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A Random Assortment of Solas/DA Smut

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Solas felt the anger rising in his chest as the scene continues to play out before him. He could barely hear beyond the blood pounding in his head, his jaw clenching so tight it pops. Magic, his own magic whirls around him.

               This Skyhold in the Fade was deserted, save for the three current occupants of the Herald’s Rest. He knows this is a demon, he can feel it. He knew Evelyn, he’d spent more time in her dreams than he cared to admit and he knew she would never… this… no, this isn’t her.

               This, demon who dared to take upon her form to tempt him throws her head back and moans lewdly as the savage Qunari who had befriended her in the waking world, holding her by the thighs as he sat in his chair, sunk her down onto his large length, stretching her for him. He begins to pound mercilessly into her, her shouts and cries increasing in volume before letting out a disappointed wail as he slips from her, biting her ear and commanding her to get on the floor, ass in the air. The demon does as asks, lying on the floor watching him as the Qunari man stands. He doesn’t enter her immediately, instead using her slick to trace one of his large fingers around her tighter hole. She trembles, moaning again as he slowly slides two fingers into her. She pushes her ass back against him, taking him to the knuckle before sliding almost off, then roughly plunging back, letting out a cry in the process. The demon meets his eyes once more as she twists and uses Evelyn’s form against him, forcing him to watch as she bounces off the Qunari’s thick fingers. He pulls them from her, quickly replaced by his large cock as he grips her hips and pounds mercilessly into her from behind.  

               And then the demon makes a mistake.

               “Ah, Bull, please.” It cries, still meeting his thrusts as it arches its back, daring to use her voice. But then it’s screaming, its form disappearing in a flash of light as Solas watches it burn, hands behind his back. His eyes are cold and hard, but there, just at the corner of his mouth, a slight smirk of satisfaction.


               Solas awakes, still furious from his dream. Ashamedly, however he is also painfully hard. It seems the demon had succeeded on one account. He silently berates himself as he closes his eyes, trying to drift back into the Fade, ignoring the ache in his groin. His frustration from his lack of progress made him susceptible to a demons attention. He should have been more careful.

 With an irritated groan, Solas throws the covers off himself, shoving a hand down his pants, hissing as his calloused fingers met with the engorged flesh. Evelyn had yet to return for tonight, unusual for this hour, assuming she was still preoccupied with a war room meeting. After such, she was exhausted, wanting only to rest and he had no intention of denying that to her.

Without much ceremony, he undoes the draw strings on his pants, quickly discarding them along with his smalls as his large cock springs free. He can already see the knot forming at its base, the knot he now wanted more than ever to drive into Evelyn, to feel her wet, warm cunt around him, to know and remind any who dared touch her she was his, and his alone.

               He licks his hand, gripping himself firmly and stroking himself with much the same dedication. His other hand clenches at his knot, squeezing and kneading the swollen flesh at the base of his cock as he thinks of her, wishes it was her instead, her cunt clenching him as he grips her thighs, forcing her to impale herself over and over again against his cock, head thrown back screaming his name for all of Skyhold to hear, to remind each and every one of them who she belonged to….

               “Am I interrupting?”

               His sudden fantasy disappears in a hot rush of embarrassment, heat rising to his cheeks and coloring the tips of his ears red. His hand stops instantly, opening his eyes wider than normal as he meets hers.

               And there she was, hands on hips, trying desperately to hold back laughter as she stands over the bed. He’s frozen, his hands still gripping his cock firmly but he can’t seem to move, to think, to even speak to her.

               It would be untrue to say they had never been intimate. It would be untrue to say they did not know of how they would satisfy themselves when they were apart, and he certainly could not say they had not done such a thing together, but he had never been caught unawares by her in such an act.

               Solas swallows as Evelyn’s demeanor changes, her lips no longer curled in a humorous sense. He feels his pulse race as she begins to undo the lacings of her dress, letting the fabric slide easily off her shoulders, baring her skin to him. The dress had not even been completely removed when he springs to his feet, grabbing her by the waist and capturing her mouth with his own. She sighs contentedly, for the moment her dress forgotten as she traces her delicate fingers up his bare back, sending a shock everywhere her fingers met his skin. While hers clutch and trail over his upper back, his roam lower, digging into her ass, her bare flesh still separated by the fabric of the dress.

