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To Slay the Master

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The jinchurriki sat on the rooftop, his cloak billowing out behind him in the cool night breeze.  His messy blonde hair ruffled as well, his bangs almost covering his cerulean blue eyes.  As he sat, his crossbow and quiver on his belt, he was searching the darkened alleyways.  Eventually, his best friend sat down next to him.  “Anything?”  The raven haired Uchiha asked, his coal black eyes studying the night as the moonlight reflected off his pale skin.  At first glance, he appeared to be the very monster they were hunting.


“Not yet, but we’ll find him...eventually.  He’ll pay for what he did to Hinata and Sakura.”  Naruto’s eyes hardened at the memories nipping at him.  Sasuke’s face darkened as well, as he nodded slightly.  He had been very close with the heiress and the rosette, so he was just as hell bent on revenge as his best friend was.  All four had grown up together, so when Sakura and Hinata were attacked by vampires and turned into blood sucking leeches, Sasuke wanted to avenge them as badly as Naruto did.  Both Naruto and Sasuke knew they were Slayers, but they had never really knew what to do about it, until that moment.


It was Naruto who decided to form the Akatsuki, with the sole purpose of training the members to become elite slayers.  He came from a long line of become a Slayer; you had to be born with “the gift”.  No one could explain what “the gift” was as each person had a different gift.  However, all Slayers had keen dark vision, enhanced sense of smell, and lightning fast reflexes.  Naruto had started the Akatsuki when he was seventeen, about a year after Sakura and Hinata were killed...Naruto refused to say “turned” because, in Naruto’s opinion, the friends he had known and loved were dead.  They rose as unholy vampires, having to adapt to a new way of un-life.  Unless the Master vampire could be found and killed, they would stay that way until someone put a stake through their heart., Naruto killed the master vampire, his friends would be born again, turning back into humans.  It was his sole driving purpose.  He swore on their graves he would avenge them.  He figured the best way would be to start a group...there was promise in numbers.  And more slayers would mean more people to fight and kill the underling vampires in the search for the master vampire. 


So Naruto started the Akatsuki.  Membership was simply had to hate the vampires, want to kill them, and be willing to pledge loyalty to the cause.  Being a born Slayer was a plus, but not a requirement.  People could be taught to slay.  Would be slayers were put through rigorous tests and eventually training.  Once the slayers proved their worth and loyalty and became members of the Akatsuki, they were given a tattoo on their wrist of a red cloud with black lining, signifying their membership in the organization of slayers.


Sasuke readjusted how he was sitting, moving his sword to his side.  Rubbing his tattoo on his wrist, he searched through the night, trying to find a vampire.  As the hours passed, both men sat, silent, watching, searching...hoping to find the vampire who took their loved ones from them.  Both men sat, hoping to avenge the past they could not change.




Yawning, Naruto and Sasuke walked into the group headquarters/living area when the sun’s rosy rays were lighting up the sky.  As the two twenty-four year olds walked into the main meeting area, a few other people walked in.  Waving at an older spitting image of himself, Naruto raised an eyebrow.  “Anything, dad?”  Minato looked over, sighing heavily as he shook his head no.  Naruto scowled, but nodded.  Sitting down, Naruto started taking off his boots and pulling off his weapons.


“Naruto, we have a couple new people who would like to join the Akatsuki.”  An older, more serious version of Sasuke said.  Sasuke looked up at his older brother.


“Hn, who is it?”  Naruto asked, scratching the back of his head as he yawned again.


“Kiba and Ino.”  Itachi responded, his onyx eyes unreadable.


“Yea, I know them.  That’s fine...we could use a couple shifters.  Give them the normal tests.  If they pass, let me know and I’ll initiate them and then Dei can give them the tattoo.”  Standing up, Naruto picked up his weapons and shoes.  Trudging into his bedroom, he flopped on his cot, falling into a fitful sleep.



“Master, they are looking for you...and they are getting closer.”  The brunette said, his almond shaped eyes a deep chocolate brown tinted with red.


“Tenzou, stop with the Master business...we aren’t in an official meeting.”  Kakashi sighed, his silver hair spiked around his face, his mask covering the lower part of his face.  His black eyes were tinged with red.


