things. But I beg you, if you ever felt some affection for your brother, let me stay, just for a few nights. Please”. The Lord Commander turned away from the window and looked at her.

“Talisa,” he said and his voice was full of sorrow, “Robb was, for a long time, my only friend. I could never throw out his wife and child"

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"And what of the Kingslayer?"

The KIng in the North was looking at Brienne.

"Jaime, Your Grace," she replied. "His name was Jaime"

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In the end, he hadn’t recognized her. He’d died thinking she was a shapeshifter, another torturing device- and that might’ve just been the worst part. Her cousin had died without knowing she had come for him.


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He didn’t know how exactly this little girl had stolen his heart, but he knew he didn’t want it back.

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Castiel knew a good deal more about Crowley than he would ever let on to Sam and Dean. He knew of the demon’s dealings on Earth and his role in averting the Armageddon of 1990. Now that he was dead, Castiel knew what he had to do, whom he had to call.

The telephone felt like a leaden weight in his fingers, as they dialed a number he had written down long ago. It rang four times before a soft voice answered.


“It’s Castiel”. A small pause then-

“To what do I owe the honour? Heaven is not calling me back again, is it?” Cas recalled the instance in the late 2000s. He wished this were the same.

“No, this is- it’s about Crowley”. The long-suffering sigh on the other end suggested that this wasn’t the first time anyone had said the words to the other angel.

“What did he do this time? He didn’t destroy his car again, right? Adam said he was tired of reconstructing it”

“He didn’t, it’s just… he’s… “ Humanity was definitely rubbing off on him, Castiel decided, because never before had he had so much trouble delivering news. “Crowley is dead”. The pause this time stretched on and on.

“Thank you for telling me,” came the clipped response at last, and the line went dead.

Thousands of miles away, Aziraphale put the phone down.

Angels don’t cry. But he had been as cut off from Heaven as Crowley had been close to Hell is recent years.


Crowley was dead.

Gone, just like that.

Angels don’t cry, but every rule has an exception.

So, for the first time in his very long life, Aziraphale put his head in his hands and wept.

And the world was never the same.