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we can marvin gaye

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Annie’s fingers tangled in Armin’s hair, pulling at the strands as his tongue covered her slit. On the back of her mind, she had to remember to be careful — after all, she was a small girl who shouldn’t be so strong — but his ministrations were nothing sort of amazing.

Where did he learn that?

Armin held on to Annie’s thighs under the fabric of her skirt like his life depended on it and gave her clit a nice, long suck, his nose pressed against her pubis as he ate her like a mango. It had to be hard to breathe in that position, but he’d been talking too much that afternoon and Annie, for once, was wearing something easy with the purpose of getting it on faster. She needed to shut him up and she managed that, but now she was the one being too loud.

Wearing skirts was never ever Annie’s go-to in any situation, but Mina insisted, and it was their off afternoon. Besides, she and Armin already had agreed to meet at their rendezvous at the usual time and she thought, why not?

Their rendezvous was the cellar of the horses barn, which wasn’t the cleanest place, neither the one with the better smell, and because of that no one liked to spend their free time there, but the roof was tall enough and clear enough that they could always lay down and read every once in a while in peace.

Annie wasn’t interested in no books that afternoon. Just a few weeks ago she had wondered if titan shifters had mating seasons because every now and then she’d get… like this. Climbing on top of Armin and riding him to exhaustion.

He worked her sex in different levels, licking her big labia to savor her, placing little kisses and sucking her clitoris nice and softly, sticking his tongue inside her vagina as deep as he could to have a taste of her inner walls. He was noisy, sloppy, and dedicated, and Annie… Annie was a mess of sweat and moans.

Fuck,” she trembled, head tilted back, fingers pulling his hair. It was so hot in there, her opened shirt wasn’t helping at all to keep her fresh. It could only mean that Armin was doing something right. “Keep doing that, yes.”

Armin fixed his grip on Annie’s thighs and his mouth worked its magic like she was the sweetest fruit he’s ever proven. She was so close. So fucking close.

Her core trembled and Annie let go of Armin’s hair because she was falling forward unable to keep her balance. The shockwave went up her spine and she came undone losing all the control she worked so hard to have, a high pitch coming out through her mouth before she could muffle it with the back of a hand, and with no strength at all she dropped by Armin’s side, her legs still jerking with the orgasm.

There was a redness on his face, dribble and her juices from his nose and down and he wiped some with the back of his hand as he caught his breath. She kept waiting for him to mock her screams, but he never did, as it always happened. Armin was a gentleman like that, she supposed.

“You’re very good at this,” she said when they’d been looking at each other for quite some time, her voice kind of weak. “Where did you learn it?”

Armin smirked, the kind of smile she rarely saw from him, but was oh, so sexy, and then he pulled the hem of her skirt.

“I’m learning right now,” he answered and he didn’t even blush. They were past blushing. “Have a rigid teacher and all.”

Annie nodded, reaching out to clean his chin with her thumb.

“You’re natural, then.”

He scoffed and leaned closer for a kiss; his hand slid up her stomach and cupped one of her breasts over the fabric of her bra, but when their lips touched—

“Armin? You here?” someone called. One of the boys right outside the barn.

“Shit,” he cussed, hands going to the buttons of his shirt and she hurried to help him.

“If someone catches us, we’re toasted,” she hushed, their hands tangled in their rush.

“I know!”

“Armin?” it was Marco, already inside the barn. Fuck, they were going to be caught.

“Stop, stop,” he said as quietly as possible, pushing Annie’s hand aside. He looked right into her eyes. “Don’t move.”

And then he was crawling to the edge of the cellar, where it gave away to the wooden stairs.

“Hey, Marco!” he exclaimed and Annie cringed. Way to sound suspicious, Arlert. “Looking for me?”

“Oh, yeah. We’re going to play some cards and I was hoping you could be my partner. You’re so good at it. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m— I just came to read and I think I fell asleep. But, uh… I don’t know. I need to finish this chapter first.”

Chapter? Was that their code now?”

“What are you reading about?”


Annie covered her mouth to stop from laughing and closed her eyes. Definitely their new code.

“Oh, interesting. Can I borrow that book when you finish?”

“Absolutely. I will join you guys later, okay?”

“Okay. Oh, did you happen to see Annie?”

“Annie? After practice?” Armin shook his head. “No, I didn’t see her. Why?”

“Mina is looking for her. Something about a borrowed skirt? Anyway, if you see her.”

“I’ll tell her, yeah. I’ll see you later!”

“Do show up! You know how Connie and Sasha are competitive, someone else has to kick them out of the table.”

Marco’s voice sounded further away as if he was leaving already, and Annie breathed in relief.

“Sure, sure, I got you.”

They waited a while more and then Armin looked at her, his hair covering half of his face.

“Mina wants her skirt back.”

“Fuck that, I’m using it now,” she said getting on her knees and raising the draped fabric that hit her mid-thighs. “How did you like it.”

“I like how easy it was to take off your panties.”

Annie smirked. Taking each other’s clothes off was always the hardest part of their make-out sessions.

“I knew you would,” she said. He crawled to her side again and she reached for the belt of his pants. His face neared hers again, lips grazing temptingly, and he pecked the corner of her mouth. She felt him through the fabric just to make sure and noticed that he still was hard. “Round two?”

Armin nodded and kissed her a little harder, making her lay down with him on top. Anatomy chapter, huh? She supposed it could be called that way.