               With a growl, he shoves the rest down past her waist to pool on the floor. Evelyn lets out a gasp, arching into him as he kisses down her neck, her collarbone, and then ripping off her breast band and taking one already hardened nipple into his mouth. Her hands claw at the back of his head, the lack of hair meaning her finger nails rake against skin but he wants her, needs her so desperately as he continues to suck and nip at her breasts he doesn’t care.

               He let out a sudden hiss as she grabs his length, her soft hands holding him not as hard as his own earlier, but a light pressure that was enough to send him bucking into her hand. His eyes shoot up to hers as he straightens to his full height. She smirks wickedly at him as she traces her thumb over his head, spreading the bead of pre-cum that had leaked from it over the heated flesh. It was then he notices the lack of small clothes and then it was his turn to smirk.

               “You seemed to have misplaced your small clothes, ma sa’lath.” He whispers against the skin of her neck.

               “I had plans.” She replies.

               “Mmm and what were those?” he asks, nipping at the tip of her ear.

               “I’d hope you’d figure it out earlier.” She huffs in disappointment; he let out a chuckle. It was not unusual for him to tease and “punish” her for such acts. He knew she enjoyed the thrill of it. Today hadn’t been opportune, as the demon from earlier reminded him.

               “Then that must be remedied.” He smiles, bending his knees and linking his arms under her ass. 

               She giggles as he picks her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist as he sits at the edge of the bed, holding her tightly against his body as he continues to kiss her. They were short, quick things, slowly becoming longer as his tongue makes its way past her lips, tasting her. She is smiling against his mouth as he lays down, holding her back so she comes with him.  Her breasts press against his own chest, and he could feel the rise and fall of every breath. She shifts a little until she was straddling his right thigh, her stomach brushing against his hardened length. He hums appreciatively as she sits up, smirking.

               “Will you tell me what it is that you were thinking about, Vhenan?” She teases, her hands resting on his chest.

               “Why?” he asks, cocking an eyebrow as her hand trails lower, missing his cock.

               “You were quite focused.” Her eyes glint with mischief as her hand finally brushes his cock. “Mmm, watching you work yourself like that…” She bit her lip, groaning as she gently grinds into his thigh. He could feel the slick of her arousal as she did, his earlier thought of her riding his cock making him that much more desperate for her.

               But the feel of her slick against his thigh and the bulge at the base of his cock remind him of what must come first. He wants her to ride him, but he needs her prepared.

               “Vhenan,” he purrs, brushing his finger against her hip and she shudders. He was able to coax her off his thigh, moving up the bed until his head rests against the pillows. She moves forward, about to take his cock in hand, but he stops her. “No, Vhenan. I want to taste you.”

               Her turquoise blue eyes had never looked so big and innocent. The earlier cocky grins disappears, replaced by a softness in her eyes, the one she had when they were alone. His heart swells as she shifts up to straddle his chest, his hands finding her hips and guiding her to his lips. Her legs shake as she tries not to crush him, but once his tongue slips through her folds, he wants it all. He grips her hips, crushing her cunt against his face, his nose brushing against her clit as she braces herself against the headboard, arching her back and letting out a gasp. He tries to still her hips from moving too much, allowing him some room to breathe, but the taste of her was addictive, a tangy sweetness unique to her, leaking onto his lips and so he didn’t mind the difficulty. His hands grip her thighs harder as she becomes wetter, his tongue working itself in and out of her, lapping at her slick like a man who has not drunk in days. He hums against her, knowing how much she enjoys when he does so, moaning and groaning in pleasure as she whimpers, whispering his name in between gasps, silent pleas for more.

               By the time she throws her head back, his name coming out as a stuttered sob, her arousal covers Solas’s face, having smeared from his nose to his chin. She takes a moment to recover, but still has enough strength to remove herself from her position, laughing a little at the sight.

               He smiles in return, his heart bursting at the sound of her amusement. She resettles on his hips as he held her waist, lifting his upper body to kiss her again, letting her wander from his mouth to his cheeks, his nose, and the freckles that dot his face. She loves him, every part of him and he knows. And as he twists her around and lays her on her back, hair fanned out behind her on the sheets, all thoughts of his earlier anger and the demon disappear. She was here, she was real, and she was the woman he loved.

               Ma vhenan. Ma sa’lath.