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Yokohama city was like a jewel on the coast, glistening and shining at night. The best place to observe the jewel was from the top floor of the Port Mafia tower. Only one person was allowed the view:the Boss of the Mafia. It was fitting. After all he was the one that ruled over the city.

Chuuya stood over by the window, swirling the wine glass in his hand. Today was some politician’s birthday and as the biggest sponsors of the politician, the Mafia had to grace him with their presence. He enjoyed a sip of red wine, admiring the precious jewel he inherited from the previous Boss. After he finished his glass, he started getting dressed. He decided to wear a black three-piece suit with a cherry-red shirt and a golden tie. Because these politicians loved their fancy parties, he had to wear a mask; alas, his hat would likely give him away. He placed it at a jaunty angle over his curls, the lining on the hat matching the colour of his shirt. This would be his first appearance to the “civilians”, to the people outside the underground. So he had to make sure that he looked his best.

As he walked outside, he heard murmurs. Most of them were praising him, either for his appearance or for his power. One voice stood out to him over the clamouring sea of murmurs.

“Too bad Dazai isn’t around. He seems more appropriate.”

He stopped in his tracks, fuming. How dare anyone insinuate that Dazai was better than him? After all he did for the Mafia. He said nothing and just went on to his ride to the masquerade party. Dazai may have been better but Chuuya did one thing right.

He was loyal to the Mafia.

As the car took him to the venue, Chuuya’s mind also wrestled with that comment, reassuring himself on how he was far better than Dazai.
Even if the former Boss chose Dazai over him.
It wasn’t his fault that Dazai left to be a lone wolf.
It wasn’t his fault that the Boss died on the death bed, leaving him to be the leader.
It wasn’t his fault that he was loyal to the Mafia, unlike Dazai, and made every decision while keeping his men in mind.
It wasn’t….

His train of thought stopped along with the car. Now was not the time to dwell on what could have been his life. He was the Boss now, and nothing could change that.

The door was opened by one of the guards. Chuuya stepped out, handing an invitation to the man at the door before walking in with confidence. He looked through the crowd, eyes searching for the target till they rested on a thin frail man. He was surrounded by a swarm of people shaking his hands and giving him presents, mainly in the form of envelopes. Probably money for the favours he had done for them.

Chuuya had one such envelope in his hand, but he didn’t feel like going over to meet him. However duty calls, so he went over, performing his ritual of pleasant hellos paired with supposedly warm smiles. After a firm handshake, Chuuya settled near the makeshift bar, trying his best to not to get too much attention on him. But a pretty man like him had eyes follow him like peasants after scraps. This was the toughest part of his job.

Chuuya knew he was not successful when he felt himself being dragged on to the dance floor by firm hand. The lady brave enough to do so was lithe, with brown curls adorning her shoulders. The black dress with sequins made her stand out in the crowd, but not enough to attract low-lifes. The grip on his hand was firm, almost familiar. When she turned around, her mask covered the upper half of her face. But her pretty lips stained in red were in a smile, a smile that tugged his heart.

As the music played, she led him in the dance. Chuuya found him swept along with her movements and rhythm. He couldn’t help but feel a little bit of awe ather confidence. Her height let her dominate easily and just when the song was coming to an end and Chuuya was about to ask for her name, the lights faded to black.

The gasps of shock from the guests and the host indicated that this wasn’t intentional, and Chuuya felt the grip loosen from his fingers. With no name to call out, all he could do was wait in the darkness. When the lights came back on, she was nowhere to be seen. All that was left as proof of her existence was the bejeweled mask, abandoned on the marble floor.

As the night went on, he mused if he could see her again sometime. He was unaware that he would see her again, as security guards dragged her in. The blood left Chuuya’s face when he saw the face of the girl, or rather, his ex-partner.

Dazai Osamu.

Before the guards could intervene, Chuuya raised his hand. “Leave him to me, he’s mine,” he said through gritted teeth. They handed him over to Chuuya, who promptly kneed him in the crotch before carrying Dazai on his shoulders. Chuuya saw that his eyes were dulled, but he knew, something was very fishy.


