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Unfettered Souls

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It wasn’t even that late by the time he reached his apartment block, but it seemed the early spring evening was still cold enough to give him a headache. He could feel a sharp tightness building up in his head and he winced slightly as he climbed the stairs and a spark of pain exploded behind his eyes. It probably didn’t help that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually slept either - as opposed to just crashing out for a few hours wherever he happened to be sitting at the time - but despite all this he found himself waking down the corridor to his apartment with a grin on his face as he unlocked the door and entered the room.

In the last twelve hours the team had managed to close not one but two long-term cases that had been draining them dry for weeks. He’d shifted the finishing off and writing up to various other members of the team before leaving, pointedly ignoring the dagger-laden glare that Chu Shuzhi shot his way as he did so (it was called delegation, as he so often reminded them - though Chu usually called it something less polite). In addition to that, he’d managed to spend half the day teasing and annoying the ever-stoic Shen Wei because, really, he was just an immature little shit when it came down to things like this.

What made it all even funnier is that he had managed to do it so perfectly that no-one else managed to pick up on it - though that was mainly because the rest of the team were even more exhausted than him. Well, all of them apart from Shen Wei of course who, even when he wasn’t looking at him, Yunlan knew didn’t miss a fucking thing; and that was what made it all so much fun.

He felt rather proud of the fact that he could make even the most normal and boring of words sound obscene without much effort, lollipop rolling over and around his tongue, all the while appearing relaxed and unhurried as he continued talking. It amused him and annoyed the rest of the team, especially Zhu who could usually put up with only so much before speaking up and accusing the chief of being unprofessional - to which he would just spread his hands and open his eyes wide in a “who, me?” gesture which pissed the woman off even more. He might also have developed a terrible habit of doing things like wearing trousers that were just a bit too snug around the ass, and t-shirts that would maybe ride up a bit when he stretched his arms above his head, something that he tried to do as often as possible if a certain professor was around, getting a cheap thrill every time he saw a faint blush tinge the man’s ears. To everyone else, Shen Wei presented the very model of a calm, reserved, rather socially-awkward academic; someone who felt nothing other than slight disdain for everyone and everything.

To Zhao Yunlan, he presented a challenge.

Those that didn’t have Yunlan’s keen observational skills and obsession to detail wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Wouldn’t notice the slight sheen of sweat covering Shen Wei’s forehead, occasionally rolling down in small beads to curve under the man’s oh-so-perfectly shaped jaw. Wouldn’t notice the slight shift in posture, so minimal that it was hardly even movement; the brief flickering of the man’s long, slender fingers as he caught himself before he balled them into a fist; the restrained half-bob of his throat as he swallowed dryly before speaking, his words calm and controlled as usual as he replied to whatever question he had been asked.

But Yunlan did.

It had been a busy day at the University as well, with exams looming on the horizon and well as coursework deadlines to be met. Professor Shen’s time was in high demand, and the man had barely even glanced at him earlier as he had stood up after the morning’s meeting had finished asking that they accept his apology but his time was in demand elsewhere and he had to leave, before quickly leaving without waiting for any response.

Of course, Yunlan wasn’t a total asshole; he wouldn’t jeopardize anyone’s career, or force anyone to endure his actions if he knew they were unwanted, but that made it all even more delicious knowing that every word he said, every action he took was allowed - if not particularly appreciated or entirely appropriate.

Yunlan came back to the present almost reluctantly, aware he was already half-hard and he’d barely been home five minutes. He had just shoved his boots under the bed, jacket thrown haphazardly in the general direction of a chair, when the door to his apartment slammed open. Instantly he felt a jolt of desire and anticipation roll through him which ended in his cock, making him even harder as he glanced up.

Shen Wei stood in the still-open doorway, immaculately dressed as usual. He wore a dark navy suit with burgundy accents that fit so perfectly that it highlighted every line and angle but it was his eyes that caused Yunlan to inhale sharply. They were dark yet so bright, almost burning with desire and promise as the man slammed the door shut behind him with such force that it rattled in it’s frame.

“Undress. Now.”

The words were ground out in a low voice that sounded inhuman, almost feral. A delicious shiver of almost-fear shuddered through him, and his hindbrain shouted at him to shut up and do as he was told - but, of course, Shao Yunlan had long ago learnt to ignore that sensile part of him.

“Well, hello to you too- mmph!”

Shen Wei walked into the room and flicked a hand in an almost lazy gesture. An invisible gag of air was slapped over Yunlan’s mouth, silencing him immediately, and he blinked, taken by surprise. After a brief moment of panic he realised that could still breathe through his nose, albeit in shallower breaths, but the pressure against his mouth kicked his brain into some other level. He stood unmoving, watching with wide eyes like a rabbit caught in headlights as the man stalked up to him, grabbed his chin with one hand and jerked his face up so roughly that the muscles in his neck began to protest. Yunlan looked up into Shen Wei’s dark eyes and was instantly caught in the man’s gaze, his muscles going rigid as if his entire body was caught in that same invisible bond.