“Heh, sorry, Kakashi...I sometimes just get in the habit…”  Tenzou replied, blushing slightly.


Waving the younger vampire off, Kakashi went and stood in front of a large plate glass window overlooking the city.  “Do we yet know who is in charge of the Akatsuki, why the Akatsuki is after us...and me specifically?  I do recognize that it is an honor to have an entire organization developed with the goal of destroying me, but their hatred of vampires seems to go beyond the norm…”  Kakashi murmured thoughtfully.


Tenzou shook his head no.  “We don’t right now, but we do have a spy in their midst.”


Giving a curious expression, the silverette turned a curious look to his second in command.  “Ino is trying to become a slayer.”  Tenzou supplied.


Giving a thoughtful nod, Kakashi sat down, pulling out a book.  “Ino will do a fine job of that.  I do appreciate her loyalty.”  Starting to read the latest issue of Icha Icha Paradise, he noticed that Tenzou hadn’t left.  “Yes?”  His eyes flickered over to the brunette who had been his second in command for several thousand years.


“Um, is time for the Moon Ball.  Were you going to host it?”  Tenzou asked.


Kakashi let out a bark of laughter.  “I don’t think many humans will want to come to a masked ball hosted by a vampire.”


Tenzou looked slightly uncomfortable.  “Well, actually, Lord Hyuga requested you to host it.”  Kakashi’s eyes widened.  Tenzou went on.  “There is actually a growing movement of humans who are becoming … ahem … fascinated with our kind.  I’ve had many offer to feed me.”  Tenzou blushed.


Raising an eyebrow, Kakashi sat in thought.  Tenzou had a hard time adjusting to this lifestyle, and an even harder time feeding on humans.  He still wasn’t thrilled with the option, but Kakashi knew he’d rather have a willing than unwilling victim.  Looking over at Tenzou, “Has this movement been at the behest of the Hyuga?”


Tenzou nodded.  Kakashi hummed.  “Well, it seems that Hinata’s father is staying good to his word, since I saved his daughter.  So, yes, I will host the ball.  Let him know that, please.  Put Hinata and Sakura in charge of organizing it...”


Nodding, Tenzou walked out, passing a woman with fiery red hair who walked in.  Each nodded to each other as she walked up to Kakashi and smiled.  “Kushina, what can I do for you?”  He asked pleasantly.  Few were allowed into his private quarters, and even fewer with impunity.  Tenzou and Kushina were two with such impunity.


Kushina smiled at her sire.  “I just wanted to let you know that both Sakura and Hinata are fully healed.”


Kakashi nodded.  “I thought they might be, but it was good to check.  And you have had no setbacks, either?”


Shaking her head no, Kushina smiled.  “I do wish we didn’t have to hide the reason behind Sakura and Hinata’s turning from Naruto.”


Kakashi sighed.  “Kushina, we’ve been through this before.  I’ve only turned you to save you, Sakura, and Hinata of cancer.  This is not a “normal” occurrence for me...and I don’t want to create throngs of undead because they momentarily choose this as a better option than being sick and dying.  I wouldn’t wish this existence on anyone.  I turned Hinata because she and her father requested it and I owed him a life debt.  I turned Sakura because she seems to be so close to a cure, I didn’t want her and her medical knowledge to die when a cure can perhaps be found...and again, it was at her request.  And, of course, we both know why I turned you...and again, it was at your request.”  His eyes slid away as she frowned, but nodded.  Looking at the pages of his book, he sighed before continuing.  “Your husband and son are born and bred slayers from the Namikaze lineage...that is the oldest...the of slayers.  Hell, your husband is the reincarnation of the founding father of that clan.  I doubt they would understand or care of my reasons.  It wouldn’t shock me if your husband was the leader of the Akatsuki.”  Staring at the page, Kakashi’s eyes glazed over the words, not comprehending them, as he was lost in thought.


Shaking her head as she walked up to Kakashi, she put her hands on his cheeks forcing him to look at her.  “Kakashi, you take too much on yourself...all of this isn’t your fault nor your doing.”  Kissing his forehead, she sighed.  “One day he will understand, and remember the sacrifice you made for him.”  Hugging the elder vampire, she turned and walked out.

As he watched her leave, Kakashi could only think, Oh, Kushina...if you only knew...