Dazai was thrown to the floor of the interrogation room, with five of Chuuya’s subordinates watching. Chuuya walked in, fixing his gloves.

“What was a pretty lady like you doing there, Osamu?” He asked, looking down at Dazai.

“What? I can’t have fun?” Dazai replied, his eyes blankly focused on Chuuya.

“You were found in the office area, away from the party. What were you looking for?”

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to find out?”

Chuuya stepped on Dazai’s throat, “We don’t negotiate with traitors. Any last words before I carve you up?”

The reply shocked Chuuya, and he lifted his foot off, letting Dazai gasp for air.

“What a ridiculous request...Is that why you made such a show at the party? You just wanted some dick?”

“I wanted your dick.”

Chuuya was so bewildered that he started laughing. “How the tables have turned. Once the prodigy of the Mafia, now dressed in drag and on the floor. What a fall you’ve had!” He yanked Dazai by the hair so that he was on his knees.

“Fine, I’ll give into your request,” he unzipped his pants. “But first you have to make me feel good,” he said.

Dazai ignored all the stares he got from the subordinates who started making their way out and nuzzled his face against Chuuya’s crotch. He was about to use his hands to pull Chuuya’s boxers down when Chuuya stopped him.

“You think you have the right to use your hands?”

Dazai glared at Chuuya but rested his hands on his knees and used his teeth to pull down the boxers. Chuuya held Dazai’s head and rubbed his dick against Dazai’s cheek. On feeling Dazai turn his head and licking along the length, Chuuya pulled away and pressed his cock against his lips. Dazai knew what he had to do and sucked on the head of his penis, slowly bobbing his head as he took more and more of Chuuya’s cock.

“Mmm, your mouth is good as always. Found someone new to practice with?” He asked as he felt himself get harder in Dazai’s mouth. Just as Chuuya was about to finish, he pulled out of his mouth, a string of saliva connecting him to Dazai’s lips.

“Get on all fours, raise your hips up.”

Dazai did what he was told, making Chuuya smirk.
“Are you that desperate for sex that you’re obedient for once? Partner not fucking you enough?” He jeered as he removed his glove. He coated his fingers with his own saliva, then removed Dazai’s panties. He pressed his fingers into Dazai’s ass, making him hiss.

“Not my fault we don’t have lube in the interrogation room,” he said, almost as if he was trying to soothe Dazai. He worked his fingers in him, trying to remember the spots where he was sensitive. His only gauge was how Dazai moaned and writhed under his touch. When he felt he was ready enough, he eased his dick in. Dazai screamed, trying his best to relax, while Chuuya kept thrusting slowly into him. It felt good, having Dazai underneath him again. That no matter how powerful Dazai was, he’d always submit to Chuuya. No matter how strong of a front he’d put against enemies, he’d moan like a bitch for Chuuya.

No matter what he was to others, Chuuya knew him best.

Dazai was quickly reaching his orgasm along with Chuuya. Chuuya gripped his hips and increased his pace, Dazai moaning ‘Faster’ in response. Finally as Chuuya came in Dazai, Dazai let out a small sigh of satisfaction as he climaxed, his cum dripping to the floor.

There was a knock on the door and a subordinate entered, “Sir, we found nothing on Dazai from the party.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Chuuya exclaimed and got up. It proved to be a mistake, as Dazai kicked him in the balls.

“ A reward for before~” Dazai sang out, and took out the subordinate. From there, he navigated his way out of the building, and ran to a black car with Ango at the driver’s seat.

As soon as he entered the car, Ango sped off, not wanting to give a chance for the Mafioso to find them.

“Took you long enough...I know I asked you to make a distraction while I took the documents. But what led you to go back to the Mafia again?”

Dazai looked into the rear view mirror, the Mafia headquarters shrinking into the background as the car sped away.

“Just reliving some old memories.”

Ango side-eyed Dazai at the response, “You really are a masochist.”

Dazai laughed, thinking about how Chuuya would be in pain, and replied, “To survive in this world, you have to be.”