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To Make a Nest

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Sam woke with a start. He was comfortable, something feather-soft covering him, and for him to be this comfortable? Something had to be wrong. Muscles tensed, ready to launch at something, anything, when a pair of strong arms pulled him in close, a nose nuzzling behind his ear.

“S’not time to wake up. G’bk’t’sleee.” Gabriel’s warm voice faded to nothing as he lost the battle to talk.

A second body pressed in on his front, soft kisses peppering his chest, before sharp teeth closed around his nipple. He looked down, and blue eyes looked up balefully. A rough voice pronounced, “Sleep, Sam,” before Castiel snuggled in closer.

Sam blinked, the adrenaline not yet clear. Lucifer, who was cuddled up behind Castiel, smiled. “Sleep, little alpha. You are safe.”

From behind Gabriel, Michael chuckled. He flexed his massive golden wings, before covering them all, bringing them all in closer. “All of you sleep!”

With a smile on his face, his brothers surrounding him, Sam drifted off to sleep.


Sam was lonely.

The sad thing was, he had the most amazing people in his life. All of them angels he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Alphas he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

A laugh came from the living room.

And there was the problem.


His brother.

About the only person who could be more important than a potential nest of alpha mates.

He hadn’t told Dean, of course. Dean would tell him to go, to make himself happy. That he was fine by himself. That was Dean. His self-sacrificing older brother. Dean who would put Sam before himself each and every time.


Finding himself with a lapful of Dean, Sam's sad train of thought was broken.

“What’s up, Sammy? You seem kinda down? That time of the month?” Behind the joking words was real concern.

Suddenly, Sam wanted to tell him. Wanted to share the joy and excitement and terror that came with finding his alpha mates. But looking into Dean’s eyes, Sam couldn’t. Father forgive him, he couldn’t give up his brother.

Instead he pulled him in for a hug, ignoring Dean’s undignified squawks about chick moments.

“Nothing’s wrong, Dean. Nothing at all.”


Michael surveyed his little flock. They weren’t a nest yet, they hadn’t bound with an omega. But they were a tight-knit family group who hardly ever fought. Right now though, voices were raised. Well, one voice.

“But he loves us, and we love him!” That was Gabriel. Always a little more in touch with his emotions than the rest of the brothers, he could say the word - love - without blushing. Michael bit his lip as he glanced at Castiel, the youngest of the group, whose cheeks were tinged red even at this display. Given his natural reticence, it was amazing they had even got him into the flock. Not that anyone doubted the depth of his feelings.

Gabriel was still pacing and yelling. Lucifer was leaning against the wall, arms crossed. Although his body language was relaxed, his wings were flared in an aggressive display. Michael sighed, then gestured to Lucifer. He watched as his back stiffened, before he came forward. Lucifer still had a few issues with not being flock Alpha. But Michael loved his little brothers, something Lucifer must have felt as Michael pulled him into his arms.

“It will be ok, little Brother. Father moves in mysterious ways, but it will all work out.”

Lucifer snorted. “How can it Mikey? Sam has a beta for a brother! A beta can’t join the nest! Sam won’t leave his brother! Nothing can make this right.”

Michael felt the sadness that pervaded the room. Stretching out his wings, he swept his three brothers towards him.

“I don’t know how it will work out, but it will. I’m not ready to give up on him yet.”

There was no disagreement. None of them were ready to give up a love of their life.


Dean made sure he showered well. Very well. He had his ‘pickup chicks’ kit on him: wing colour, scent suppressors, and beta scent. He thanked Father than beta angels had no sense of smell. And luckily he was super endowed for an omega – it put him at the small size of normal for a beta. Not enough for the betas he fucked to ask questions, but enough to get a few giggles. Luckily he knew how to use it. He pretended he kept himself hair free for kinky reasons, and since none of the beta girls ever complained… well, it was working.

Dusting down the coloured tips that marked him as an omega, Dean was ready to face the world again. He’d timed it perfectly. A kiss on the way out, he’d take the long way home, he’d walk so there were more scents to mix with while his pheromones were still strong. Then, by the time he got back to the room he shared with his brother, it would be weak enough to pass off as very close proximity to a horny omega. Dean had been hiding his orientation since he presented. He was good at this.

The walk home gave him plenty of time to think. And although it wasn’t quite a walk of shame, he couldn’t help but pout at unfairness of things. The only nice thing about presenting was it was never a surprise. Dean had known he would be an omega, that he would be “blessed” with slick instead of a knot.

And Dean was no fool. He and Sam had been raised by a rogue angel, who took his sons hunting before they even had a designation. The only reason this shocked anyone was because omegas did not hunt. In a society where a nest couldn’t form, and the mating bonds couldn’t be formed without an omega, they were loved, and cherished, and coddled. And since Omegas only made up about 1% of the population, they were pretty much kept on a short leash.

Sometimes literally.

Aside from himself, Dean didn’t think he had ever seen a free omega. Not that hiding yourself was the same thing as being free… although now that he thought about it, there must be others, since the omega hiding gear was readily available. It heartened him a little, to think there might be other omega’s walking around out there, others that he talked to.

The free omegas. As opposed to the pretty little pampered omegas. Dean heaved a sigh. It wasn’t like he was actually free, having to hide his real self all the time. But the alternative came with a pretty little collar, and Dean didn’t want that life. He had been raised as a warrior. Not as a pet. And even if sometimes he wondered what it would be like to have a nest, what it would be to have a family, to have a heat and be knotted and fucked into oblivion… he quickly squashed those thought down. He had a family. He had Sam.

