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"Come on Andy, you're going to be late for the job interview." A good-looking man, with tousled hair and charming smile called from the living room.

"One second, I'm coming!" Andy called getting out of their bedroom trying to put her last pair of low heels while walking, or more like jumping in one leg.

"Hurry, I don't want to be late either. Oh, and don't forget your keys." He said while getting out of the small loft, leaving the door ajar.

Andy got her keys, an apple from the counter and left running as best as she could in heels, locking the door before sprinting down the stairs of her building. 5 floors and no elevator, that's what their almost none existent budget could afford.

After 4 months looking for a job all over New York City, she finally got a call about a position as second assistant in the Elias-Clark conglomerate. Being desperate enough as someone who just moved from Ohio with the boyfriend without much experience and just their dreams and little money to survive, she would take even waitressing just to be able to pay the bills. It didn't hurt that this job was with some powerful EIC from one of the most successful conglomerates in the publishing world; they had the best magazines after all, on paper and online.

She had made some research the day before soon after ending the call with someone from HR. They did not say much, just that she needed to be at the Elias-Clark building in the middle of Manhattan at 9am and not a second later. There would be a pass with her name on the front desk and they would direct her to the right floor. They had at least 5 different magazines in that building and she looked every one of them online and their EIC. Of course, she read all the information that was necessary to at least know where she might get herself into, skipping happily all the gossip's websites and news.

By the time she got to the car, her boyfriend, Nate, was already restless and ready to speed down traffic. Today was his first day working at a decent restaurant in a good neighborhood and his nerves were getting the best of him. She could understand that and forgive his rudeness; this could be his chance to show good work and start to carve the path to bigger and better kitchens in the city.

He left her at the front of the huge glass building with a quick kiss and a distracted goodbye. She did as instruct and took a pass at the front desk and received the instructions to go up to the 22nd floor. RH.

"Hi, I'm here for the job interview as second assistant? My name is Andy Sachs." She said with an easy smile to the woman behind the reception desk.

"Ah, yes. Just a moment, please." The woman got out and went to the door a few feet behind and to the left. It didn't take more than a minute and she was back calling Andy to enter the room.

She straightened her posture and ran a hand through her dark grey shirt to make sure there was no wrinkles. Behind the desk was seated a petite brunette with kind brown eyes and a reassuring smile.

"Hello Andrea, my name is Sidney, I'm the head of HR. Nice to meet you." She extended a hand in greeting.

"Hi, nice to meet you too." They shook hands.

"Please, have a seat." Sidney had a very good feeling about this girl; even though she had not a very good sense of fashion if the sweater on her arm and the grandma skirt was any indication. This time she would go brains over fashion sense and Miranda would have to just deal with it. "Well, I have here your resume and I must say you are over qualified to this job, with all these extracurricular activities and such." She was perusing the paper on her hand.

"I just moved to NY and honestly have little experience working, so a job like this could help me gain a very much needed experience in the publishing world." She spoke afraid of being rejected so soon.

"I hope you understand, we can't afford to pay you much; this position is not known for the payment and the hours are just as bad."

Sidney was hoping the girl would accept the job. After reading the resume the first time she was very skeptical about snatching this Andrea person for such low payment, but alas, desperate times it seems were not only affecting her life. The moment the girl entered she just knew she would be right, she smelled of flowers and summer on the countryside, fresh and not overpowering.

"Honestly, at this point I'm taking anything." Such was her desperation.

"Alright then, Andrea."

"Please, call me Andy." She interrupted with a smile.

"Andy, the job is yours. But first I need you to answer a few questions and then you can take the contract home and bring me all signed up tomorrow morning." She started to type.

"Oh, that's great. Thank you!" She let out a breath of relief.

"However, after you answer my questions I'll need to send you to the 23rd floor for another interview. It's just a formality since the boss can only fire you after one week of probation.” She tried to hide a grimace.

"Oh." Her lips formed a perfect O and her heart started to beat a little faster.

"So, here says you were born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 15, 1992, is that correct?”


"Do you have family or relatives here as an emergency contact?"

"I have a boyfriend and two friends that moved with us here."

"Okay. I'm going to give you a few forms to fill up later. What is your classification?"

"Alpha." Andy was very aware that she didn’t smell or acted like others Alphas, her whole life people made sure to remember her of that.

