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Double Drabble: Tempting Fate.

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Laisa had a Vor great-grandmother.

Gregor had never looked too far into Laisa's background check; she'd passed it, after all. But there was a list of names he had to memorize for the betrothal and he had the background check at hand. Better to review that than touch the briefing materials piling up or, worse, ask Laisa directly.

There was an family tree in it and Gregor skimmed it, applying names and faces to memory with ease of long practice. But there, near the back, it caught his eye. Vorkalloner.

It was, from the dates, after contact but before the Cetagandans. Alexandra Vorkalloner had followed Prince Xav's example and married a Komarran. And that would never be important, except Alexandra Vorkalloner's sister was Gregor's great-grandmother.

Gregor had to laugh. Find love in the galaxy, have it come back to your front door. He didn't know why he'd expected anything else. He'd never told Laisa of his fear of marrying relatives. Komarrans didn't worship their bloodlines like the Vor did; there was no reason Laisa would even know they were related.

The only question left, Gregor supposed, was if this would make the Old Vor hate Laisa less or even more.