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Kiwi's bkdk Kinktober Collection 2018

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Bakugou Katsuki is good at everything. You know it, I know it, Deku definitely knows it; he’s been enamored with the blonde for years and he’s seen first hand just how amazing his Kacchan is.


He’s especially amazing in the bedroom, with his striking, burning, copper eyes and a hot slick tongue to match.


“Ah, Kacchan…” Izuku sits at the edge of the bed, spread legs hanging off of the side with a hot blonde between his knees, sucking his cock down like a pro. He runs his hands up the smooth skin of thick strong thighs, grabbing the base of Izuku’s dick as he circles his tongue around the head just how he knows Deku likes it, all before sinking back down again with a twist of his head.


“Oh fuck, that’s so good…” Izuku wants to let his head roll back in pleasure but doesn’t want to look away from Katsuki’s sultry show. Scarred fingers find blonde strands and dig into Kacchan’s scalp, earning him a vibrating moan that burns and travels like a wildfire from his dick all throughout his body.


Before he could even recognize what was happening through his lust-clouded mind, that silky mouth and tongue were gone and he was being pushed back on the plush blankets. There’s a stalking, predatory blonde crawling up his body and he looks just about ready to devour Deku, though he thinks that might be the perfect way to die.


Lips fall onto his own as Katsuki straddles Izuku’s strong chest; Deku can taste the intoxicating mix of Kacchan and himself on his tongue and he so badly wants to bend the blonde over and bury himself inside, but, as usual, he’s not the boss here and he finds Kacchan turning around and sitting himself down right on Izuku’s willing mouth and tongue.


“Mmm, fuck, Deku…” Katsuki purrs as a slick tongue plays along his entrance, catching on his rim before sliding just the tip in and pulling back, teasing again and again. Kacchan braces his hands against rock solid abs, and grinds himself down, riding Izuku’s tongue with a twist of his hips.


While unexpected, Deku loves the feeling of Kacchan using his mouth and squeezes pale thighs between his own crooked fingers. Reaching a hand back to dig into foresty curls, Katsuki rocks his hips against Deku’s face while pulling him even closer, tongue even deeper inside.


Katsuki is soon enough back on that beautiful dick in front of him, kissing, licking, nibbling, and leaning forward to suck him back down, down, all the way down until the tip was touching way past the back of his throat and his nose was sitting against dark curls. After one of Kacchan’s hands starts rolling his balls between his fingers and two hard swallows have his throat gripping tight around his cock, Izuku is coming and his moans are muffled from being buried between Kacchan’s cheeks, but it’s so hot and he loves it and he continues groaning and panting while shoving his tongue inside of that willing hole.


With one hand once again digging into Izuku’s curls and the other wrapped firmly around his own cock, Katsuki licks up the string of cum that slipped past his throat, looks over his shoulder and commands in a hot sultry tone, “Now make me come, Deku.”

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Just like with every facet in life, Bakugou Katsuki likes to be in charge during sex. Likes to boss Deku around like he lives to serve the blonde (that’s probably not a bad gig, but that’s not the point right now.) While Izuku is usually totally game for whatever his firecracker boyfriend dishes out, sometimes his brattiness is a little over the top.


“C’mon, Deku. Get to work down there.” The order is barked as fingers yank at green curls, interrupting Deku’s appreciation of the crease of Kacchan’s thigh and hip and forcing his mouth to the sensitive area between his cheeks.


While Izuku could admittedly spend hours down there, Katsuki’s inability to let him do whatever he wants has him feeling a bit salty. He doesn’t just want to be some sex slave Katsuki can boss around. He wants to explore and play with the blonde too; please him on his own terms and make him fall apart, but he knows there’s only going to be one way to make sure he gets what he wants.


Deku plays along with Kacchan’s game, following every filthy command he has spewed at him as he waits for the right moment to strike. “Move your tongue-ah, faster.” Izuku buries himself further between Katsuki’s thighs, drinking up every moan and growl falling from the blonde’s throat. After Katsuki takes two of Deku’s scarred fingers into his mouth, slicking them up with his own saliva, he pushes the hand away with a grunt, “Hurry up and finger me, Deku.”


As Kacchan settles back against the soft sheets of their bed, smirking like he’s some kind of pillow princess, Izuku takes the opportunity to grab his wrists in a firm hold and pin them down against the bed.


“Hey- what the hell? Did I say you could stop?”


“I just want you to ask me instead of being so bossy all the time. I’ll do whatever you want if you can be nice about it.” Deku’s voice was teasing and sassy as he kissed along the inside of Kacchan’s thigh, fingers gripping tight against struggling hands.


Katsuki became further agitated at Izuku’s smug tone, and he tried to suppress his breathy sighs with a growl from behind clenched teeth. “You can start by shutting up and fucking me already.”


“How rude, Kacchan. I think you should ask a little nicer.” His lips traveled past Katsuki’s cock, kissing around his hips and causing his abs to clench and tremble under the touch.


Ooh , I know what you’re trying to make me do, loser.” Kacchan snarled, rocking his hips against Izuku’s barely-there touch. “I’m not fucking begging.”


“C’mon, just say it. Just say, ‘Please Izuku?’ Do it for me, baby?” The tip of his tongue traced Katsuki’s flushed cock on the way up and his teeth dragged lightly against hard flesh on the way back down, just how he knows Katsuki likes it.


Izuku’s merciless teasing and restraining hold has Kacchan doing all he can to greedily ask for more without begging; he roughly digs his heels into his boyfriend’s broad shoulders but Deku is unyielding. He curses and spews shit talk but Izuku’s used to it by now and it’s merely a bark with no bite at this point. When Izuku laughs and mocks him for it he receives a choked off, “F-fuck you, asshole,” in return.


The teasing across his cock, hips, and thighs causes the knot in Katsuki’s belly to wind tight but doesn’t come near what he wants. What he needs . Izuku has kissed, licked, nibbled, and sucked nearly every sensitive spot on Kacchan’s lower half all while watching him with wide sparkling eyes, and when Katsuki’s angry growls subside to needy moans and sighs is when the blonde actually weighs his options; be in a cruel, relentless, and sexually frustrated mess forever, or give in to what Izuku asked for so his idiot boyfriend will finally grant him some sweet relief.


After Izuku sucks one of Katsuki’s balls into his mouth, the steady suction causing the blonde’s toes to curl and knees to grip that curly head in a vice while fighting and failing with Izuku’s strong hold, Katsuki dejectedly shudders and whimpers, “Ah, okay...fuck- p-please, Izuku...


With a cocky smirk Deku gives Katsuki everything he wants.

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“Absolutely not, that sounds fucking stupid.”


Deku needs to find a better way to persuade Katsuki, because apparently, springing up random kinky bullshit in the middle of receiving a blowjob is not the way to do it. While it’s not the first, second, or fifth time he’s done this, he still hasn’t quite found an easier way to get Kacchan to go along with his ideas.


“Why not??” Deku pouts with his shorts around his ankles, which really isn’t helping his case at all. “Todoroki says he does this with Inasa all the time, though he does use his quirk. I wonder how that works? Does one side of his mouth turn hot and the other cold? Or can he control the temperature of his whole mouth? Or maybe he uses his fingers...” There’s the muttering AGAIN and though Katsuki has learned to tune it out over the years, he definitely does NOT want to hear it during sex.


“Yeah, I don’t want to hear about Icyhot, or his big-dicked windbag boyfriend again. Especially when your cock is in my mouth.”


Deku sighs while stroking himself a few times as Kacchan stands up, deciding he wants nothing to do with it anymore. “Pleasepleaseplease I just wanna try something different. And you never know; you might even like it! But you gotta try it first.”


Katsuki scowled and tossed the idea around in his head. When Deku had initially mentioned, “Temperature play” the blonde instantly shot the idea down. He doesn’t like being cold. He hates it. Winter can fuck off, and so can Deku’s stupid science experiment. But he can feel his hesitance slipping faster than he can say, “Fuck you, Todoroki Shouto,” when large hands pull at his slim waist to slide their dicks together and a pair of lips starts kissing down his neck, reminding him just how horny he was about 45 seconds ago.


When it comes to sex, Katsuki would rather get dicked down without the gimmick. But when Deku takes both of their cocks into his hand and starts stroking them together, the hot friction has his eyes falling shut and...maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try Izuku’s stupid scheme. Katsuki had already endured Deku’s grab bag of strange kinks in the past, ranging from tame like handcuffs and dirty talk, to things much more adventurous like roleplay, choking and some ridiculous toy that Katsuki still wasn’t too sure what it was supposed to do.


“Alright, fine. You can do it. But the moment I say stop, you have to stop. Okay?”


Deku’s eyes light up at Kaccan’s unexpected agreement, curls bouncing around with the excited nod of his head. “Yes! Of course! Anything you want, baby…” Izuku’s upbeat voice was replaced with a more sultry tone and Katsuki was finding it harder and harder to be bitter about the situation.


Izuku kisses him senseless as tricky fingers tug off the rest of their clothes and before Katsuki even knew it, he was laying with his back to the bed as Izuku rummaged through the bottom drawer of his night stand.


“Are you comfortable, Kacchan?”


“Uh...yeah? What are you doing now?” Katsuki’s questioning expression immediately flipped back to his usual scowl as Deku held up a black silky blindfold that they’d definitely used more than once or twice. “Oh, no. You didn’t say anything about that. Why are you adding more kinky shit on top??”


