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Quick, stolen moments between them were what sustained her.


The hungry, needy kisses that became more heated with each meeting of lips.


The greedy explorations of delicate fingers.


The stifled moans of a woman unhinged.


The way they always parted, breathless, a little flushed. 


The furtive glances, shared when no one was looking.


The lingering touches that held as many secrets as they did warmth.


The words, whispered lowly between the two.


It was reckless, they knew.


It was only a matter of time before they were caught; before she was caught. 




But this is what she craved.


Her body screamed out for it, begging to be a slave to her own desires.


To be at the complete mercy of her; fulfilling every wish and command that fell from those gloriously delicious lips.


She'd happily burn in hell for her sins because she knew this fire was twice as hot.


Her fingers ghosted over the flesh beneath her, soft, creamy, inviting, until she reached her goal, her mouth sealing over a pert nipple.


Fingers dipped into silk as blue eyes locked onto green, the woman writhing beneath her and calling out her name.


Before she could stop the words from escaping her lips, they tumbled free: you're beautiful, I love you.