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Not so magical Asylum

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"Bollocks..." John Constantine dropped a box of cigarettes and his lighter with Latin engraved. He held his hands up as the agents of whatever came for him. Suddenly everything went dark. Then a blinding light. He tried to move but figured out he was bound to the bed with restraints. No straight jacket just restraints.

"Oi! Posh pockets, I don't do restraints without a bloody safe word!" Despite all the struggling he couldn't get free and finally gave up and just looked around as much as his head would let him. Not a short time after John had woken up two nurses burst into the room with a machine. He knew exactly what it was and thus started to freak out.

"No. No. No. No. I did NOT sign up for this!!" He tossed and turned against the restraints again. His eyes were covered as his head was shoved against the bed again and replace with a leather strap against his forehead.

"BLOODY FUCKIN' PSYC--" The blonde blokes voice was cut off as a mouth guard was shoved in his mouth roughly. He wheezed slightly through the guard like he trued his best to cuss. He yanked at the restraints once more as the ladies put pads on each side if his temples. He wanted to get away from the machine as soon as posable just because he's been through this and it never works. Soon as the machine started, John's body started to shake violently and small screams came from the mouth guard. Shock Therapy. Fun. They stopped the machine as his body started to calm down. Once he was about to relax they turned it up. Same thing over and over as the screams got louder and louder. Finally after at least an hour, or it just felt like that they had left him alone. Still restrained to the bed. He was completely out of it, slipping in and out of consciousness from the pain.


Doctor Stephen Strange, those who have been here longer know that name and it sends shivers down their spine. Makes their skin crawl like something had gotten under their skin. Shockingly- the man used to be amazing surgeon and a joy in the Brooklyn E.R working nights as a Emergency Trama Technician. But over the years the man grew cold and bitter. He was power hungry and greedy for the only thing that could please his senses anymore, money. But like anyone karma clipped his wings and he landed back to earth with a broken soul and heart. That car crash set his life on a downward spiral, his hands driving him mad as each and every rejection letter for work sent him deeper. All but one, and now? Well… now her works here. Testing on the clinically insane using any and all procedures. Even calling back to things like the Nazi Medical Experiments for his own pleasure.

They had gotten a new stock of maniacs for him to meet in greet. Speaking of which that was what the man was on his way to do right now. He had a clipboard in hand and a pencil. A stehascope hung around his neck as the click of his shoes approached the mans room. Opening the door he stepped in with a fake smile, his gold name tag catching the light in the room.

"Don't go and get yourself too comfortable Constaine sir." He said as he plopped himself down in the wheeley chair in the room scooting beside John as he crossed his legs.

"Im just here to take a quick check up and ask you some question." He clicked the pen as the sharp tip came out the end.

"But do be aware you move a muscle towards me or any of my staff I'll have you begging for mercy under my scalpel."

"Sod off you peace of shit. Or let me out of this bloody hell hole cock sucker before I send your sorry soul to hell itself." John glanced over at Stephen as he turned his head sideways trying to watch what the hell he was writing. His hands curled into fists against the restraints well spitting in the doctors face waiting him to piss off. Even if he was going to get threatened. The man stood up wiping the saliva off his face as he glared down at the blonde.

"I knew you'd be in issue but I didn't expect such out landish behaviour." He said as he grabbed Johns tie and pulled on it tightly the fabric pressing down on the others throat.

"Even if you did my soul isn't worth two bits in that damn place. You'd only be disappointing them down below." He huffed as he gave one last tug on the tie before letting it go.

John gasped for air well struggling to get himself from the bed just so he breath again. He struggled till air poured into his lungs again.

"Bloody fucking wanker.." He wheezed out well taking a few more deep breaths so he could regain his strength to speak once more.

Stephen stood there listening to the quiet heaves of the other before continuing. "Now if you would be so kind as to sit back and relax. We can get started." He placed the pen tip on Johns wrist lightly as he asked his first question.

"First question, do you have any relations or contact with other users of this... dark arts."

As the pen hit his skin, John flinched slightly well looking at his wrist and slowly made his sight to look at the doctor again.

"You know, I loveeeee a man's hands on my neck. But then I saw your fucking face." He smirked well totally avoiding his question all together with a vary uncomfortable flirt for the both of them. It was worth it either way.

"If I were you Constatine... I'd try to keep my dick," The doctor forced the pen down into his skin twisting it as it broke through the top layer. "In my pants." John gasped as the pen dug into his skin and tried to move it off his restrained hand.

"You and me both. You. And. Me. Both." He said in a snarky tone well hearing about Stephen and his Dick. And he wanted to push through the pain with his beautiful comedic personality.

He huffed as he pulled the pen up and out of his wrist. His scarred hands being more visible as he did so.

"Why don't you try to answer that question for me huh? Or I could have those lovely nurses come back with the shock therapy machine. You seem to enjoy that one right?" He said in a mocking tone as he used the blood tipped pen to write down a list.


•Snarky and flirtatious attitude

•Accent, Australian or British

"Rape first, sex later?" He kicked his bound legs just at an attempt to get at the doctor or at least make him flinch like he was about to break free and hurt him.

"Want to know something about Dark Arts, the art of dark magic you'll never get your hands on? S A T A N! he's involved, Satan forbid you're not a bloody Christan." John hissed at Stephen just really wanting to get out of the bonds on the bed.