“But we always have fun with this! Remember the last time? I don’t think you’ve ever come so hard when I-”


“Okay, alright! I get it! I was there, I don’t need your damn commentary.” For someone who could be so shy in public, Izuku sure didn’t have any problems saying scandalous shit behind closed doors.

Despite his hesitance, Katsuki let Izuku secure the blindfold over his eyes, blacking out all light and movement from his view. His heart always begins racing the moment the tie at the back of his head is comfortably tightened, but it’s not really in a good way. His past traumas has his fight or flight response acting up, but Izuku always knows just how to calm him down; hands warmly cradle his jaw as thumbs tenderly stroke the skin of his cheeks right under the mask. Only when Kacchan feels Izuku’s forehead rest against his own while smooching at his lips affectionately, does he relax again. He doesn’t feel more comfortable and trusting towards anyone else in the world, and even if he wasn’t all that game in the beginning, Deku has never really led them astray in the bedroom so he gives up and settles in for whatever Izuku's dishing out next.


“Okay, wait here. I’ll be right back.” Izuku leaves one last sweet kiss to the tip of his nose before he’s off. Katsuki can hear every movement in their quiet apartment; the sheets rustling as Deku shimmies himself off the bed, his footsteps towards the refrigerator, followed by a long moment of items being moved around. Katsuki reaches down to stroke himself and finds he’s not even completely hard anymore. ‘God damnit. It can’t be that hard to find some fucking ice, where the hell is that stupid nerd?’


Finally Deku returns and Katsuki feels a dip in the bed where he settles on the mattress. “What took you so damn long?”


“Nothing! Can I start now?” Izuku sounds nervous, but he’s always nervous when he’s trying to bring Kacchan around to his devious requests.


“Yeah, I guess…” The blonde feels Izuku’s hands on his body and lips against his own, and he remembers why the blindfold is actually pretty fun. Not knowing where Deku’s mouth or fingers would touch next was exciting and it sent a shiver up his spine as his sense of touch was heightened by his inability to see. Even something as innocent as the pads of Izkuk’s fingers trailing a feather-light touch across his arm made his breath catch in his throat.


When Izuku’s lips wrap around the head of his cock with no warning, Katsuki is arching off the bed and grabbing onto green curls, silently begging for his boyfriend not to stop. Deku takes his dick all the way down until he feels blonde curls on his nose and right when Katsuki throws his head back against the pillow, his deep moan turns into a very unmanly gasp as something very cold was trailed across his hip bone.


“Shit! Fuck, Deku…” Katsuki tried to choke back his reaction because it actually...felt kind of good? He tried to suppress his sounds with a fist against his mouth, but when the cold object was dragged across his nipple, leaving a freezing wet trail around the hardening bud, he couldn’t help the shuddering moan that fell from his lips.


“Do you like it, Kacchan? Does it feel good? ” When Deku lets Katsuki’s cock fall from his lips he starts kissing around his inner thighs and the only response he gets is a grunt, but it’s not an angry grunt so he assumes the blonde is still on board. Izuku spreads strong thighs and when a spark of cold ignites the nerve endings across the skin around his entrance Katsuki’s knees are shaking and he’s gasping when-


“Ohmygod!” Katsuki nearly folds in on himself, fingers gripping at the sheets below, as the extreme cold was replaced with Izuku’s hot mouth, tongue lapping over his twitching hole and the freezing wetness left behind. His feet lock behind Deku’s head to push him closer and he can feel the vibration of Izuku moaning against his ass, obviously enjoying himself as well.


Once Izuku breaks out of the restraining head lock, he straddles Katsuki’s chest and kisses his panting mouth until he’s nearly breathless. He whispers warm breath across the blonde’s cheek, “Open up for me, Kacchan~” while slipping his thumb past slightly parted lips to hook against his bottom jaw.

Katsuki’s so far gone in pleasure at this point and obeys Izuku commends, opening his mouth wide and lolling his tongue out awaiting what he knows Deku’s about to shove inside….but instead of the hot flesh of a cock he feels another shock of cold filling his mouth that...chocolate??


“Mmpphhhff!!” Hands blindly scramble to push Deku and whatever it was in his mouth away from him and he’s coughing and sputtering with the melted liquid of the object sliding down his throat. “What the fuck!?” He rips off the blindfold and his eyes are filled with horror when he sees-


“ that a fucking Fudge pop?!”


“What?? It’s all we had!” Deku yells back with sticky chocolate melting down his fingers.


“You mean we ran out of WATER? The only ingredient in ICE?” Katsuki snarls, eyes falling back between Izuku’s confused face and the dripping chocolate treat.


“There was no time!” Deku ponders out loud. ”Now, if I had Todoroki’s quirk…”


“What did I say about that Icyhot fucker?!”


“Sorry sorry! So...can we...continue?” Izuku asks with a cheeky grin like he didn’t just come close to shoving a fudgy pop up his boyfriend’s ass 5 minutes ago.


Katsuki sighs and grabs Izuku’s sticky fist and bites off half of the pop. “...Fine.”

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“Oh god, Kacchan, yes~”


Izuku rests his sweaty temple against the cool surface of one of the school locker room’s full length mirrors as Katsuki rocks into him from behind, each thrust pushing Deku’s flushed cheek into the glass.


With the pants of their school uniforms pushed past their thighs, Katsuki had taken no time pushing Izuku onto the mirror and sliding inside of him, both already tired and sweaty post workout. Izuku tried to complain, ‘Kacchan! What if someone comes in??’ but the blonde convinced him otherwise, ‘The only person that’ll be coming is me, inside of you.’


The bruising hold on Izuku’s hips is barely registered by either of them and Katsuki bites and pants at Izuku’s ear, spouting filthy shit that he knows will make the smaller boy flustered. “What if someone comes in? Are you scared they’ll see you, pants around your knees, cock in your ass? Begging for it like a slut?”


“Kacchan...s-stop…that’s so embarrassing...” Deku whimpers pathetically, but he’s bracing his hands against the mirror and pushing back because Kacchan is absolutely right.


Katsuki has to admit, he loves seeing a bashful Deku, especially in the image reflected back at them. Loves the burning flush that travels across his cute freckled cheeks all the way up to his ears. Loves the shameful wetness that wells up in his big emerald eyes, threatening to spill over at any moment. The thought of those tears running down his hot cheeks and clinging to his eyelashes has Katsuki growling and smacking the palm of his hand down on one perky round ass cheek.


Izuku can’t hold in his surprised gasp and moan as the loud slap leaves a red, stinging reminder across his ass.


“Hey, what was that?”


Immediately both boys halt as two voices that they quickly recognize as Kaminari and Sero resound through the mostly empty locker room.


“Huh? I didn’t hear anything. C’mon keep looking, I have to have left it here after class…”


Katsuki and Izuku’s eyes meet in the mirror and Deku shakes his head, ‘no, no we have to stop!’ but Katsuki doesn't find that very fun. Under his breath, he whispers into Deku’s ear, “Wow, I hope they don’t come over here and catch us.” With a toothy grin that’s too close to a snarl, Katsuki reaches around the cover Izuku’s mouth with his palm as he roughly shoves himself into his boyfriend once again. “It’d be SO embarrassing if they caught you moaning on my dick…”


Each thrust has Izuku trying to hold in every groan and whimper as Katsuki presses him fully against the glass, his hard cock rubbing and smearing precome against the mirror's cold surface.


Katsuki knows their visitors would have to walk pretty far into the locker room to catch them, so he wasn’t worried a bit. But when Izuku hears them approach closer than he was comfortable with, he whimpers helplessly and those tears finally spill from both embarrassment and his rapidly slipping control over his noises. Katsuki could see them falling in the mirror's reflection and it drives him wild, fucking into him hard at just the right angle to find his sweet spot.


Deku’s scarred fingers claw at the glass as the assault on his prostate and the rough press of his cock into the glass become nearly too much. Katsuki knows he’s close when bouncy sweat-soaked curls fall onto his shoulder and with a bite and snarl against Izuku’s ear, the smaller boy is coming; his eyes roll back and the rapid breaths trying to desperately take in air through just his nostrils are so hot. That paired with Deku’s ass twitching and gripping him tight bring Katsuki to the edge, filling up his boyfriend until he’s totally spent.


“Hey, dude! Is this it?”


“Yeah! Thanks! Good, now we can finally leave.”


Their footsteps echo as they leave the room and Katsuki backs away from the mirror with a boneless Deku in his arms.


Once Izuku can see straight again, Katsuki grabs his chin and forces him to watch their reflection; clothes a mess and hair in disarray with Kacchan’s cum dripping down his thighs just like his own dripped down the mirror in front of them.


“What would they think if they saw you like this? Lucky they didn’t catch you, huh nerd?”


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It all started one evening while on the couch together. The especially shitty made-for-tv movie had Izuku wondering why the fuck they were even watching it when he noticed Kacchan sprawled out next to him, not even paying attention anymore.


Katsuki was relaxed with one foot propped up in Deku’s lap while he mindlessly thumbed through whatever was more interesting on his phone. He casually rubbed the ball of his right foot against Deku’s bulky bicep, toes curling around the curve of the muscle. When Izuku glanced up Katsuki’s body towards his face, the blonde still seemed immersed in whatever he was reading, so observant emerald eyes took the opportunity to focus on the curve of pale flesh on Kacchan’s ankle and the suddenly enticing arch of his foot...