“I said, undress. Now.”

Suddenly Yunlan felt himself released from Shen Wei’s grip as the man took a few steps back, those eyes still on him. For a moment, Yunlan almost lost his balance, and he felt the world briefly tilt, then his mind snapped back into place. His fingers shot into motion without a second though as he clawed at his own clothing, not sure whether to go for his t-shirt or trousers first so going for both and making little progress on either.


The voice cut through his thoughts like an arrow. Yunlan’s hands stopped where they were, material bunched between clenched fingers, and he realised dimly that he was almost hyperventilating with the gag still in his mouth forcing his breath in and out of his nose so fast that he was beginning to get light-headed. Oh god, please don’t pass out before I even manage to get my shirt off! he almost pleaded with himself as he closed his eyes and forced himself to breathe more evenly; he was pretty sure that being conscious was going to be a basic requirement for tonight.

After he’d managed to get his breathing back to a more regular rhythm Yunlan swallowed dryly, grasped his shirt with one hand and pulled it over his head, letting it drop to the floor. He opened his eyes as he did so, and was dragged in once more by that fathomless gaze, feeling swept under by an undercurrent that he was powerless to resist. He wasn’t even aware of his hands even moving though he knew they must have done as he felt a shiver ripple through him, a combination of the chill in the air on his exposed skin and the anticipation of what was going to come next.


This time he didn’t hesitate. As Yunlan sat on the bed and shifted into position he felt the pressure of the invisible gag loosen slightly - he could breathe a bit easier now, but still wasn’t able to speak. Though he could hear me moan, he suddenly realised as he sat on the bed, and that thought made his cock wake up and pay attention again. He caught himself just before he started fidgeting with anticipation and bit back a laugh. Wriggling like a fucking maiden on her wedding night! he thought scornfully and that thought brought him back into himself a bit more - enough, at least, to make him realise that he was lying naked, knees apart and gagged with an invisible force and about to have his mind blown wide-fucking-open.

He realised that he was beginning to hyperventilate again.

“You really don’t have any shame do you?” Shen Wei started, as he made his way further into the room. He stopped a few paces from the bed and with a brief glance at the ceiling the overhead lights went out. For a brief moment they were plunged into darkness and something in the back of Yunlan’s brain sparked into a fizzing brightness of endless possibilities before the room was suddenly bathed in flickering candlelight from a dozen candles placed strategically around the room.

He had thought the notion ridiculous at first but damn was it hot to see the shadows play across Shen Wei’s face, the fire from the candles reflecting in those dark eyes that seemed to pierce right through him into his very soul. There was something primal about fucking by candlelight, something that awakened an almost animalistic instinct to forget about modern-day distractions and worries and instead focus on getting your cock into someone - or someone’s cock into him, Yunlan really wasn’t fussy which by now.

“On your back.”

This time he complied without a second thought, sliding his body down the bed until his head was on the pillows, automatically spreading his arms up and out, fingers reaching for the bars at the head of the bed to wrap around in anticipation. He saw Shen Wei look at him, his head tilted slightly to one side as he visibly looked Yunlan up and down slowly, his face never betraying any emotion as their gaze locked onto each other once again.

“You really don’t have any shame do you?”

Yunlan shook his head vigorously.

Shen Wei tutted softly as he looked down at Yunlan’s cock, swollen and resting heavily on the man’s stomach.

Just that look made Yunlan moan around the invisible gag and, unable to resist any longer, he reached down to take himself in one hand, fingers playing lightly over his balls that felt so tight they could burst at any second.

“Quiet!” Shen Wei’s attention snapped back up to Yunlan’s face, and he was pinned down by that stare once more. “And did I say you could touch yourself?”

Yunlan watched as those fine, delicate fingers traced a quick sigil in the air and suddenly both his arms were pushed back roughly, his wrists connecting heavily with the bars of the bed frame. Instinctively he tried to pull back and he realised with a start that they were both held there as fast as if they were tied with a lock and chain, immovable. With the realisation that he could go nowhere, he felt his muscles go slack, his eyelids softening to look out of half-lidded eyes as his hips started to rock slowly and his cock bounced heavily up and down. Each time it touched his stomach he slowed and inhaled sharply through his nose, breath stuttering at the back of his throat, and soon there were thin strands of viscous pre-come connecting his swollen head to his stomach creating a slick surface for the sensitive skin to glide across. It felt like every nerve in his body was on fire and he just needed some friction, just one touch, to burst into a shower of sparks.

Even through the heavy veil of self-centred desire there was a part of Yunlan’s mind that was active enough to notice the changes in Shen Wei. He saw the man’s tongue darted out to moisten dry lips, a thin sheen of moisture left on them, as he stood there staring at Yunlan’s exposed body, laid out like a carnal buffet prepared just for him. Without saying a word Shen Wei started walking towards him, slowly, one hand reaching up to hook a finger between shirt and tie. Their gaze never flickered as the man began working the tie loose in short, sharp movements and with a final tug the tie slid free from it’s collar. Yunlan swallowed dryly as he watched the usually meticulously tidy Shen Wei discard the tie carelessly on the floor, not looking or even seeming to care where it fell while the other hand reached up to undo the row of buttons on his shirt, pulling it free from the waistband of his trousers, slender fingers making even this more boring of actions seem obscene and providing a visual countdown towards the climax of the evening’s performance.

