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Fictober 2018

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“Hey, Frisk?”


“Yeah, Chara?”


But their question was only met by silence. Frisk turned their attention from their phone with a look of confusion. Chara stared blankly at the tv screen as both of them, mostly Chara, were watching some animated show. Chara’s eyebrows were knit together as if she was thinking too hard. Most times it did mean she was thinking too hard, and it was more in likely going to be a question Frisk couldn't answer.


Then Chara stands, blocking the tv and facing toward them. She has wears a pout as she opens her mouth to speak then thinks better of it as her mouth closes. Frisk can only look confused and tilt their head with a raised eyebrow. Chara stands with her hands on her hips. She looked serious but also very hesitant.


“Chara, are you alright?”


She blinks as if the question broke her from her stupor, “Um, well, I, uh...”


Frisk then gives a smile, “Deep breathes. What's on your mind?”


Chara does as Frisk says. She exhales with a heavy sigh, “Don't freak out okay?”


Frisk shakes their head with a giggle and opens their mouth to reassure Chara until everything flashes to black and white and their soul appears before them. Frisk stiffens at this. Their eyes lock onto the bright red half heart of their soul. The other half is a pale pink. Then their eyes drift to Chara. Her soul hovers before her as well. Half is red and half is pale pink; the same as Frisks.


Chara then grabs her soul gently with one hand, “Can you feel this?” Then she squeezes.


Frisk nearly jumps off the couch as they receive one point of damage.


Chara sighs and lets go of her soul. Everything returns to be colorful once more. It always felt like time stopped whenever Frisk was thrown into a fight.


Chara’s voice then startles them, “Sorry. I was just...curious. I didn't want to get into a fight and get hurt only to get you hurt without knowing.”


Frisk sighs, “I-it's fine. Y-you just scared me is all.”


Chara eyes them with deep concern, “I'm sorry. I know entering into a battle probably gives you bad memories.”


Her gaze then drops to her bare feet. Frisk wasn't going to lie, it did bring up bad memories but Chara didn't mean any harm by it. They would be lying if they said they weren't curious as well. Frisk then reaches out.

Their hand grabs Chara’s arm gently to get her attention, “Come here.”


Chara looks up to meet the gentle look Frisk gives her. She can't help but smile. She moves to Frisk and hugs them tight, “You don't mind, do you?”


“No. I was curious too but you honestly could have asked.” They say the last part with a giggle.


Chara laughs softly against their shoulder. They smelled of fresh earth and she couldn't help but wonder if that was from going to the Underground for ambassador business. Frisk sometimes did that. There were a handful of monsters who refused to leave even after all these years. But she couldn't blame them.


Frisk runs a hand through Chara’s chocolate brown hair with a hum, “Can we watch something else?”


Chara laughs again, harder this time. Frisk never really liked anime that much unless it was a slice of life, “Yeah. How about Riverdale?”


Frisk made a face that Chara caught out of the corner of her eye. She snickered and kissed Frisk’s cheek as she pulls away, “Fine. We'll watch Glee again.”


That made a huge grin split across Frisk’s face.