Katsuki must have noticed the intrigued look on Deku’s face because he pressed harder, almost as if he was trying to massage him from shoulder to elbow, toes splaying across muscle with the force of the pressure. It felt nice enough, but it was short lived as Kacchan announced, ‘This movie fucking sucks.’ before heading into the bedroom and Izuku had to admit that he kind of missed the touch.



A week later the same situation happened again, but this time Kacchan stroked his foot along Dekus ribs; the press of his heel into his muscles felt good and occasionally his toe would accidentally slip under his tank top and catch across his nipple, causing Izuku’s breath to hitch. That's when it became something less innocent. Something more than just a simple lazy massage across half of his body. Izuku reached his hand over and stroked the smooth skin on the top of Katsuki’s foot before he returned them both to Deku’s lap again, allowing him to keep running his hand across his pale ankle and even up his calf. Right when Izuku felt he could get a little more adventurous, the beeping from the oven timer went off and again, Kacchan leaves before anything can progress.



“Kacchan, do you want me to massage your feet?”


Katsuki ended up having to do nearly a double shift that day because villains never sleep and a Hero's job is never quite done. He came home and took the fastest shower ever just to be able to toss himself on the bed to rest his tired body, barely toweling himself down and not even bothering with clothing.


“Hmm…?” He hummed an exhausted reply. “Do whatever you want as long as I don't have to move.”



Deku sat at the end of the bed and took one ankle into his hands. He slowly began to massage, gently digging his thumbs into the arch and pulling a sigh out of Katsuki’s slightly parted lips. He worked his thumbs up the middle of his foot towards the ball and could feel Katsuki's toes curling a bit while a pleased moan bubbled up from his throat. Katsuki looked relaxed; eyes fallen shut and head lolled back on the pillow, like he could fall asleep at any minute, so Izuku made his move before he lost the opportunity to another damn inconvenience.


Deku kept a close eye on Kacchan’s reaction as he lifted the foot higher and placed a soft kiss against his ankle bone. There's a twitch in his eyebrow but Katsuki doesn't seem phased otherwise. One hand cradled the heel of his foot while the other continued the massage, and lips trailed gentle kisses up the ankle and against the sensitive skin of the arch. When a shuddering breath fell from the blonde, Deku’s kisses turned from soft and barely-there, to wet and open-mouthed, the tip of his tongue peeking out to slide against the sensitive flesh.


Izuku would be lying if he said this was just for Kacchan. That the only reason he was sitting here with Katsuki’s foot in his mouth because Kacchan wanted it. The hard dick in his shorts pressing up against the fabric was a huge tell, but so was Katsuki’s not-so-flaccid cock resting against his own belly.


As Izuku kneeled against the soft sheets of their bed, eyes closed and losing himself to worshiping parts of Kacchan he never knew he needed to, he felt another foot slowly slide up his thigh and rest against the hardness in his shorts. Emerald eyes shot open (when had they closed??) and Izuku let out a shuddering gasp as he pushed up against the pressure resting on his dick.


Kacchan’s sleepy demeanor was replaced with the usual cocky smirk he wore whenever he found something to tease Izuku about. “Wow, I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff, nerd.” He made his point by pressing his foot down harder, feeling the shape and heat of Izuku’s arousal against his foot, toes curling around the head. “You’re such a pervert, Deku.”


Izuku moaned at the sensation; it was a little bit different than a hand touching him, and it was definitely filthier. Dirtier. More taboo, for as innocent as it sounded. When Katsuki ground his heel down against him, tracing the line of his cock towards the head, Izuku slid a hand down Katsuki’s leg; scarred fingers brushed against the soft skin at the back of his knee and inner thigh, before they wrapped around his dick, pulling out moans while he stroked and rubbed his thumb along the sensitive underside.


Katsuki was falling apart at the attention. Deku’s hot breath against the skin of his foot sent a shiver up his spine, as did the words that also fell from his lips, “You’re so beautiful, Kacchan. Every inch of you…” And as Izuku was distracted lubing his palm up with his own tongue, Katsuki slipped his foot under the leg of Deku’s shorts to meet the hot flesh of his cock underneath.


Izuku’s eyes rolled back as Katsuki wasted no time rubbing his foot against him, feeling the smear of precome against his toes and if you asked, Katsuki would never admit just how much that turned him on. He followed Deku’s lead and worked with the roll of his hips, making sure not to press TOO hard (he’d never hear the end of it if he kicked Deku in the balls during sex.)


A warm, wet palm returned to his dick and they both quickly found the perfect rhythm of Izuku working his fist while rocking his hips and Katsuki grinding his foot against Deku’s cock while thrusting up into the hot grip around him. Izuku’s tongue licked at twitching toes, the tickle bringing a strange sense of arousal to the blonde and bringing him closer to the edge.


“Oh fuck, Deku. I’m so close...fuck…” Kacchan whimpered and eyes squeezed shut as Izuku’s skilled fingers brought him over the edge, cum pooling into the dips of his abs…and a reflexive leg kicked out, striking Deku hard across the face.


Kacchan felt his mind-blowing orgasm become short-lived when Deku immediately stopped stroking. “W-what the fuck!” Katsuki panted, and he tried to sound more angry than desperate, but it didn’t work. “Why’d you stop??”


When he received no reply he opened his eyes and propped himself up onto his elbows, finding his nerdy boyfriend knocked out against the sheets with a bloody nose, and he could practically see the little birdies spinning around his head.




Who thought a foot fetish could be so dangerous??

Chapter Text

Katsuki didn’t know exactly when it started....but maybe Deku did. He had always been obsessed with every part of Kacchan, for as long as they had been in each other’s lives. As children, Katsuki was cool, fun, and adventurous, and even if Deku did spend most of that time trailing behind him and the other neighborhood hoodlums, he still found his ways to watch and admire from afar. Many years later as adults, he still found every part of his now boyfriend perfect and amazing and he never passed up the opportunity to tell Katsuki just how he felt-


‘Kacchan your quirk is so awesome.’

‘Kacchan you’re so strong and smart.’

‘Kacchan you’re so sexy and handsome.’


Deku had taken his time to go over the most beautiful parts of Katsuki’s body and whisper carnal praise upon his flesh because he doesn’t want Kacchan to just hear his appreciation; he wants him to feel it ghosting across his skin and bringing a shiver down his spine.


These days, Katsuki ate it all up because the only opinion that really mattered was Deku’s. Gone were the days of him believing Izuku was being a facetious asshole, and now the adoring praise that falls from his lips strokes Katsuki’s ego like a fan to a fire.


Izuku’s words are syrupy and sweet, like thick drippy honey, as they're whispered into his ear, “You’re so beautiful and amazing, Kacchan” but his mouth is hot and wet around his cock when Izuku worships him on his knees as if Katsuki was a god himself (he liked to think that, at least.) When Izuku had asked so sweetly, almost innocently, “I love you so much, Kacchan. Please let me suck your cock…?” How was Katsuki supposed to say no to that? Not that he ever would.


Katsuki’s head thumped against the wall behind him, the only thing keeping him on his feet at that moment, as he arched into Deku’s open and willing mouth. Izuku had started gentle and placid. He always did; running his hands down Katsuki’s bare thighs, only to be stopped by the material of his pants around his knees. Nuzzling his nose into blonde curls with his eyes falling shut as the heady scent of Kacchan’s arousal flooded his senses, making him dizzy with lust. Muttering all kinds of filthy nonsense that were spicy, “Kacchan, you smell so good” and even spicier, “Kacchan, your cock is so big, I can’t want to have you down my throat.” And he prattled on and on as if Katsuki couldn’t hear. Or maybe he wanted him to.


Izuku looked up at him with wide, emerald eyes, and they lit up when the pad of Katsuki’s thumb grazed his bottom lip and he demanded, “If you want my cock so bad then open up.”


Deku was never one to refuse; he’s a people pleaser through and through, especially when it came to Kacchan. He would probably deny it if asked, but the blonde’s demands never failed to spark arousal in his gut, so he opened wide, tongue falling out as Katsuki slid his dick past it and into the soft, wet cavern of his mouth.


He rocked his hips in time with Deku, not the least bit worried about choking his boyfriend because Izuku had been a pro since day one. Never had a problem taking his cock all the way down, never minded when Katsuki yanked on his hair and fucked into his throat; Katsuki took it as a sign that they were meant to be. And Izuku loved it; his fingers clawed at Katsuki’s hips and green, half-lidded eyes rolled back while a moan bubbled up from his gut before catching in his throat.


Without warning Katsuki grabbed the base of his dick and pulled himself out; strings of drool and precome stuck to Izuku’s lips and teeth, and the debauched sight, with curly hair in wild disarray and flushed freckled cheeks was more than enough to have Kacchan leaning down for a kiss, finding the taste of himself wildly arousing as he licked against Izuku’s sinful tongue.


That same thumb pushed into his mouth again and pressed down against his tongue while Katsuki hotly whispered against the corner of his mouth, “I want you to touch yourself for me, Deku.” Another demand that Izuku would never turn down, and he nodded quickly as he pulled his shorts down his thighs and bit down on the thumb with a whimper as his scarred fingers gripped his dick tight.