That made the petite brunette stop for a minute and look up. Indeed, there was something different with this girl, she could have sworn she was a Beta with the gentle smile and delicate smell. After sending her up to face the devil, she had this feeling that things would change drastically very soon, if, and only if, Miranda didn’t scare the girl right away.


Miranda was called many things in her life. From stupid girl to weak Omega and now, Devil in Prada, Dragon Lady, Ice Queen. But none of that ever mattered after she decided to do something with her life and get far away from the father that thought a drink was worth more than his kids; he would have exchanged her for a cup of the cheapest alcoholic beverage if not for her brother helping her.

Her father was one of those people full of prejudice that thought Omegas were good for only one thing and Alphas should rule the world with Betas and Omegas at their feet. The thing was, he was a weak Alpha and she a strong Omega, stronger than him.

Society would always have people like him, with prejudices constructed even before they knew what that word meant. People that thought every Alpha was an arrogant and bossy person that only wanted power and sex, or the ones that thought Omegas were meant only as sex slaves, or even the ones that thought Betas were a waste of space and air and they should make a favor to the world and just vanish. But Miranda new better. She was the most powerful Omega in this city, if not the country, and just like she knew some Alphas could be the most respectful and gentle that she ever has the pleasure of meeting, Betas could be great mediators and just as much ambitious as any other Alpha.

Miranda may have used a few tricks to get where she was now, but that didn't make her less proud of her classification. But, to be an Omega in a world full of pompous Alphas, she needed to protect herself and do what was necessary to reach greatness. So, using a suppressant to change her smell and stop her heat, she started to work hard and slowly climb the ladder to the top, step by step, until she was in a place comfortable enough to stop with the suppressants and show her power as an Omega; by that point she could make any Alpha recoil in fear with just a look.

Being who she was and having that kind of power made personal relationships a tad bit difficult. Never had she saw an Alpha as appalling to her tastes and her dominant presence often made them too intimidated or jealous to pursue anything. Her first marriage was a miracle in itself; James was a very ambitious Beta, but very calm at the same time. They thought this contrast of personality could make things work and soon were tying the knot; no pun intended. It didn't take them long to notice it was a mistake, but both tried to make work anyway, they owed each other that much. A few months later and she was pregnant, it wasn't planned and could probably have created a fight between them, but 3 months in and she lost the baby. The doctor explained that first pregnancies tended to end in miscarriage, but it hurt nonetheless and Miranda and James drove themselves into work, creating a huge abysm in their marriage.

The loss of a child shook her to the point where what should have been her first heat after the abortion never came, and honestly, they were glad. But 7 months later it came and James could not deny her. It was a surprise to discover 4 months later she was pregnant again, with twins. The marriage dragged itself, both doing their best to keep a family for the girls, but the red-heads were the only thing they had in common by that point.

The marriage ended up in cheating and Miranda couldn't find in herself to only blame her husband. The divorce was amicable and as far away from the media as possible.

She spent a few years after trying to balance motherhood and her career and failing beautifully. Her Bobbseys were everything to her, but being Editor in Chief of Runaway Magazine was practically a full-time job. She wanted to give a proper family to her girls, give more time and attention, but she often enough gave her time to the magazine. And thanks to this feeling of failure, some years later she would accept Stephen proposal. And that is how she found herself in another failing marriage, but this time the abysm was being created between her and her daughters too.

However, none of that was important when she was in her office doing the job she loved so much. Suddenly the doors of the elevator opened, and it would have been a normal occurrence any other time if not for the smell that drifted inside the reception until it got to her nose. That was not a common smell, more so since it caught and held her attention. A commotion started inside the reception and even though she never looked outside, her hearing was very attuned to all the voices.

"Emily, must you interrupt my day with this commotion?" Her voice was bored and distant.

"No, Miranda. I was just not sure HR send the right person for the position of second assistant." She said that motioning to the girl by her side with the awful sweater and skirt and awful everything, really.

"I see. Do come in, unless you think the job requirements consists of blocking the door to my office, then you are doing a marvelous job." Emily sneered and gave a little push to the girl’s back. "Emily, I want Patrick on the line in a minute. Call Nigel and ask if the new accessories have arrived, if not find out why and who is responsible, tell him to also have everybody ready for the meeting at 11am. That's all." She dismissed the British with a wave of hand.

Andy watched the interaction with curious eyes and a little bit of fear gripped her heart. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the scent that permeated the office and felt a little bit dizzy for a second, then exhaled and offered her hand in greeting. "Hello, my name is Andy Sachs."