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It was the fourth text he’d received in the last thirty minutes he could only roll his eyes and shove the phone into his coat pocket.


“Is something the matter?” The man beside him paused concern written across his handsome face Gu Qing Pe smiled.


“No not at all just some spam messages really how they got a hold of my number is a mystery to me.” The man seemed satisfied with the answer and Gu Qing Pe couldn't help but the admire the smile he received in return the younger man was exactly his type a junior executive from a company his was trying to correspond with a go getter attitude and quite knowledgeable in the stock market. He was also kind, handsome and had a very engaging personality his sense of humor wasn't so bad either.


“I understand I’ve-” Gu Qing Pe didn't get to hear the rest as the man was smashed to the ground his eyes widened in horror as the handsome face soon turned bloody.


Yuan Yang huffed thoroughly annoyed at the lack of response from Gu Qing Pe his phone groaned under the stress his was clutching it with.


“Yuan Yang! Are you still moping back there ayo we’re supposed to be having fun tonight!!”


“Shut up!!” Peng Feng shrank into his seat punching Zi Ang in the arm when he snickered he shook himself clearing his throat.


“Seriously though what crawled up your ass ah?” Yuan Yang could only hit the car seat in frustration they were on their way to a new club that had opened in the red district but he wanted to know where Gu Qing Pe was at all times he’d even told the man so and all he got in return was an irritating smirk and a pat to the face.


“Gu Qing Pe that fucker before I left he  looked like he was getting ready for something and he wont tell me where he is.” Peng Fang slowed to a stop at a red light and dramatically threw his arms up looking at Yuan Yang through the rearview mirror.


“Bro are you still obsessing over him was he that great?! You need to taste a women to remind yourself where the real pleasure is at.” He gave a bright smile and winked at Yuan Yang, Zi Ang rolled his eyes at Peng Feng’s antics resting his head on his hand he glanced out the window before yelling.


“”Ah!” Peng Fang and Yuan Yang jumped in surprise.


“The hell are you yelling at?” Yuan Yang followed Zi Ang finger towards were he was pointing lo and behold the man in question was standing a block or so away to be what it seemed to be smiling and laughing with some man.

“Fuck!” Peng Fang cursed as Yuan Yang flew from the car thankfully the light turned green and he speed up to park as fast as he could Zi Ang and he quickly unbuckled chasing after their hot headed friend but it was to late the the crack of something breaking as Yuan Yang fist connected to the man’s face made them both flinch.


Gu Qing Pe was at a lose for a moment but the horrid sounds the man on the floor was making made him rush forward but he was quickly stopped by a pair of hands he turned to see the young man he recognized as one of Yuan Yang friends Peng Fang hold him back while shaking his head vigorously side to side he turned back to the scene in front of him.


Yuan Yang was blind in his rage this piece of shit smiling and laughing with what was his getting  close and and! he felt something give way under his knuckles. He grinned with sickish glee to the inhuman sounds that the bastard made he’d continue but the sound of someone shouting caught his attention making him pause. Letting the body crumble to the ground he stood from his previous position bent to get a better angle at beating his victim. He turned to the three behind him.


“Yuan Yang!! Yuan Yang!! Stop! Stop!” Peng Fang held onto the smaller man even with how obsessed his friend was with him in his friends rage he wouldn't put it past Yuan Yang to kill him as well. To his surprise the harsh beating stopped but when Yuan Yang turned he didn't know if that was any better Yuan Yang’s eyes were fiery red he had blood across his face and some dripping from his hands.


The street had quickly gotten eerily lonely the only sounds that could be heard where the busy buzzing of far away streets and the cars speeding by too far away to notice what was happening and the heavy breathing of Yuan Yang, stepping forward the other three couldn't help but take a step back.


“Come Here.” His voice husky demanded it was obvious who he was taking to Gu Qing Pe shook off the hands holding him and walked forward he wanted desperately to appear angry but the fear that was permeating from every surface of his skin was easy to see.


“Yuan Yang wha-”


“Gu Qing Pe!”   He was caught off guard by the sudden shout but it was enough to make all three of them jump. Yuan Yang stepped closer his shadow blanketing the smaller man in front of him.


“Gu Qing Pe! You little shit you dare to be out and about frolicking with some random fucker!” His eyes narrowed dangerously sending a shiver down Gu Qing Pe’s spine.