Izuku following his demands without hesitations never failed to turn Katsuki on. He felt powerful because, at the end of the day, Deku truly was no pushover. He was strong and strong-willed, but the thought of him so wantonly on his knees, jerking himself off with Kacchan’s cock being shoved between his lips was so hot Katsuki couldn’t reign in his own unabashed babble falling from his lips.


Katsuki growled, “Oh, fuck Deku- ah, you’re so good at sucking my cock.” Deku’s eyelids fluttered at the praise.


“You’re such a slut, dick leaking just from sucking me off.” Deku whimpers and an embarrassed flush spreads further to his neck and ears.


“Shit, I’m so close. Ah- fuck Deku, make me come.” Deku squeezed his eyes shut, tears welling up and spilling over when Katsuki grabbed his hair with a guttural moan, pulling Izuku all the way down on his cock until a freckled nose was digging hard into his belly. Suddenly, when a fist yanked him back, it ripped the cock from his mouth and the hot, white evidence of Kacchan’s release hit him across the cheeks, lips, and tongue which hung out willing and waiting, with shuddering moans and pants as he came into his own fist, cum sliding down his knuckles and onto the wood floor beneath them.


When Katsuki came back down from his post-orgasmic high, shaky breaths finally settling and one hand bracing himself on the wall while the other still loosely held his dick, he found Deku not looking much better than he felt; head slumped over, eyes still fluttering, while trying to hold just a little bit of air in his lungs.


“Deku?” Katsuki’s clean hand reached forward to pet at sweaty green curls, but never found them as Izuku fell backwards onto the floor with a loud, ‘thump.’


Katsuki sighed, “Goddammit, not again.”

Chapter Text

“What the fuck is going on??”


“Kacchan! Don’t make me talk like that!”


While an internship is never 100% safe (Deku could surely attest to that) sometimes injuries or even lasting quirk effects from encountered villains will happen on the job and it’s just the risk you have to take to be a hero. In the middle of battle they were smacked with a body swapping quirk, and after had been told them to stand down and not use each other's quirks for theirs and everyone else's safety (Deku especially did NOT want to see what would happen if Kacchan tried to use OFA), they had been at each other’s throats for the remainder of the afternoon. There was  no record of being able to stop this particular quirk effect except time (exactly 24 hours), so before they left their internship agency Katsuki laid out his ground rules, voice still gruff and demanding despite Deku’s higher pitch:


“One, don’t talk to ANYONE. I don’t want you to make me sound like a nerd.”


Izuku rolled his eyes with a huff. A perfectly fitting Kacchan reaction.


“Two, you’re staying with me until this quirk dies off. You can sleep on my floor.”


“What!?” Came Izuku’s growling reply, yet somehow still sounding like himself. “Why can’t I sleep in my own room??”


Kacchan gave his best Deku death stare, but it didn’t quite hold the same effect as his own face. “I don’t trust you. I already know you’re gonna call your lame nerd friends over and do who KNOWS what with me.”


Izuku agreed just to get the arguing over with and when they returned to the dorms that evening, their classmates were welcomed by the odd sight of Midoriya wearing an uncharacteristic scowl across his face, dragging a stumbling and wide-eyed Bakugou by the wrist and hauling him through the common area and into the communal showers.


“Alright, take a shower, and DON'T do any weird shit to my body, got it?” Katsuki demanded, the sound of a forcefully bossy Deku sounding foreign to his ears.


Izuku followed his orders because it was just easier that way. Plus, the look and sound of himself being so pushy was pretty shitty. He'd hate if his friends saw him in that way. He took note: never be an asshole.


Stripping down from each other's hero gear and hopping onto adjacent shower stalls, the only noise filling the mostly empty bathroom is the sound of water hitting the tile floor. Deku tried not to make a big deal of the situation. He was only stuck in the body of his childhood friend-turned asshole schoolmate-turned rival-turned secret crush (still an asshole though). He tried to run his soapy hands across Kacchan’s naked flesh without getting flustered but… Could he really be blamed otherwise? Kacchan was hot. It was no secret. Everyone knew it, and feeling every hard muscle with the slippery slide of soap-slick fingertips definitely confirmed it.


He washed Kacchans body as thoroughly as he knows the blonde would, but when his fingers reach between his legs, he can't help but watch Kacchan’s rough yet flawless hands sink between his strong thighs; he watched Kacchan’s fingers cup around his balls and felt his heart racing when he wrapped a hand around his hardening dick, the shape and weight of it feeling so much different than his own.


His breath shuddered and eyes glanced occasionally at the door while he shoved a fist to his mouth to stop any more scandalous noises as he stroked Kacchans cock, knowing that this is exactly what the blonde sees every time he does this. He's so turned on and Izuku can't help but wonder-


'How often does Kacchan touch himself?’


'Does he like it fast or slow? Hard and rough or soft and teasing?’


‘What does he think about? Would he ever think about me?’


A groan slips past his lips (‘Wow, Kacchan’s moans are so hot...’) and before he knew what was happening his heart was racing in a different way as the stall door was pulled open and Kacchan (or rather, himself) was staring him down like he was out for blood.


“I knew you were gonna do some weird shit! Let go of my dick!”


Izuku followed the order, letting go and holding up both hands in surrender under the shower spray. “S-sorry! I-I didn't mean to! It just happened!” He could feel his face heat up, cheeks flushing at the embarrassment of being caught fondling Katsuki's body without permission. “Sorry, Kacchan.”


The look on Katsuki's (rather, his own) face was one he wasn't even sure he was capable of making. Some kind of mixture between anger and annoyance that was much more fitting to the blonde. But there was a subtle expression of intrigue and curiosity that Deku was much more familiar with in his own features.


In his own shock and confusion, Deku began muttering as he usually would, and Katsuki found the sound awful when coming out of his own mouth. “Shut up, Deku!” He stepped forward into the shower spray to slap a scarred hand over his own mouth, and Izuku couldn't help but take the opportunity to look at himself up and down, totally naked, and while he's seen himself naked before in a full-length mirror, or in a dirty selfie that he would send to no one and eventually erase out of embarrassment, seeing his physical body in front of him was a different experience. Eyes roamed down the chest and belly that once were skinny and scrawny but now held power and strength (though it was nothing compared to Kacchan’s firm pecs and ripped abs) and on the way down to admire thick muscled thighs, he noticed Katsuki wasn’t so innocent of similar thoughts as well, his own cock hard and at attention from their very odd situation.


It was difficult to feel embarrassed about his own nudity when it really wasn't his own. Kacchan is confidence, in the way he speaks and carries himself on a daily basis, and Izuku could feel it just being in his strong, beautiful body, so he took a risk and pulled the hand off of his mouth, bringing Kacchan and himself closer, and performed a perfect Bakugou Katsuki impression, “Why are you hard, nerd? See something you like?”


Katsuki’s emerald eyes widened almost comically, not expecting Deku to attempt to flip the situation around. “W-what?? No!” When he glanced down he realized Deku was right, but he'd never admit that out loud.


Izuku stepped closer to himself and wrapped Kacchan's calloused hand around his cock, feeling the familiar girth in his grip. “What's wrong, Deku? Embarrassed because you're into it too?” He slid Katsuki's fingers down his own hard chest and abs, letting them run across the strong body until Katsuki had Deku's crooked fingers wrapped around hard, hot flesh.


It seems it didn't take much to have Katsuki participating too, and both boys willingly jerked each other off, sliding wet fists over their own cocks and it was both familiar and completely new and different at the same time. At some point someone initiated a kiss, pulling the other close until they were chest to chest, mouth to mouth, swallowing each other’s moans while tongues slid together.


To Izuku’s surprise, Katsuki separated their kiss and spoke up too and they each fell into their respective roles without a look back. “C-can I suck your cock, Kacchan? Please?” But whether or not Katsuki was doing it because it was hot, or because he wanted to hear Deku’s mouth say those words and wrap around his own cock, Izuku would never find out. Not that he really cared at this point either.


His initial reaction was to nod politely or say, “Yes, please” but that’s not what Kacchan would do or say. “Get on your knees then, Deku.” He stated confidently with Kacchan’s demanding voice and Katsuki obeyed, knees hitting the tile floor and mouth greedily taking in his own dick, easily finding every sensitive spot because who knows his dick better than himself?


Izuku quickly fell apart while he looked down at himself past Kacchan’s perfect body; much more beautiful than he felt when looking at his own. Perfect skin not marred with the pink and silvery scars of his destructive self-sacrificial habits. Muscles that were perfectly sculpted, not like his own less defined and in some parts, unproportionate muscle mass. But his insecurities quickly passed as Katsuki sucked him down, moved his tongue just right and moaned around himself, bringing Izuku closer and closer to the edge, the heat in his belly burning and coiling tight. Deku’s hips stuttered as he watched himself slurp and slobber on Kacchan’s dick while Katsuki jerked himself off and the absolute absurdity of the situation couldn’t stop him from crying out into the deserted shower room, moaning and whimpering as he came into his own mouth while Kacchan did the same into his fist, the evidence of their fucked up situation swirling down the drain with the cooling water.


When Katsuki was back to his feet, he locked his emerald eyes with Deku’s fiery red before spitting the cum in his mouth onto the tile floor. “Ugh, you taste gross, Deku.”


