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A Quiet Normal Life

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Does Tony Stark Have a Heart?



Do we finally have the answer to the question that’s haunted his fans and victims alike since his teenage years? Photos taken by a fan may finally uncover the truth of the playboy’s hidden feelings…

Mr Stark, 40, was spotted yesterday evening at Stonehenge, England, uncharacteristically trying to keep a low profile and holding hands with who we can only assume to be his lover.

As we’re sure most of our readers are aware, the so-called ‘Merchant of Death’ has hit headline news in recent months, this time accused of using his blood-money to run experiments resulting in the illegal growth of an eight-legged horse. Ms Virginia “Pepper” Potts, the recently crowned CEO of Stark Industries, has assured us these images were doctored, but some doubt still remains.

Our readers may be shocked to learn that Mr Stark was not spotted with Ms Potts in our source’s photos, but with someone very different.

That someone was… (wait for it!)… a man!

Yes, you read that right. Take a look at our exclusive snaps below and see for yourselves!

[x] - [Stone cold heart?: Mr Stark, sporting a neat and stylish pea coat, can be seen holding hands and laughing with a young, dark-haired man]

But that’s not even the best part! His new lover seems to have children, one of whom spent most of the visit on Mr Stark’s shoulders.

[x] - [Enjoying the view: The child, who shares the same long, dark hair as his father, points to the ancient stones while his siblings play-fight around him]

So, what do you, our readers, think? Has the world’s most famous billionaire finally softened his iron heart, and accepted his identity as a gay man? - Here at CelebNews we’re wondering if all of his flings with girls were really covering up for something - Or is this just the latest of his publicity stunts? Will he leave these children abandoned and his lover broken-hearted after a brief fling?

His investors might have been able to overlook his clearly overcompensating playboy nature and his ‘superhero’ alter-ego that only leads to death and destruction, but the idea that ‘Iron Man’ might be having a little too much fun with another man certainly isn’t going to go down well.

One thing’s for certain, whether due to Stark’s self-absorbed nature or the stress on Stark Industries, this mysterious stranger certainly better be prepared to have his heart broken!


“J, delete this from their servers and give my lawyers a pay-rise, I don’t want this article to see the light of day tomorrow and I especially don’t want those pictures released,” Tony ordered, sighing and rubbing a hand over his face. This was the last thing they needed, especially with the children due to start school tomorrow. Loki, who was currently standing beside Tony, gazing at the hologram of the article and looking pale, wanted the children to stay out of the limelight, and having grown up in the public eye himself, Tony couldn’t agree more.

“This is… fairly brutal,” Loki said, grimacing.

“Honestly, a biphobic article accusing me of murder and speculating about my love-life is hardly the worst thing that’s been written about me,” Tony said flippantly, trying to lighten the situation. “At least it was meant to be published tomorrow, we have time.”

Loki nodded. “That’s true. Thank you, Jarvis, for finding it.”

“I'm sorry I convinced you not to put a glamour on me,” Tony sighed, placing a comforting hand on Loki’s shoulder.

“It’s fine,” Loki said. “I was using my magic the whole time we were there and I had been sure that no one had taken too much notice of us. We were both at fault, and there is no harm done, not yet.”

But is it fine? Tony asked himself. Loki was looking rather grim, and how did he know that Loki was telling the truth? He didn’t seem too bothered, and he had seemed to mean what he had said, but he knew for a fact that due to Odin’s abuse Loki was excellent at hiding his true feelings, at least, when he wasn’t feeling panicked. What if the article was right, what if he wasn’t good enough for Loki? What if Loki thought the same?

No, he hadn’t cared what the paparazzi thought about him since he was a teenager and he wasn’t going to start now. He wouldn’t break Loki’s heart, things would be fine.

They had definitely taken a risk on their trip to England, Tony had been tired of wearing a glamour, wanting Loki and the children to be able to see him for himself for once. Loki had agreed, only slightly reluctantly (admitting that he did prefer to see his boyfriend’s face when they went out together) and they had spent the afternoon walking around one of the most magical sites in Britain.

Tony hadn’t been able to feel anything himself, but he had delighted in seeing the reactions of Loki and the children at being in such a magical environment. Loki, who always appeared to be at least slightly stressed (PTSD and an anxiety disorder would do that to you), had seemed to relax as he walked around the ancient stones, and the children had been even more excitable than usual, which was saying something.

