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Land of Random, Reader of Fics

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You are bored. That's why you are reading fanfiction. To your dismay, there's nothing new, and you've already re-read several stories. Perhaps it is time to write your own.
You've read enough stuff to get the gist of it. How hard can it be?



That was the sound of you bashing your head on something hard. Que the instant regret. You have a headache now, and writing your own fanfic is harder than you thought.
Your portrayal of canon characters is too OOC, the plot is deformed, and to top it off, you've got writer's block. Where is the creativity when you need it?!
A groan left your throat as you rubbed your head. It is then you are hit with exhaustion. Holy heck, you never recall ever being THIS tired! Before you could ponder anything else, you've already passed out.