“But Kacchan...that’s your cum…”


“...Shut up, nerd.”

Chapter Text

Izuku hadn’t meant to find him. It was a complete accident, and maybe a stroke of luck. Browsing through porn sites and cam shows was a fairly regular thing. As regular as any other person may do it. He’s not obsessed or anything (at least he hoped he wasn’t), but when he came across a particular streamer who was more than just a little bit familiar, he found himself coming back, first, a few times a week. Then about every other day. Now he’s on day 4 in a row and he’s still so captivated by streamer ‘Kaxxan’.


It wouldn’t be anything special if Kaxxan was just some guy. Some very hot guy. A hot guy with a familiar piercing copper gaze that, even through a webcam, Izuku could feel it burning through the already existing hole in his heart. And the screen name was a huge tell. He knows that’s Kacchan. Bakugou Katsuki. Childhood friend turned crush who became more than a little bit of an asshole before they fell out of touch and Izuku never saw him again. It wasn’t the greatest part of his life; growing up poor with a single mother, having very little friends (basically, just Kacchan) and when he was left lonely and sad for the remainder of his high school days, he missed his friend. Missed hearing him yell the appropriately appointed nickname, “Deku” through the school halls. He never stopped thinking about him; about his blonde hair, slim build, and perfect skin (somehow avoiding the curse of acne that most other high school teens encountered), and he was happy to learn that 10 years later, Kacchan still had all those things. Only now, Izuku was privy to see more of the blonde than he ever could have hoped for.


Kaxxan was a natural in front of the camera; he held himself with confidence just like he always had, and wore a shitty grin that said, ‘I’m in charge, now give me your money.’ Izuku had casually visited the chat room, and he knew how it worked; Kaxxan set tip goals for some kind of act, (jerking himself off, fingering himself, playing with some kind of toy, etc) and he basically teased his viewers, until they desperately coughed up the cash to meet the goal. It usually didn’t take long before that happened.


Tonight was a pretty little pink glass dildo that was curved and ribbed with a little heart at the end, and Izuku knows what he’s going for here. The cute little toy with nasty, bossy Kaxxan, who was in no way, shape, or form “cute”, but more scorching hot with a filthy tongue, and definitely not a guy you would expect to own anything with cute pink hearts.


Before the tip goal was met, Kaxxan enticed his viewers; the very thin tank top he wore showed off the shape of pierced nipples beneath the material (Izuku absolutely loved when he took it off and got to see the pink pierced flesh), and the very tight skull boxers did very little to hide his growing erection (which was the point, duh.)


He sat back on his bed and would occasionally trail his hands across his body, over his dick, up and down his thighs while he took the time to interact with his viewers. There were shy watchers who merely typed out a meager ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello<3’ before returning to lurk in their shadowy depths. There were guys who started immediately spouting out filthy things, ‘lets see your cock already’ ‘i wanna stick my dick in u so bad.’ Izuku wanted to say that those guys were gross and pervs, but he couldn’t really say much while being a regular lurker in a cam boy chat room. Then there were the regulars, who greeted Kaxxan cheerfully and asked about his day like they’d known him for years. Those pissed off Izuku the most. They’re too familiar. Too close, and Kaxxan replied to them being oddly sweet about it, but Izuku wasn’t too sure if it was legit or if he was just doing it for more tips. Either way, it was working and the counter showed the tip collection rise higher and higher.


The goal was $300 and Izuku was amazed at just how much money Kaxxan could make in a night. Hey, if you’re good at something, never do it for free, right?


He started his show, dragging it out slowly to tease and of course, keep the flood of tips coming in. He asked what his viewers wanted; keep the shirt on, take it off? On his back or on his knees? Turning each option into a mini goal and letting the cash decide how he did things for the night.


When he hiked his shirt up his chest, exposing himself without really taking it off, Izuku licked his lips, feeling the sudden dryness in his mouth as he slid a shaky hand into his shorts, gripping but not yet stroking at his hardness. He knew if he started now he’d be done way before the show was close to being over. Kaxxan’s boxers quickly came off and eventually two lubed fingers found their way to his hole, easily dipping in and out, throwing his head back with a well-rehearsed (yet still hot and convincing) moan while reclining on one supportive elbow.


He pinched at a pierced nipple and moaned and rambled all the dirty shit guys on the internet hiding behind a screen name want to hear;


‘I’m so hard for’


‘I wish it was your fingers inside of me’


‘Am I stretched enough for you? Think I could take your cock?’


Izuku squeezed at his dick, Kaxxan’s words never failed to send a shiver down his spine and make his cock throb, and he tried to stave off the arousal bringing him embarrassingly close already. He could never help himself when it came to Kaxxan, because the cam show was already so dirty and taboo, but seeing every inch of his old friend and hearing his voice, as if he was saying those things to Izuku himself, turned him on so much.


When Kaxxan grabbed the glass toy, he made a big show of opening his mouth with his tongue out and licked across the smooth, cool surface. He sucked it down, showing off his lack of gag reflex, and taking it until the flared heart shaped handle touched his lips. Izuku couldn’t help himself anymore and stroked his cock in time with the toy’s in and out motion from Kaxxan’s skilled mouth, watching the glass disappear over and over again until it was slick and sloppy with saliva.


As he lined the toy up to his hole, he muttered, “I wish this was your dick instead…” before pushing it past the ring of muscle, moaning as each rib on the toy caught against his rim while it sunk into his body. Izuku’s breath hitched as he tried to focus on one part of the scene playing on his laptop screen, but how could he choose when every bit of Kaxxan was amazing? Head thrown back, mouth open and panting, abs clenched tight as he rocked his hips in time with his hand. The toy moved deeper and faster as filthy curses and phrases slipped past his lips, “oh fuck, that’s so good. You like watching me fuck myself? You wanna watch me come?” Yes yes yes, Izuku wanted that so bad and he jerked himself off faster, grip tighter, and he couldn’t hold out till the end this time. He muttered under his breath, “oh fuck, oh fuck, yes yes Kacchan!” as he came into his own fist, hunched over in his desk chair and even if his hand was filthy and wet he sat there panting with his hand still in his shorts, just to finish watching Kaxxan stroke his dick and throw his head back, legs spreading wider and toes curling as he came on the slick toy. His hole clenched around it and it was very clear in the webcam’s high definition; Izuku could see the shiny residue of lube on his ass and thighs and see every throb and twitch from his orgasm. He could see every rise and fall of his chest as he whimpered and panted and when the toy left his body open and waiting for more, (Izuku knew he could take more) Kaxxan excused himself for a quick break to clean up.


Izuku took advantage of the opportunity as well, heading to his connected bathroom to kick off his shorts and towel himself down. He looked at his reflectionover the sink and made up his mind with a fierce determination: Today WILL be the day.


He returned to his desk to see Kaxxan had come back and would be taking a request for a private show. It was expensive, Izuku knew that but it would be worth it, so he grabbed his credit card and punched in the information on the screen, which sent a message to Kaxxan, “User bkdk420715 requests a private show”.


He watched Kacchan work on his computer on the other end and told his adoring fans he would be ending the stream for his private show. There was an influx of thank you’s, goodbyes, and more disgusting, filthy nonsense as the video blacked out and a message with a link popped up on his screen. Clicking it took him to another stream but still the same Kaxxan, same bed with blue sheets, same slate grey walls.


“I’ve seen your screen name show up a lot recently.” Kaxxan laughed; he had absolutely no problem calling him out and Izuku’s cheeks grew hot from embarrassment. “But I’m sure you want me to call you something different, yeah?”


Izuku typed out in the chat box, his only form of communication with the blonde. ‘You can call me Deku.’


When Kaxxan read the words on his screen his eyes grew wide and his breath caught in his throat. His heart hammered in his chest, but this wasn’t from the rush of putting on a show for hundreds of gross dirty bastards 4 times a week. He muttered the familiar name, “Deku..” and immediately covered up by falling back into character.


“Ok, Deku, how do you wanna play tonight?”

Chapter Text

“Ehh...I’m not so sure about this Kacchan…” Izuku held onto the open gift box with a questioning expression, the contents inside being the cause for his distress. “Wouldn’t I just look...weird?”


Katsuki rolled his eyes, “Would I have bought it for you if I didn’t think it would look good? Think I got bad taste?”


“Uh, No!” Izuku stuttered and mumbled, cheeks flushing while imaging himself actually wearing Kacchan’s gift, feeling both embarrassed and intrigued at the same time. “No, I trust you...are you sure?”


Katsuki grabbed Deku by the shoulders and pushed him into the bedroom shouting at him before slamming the door shut. “Damnit Deku! Yes, I’m sure. No, you won’t look stupid. Get in there and change, and don’t come out until you’re done!”


Izuku stripped down and placed the box on their large bed as he took out the pieces one by one, each item was thin and skimpy and barely there. First was the panties, a nearly translucent black lace with a thin orange elastic waistband. The material felt both soft and rough at the same time as he ran his fingers across it and he gasped and gulped as he found a separation in the material; a slot that parted on the backside for what he assumed was, “easy access”. He slipped each leg in before pulling them up gently (he was afraid of ripping the probably expensive material in half!), the sensation of the textured lace rubbing against his thighs and hardening cock made him shudder with unexpected excitement.