After they’d walked around the stones multiple times they had gone to see the archaeological exhibits. Everyone had been very proud of Sleipnir, who had asked the staff multiple questions about the site in his strangely-accented English (spending 500 years as a horse had made speaking difficult for Sleipnir, but he had come along at an incredible speed) and had commented that the bodies buried there were older than most Asgardians. Hel had added darkly that they’d certainly lasted longer than Odin had. Tony hadn’t bothered to stifle his laughter.

They had had a wonderful day together, celebrating the last day before the children began school, and Tony (and Loki, apparently) had been so sure that they’d been safe, and that no one had recognised him (or had at least those that had had been awkwardly British about it, and pretended not to, or convinced themselves that he was just someone with an uncanny likeness).

He looked back at the article that Jarvis was currently scrubbing from the gossip magazine’s servers. “Jarvis, after you’re done with the servers, hack into this woman’s electronic devices, see what she’s done with any copies of the pictures, delete them and do the same for whoever she’s sent them to. Oh, and the person who took the pictures and sent them to the journalist, give them a mild virus.”

“My pleasure, Sir,” Jarvis said, and Tony was pleased to see that when he looked over at Loki again his boyfriend was smiling slightly in amusement.

“Before you delete all of them,” Loki added, sounding much less grim than before – huh, perhaps Tony should send mild viruses to more people (he had worried that Loki, who got anxious about even slightly inconveniencing people, would object to this, but he supposed that when something happened to his children, it was different. Tony could relate to that, he was honestly surprised he wasn’t feeling more vengeful right now). “Do you think you could enhance the copies of the pictures and save them, we didn’t take nearly enough photos today.”

“Of course, Loki,” Jarvis replied and Loki lit up.

“That’s a brilliant idea,” Tony said, and he meant it, at least now they would get something slightly positive out of this mess.

Loki grinned at him, then kissed him, just because he could.

“Do you think you will be sleeping tonight?” he asked. “Only it’s 1am and we need to be up early tomorrow.”

Tony grimaced. His insomnia said no, he wouldn’t be sleeping, but all the same he knew he should probably rest before their meeting at SHIELD tomorrow, and Loki’s presence was calming. “I could try.” He shrugged.

“Thank you,” Loki said, and Tony supposed that would make staring at the ceiling for five hours worth it.


Loki was eating breakfast with Erik, Jormungandr and Bruce when Tony stumbled into the kitchen, wishing everyone a slightly incoherent ‘good morning’. Loki winced in sympathy at his lover’s half-dead expression and passed him a cup of coffee. Tony downed it in several gulps and at this point Loki was very glad he’d decided to cool the coffee down with a spell.

“Thanks Lokes,” Tony said, slumping into the free chair beside him and resting his head on Loki’s shoulder. Loki smiled absentmindedly and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I take it you didn’t manage to sleep for more than an hour,” Bruce said in sympathy, sipping a herbal tea across the table from him.

“I’m assuming that applies to you to?” Tony said, presumably noting Bruce’s dishevelled air. “I didn’t see you come home yesterday evening.”

“I’m worried about the levels of radiation the Einstein-Rosen Bridge will produce,” Bruce said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t be, it’ll be fine,” Tony said flippantly.

Loki and Erik exchanged slightly alarmed looks.

“The last time someone told me not to worry about radiation, I turned into… this.” Bruce shot back amiably, gesturing at himself.

“I still think you should let the big green rage machine out to play.”

“I have to disagree, Tony already blows up the lab enough and just once I’d like my work to remain intact,” Erik drily, and however much Loki loved Tony, he had to admit that Erik was right.

It was at that moment that Thor and Jane came in with the other children, having spent time in the garden feeding the goats and the horses, and the entire house descended into chaos.

Loki watched Sleipnir in concern, noting how the child seemed to be wanting to make himself disappear while the other kids jumped raucously around him as they all assembled on the couch, ready for Loki to teleport them to school. Sleipnir was undoubtedly the most apprehensive about starting school, having not really ever been around children his own age before, or really that many people (except for battle – and Loki still cursed Odin for making his son live through that). Still, having friends at their own developmental stage was important, and so Loki was determined that the children should at least try. He was sure that Sleipnir would find his footing eventually.

He squeezed his son’s shoulder gently. “You’ll be okay,” he said.

Sleipnir didn’t look as if he believed him.