"Newcastle Crew. The group of poor sods who damned a child to hell. I'm the only one still alive for the most part. Course the others died from suicide even if they weren't the ones to send the girl to hell." John coughed slightly well adjusting his wrist so the restraints would cover his bleeding wrist.

"Good answer Constantine." Stephen said as he undid one of his leg restraints and proceeded to write down his answers.

"With each one you answer correctly I'll undo one restraint got that?" He said as he kept writing only to move onto his next question.

"How is it that you use your powers?" He said cocking his head in interest as he kept direct eye contact with the other at all times. Mostly wanting the other to feel insignificant and watched.

Another, female doctor was in the facility. She over heard the conversation between the two man. Powers, huh? Seems pretty good. She observed the two, the doctor and the patient, for a few minutes until their faces were memorized. Elegant and aparently short tempered doctor and a not so bad looking and possibly sarcastic patient. British accents. Another thing. Blood. She quickly enterd trying her best to go unnotice and walked to the doctor.

"Are you two done flirting and…stabbing with each other?" She said with a playful smirk looking at the two. She put a hand on the doctors shoulder and smiled.

"Tough one you got here! Handsome too..." Athena said with a teasing tone, trying to create a sort of friendship with the doctor-

"Is this blackmail for information? Some how I was half expecting having to beg for mercy from my /DADDY/" John said the word daddy loudly as the woman stepped into the room. He wanted to make it vary uncomfortable for the doctor well still cooperating to some degree.

"Handsome is a overstatement, I've seen better looking homeless men then this." Stephen said clicking the pen shut and turning his chair to look at Athena. But the Daddy caught him off guard causing him to choke on his intake of air.

John look between the two "An overstatement? oh I forgot you had no respect for attractive men seeing that you're not one yourself." He gave the doctor poshy grin while kicking off the shoe on his free foot.

"If that's your preference then speak up. I don't mind getting my hands dirty." He said looking back at John his curl of air slick from a small drip of sweat.

"Oh, we're just fine and dandy ma'am! Our dear doctor just has blood kink, and they say I'm the one with the basted mental issues. John Constantine, nice to meet ya, luv. Would shake your hand but it appears to be tied onto the bed. Hope its not... sexually appealing or anything." John just said trying to be a sexual as he possibly could well he smoke to the both of them. Being beautiful, bisexual and British has its positive, BBB always worked on everyone.. If you weren't a prick like Stephen.

For some reason, John's words made Athena blush deeply. Not exactly the words. Maybe the accent. After all, she was a sucker for British accents. She needed to say something to hide her embarrassment. She was blocked. A dark presence was felt by her. She locked her eyes on the blonde man and kept questioning if he or the doctor were the owners of the darkness. Some could say that look was a passionate one, but not this time.

This was new for the doctor. He was... getting a tad uncomfortable around the other. "Is there anything I can help you with Miss Athena?" He said trying really hard to block out Johns talking and flirts. Mentally rolling his eyes at every. Single. Remark. If things get any worse he'd rather gag the man then deal with the talking.

John gave the woman a small wink and blew a kiss to his beloved doctor. "It has been fun playing your games, but now I should be off, bloody fucking cock sucker." Directed at Stephen.

Before the either of them could even do anything john took off his sock, chanted some weird Latin stuff and disappeared from the bed and appeared not to far away from his cell block seeing this powers had been blocked off.


He threw is hands in the air well running back to his cell just to lock the doctors in. He looked through the glass window and waved slightly with his other shoe he took off.

Stephen didn't have enough time to react. By the time he launched himself to the table, John was gone.

"SON OF A BITCH!" he swore loudly as he pushed himself off the table as he went the door to open it only to have his eyes meet with Johns. That shit eating grin of his only digging deeper into his skin. "You aren't getting off easy."

"I'd looked daft with only one shoe, now you two lovers have fun." John gave one more wave well walking away from his cell now trying to find a way out.

The Female watched the blonde man's exit with some amusement. She wished she could do the same thing, but she knew very well what were the consequences were.

"Well done, Johnny boy, well done..." She said with a smirk on her lips. Athena laughed a bit remembering the moment and looked around the room. That wasn't good in her defense.

Stephen looked around, he needed something heavy duty to break the door open. Looking up at the corner he noticed the intercom and the switch over in the corner. Running over he flipped the switch and grabbed the radio speaking into it.

"Asset number 333 has escaped. He goes by the name of John Constatine. Be on high alert hes dangerous and reckless." He said slamming the radio back into the slot.

Finally another doctor John's cell she knocked on the glass giving Stephen a small wave with a smile, unlocking the door from the outside.

"Stephen Strange. You? You of all people lost a patient." The female doctor criticizes him. Course Stephen was the scariest and worst of all the doctors in the asylum, but so was she. Cold hearted, ruthless, always did her job no questions asked. Unless she had the opportunity to make run of her work mates, which was one of the times. She punched the man in the shoulder well her eyes met Athena's.

"Go.. Go find your Patient Doctor.." She said in a hush tone well entering the cell with the other female doctor.

"Close the door on your way out." Stephen remarked as he began to walk. His heavy footsteps sounding through the hall as he begin to search for his patient. Bending and flexing his fingers as he walked, eagerness and adrenaline moving all throughout his body. Its been about two years since his last psych evaluation. God knows what happened to him between the then and now. Almost as if his downward spiral as returned. Driving him to be a cold hearted sadist instead of his usual stubborn snarky self.