Next was an extremely thin lacy black bra also with an orange trim, and Izuku wasn’t too sure how well it would fit. He doesn’t have boobs. Bras are for boobs...right?? It took way too long for him to figure out how to connect the clasps on the back without manhandling the material. Once it was set on his body properly, he bashfully examined himself in the full-length mirror. The bra actually fit perfectly (of course Kacchan would have made sure of that) and he could see hardened nipples peeking through the almost see-through lingerie.


The last piece was a green garter with black, silky stockings, and he was glad he saved that for last because everything looked so thin and delicate and probably complicated to put on. He slipped on the stockings, the lacy elastic wrapping around mid-thigh, and the skimpy green garter sat snuggly against his hips. Thankfully he had his phone with him because he couldn’t figure out for the life of him how everything was supposed to work, but thanks to Google, every snap and clasp was in place and when he saw the entire outfit together-


“ this Ground Zero lingerie???” Of course it was.


Izuku checked his hair, turned around and stared at himself in every angle and pose, still torn between feeling embarrassed and turned on, but figured he’d rather get it over with instead of dwelling on it and letting his anxiety climb higher and higher.


When the bedroom door creaked open Katsuki shot a look over his shoulder while sitting in one of the plush living room chairs. Deku peeked out from around the door frame and squeaked out, “Don’t look!”


“Don’t look? Why else would I buy that shit for you? I’m gonna look!” His bark had no bite as he turned back around, giving Deku the privacy he needed to move forward.


Izuku stepped out and somehow felt more exposed than if he was naked in his own home. When he reached Katsuki, he trailed a hand across his shoulders as he came around the seat and when he took a deep breath to meet scorching red eyes, the look of wonder and awe boosted his confidence a bit, but it was nothing compared to Katsuki’s mouth hanging open as he muttered a breathless, “Holy shit.”


Copper eyes moved quickly as they tried to take in every part of Izuku’s body, not knowing whether to focus on the glimpse of hard nipples poking through the bra, the green elastic straps holding up the stockings and digging into Deku’s thick thighs, or the lacy panties barely containing his growing erection.


He pulled Deku into his lap, not even bothering to take his time like he originally planned, slotting their mouths together and kissing him senseless. A moan bubbled up deep from Izuku’s throat as he wrapped his arms around Kacchan’s neck, fingers digging into his hair. The blonde’s fierce adoration never failed to break down any and all of Izuku’s insecurities.


Rough hands slipped under the lacy material to squeeze Deku’s ass, fingers digging into the plump flesh and bringing him closer to desperately grind their cocks together while tongues slid hot and wanting.


Izuku’s breath hitched in his throat and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when Kacchan’s mouth moved across his jaw, down his throat, then back up to his ear and whispered, “What do you want baby girl?” His freckled cheeks flushed furiously and he took a moment to think; but eventually decided that overthinking during sex has always backfired on him, (‘Deku, you don’t need to ACTUALLY read me my rights when playing a sexy cop…’) so he decided to just go with whatever kinky thing Kacchan decided on today.


“I want you to eat me out, daddy.”


Katsuki smirked; Deku was playing his game without any stupid interruptions for once, so he hurriedly pushed him off, turned him around, bent him over and with both thumbs, separated the slot in the back of the panties to bury his mouth between the lacy material.


Deku whimpered at the feel of Katsuki’s slick tongue against his hole, teasing and flicking against his opening and it wasn’t long until he was gripping his knees, thighs shaking as Katsuki’s finger slipped under one of the garter straps on the back of his thigh and let it spring back with a resounding, ‘smack’ leaving a sting and pink welt behind. He was muttering something; neither of them really knew or cared. Something between “Yes, yes, don’t stop, daddy,” and various choked back curses and he was a little disappointed when the tongue left but was back to his eye-rolling pleasure as two lubed up fingers took its place, stretching and curling and nearly bringing him to his peak.


Izuku’s desperation got the better of him and he pushed Katsuki’s hands away, turning around to pull down his pants and lube up his thick cock. He straddled Kacchan’s lap while he trailed fingertips under the tank top and traveled up hard abs to the large muscled chest he loves so much, and with some tricky maneuvering to grab hold of Katsuki’s dick while separating the slot in the fabric (he truly did NOT have enough hands for all of this), he sank down with a sigh; head lolled back with a wanton moan falling from parted lips.


Katsuki lifted and dropped Izuku down on his dick and Izuku was in heaven, with a cock sliding in and out, a wet tongue lapping at his nipples through the bra, and the panties rubbing against the head of his dick with every thrust; the texture of the lace adding a delicious sensation that he definitely wanted to experience again and again.


“You like daddy’s cock, baby? Tell me how much you love it.” Katsuki demanded with a growl and Izuku would always give him whatever he wanted.


He whimpered and tried his best to keep it together. “Y-yes daddy I love it. I-I love your cock so much, oh my god...”


They rocked together desperately and Katsuki fucked up into Izuku, his cock grazing the slick, lacy, opened slot, and between open mouths panting a cursing and whimpering and growling, Katsuki held back until Deku was coming on him, squeezing him hot and tight as the panties did nothing to hold back the evidence of his pleasure, cum seeping through and soiling the barely-there material.


In a panting, sweaty, and bliss-filled mess, Kacchan wrapped his arms tight around Izuku and hissed hotly into his ear, “Oh, fuck yes, you’re such a good girl, Deku...”


Chapter Text

The grind of the cotton-covered pillow placed under his hips was delicious and maddening against his dick as Izuku fucked into him from behind, elbows and knees digging into the mattress while he rocked his hips against the blonde’s ass. “Oh, Kacchan you feel so good...I love being inside of you…”  The filthy, hot whisper against his ear had Katsuki arching his back, pushing his ass back against each forceful thrust.


Every thrust brought Katsuki closer to the edge; the drag of Izuku’s thick cock and the constant hit to his prostate has him choking back whimpers and moans and Izuku hates when he tries to hide it. He stops his incessant thrusts, and Katsuki growls at the loss of friction against his insides. “Let me hear you, Kacchan...Tell me how much you love it.”


He pushes into the blonde slowly, and Katsuki’s eyes roll back as he grips and bites at the blanket below him, not giving in to Deku’s demands. Scarred fingers dig into his hair and pull, yanking and arching his back almost painfully as Izuku continues his torturous pace. “I said I want to hear you. Tell me how much you love my cock…tell me and I’ll let you come.”


Katsuki groans, the tug on his scalp was painful but sent a spark of arousal to his belly, and he whines pathetically with his head pulled back, “Ah, shit...I love your fucking cock Deku…”


Izuku hums in approval, biting his lip while speeding up his movements just slightly, still leaving the blonde wanting more, harder, faster. “What a good boy, Kacchan. You want me to let you come?”


Katsuki desperately tries to nod yes, but the hold on his hair was strong and unrelenting. “Fuck yes Deku, let me come...please let me come.”

Izuku loves when Kacchan begs and he yanks his head back even further, exposing the bitten flesh of his exposed throat, “You’re such a good boy, Kacchan. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Chapter Text

It started with two manly boys and a bet.


“Bro. Bro. Hey bro.”


Sometimes, Kaminari had a deathwish when talking to Bakugou.


“Kirishima would totally beat your ass at arm wrestling.”


“What? Fuck off, Pikachu. He wouldn’t stand fucking a chance.” Katsuki confidently replied from his spot on the couch. The common area was bustling with the usual activities of students winding down on a Saturday evening. A crappy movie played on the tv, a few of the girls sat a bit away chatting and gossiping over social media, and Kaminari annoyed Bakugou. Just a typical day for U.A’s hero course.


“Hey! I’m right here!” Kirishima whined from the ground, lying belly down while playing on his 3DS.


“Oh,” Katsuki leaned forward to glare at his buddy from above. “You wouldn’t stand a fucking chance.”


Kirishima shut the clamshell case to square up with the blonde. “Oh yeah? Wanna bet on it?”


Everyone knows Bakugou Katsuki doesn’t walk away from a challenge. “Alright, you spikey-headed loser. Bring it on.”


Suddenly it was like fight night in the common area, with a full-on crowd, cheers from either side, (the girls had even made signs for 'Team Blasty’ and 'Team Riot’), Uraraka took bets (gotta make money somehow ), and apparently, Kaminari got Momo to make him a megaphone so he could play a proper referee.


Their battleground was the coffee table and they threw death glares (Bakugou) and snarky snarls (Kirishima) with their elbows set in place and hands in finger-numbing grips, but the crowd goes silent when someone yells, “WAIT, WHAT’S THE BET??”


They had never stated the terms of the actual bet, and there’s another shout from the crowd, “Make him wear a dress!” Everyone turns to the source of the voice.


Todoroki looks around with a blank expression, “What? Is that weird?” But the crowd erupts with agreement anyways, and they return to cheers and chants for the game to begin.




“So what kind of dresses do you like Bakugou?” Hagakure snickered invisibly from somewhere nearby, and before he could start shit talking in a random direction hoping he was facing her, Mina interjected in her own snarky tone.


“Let’s go raid Momo’s closet for some ideas.” Mina grabbed Bakugou’s shoulders to push him up towards the elevator while her gaggle of girlfriends followed along.


Uraraka and Tsuyu trailed behind them and Katsuki growled as one of them shouted, “You both have the same sized chest anyways, it’s perfect!”




