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The Angel under demon wings

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The day of her birth was dark, cold and ominous. The parents looked outside the small window as it started to rain, the woman was already in labor as tears ran down her face, not from the pain of birthing, tears of shame and disgust. Her husband shared her tears, holding his wife's hand tightly with a frown on his face. The midwife was unaware of the inner struggles of the couple, focusing on the task at hand she told the woman to push, she did sobbing heavily. The midwife smiled and told her to push one last time and then it was over, with a loud cry a small girl entered the world, wailing and crying in the midwives arms. "Congratulations Mister and Misses (L/n) it's a perfectly healthy baby girl!". The parents of the baby looked at each other in shock, perfectly healthy?. "C-Can we..see her?". The woman asked with a shaky voice. The midwife gave her a smile. "I'll clean her up, you can hold her after that". The parents waited for what seemed like forever, the rain was pouring against the window, thunder crackling in the distance as the midwife hummed in content, cooing at the baby gently. The woman looked up at her husband nervously, he shared her expression as the words of the leader of the church rang through their heads. Could she have been mistaken? Maybe their child was just a normal baby? But she had sounded so convinced when she told them that if their baby was to be born in a storm it would be the disapproval of God, a child of sin and unholyness. But surely an unholy child could not be perfectly healthy right? Their thoughts were interrupted by footsteps, the midwife held a small bundle in her arms, the baby had calmed down and stopped crying. "Here, she has a fantastic temper, I did the check up, your baby is in perfect condition". Slowly she lowered the pink bundle into the woman's arms, the father watched carefully as his wife cradled the infant, stroking her thumb over the girls cheek. "She's so soft..". Hesitantly she continued to stroke the babies face, scared that the soft skin would suddenly turn into something monstrous. A sob escaped the mother as the child's small hand reached for her finger, holding it softly the little girl opened her eyes for the first time. The father couldn't help but sob as well, her eyes were a soft hue of (E/c) with specks of Grey. They looked at each other, relived but suspicious, she looked normal yes but would that change as she grew up?

5 years later

"Mommy! Mommy look!" The small girl shouted, running down the floor to the living room, each step echoed with a pat as her bare feet slapped against wood. "How many times do I have to tell you not to stomp when you walk?!". Her father yelled out of the kitchen, the girl flinched and looked down. "Sorry daddy..". The man scoffed and turned back to the coffee machine, mumbling something under his breath which the girl couldn't understand, careful if her steps the toddler continued to the living room where her mother sat in an arm chair, knitting with soft music playing in the background. "Mommy?". The green eyes of the woman flickered to her daughter with annoyance, the girl stepped closer and opened her palm excitedly. "Watch!". The girls eyes glowed silver for a second before the colour of her hands turned black, her fingers and nails growing into claws, the mothers eyes widened and she grabbed her child's arm harshly, yanking her daughter forward. "What did I tell you about this witchcraft?! You will stop this at once!". The eyes of the girl were teary, her bottom lip trembled as the black skin expanded. "M-Mommy please let go..". The woman gripped harder slapping the child across the face as she watched the change of her skin continue. The little girl sobbed, trying to focus on her hands with blurry eyes, managing to lessen the black but shrunk once more when her father entered the room, she began to tremble and felt her skin tingle all over as she saw him take his belt off.


Sitting in a small coffee shop you nervously tapped your foot against the ground, the years of constant running and hiding had left you in a permanent fight or flight mode. Eyeing the people around you you sipped on your coffee, waiting for anything suspicious to happen, you never let your guard down, you had learned what can happen if you do. Your eyes glistened silver as you scanned the crowd, no familiar faces, no danger, for now at least. Taking a deep breath you turned your head to the screen of the small television that was mounted above the booth you sat at, it was set to the news Channel, that was never good, you were on the run after all, no one could ever know who you are, the program flickered as you stared at it, static engulfed the screen and an employee groaned quietly. "This damn thing..". She muttered and went to the back, probably searching for a ladder to fix it, during that time you pulled out a 5 dollars and put them on the table under your coffee cup so that it was still visible. You got up from the booth, adjusting your clothes as you walked out of the shop, glancing at the other customers on the way, a blonde woman, two brunette men, a old couple and a red head sitting with a blonde man. Nothing out of the ordinary.

It was still raining when you left through the door, the bell ringing above you as it shut, you smiled, rain made it easier to hide in the crowds and cover your tracks, pulling the hood of your black coat over your head you began walking down the sidewalk, under the security of your hood you let your ears grow long and pointy, prepared to listen to any noise that might be suspicious the way they curved upwards made them look almost like those of an elf or a demon the voice in the back of your head added bitterly. "Do you think it's her?" someone behind you said, the voice was feminine, a woman. She sounded far away but you were still able to make out the words. You kept walking, head low as if you'd hear nothing. "The description fits, (Y/s), dyed (H/l) hair, malnourished and the way she kept looking must be her" a male voice answered. Your eyes widened and you quickened your pace. How did they find you? You had been more than careful, not staying anywhere for more than 6 hours, always using cash, showing the fake ID with wrong informations, never talking to anyone, keeping your guard up at all times, no matter how they did you needed to escape. "Do you think she can hear us?". The male voice asked, this time more quiet and you hurriedly pushed through the crowd, trying to find a place where you could shift, where you could spread your wings and take off, you wouldn't go back there, you'd rather die then to ever have anyone shackle you and bend you to their will, never again. "Ma'am excuse me?". You froze, it was the male voice and it came from in front of you, you had not heard him and now, once again you felt trapped but this time you wouldn't be the fly, you'd be the spider...Hopefully