Yunlan had never been a religious person but if he had been able to move he would have fallen to his knees and worshipped this man.

The shadows from the candlelight seemed to be alive now, writhing and coiling around Shen Wei’s chest and stomach through the now-open shirt, their soft edges a contrast to the hard lines of his body, and the light from the flames reflected in the metal as he undid his belt, nimble fingers almost caressing it as the unfettered leather slid smoothly through the belt loops to land heavily on the floor, so carelessly disregarded.

It was all too much for Yunlan’s mind to process any more. He lay on the bed, panting harshly around the gag as the lack of oxygen made his head swim even more, and he lost himself in the sight of Shen Wei stalking towards him, shirt undone and trousers still on, having evidently decided that it was all taking too much time. The man had the look of a predator that knows its prey has nowhere to run, a faint, knowing smile playing at the corners of his mouth that had nothing to do with amusement and everything to do with knowing what was to come next as he slid onto the bed with almost feline grace, making his way up to kneel between Yunlan’s thighs, his fingers trailing across skin as he did so.

“Ah, my little Yunlan,” Shen Wei whispered almost reverentially,

Yunlan shuddered, eyes closing heavily as he became overwhelmed and the rest of his sense seemed to heighten. He could smell his own desire, sweat mixed with a sweet musky smell that made him feel as base as a rutting animal. He could hear his own breathing, harsh and loud around the gag still wrapped around his mouth, and he swallowed dryly as he wrapped his fingers around the bars of the bed frame, the solid metal the only thing grounding him in that moment.

“I want to hear you.”

Suddenly the pressure against Yunlan’s mouth disappeared. His eyes shot open and he reflexively began to breathe deeper, his lungs suddenly firing into life after being restricted for so long. Soon, however, his gasps were replaced by pleas, delivered in an almost litany of prayer demanding a response.

“Please... fuck, please... don’t stop!” Each word felt like it was being torn out of his throat and given up as an offering, a desperate plea for forgiveness and absolution for every wrong he had ever done. There was a part of his mind still clinging onto sanity that kept telling him to stop, to get out, but he was too far gone now to back out.

“So pretty when you beg,” Shen Wei murmured almost distractedly as he trailed a hand lazily up the inside of Yunlan’s thigh before wrapping his fingers around the base of the man’s cock before squeezing gently.

Yunlan let out a low sigh that was almost a sob.

“So shameless,” Shen Wei said in a soft voice as he began to move his hand slowly up and down the shaft, trailing the base of his fingers across the sensitive skin at the head to help lubricate his actions, his actions almost lazy and unhurried as if he had all the time in the world to toy with his plaything.

“Only...only for you,” Yunlan managed to gasp out, somehow finding the words in the fizzing brightness of his mind. That Shen Wei was still mostly dressed and he was naked, laid out like a sacrificial offering, gave him a rush that he didn’t even know was possible. He felt desire and desired, vulnerable yet powerful, and he closed his eyes, unable to bear the weight of that stare that seemed to suck him in and hold him captive. As he lay in darkness listening to the words that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once, his existence narrowed down to that hand taking him closer and closer to the edge.

“And I exist only for you,” the words said, as he felt his mind soaring ever higher.

Any other time, he would have viewed the words said to him as melodramatic nonsense to be dismissed as old-fashioned rhetoric that had no place in modern society, but in this time and place he felt the weight of those words, every one finding a place in his soul where it fit perfectly and lodged fast.

“I will love you, protect you, worship you; if you allow me.”

He felt unworthy of these words, undeserving of praise but unable to deny himself their power. He felt raw and unfettered from his mortal body, his existence narrowed down to a single point of burning light and, with a strangled cry that was almost torn from his throat, his body shuddered and his soul spilled out into his lover’s hands.


Yunlan’s mind had finally re-entered orbit and was coming back down to earth. Still with his eyes closed he let out a satisfied sigh and slid an arm around the other man. Shifting slightly, they turned so that he was almost wrapped around the other man, with Shen Wei cocooned in his body’s embrace and he inhaled deeply, a perfume of sweat and sex and security.

“I’m really sorry. I would offer to help you out but I don’t think I can move,” Yunlan murmured into the back of Shen Wei’s neck. He got a soft laugh in return.

“This is all I need,” Shen Wei replied, reaching out interlace their fingers together, resting their hands on his stomach as he squeezed tightly. “This is all I will ever need.”

For a moment they just lay in silence, then Yunlan spoke up.

“Hey - my headache’s gone!” he paused for a moment, pretended to consider something then gave a lecherous grin as he leaned in to whisper in Shen Wei's ear.

“What do you think it’ll take to stop my back from hurting?”