45 minutes later, he finally escaped their clutches with the outfit of their choice; a red and strapless a-line dress that fit tight around his slim waist and he hates that it did fit around the chest just fine. It’s a little shorter on him than Momo because of their height difference, hitting a little above mid-thigh. He stormed off, leaving their laughter in his wake, to his own bedroom to grab his jacket and boots because he will keep up his end of the bet, and he will go out to lunch with them as he promised, but no one said anything about him not covering up while they were out.


With the hood flipped up and his boots thrown on, he heads down to his lovely boyfriend’s room and bangs a fist on the door. “Let’s go, nerd! I wanna get this shit over with!”


When Izuku opened his door and took a look at his fiery boyfriend, he tripped over his words and stuttered; well, worse than usual, at least. “K-Kacchan?? OH, um, ah...yeah...what?” That was stupid. He was completely mesmerized all because of one little dress.




“Why the boots, man? Can’t walk in heels?” Kaminari taunted with a mouth full of ketchup smothered fries. Their lunch table contained nearly half their class and was filled with mocking laughter at Katsuki’s expense. Izuku tried his best to comfort the angry blonde but was failing miserably.


Mina howled with laughter from across the table, “Yeah bro, you look like Jirou.”


“Wow, I’m right here!” The punk rock girl pouted.


Katsuki sat arms crossed with the jacket’s hood up, shrouding his anger while he endured wave after wave of merciless taunts and jokes-


“You’re a prettier girl than me!”


“What, no makeup though??”


“Wow, Midoriya has such a pretty girlfriend!”


A ring and a buzz went off on Katsuki’s phone (he had set it as his ‘I’ve had e-fucking-nough’ alarm) and he dismissed it just before kicking his chair back from the table, legs squealing against the floor, while throwing out two middle fingers. “Fuck all of you.” He stormed away and the whole table cackled and booed while he tossed a snarl over his shoulder, “And you can shove your jokes up your ass!”




Izuku trailed behind Kacchan, following him towards the exit, but having a much better idea instead, as he became mesmerized by the material of the skirt swaying against the back of his thighs with every angry step. He dragged the struggling and cursing blonde towards the single-stall restroom and locked the door before pushing him into the wall with a bruising kiss.


Large hands slipped around his slim waist while Izuku licked at his tongue with a moan, and when those scarred fingers began to play at the skin of his thigh just before the hem of the dress, Katsuki forgot all about why he was so upset in the first place, wrapping his arms around Deku’s neck to deepen their kiss.


“You’re so pretty, Kacchan.” Izuku murmured into his mouth, the praise falling out so easily, and he received a growl in response, though he wasn’t sure if it was excitement or anger. Probably both. “You look amazing. I couldn’t stop staring at your thighs on the way here.” Katsuki fisted the front of Izuku’s shirt and threw his head back with a moan; just the thought of driving his boyfriend wild in public was starting to turn him on more and more.


The train ride to the restaurant had been torturous for Deku as he took the seat while Kacchan stood in the space in front of him, the dress riding up a little higher as he grabbed onto the handle above. Izuku wanted nothing more than to slide his hands up the slight ruffles of the skirt and expose whatever was underneath (in his fantasy; a pretty pair of panties, but really, why would Kacchan be wearing that ?)


Pressing Katsuki further against the restroom wall, his fingers unzipped the hoodie and pushed it off completely, dropping the thick material and revealing the rest of the dress; showing off just how snug it fit against his waist and chest. Izuku fell to his knees, eye level with Kacchan’s thighs once again, and when he slid his hands up trembling legs, past the skirt and up the cloth around his hips, his breath hitched and eyes widened when he felt a material that wasn’t his normal boxers but a pair of silky panties instead.


“Oh, fuck.” Izuku shakily whispered, feeling the smooth material beneath his hand while he ran his palm over Kacchan’s silk-covered dick. He locked eyes with Katsuki’s red, and he looked more flustered than before, having his secret found out. “You didn’t even want to wear the dress, but you put on sexy panties? That’s so naughty, Kacchan… ” Izuku’s voice was low and husky, the cute flush across Katsuki’s cheeks and his own teasing words turning him on as he continued to explore Kacchan under the cover of the skirt.


Grasping the damp silky material, he slowly pulled it down, rubbing it softly against the blonde’s hard cock and down his thighs, leaving it to sit between his knees. Izuku reached under to wrap around him, jerking him off slowly under the skirts flowy material. Katsuki grasped the wall for support, body shuddering with a choked back moan.


“Deku…” Kacchan’s voice was strangled and desperate. He wanted more. More than just Izuku’s calloused fingers slowly and torturously running up and down his cock. “I-I want…” The words were caught in his throat as Izuku stroked faster, the sight of Deku on his knees with his hands working up his dress being too much and his head fell back with a thump against the bathroom wall.


He didn’t notice how close Izuku was again until a hot breath panted against him and lips were kissing at his jaw and whispering into his ear, “What do you want, baby? Tell me and I’ll do anything for you.”


“I want you to fuck me.”


Grabbing the back of one knee, Deku hiked Katsuki’s leg over his hip and shoved a finger into the blonde’s mouth, his tongue swirling around sloppily on the rough digit, and when he brought it down to his hole to push past the ring of muscle-


Oh, Kacchan… ” Deku breathed against his throat, whispering like he'd just discovered Katsuki's biggest secret. “Did you do this already? Before we even left?” Lube lingered on his skin from Katsuki's previous activities, and even though he wanted to kiss that freckled face stupid, he was roughly being turned around, palms and cheek against the wall as Izuku was pushing his saliva-slick cock into his entrance. The quick rush of movements had his head spinning and, 'when did he get his dick out??’ He was suddenly being filled up, calloused hands reaching under the dress to grab at his bare hips to pull him back with every thrust.


Izuku hiked one of Katsuki’s legs up, finding the right angle to hit his sweet spot and making the blonde gasp and curse while pushing back against his cock the best he could on one leg. “You’re so pretty Kacchan…” the whispered praise was so hot and Katsuki couldn’t hold back the volume of his moans anymore, despite them taking up way too much time in a public restroom.


The relentless pounding against Katsuki’s backside paired with the front of the dress rubbing against his leaking cock had the heat in his belly boiling as he whined helplessly against Izuku’s assault, “Oh fuck, Deku…I-I’m gonna come…” The warning came too late and he twitched and throbbed around the cock inside of him while staining the front of the dress with the evidence of their public rendezvous. His legs shook, but he wasn't worried about falling; he trusted that Deku wouldn't let that happen. And Izuku was so considerate, pulling out and jerking himself off to come into his own hand instead of risking Katsuki walk out of the restroom with cum sliding down his thighs. What a sweetie.


Deku cleaned up his messy boyfriend as Katsuki leaned against the wall, boneless with still-shaky knees, and once the hoodie was zipped back up and the panties were put back in place, they left, trying to sneak out to the train station but ending up confronting their entire group of friends.


“ guys are still here?” Uraraka questioned with her hands on her hips. “I thought you left like 10 minutes ago?”


“Oh, uh, we had to...uhhh…” Katsuki always forgets that Izuku becomes an idiot after sex and can barely form a coherent sentence.


“Ohhhh I see what’s going on here…” Mina elbowed Kirishima with a grin. “They boned.”


Momo gasped with wide eyes and a blush, “Wait, in my dress?!”

Chapter Text

“Kacchan?” Deku questioned while sitting next to the blonde on the couch. “Can I ask you something~?”

Bakugou Katsuki has learned that those words coming from Deku usually mean something stupid, something embarrassing, or something dangerous. Or a combination of the three.

He looked over to his lovely, scheming boyfriend with a preemptive scowl. “What now?”

Izuku ignored his unimpressed expression and resentful remark, unphased after seeing and hearing it so much over the years. “Sooo…I ordered something online and I was wondering if you would be interested in... trying it out?” Izuku anxiously fiddled with a lock of hair between his fingers and he knows better; Kacchan would never agree to such a cryptic message without details.

Last time Deku ordered some strange sex thing over the internet, things didn’t go well at all, so Katsuki can’t be blamed for being a little put off by this. “Stop being so fucking weird and just tell me so I can say, ‘no’ already.”

Izuku pouts but convinces Kacchan to join him in the bedroom to show him his secret purchase.


Katsuki stared down at the item laid before him with mouth agape; was this really something Deku was into? Was this right to do? It can’t be. Should he feel ashamed about this? What if someone finds out? So many terrible questions would go unanswered, but Katsuki was honestly intrigued, so he decided, fuck it, it’s worth a shot. Deku DID spend a lot of money after all.


Katsuki stared at himself in the full-length bathroom mirror and he had to admit, it looked damn good. He flexed at his reflection as the costume fit just right (leave it to Deku to know all of his boyfriend’s measurements), hugging every contour of muscle just like the real thing did. The red, white, blue, and gold garment was a near perfect replicate, and it happened to be his favorite one, too. Checking his reflection one more time, Katsuki placed his hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath, ready to cross the threshold between safe and normal and into Izuku’s weird fantasy.


The Symbol of Peace had been an immovable establishment in Izuku Midoriya’s life for as long as he could remember. He paved the way for Deku’s willingness to help and save others, and later became a mentor and even more. If you asked Deku if he ever had a crush on All Might, he would deny it. Vehemently. “Absolutely not! He's a father figure to me!” But if you looked hard enough you would be able to tell otherwise. There was no doubt the fiery confidence, the strong demeanor, and of course the blonde hair could easily remind him of-

“-Kacchan? So, what do you think?”