“ I thought I told you that I wanted to know where you were at all times! What were you doing with him AH!” Yuan Yang pointed to the man on the floor the handsome face no longer the shape it was before.


“Did you guys fuck?” His voice dropped dangerously low when asking the question Gu Qing Pe bit his lip he hated it but he was afraid his body was shaking he knew Yuan Yang was violent but he never expected this all those time that he threatened about beating anyone that so much as looked at him. Gu Qing Pe would simply laugh it off but now seeing the blood and carnage his blood ran cold he shook his head no.


Peng Fang and Zi Ang felt for the man he looked terrified swallowed by their friends shadow really showed the difference between them Director Gu kept his head down his body visibly shaking. They’ve seen Yuan Yang be a bit much when it came to people he liked but this was something completely different from what they experienced before. Taking a peek at Yuan Yangs face had them reeling that face could easily silence a crowd.


“Open your mouth.” Gu Qing Pe’s neck felt like it could snap with the force he looked up with he understood the command and knew the consequences of doing it and not doing. His body started to shake even harder tears were the last thing he wanted. As much as he was angry as much as he was cursing Yuan Yangs name the fear he felt crumpled whatever bravery he might of had before.


Open Your Mouth!” He wasn't going to ask again that much was for sure Peng Fang felt defeated for Director Gu the visible tremor and the drop of his shoulders was enough to know the man was defeated. He grimaced when Director Gu closed his eyes and obediently opened his mouth Yuan Yang’s features softened but he was still angry if the ruff yank to Gu Qing Pe’s hair was anything to go by.


Zi Ang looked over to Peng Fang as Yuan Yang practically swallowed Gu Qing Pe they could only sheepishly look around as they waited. When the two finally came apart Yuan Yang held a dark look in his eye while Director Gu looked to the ground both breathing hard.


“That's not enough to convince me you didn’t do anything with him don’t think Im letting you go

with just that i've got to check that area as well.” Gu Qing Pe was petrified as Yuan Yang started to drag him to a car nearby. He struggled profusely looking around for help he could feel the fear in his chest build as there was no one nearby for what seemed like miles.


“ No! No! Let go of me! Yuan Yang!” Ignoring Gu Qing Pe’s struggles he was glad Peng Fang had gotten a Hummer like him plenty of space in the back . Peng Fang on the other hand knew what was about to happen as Yuan Yang shoved Director Gu into the back of his car he was about to complain when Yuan Yang turned to him making him step back.


“I’ll Kill anyone who interrupts us stay by the car.” The door slammed shut and the screams from inside made the two cringe pulling out a pack of cigarettes Zi Ang passed one to Peng Fang leaning against the car but then thought against it.


“Why are we friends with him again?” Peng Fang could only shake his head as he took a long drag from his cigarette.


Gu Qing Pe rushed to the other side in hopes of escaping but they were quickly dashed away when the handle moved but the door didn’t he yelped when his leg was ruffly pulled. Dragged across the seat Yuan Yang made quick work of unbuckling his pants pulling his underwear down for easy access leaving them only below his ass. Raining a flurry of slaps and punches to Yuan Yangs chest and face he hoped to at least get some sense into the man.


“Yuan Yang Please! You can't do this!”


“And why not Ah! Gu Qing Pe dont forget that this body this mind this soul all of it belongs to me!” Yuan Yang ignored the hits as he released himself he had nothing to prepare Gu Qing Pe with or condoms on him but he didnt care he was going to show Gu Qing Pe what happen when he acted as he pleased lining himself with Gu Qing Pe’s hole he rammed in.


Outside the car Zi Ang and Peng Fang jumped half a foot into the air as a blood curdling scream came from within. Gu Qing Pe could barely think the pain of being unprepared and dry was like nothing he’s ever experienced and that's saying a lot considering he’s been raped before. Gasping for breath the tears he was desperately trying to hold back earlier now freely ran down his face in streams.


Yuan Yang held both Gu Qing Pe’s wrist in one hand both pressed into his chest his legs bent in as well. He rammed in and out over and over again taking a moment to look at Gu Qing Pe the man’s eyes were tightly shut face to the side. His lips were bloody by how hard he was biting them trying to keep his broken cries from escaping Yuan Yang lowered himself down shifting slightly he rammed at an angle that would have the man beneath crying out.