Sam… He sometimes wondered if he should tell him. But he couldn’t bear the thought of disappointment in Sam’s eyes. Or the way he would have to say goodbye to his brother. If Sam found a flock, or a nest, then of course he would let Sam go. Nesting was forever, and he wanted Sam to be happy. But he wasn’t going to reveal himself to hasten Sam's exit. Sam would have to choose to walk away with no extra prompting.

Dean paid more attention to the melancholy thoughts than to his surroundings.

A bad idea for an unmated omega.

Dean didn’t see two sets of eyes tracking his moves, didn’t hear the rush of feathers as two excited alphas tore back to their flock.


Castiel and Gabriel flew home as fast as they could, their wings buffeting each other as they tried to get in first.

“Found him…” “… beautiful…” “Eyes!”

The words tumbled over each other. Michael, Lucifer and Sam looked up, soft smiles on their faces. Seeing their potential mate… the mate who would never be their mate, Castiel and Gabriel stopped. Wings which had been raised high, quivering with excitement, dropped.

The two angels looked at each other, anguished. This spelt the end of their courtship. When they brought in the omega, Sam would have to choose: Them, or his brother. And they knew they were loved (Castiel’s hand drifted to the bite mark on his shoulder, while Gabriel watched Lucifer wriggle, knowing his was plugged with Sam’s come inside him). They had been courting. But they couldn’t play at courting when they had an omega.


Sam shifted beneath Michael and Lucifer's wings. He had been enjoyed the play of black on gold, the feel of them brushing against his own blue-grey wings. He knew what was coming, and he attempted to shrug the others’ wings off. Neither angel would allow it, so with an unhappy smile he snuggled back, taking what comfort he could.

“You found an omega?”

If it hadn’t been so heartbreaking, watching the flurry of emotions in Gabriel and Castiel’s wings (Dominant! Excited! Sad! Scared! Horny!) would have brought a smile to Sam’s face.

Castiel looked to his older brother. Gabriel took a deep breath. “We were out flying the perimeter when we smelt something… the most divine scent!”

“Apple pie! Vanilla! Home!” Castiel burst in, unable to contain himself.

Sam couldn’t help his smile this time. For some reason, this was the scent he always imagined his omega having. If nothing else it proved that these alphas were meant to be his, that this was his flock.

Lucifer saw the smile, and lent down to kiss him. “I wish we could convince you.”

Sam’s heart clenched. He appreciated the way his alphas didn’t try to convince him to leave Dean. Moved, he tugged on Lucifer’s black feathers, smiling as he preened and his wings puffed. “Thank you for not asking,” Sam said quietly. “I love you. All of you!” He added fiercely, making eye contact with each of them. “I want you. I love you. But how can I…”

Michael’s hand cupped his cheek, turning Sam to face him. “We would never ask you to choose, Sam. We know how much you love your brother. It’s one of the many reasons we love you.”

Sam felt his heart attempt to swell and break at the same time. Beta’s were not… admired or respected by alphas. Omega’s were coddled and loved, and at the best beta’s ignored. But not a single alpha in the flock has ever said a word against Dean. One of the reasons he loved them.

Sam took a deep breath. He wanted them to be happy, even if happy was without him.

“Tell me more about this omega.”


Alphas got a bed reputation. Sure they swooped in and just took the chosen omega. But not just any omega. The omega who was destined to make their flock a nest. All omega’s smelt good, but the right omega? The right omega smelt like home and safety and love. For the right omega, a flock would move heaven and earth to get them, and then to keep them safe.


Sam made encouraging noises as Castiel and Gabriel’s wings continued to droop. Castiel, after a glance at his brother, stiltedly started talking.

“He looks like a beta.”

“What?” Sam couldn’t help the sharpness in his voice. He didn’t even know where it came from. But it seemed to urge the two angels on with their story.

“Like I said, we were flying the perimeter, then the most heavenly scent came our way.” Gabriel’s voice was rapturous. Although Castiel was more prosaic.

“Luck. The wind changed.”

Michael looked confused. “He looks like a beta?”

The confusion was understandable. Most omegas were meek and pretty. Betas had a much more solid feel about them. For his brothers to find a beta... a beta looking omega attractive? It was unthinkable.

“Tawny wings, dark wing tips. Never seen an omega with dark tips!”

“And he’s built!” interrupted Gabriel.

“We think,” Cas said, shooting a stern look at his brother. Gabriel just flipped a wing at him. “He’s certainly tall, and he looks strong. But he wears lots of clothes. Layers,” he clarified.

“Hips you can grab on to. An ass to die for. I'm sure of it!” Gabriel seemed to be on a roll, although it didn’t stop Castiel adding, “Freckles!”

“And delightfully bowed legs.” Gabriel, who had been bouncing around like a kid on a sugar high paused. His eyes turned alpha red and he growled. “Can’t wait to have them wrapped around me, my knot in his ass.”

While discussion broke out around him, Sam felt his head spin. As firmly as he could, he interrupted the angels. “You must be mistaken. You... You've got to be wrong.”

He looked down immediately feeling, rather seeing the wings flare with hurt. He could just imagine the confused and heartbroken faces around him…

“Sam? Why do you seek to cause your brothers distress?”

Michael’s brow was dark, and the golden wing which had been caressing him now felt like a vice. Sam opened his mouth, but no words came out. Gabriel and Castiel looked at each other, while Lucifer fell to his knees in front of Sam, taking his hands in his. Sam looked down at his earnest face, watching the black wings drop in supplication.


Sam cleared his throat. “You… you must be wrong. That… that sounds like Dean.”