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The Unexpected

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The blonde haired detective had just finished writing her reports when it started to pour outside. Fin walked into the squad room looking excited as the lieutenant walked out of her office, coat in her hand.

"What are you so happy about?" Olivia asked. Fin lowered his smile when Olivia pointed out his facial expression.

"Oh just stuff with my son, you know?" Just then, Carisi phone rang.

"Amanda, can you answer that." Olivia was obviously was annoyed with the blonde haired blue eyed detective who didn't show up for work, without bothering to call in.

"Detective Rollins SVU." Everyone looked at Rollins who was signaling to the squad that a victim had been found.

Fin and Olivia looked at each other. Fin was quick to notice the look of nervousness on Olivia's face. It had already been a late night, surely she wanted to get home and see Noah before he went to bed.

"Go home Liv. Rollins and I got this." Rollins hung up the phone. "We need to hurry, Fin you coming?" Rollins put her jacket on in a hurry and grabbed the keys to a squad car.

"Yeah I'm coming." Finn replied and rushed out the door after Rollins

As the detectives made their way up the stairs of the apartment complex, Rollins could help but wonder why dispatch had made this sound so critical. There was only one police car out front and the ambulance wasn't even on scene yet.

Finally, the detectives made it up the stairs to the 5th floor. The uniformed officer on the scene ran up to Fin and Rollins frantically. "Hurry!" He warned as he nearly ran to the apartment.

"Male mid to late 30's. Beaten badly. Numerous contusions to the face. And based on the crime scene, many other injuries." As they walked into the apartment, Fin and Rollins cringed at the awful sight. There was blood all over the carpet, now almost dry. A small frying pan was sitting next to the blood, dented and bloody. "This is awful." Rollins said as she surveyed the crime scene. Fin was obviously disgusted by the blood and the scene. "Wait, where is the vic?" in asked.

The officer pointed to the blood trail leading to the bathroom. "He is in there but he can barely talk. The few words he did say where request for the Special Victims Unit. We need you to get him out so he can be treated. His injuries could be life threatening."

Rollins walked up to the door as paramedics rushed into the apartment with a stretcher. Rollins knocked on the bathroom door. "Hey. It's Detective Rollins from SVU. You asked us too come? Please come out, we want to help." Rollins stopped talking. She knocked again. "We want to help. Please just open the door." Then Rollins heard the man harshly whispered. "I w..want to talk to the lieutenant. Please let me sp..speak to her."

Rollins looked at Fin. She is unavailable right now, but how about you come out and go to the hospital. You can wait for her there." Silence. Rollins tried to open the door but it was locked. "I...I guess." The voice said. "Hey you need to unlock the door." Rollins tried to explain but the man didn't listen. "I need to get home!" He yelled. "I can't be late!"

"Sir, you are home." Rollins yelled. She signaled to the paramedics to come closer. The man started to yell again. His words were slurring and he managed to spit out four words. "I need help." he said. Rollins was becoming frantic trying to open the door. Fin and Rollins looked at each other, but their expressions were cut short by a loud thud that came from the bathroom. "Open the door." Rollins yelled. "Open the door!"