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Cynically Quick: Kinktober 2018

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Piper Wright liked to think of herself as a loyal companion to Blue. How could she not be? The kindhearted general of the Minutemen, always wanting to help people in need? The least she could do is carry his things for him. The same man also goes out of his way to make sure the truth is known, even when it leads to him getting plugged full of bullets? Okay, maybe she’ll also obey without question when he hands her new clothes and tells her to put them on, no matter how ridiculous or revealing they are. He destroys the Institute? By god, she’ll be his personal cumdump if that’s what he wants. He’s earned it, after all.

The two of them were making their way across some long-abandoned freeway when he held up a gloved hand. “Piper?”

“Yeah, Blue?”

“We should stop for a bit. We’ve been walking a while.”

“You’re the boss,” She replied with a nod, setting down their pack with sleeping bags and chairs. “You gonna help me set up camp?”

“Not yet. Get on your knees first.”

Piper paused, a blush coming to her face before obediently kneeling. Diamond City’s infamous sleuth had become well-accustomed to her friend fucking her whenever, wherever, and however he wanted. He turned and walked over to her as he unbuckled his pants, dropping them and fishing his member out of his underwear.

The quirky reporter looked up in absolute adoration of the sole survivor, a smile pulling at her lips even as he pressed the head of his dick up against them. Piper was blushing deeply at this point but still wordlessly opened her mouth as his hand gently gripped the back of her head. She gagged as he subsequently thrusted as far as he could into her, the tip of his cock damn near halfway down her. Her eyes widened, but Piper made no effort to pull away, willing herself to stay still and be used like a blowup doll. Blue held it there a moment, feeling her quiver around his dick, the hero of the wastes starting to grin darkly as he saw gag-induced tears starting to form in his companion’s eyes. Just as Wright was starting to get a little afraid, he pulled back and let her cough and gasp for air. Piper could practically still feel him there as she wheezed around the dick in her mouth, her lips unintentionally sucking him off at the same time.

As she finished catching her breath, Blue decided it was a good time to start face fucking her, shoving himself against her with all his considerable might. His grip tightened and the slutty reporter forced herself not to gag this time, closing her eyes and licking the underside of his cock. He pushed in deeper, forcing her to the base with a grunt. “You’re really fucking good at this!” He huffed out, rubbing her hair gently. Her signature hat fell over as he growled and picked up the pace, pulling back until her lips tightly embraced him and then shoving her into him. The reporter involuntarily moaned, her eyes rolling a little while her best friend completely dominated her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!” He shouted out, choking her on his cock as it spasmed and shot a load straight down her throat. Tears were rolling down Wright’s face from his merciless ravaging of her pretty mouth, the reporter feeling the hot, stick liquid trail down her throat while she pressed her tongue against his member.

He pulled out early, cumming on her tongue. Piper cried out in disgust, leaning over and spitting the sperm until none of Blue’s semen was left in her mouth.

“F-fuck, Blue! Goddammit, you know I hate that!”

To his credit, the Sole Survivor managed to look at least a little guilty. “Sorry, sorry. Nora used to like-” He paused suddenly, clearing his throat. “Nevermind. Tell you what, how about I cook some Nuka-rum to make it up?”

Piper sighed, standing up. Her annoyance faded as she looked at her secret crush. She gave him a small smile. “Throw in some Brahmin steak and you have a deal. Two sleeping bags or just one tonight?”