Gu Qing Pe groaned as Yuan Yang shoved his tongue into his mouth his vision was starting to blur his consciousness starting to slip. He jumped into the kiss as a rough hand pulled his cock to life the rough tugs had him moaning into Yuan Yangs mouth. His hips jumped with each pounding the sounds of skin against skin were obnoxiously loud even to those waiting outside the car.


Gu Qing Pe looked at Yuan Yangs face through his tears he had bits of blood here and there his knuckles bruised and bloody his breath hitched as he felt that the two were close to cuming. As Yuan Yang savagously slammed in for the last time he felt that uncomfortable feeling of being filled he could only let his arm fall to the side after being released and thinking.


“How could anyone ever have hopes of taming this monster?”


Yuan Yang breathed hard his body shook from his orgasm the feeling of pleasure he could only experience with Gu Qing Pe leaving him wanting more. But that wasn't gonna happen not now anyways Gu Qing Pe was out cold one of his arms hanging off the side of the seat the other limp against his stomach. Gu Qing Pe’s face was to the side causing his still running tears to form a mini dripping waterfall his glasses were missing and his once neat hair a complete mess.


Yuan Yang still fully seated in Gu Qing Pe leaned forward putting both hands at either side of the smaller man's face looking him over. He felt a bit bad but then the smiles and laughs from before came back to him and his gaze hardened he looked at Gu Qing Pe grabbing his chin giving him a shake.


“Remember your the one that asked for this if you had just listened and been good then this wouldn't have had happened.” He sighed letting the head lull back to its original position he looked at the tantalizing skin of Gu Qing Pe’s neck and smirked evilly. Pulling Gu Qing Pe’s shirt down he pressed close to the juncture of his neck and shoulder rubbing it tenderly before opening wide and biting down harshly hard enough to break skin. Gu Qing Pe’s body jumped widly the pain registering but not enough to wake him.


“There so next time you’ll think twice and people will know your taken.”


He licked the droplets of blood giving the wound butterfly kisses leaning back up he pulled out cleaning them both up with one of Peng Feng shirts he’d found. Tucking himself back up he did Gu Qing Pe the courtesy of pulling his underwear back up but that was it. The door opened and Zi Ang and Peng Fang were hit by a wave of hot air the two jumped back in surprise and disgust.


“ Lets Go.” Peng Fang shook his head Zi Ang following suit but both gulped before opening their doors dread filling them at what they might see.


“Hurry up.” Peng Fang opened the door and got a clear view of Gu Qing Pe if he hadn't already known what had gone done from anyone else's view it would look the man was beaten. Zi Ang could only stare in fright Peng Fang had told him about Hanzou but to see the scene now and this being only a fraction of what happened before. He could only look at Yuan Yang in fear cause truly the man was a beast and after doing what he's done he looks more at ease then anything.


Peng Fang cleared his throat the silence suffocating. “ Well let's go shall we?” He paused and looked back at Yuan Yang waiting.




“Where to Young Master?” Yuan Yang rolled his eyes but gave an address Peng Fang started the car and off they went Gu Qing Pe didn't stir once even when Zi Ang caught Yuan Yang’s hand deep in the leg of Director Gu’s underwear rubbing the skin underneath absently while looking out the window.


They arrived an  hour later to a posh neighborhood stopping the car Peng Fang looked around whistling.


“ I didn't know you had something up here.”


“I don’t Gu Qing Pe lives here.” Yuan Yang answered getting off the car he dragged Gu Qing Pe till he was able to drag him to a sitting position at the edge.


“Wey be ca-” Peng Fang stopped short as Yuan Yang gently pulled Director Gu into his arms holding him like princess he made sure to reach in and retrive the man's glasses. Yuan Yang closed the door then tapped on Zi Ang’s window


“I’ll catch you guys later k.” He walked off they watched all the way till he got to the door and went inside.


“Jesus!” Zi Ang slumped in his seat Peng Fang sharing the sentiment he started the car back up he needed some sleep.


“I’ve always known Yuan Yang to be a beast but this time even I gotta admit that shit was crazy!”


Peng Fang nodded giving the house one last look “ Gotta give Director Gu my sympathies the poor bastard really got stuck with a monster.”


Zi Ang gave a sad expression because Director Gu didn’t seem to be a bad person but he really did have some rotten luck the two sighed and headed home.