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Part One : All you need is love

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The little town of Walt was awakening from its long summer sleep. It was never as alive as it was in October, when its inhabitants were coming back or new ones were moving in, creating a lively bustle around the Yensid Academy. Most of the town's inhabitants were teachers or students, the Academy having classes from preschool to college. Even though Walt's inhabitants were given priority, applicants were coming from everywhere to study in the prestigious school, carefully selected by the school board.

Or at least, that was what Ariel could read on the signboard at the building's doors. It wasn't like her to be so early at school, let alone on the first day of school. But she had wanted to see Kay before he took his train and left for the year. He had picked her at her home and they had ridden his bike in he fresh morning air. With a sigh, she sat down in the grass and rolled a joint. She didn't want to study in that posh lair at all. When her father had seen that her grades and her being a citizen of Walt could allow her to get in, he had signed her in without even asking her. He hadn't dared sign her in cooking or law class but he had chosen boring classes altogether. Literature, mathematics, history, Spanish, ugh. She'd rather have gone with Kay than being part of that world. Alas, her father had cut her off. Oh, she could have hopped up into the train as a free-rider, she wouldn't have minded it at all. But the security at the station had been reinforced so it was impossible for her to go anywhere near the platform without a ticket. She laid on the grass softly inhaling the smoke. Well, she couldn't travel nor be late in class but she could still get there stoned, couldn't she?


-Oh my God !
-What is it Snow ? Did you see a squirrel ?
-No it's that girl in black over here... Look at how she's spread out on the grass... Do you think she's okay ?
Jasmine burst out laughing.
-Of course she is, Snow, she's just smoking grass. You can smell it from here !
-Oh. Is that what smells like grilled peanuts ?

Jasmine smiled at her friend. Snow was such an innocent girl... But college life might help her grow up. Both of them were standing in front of the school gate still closed school gate. They weren't completely alone though: there was the scarcely dressed redhead and also a bunch of boys. She already knew Phoebus, Gaston, Hercules, Shang, Philip and John. She had grown up with them, in that very Academy. She was glad to study here for a few more years. Even though she couldn't wait to travel all over the world, to conquer it. She wanted to make her dream of fighting for women's rights real.

The Academy was more castle-like or palace-like than school-like. That was its very charm. Unfortunately some believed they were its sovereigns. For instance, Charlotte: she'd just parked her pink Mercedes in front of the school. She would greet every single student, welcoming the new ones, being over-friendly with the old ones even if they weren't that close.

How disappointed she must had been when she learned that there would be no delegates this year! Jasmine's smile vanished at once. Charlotte sure had already joined or created a Union in order to be in the students' council. What a pain in the ass she was.


Gaston couldn't stop laughing. The joke he'd just told Mulan was so hilarious! How hilarious he was! The offended look on her small female face was even funnier. Really, his humor was to die for!
Oh, Belle had just come in, her bag heavy with books, as usual. He had to carry them for her, so she wouldn't hurt her back with all that useless stuff. This way she would see that he had kept on working out during summer. Oh, he had to remember to tell her the joke so she could see how hilarious it was. Aaaah... Belle. What a cutie she was, still studying so she could stay with him. He had to ask her to be his prom queen... because he would be prom king without a doubt.

- Hi Belle.
- Hi Gaston.
- That stuff seems heavy, I'll carry your bag.
- No thank you Gaston, really, I don't need help...

He grabbed the bag from her hands. Ugh, women, always saying no when they're thinking yes... She kept on declining his help just to be polite. She was so small she couldn't even reach the bag hanging on his shoulder. He straightened up, redid his hair, put his sunglasses back on and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Every girl was looking at him in amazement. Yeah, that was him, the amazing, beautiful, strong, one and only Gaston. He was second to none, not even Hercules. But sorry ladies, he was taken. He was Belle's. So perfectly beautiful, so perfectly... perfect. If only she would stop rejecting him in order to keep appearances up. And why was she moving and struggling under his arm? Wasn't he protecting her, holding her shoulders like that ?