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Starry Sea

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„Are you sure about this? It was rejected by the client and it's stats are not as good as expected, it is not made for battling.
The only exceptional thing about it, is it's odd color.“, Calvin's voice didn't sound mean but seriously concerned.
„I don't care about stats, I think it's perfect! Please Calvin I want to join Moon on her journey and this will be my chance to not only participate in a contest but also learn more about these Z-moves and I want to do this with Ralts!“, Himeko almost shouted, her cousin knew too well how impulsive she could be sometimes, but she seemed more than determined to take the pokémon in.

He sighed:“Alright, I know that I can't change your mind and I can't use Ralts for my research so go ahead, but don't be too disappointed.
I will send it to Erika right away, make sure to take care of it properly!“
„Really? Thank you Calvin, I owe you one!“, with a big smile on her face, the raven-haired girl ended the video call and rushed out of her room.

„Are you in a hurry? Dinner is almost ready, what did Calvin say...Himeko where are you going?!“, her mother asked but she only got a „to Erika“ before her daughter left the house.
Kanami Sachi could only shake her head:“This girl...we just allowed her to travel to Alola and now she's got way too excited.“

As she ran through the streets of Celadon City, she couldn't stop thinking about her very first pokémon, a shiny ralts!
Her cousin Calvin was a famous breeder and an expert for raising pokémon suited for combat.
One of his clients had requested an extraordinary ralts, but since they weren't pleased with it's stats, her cousin had no use for it.
Himeko on the other side fell in love with it as soon as she saw it during one of her many video calls with her cousin.
She literally begged him to let her train it, especially after the Pokémon Activities Committee announced the very first series of contests in the Alola Region.
Himeko already read and heard about lots of myths and legends about their rare pokémon and powerful Z-moves, but her dream has always been being a top-coordinator.

And what was a better opportunity to start with her journey than doing it with her dear cousin Moon?
Thinking of her Himeko stopped in front of a boutique, she noticed her reflection in the shop window, they actually did look alike.
She was quite short, had the characteristic, kantonean features and long dark hair, only her eye color was different from Moon's.
While Hime's eyes were dark brown, her cousin had storm grey eyes.

The petite girl remembered how Moon promised to become the third champion from pallet town, she must have been quite devastated when she heard that her father accepted a job at the Æther Foundation.
Since Alola had no Pokémon League, there was no way for her to become champ that soon but during her call with Himeko, she looked perfectly fine, maybe it had something to do with that “surprise” she talked about.

But this had to wait, with a last look to her reflection, Hime started running towards Celadon's gym, where her mentor Erika waited:”Erika I came as soon as I could when Calvin told me he is going to sent Ralts to you.
Is it already here?”
An elegant young woman looked up, it seemed like she was just watering some flowers which were growing all over in the gym.
In her left hand a sprayduck and in the other a pokéball:”No need to be impatient, here, I bet it can't wait to meet you as well.”
With an admiring look on her face Himeko took the pokéball like it was the holy grail itself and let the pokémon inside of it out.

A bright red beam of light appeared and as soon as it faded, a tiny, white pokémon stood in front of her.
It's horns on it's blue head were slightly glowing as it walked towards Himeko and immediately hugged her leg.
Ralts was so light, that the young trainer didn't have any problems lifting it up:”Hello Ralts, I am Himeko, your new trainer. I am very happy to finally meet you.
Let's start our journey together, shall we?”