When the bathroom door creaks open Izuku quickly glances up from his phone, eyes lighting up with excitement and wonder. “Woah...Kacchan you look so cool!” He stood to circle the blonde like a shark in open water, examining every angle while muttering away with an endearing fervor.

Donning All Might’s silver age design (no cape though, the costume itself was expensive enough), Katsuki let Izuku take both mental notes and ACTUAL notes, fingers swiping quickly against his phone's keyboard. Once hands start their exploration of the costume (and Kacchan), Izuku’s eyes change from a more childlike wonder that was reminiscent of a young Deku who was nerdy and quirkless, to something more seductive. Something that solely belongs to his boyfriend. His Deku; the new Symbol of Peace (still a nerd though.)

Scarred hands trail up and down his arms, and crooked fingers dip into the defined muscles of his abs. Deku’s studious nature towards the blonde had long ago stopped being irritating and now is something that Katsuki seeks out; he eats it up and Izuku’s praise never fails to spark a fire in his gut.

“Sooo…” Izuku looks up to the blonde, biting his lip with a spark in his emerald eyes. “ Say it.”

The thought of it feels so silly, as if him and Deku are 5 years old again, playing pretend on the floor of his childhood bedroom, but he takes a deep breath with his hands against his hips, and gives his best (and very well-rehearsed) All Might impression, “Everything is fine, because I am here!”

Deku cackles with glee, exactly how he used to when they were kids but instead of him then excitedly running around the bedroom pretending to be All Might’s(Kacchan’s) sidekick, he’s suddenly draping bulky biceps around his neck and hanging off the blonde’s shoulders, kissing him senseless. Katsuki would be lying if he said he hated it.

They both moan into the kiss and Izuku is hotly muttering all kinds of innocent yet strangely arousing things like, “You look so good” and “You’re my favorite hero.” Katsuki pulls him closer, sliding a thigh between Deku’s and he grinds down with a gasp; shoving his head into Katsuki’s shoulder as he attempts to move them towards the bed.

“Wait, stop, hold on. I’ll be right back.” Deku breaks apart from Katsuki’s embrace and runs into their walk-in closet, and Katsuki is nice enough to NOT curse in his general direction as he looks down at the All Might costume again; the large outline of his painfully hard dick extremely visible through the tight material and he’s torn between feeling embarrassed and rightfully smug.

In no time Deku is back, but not just his Deku, but Deku the hero; the easily recognized green, black, and white costume with those stupid red shoes makes its appearance in their little game and Katsuki wants to slap a palm to his forehead; he should have seen this coming.

“Wow, it’s hero Deku. Heard he’s a big All Might fan. Is that true?” Katsuki teases and Izuku grins, happy that Kacchan is playing along.

“I’m a big fan, All Might.” Deku gushes with a flirty gaze. “Probably your biggest fan of all.”

Katsuki chuckles with a raised eyebrow, “Oh yeah? Why don’t you come over here and show me just how big a fan you are.”

Deku obeys and he steps forward until they’re pressed against each other again in another breathtaking kiss. His gloveless hands slide up the red and white top until they find a zipper near the neck and pull it down, down, down; more and more muscled flesh being exposed with each click of the zipper’s teeth separating and when it reaches the end of the track, Izuku reaches in to pull out Katsuki’s hard and leaking dick.

He strokes while kissing and licking his way down Katsuki’s chest, framed by the iconic red and white design (Silver Age; his favorite.) Large pecs that Izuku can never get enough of, taking a moment to lick and pinch at hard nipples, pulling a hiss from Katsuki’s clenched teeth. He kneels down to his hard abs that Izuku normally takes his time dipping his tongue into, watching them clench as Katsuki’s breath hitches, but that’s not what he wants; he looks up at Katsuki with smoldering eyes and whispers, “Plus Ultra” before swallowing the blonde down his throat.

Katsuki wants to throw his head back in pleasure; wants to give in and shut down his senses and give in to the feeling of Deku’s wet, warm mouth, but that would mean he couldn’t watch. Couldn’t see the Hero Deku; a household name throughout the country, savior to everyone, on his knees and sucking down cock like it was his actual job.

He’d never be able to see Deku suited up the same again.

He doesn’t want to stop, because just like his hero work, Izuku is amazing at sucking dick. But he knows Deku wants more, and Katsuki absolutely wants to give it to him.

Katsuki pulls out of Izuku’s mouth and pulls him to his feet in one swift motion, kissing his neck while turning him around. His hands grab at Deku’s plump ass and thankfully the belt is gone because normally Izuku straps that shit on way too tight. Fingers move to grip his hips, and Deku throws green curly locks onto his shoulder as he arches his back with a sigh, grinding his ass back invitingly.

Those fingers eventually find the zipper on the back and pull it down; the expanse of his strong shoulders littered with a constellation of freckles comes into view and if he was feeling particularly romantic he would lay Deku down and kiss every single one of them. But he’s a man on a mission and when the zipper reaches the bottom and doesn’t quite expose Deku like he wants to, he grips the open material and pulls it apart; ripping the middle seam until he had full access to his ass.

Izuku gasps at the movement, not so much in care for the very expense hero suit, but more so at the show of strength; Kacchan ripping the sturdy material wasn’t an easy task. He braces himself against the bed, placing both palms on top of the sheets while throwing a lustful look over his shoulder, “Are you gonna show me your Smash attack?”

Ignoring him and placing a finger against Izuku’s pink rim, Katsuki growls when he finds a smear of lube already there, ‘Of course he’s prepared. Deku’s always prepared.’ but the thought of him fingering himself while thinking of Katsuki’s dick ( hopefully his, and not All Might’s) is enough to drive him wild. Grabbing his spit-slick cock and placing it at the opened entrance, Katsuki pushes in with one hard thrust and Deku is in heaven; head thrown back, mouth open with a moan and that turns into a raspy growl as Kacchan begins to slide in and out, rocking against his body.

He takes no time being gentle; the snap of his hips is fast and hard and Deku’s incessant muttering makes a return; “ You’re so strong, your cock feels so good.. .” Katsuki throws his head back at the praise. “ You’re an amazing hero, Kacchan… ” The grip on his hips was bruising and nearly painful and Katsuki loosens one hand to wrap around his front, under the material of his costume that fit tight around his leaking dick.

Stroking in rhythm with this thrusts, and Izuku is close; Katsuki can tell because he’s gripping tight on his dick; it’s almost painful in the most delicious way. “Please, please, please…” Deku pleads and Katsuki demands more.

“‘Please’ what, Deku? Tell me what you want.” He loves when Deku begs. Begs to let him come as if Katsuki was actually stopping him

Izuku looks over his shoulder again and his eyelashes flutter; with a choked off whimper he asks quietly, “Call me ‘hero’, Kacchan.

It’s silly and stupid and sexy and so very Deku and Katsuki leans over his arching body and whispers lovingly into his ear, “You’re so amazing; you’re my hero, Deku.

With a full body shudder and a panting moan that can’t fill his lungs fast enough, Izuku is coming; his ass grips down on the dick inside of him and his own cum stains the inside of his already ruined hero costume; a wet spot already visible on the front. He helps Deku ride out his orgasm until he’s a trembling, shivering mess. But he’s not quite done with his hero yet.

He pulls out from his twitching hole and grabs onto limp broad shoulders to turn Deku around and shove him to his knees. Grasping and stroking his dick faster and faster with a grin, Katsuki demands, “Open your mouth Deku,” Izuku does with his tongue lolled out and tears of overstimulation clinging to his eyes, never one to deny the words of both Kacchan and All Might. Katsuki steps closer until his cock is grazing Izuku’s chin, and he whispers with a devilish chuckle “Eat this.”

Chapter Text

“You know I can’t get pregnant, right?”


Katsuki stopped fiddling with the foil packet between his slippery fingers to stare at Deku with a raised eyebrow. “...Is this another trick question?”


Izuku groans, rolling his eyes while casually stroking his dick, shamelessly trying to keep his erection while Kacchan takes way too long trying to wrestle open the condom packet with lube-covered fingers. “Why are we even still using those anyway?”


Katsuki returns to his fumbling movements, the gold packet still sliding around and aggravating the blonde to no end. “Safety first, stupid. Oh wait, I forgot. You’re a reckless fucker.” Katsuki huffs a laugh which turns into a growl because the packet STILL won’t open. He can’t help but think that this is probably how accidental pregnancies happen.


Izuku is about 30 seconds from jerking himself off and going to sleep, so he tries one more time to get the blonde on his side. Bending his knees and spreading his legs, he puts on his best pouty face while running his hands down the inside of his thighs, “What? You don’t trust me, Kacchan? I only wanna be with you…”


His hands still but don’t throw the condom away just yet. Izuku can see the gears turning in his head and he thinks, ‘a little further…’


“I wanna feel you; no condom between us…” He watches Katsuki’s resolve breaking, watches his throat bob as he swallows hard and Izuku knows he’s so close… “I wanna feel your cum inside of me...” There’s an audible gasp and Izuku smirks, ‘gotcha.’


The condom is left forgotten on his dorm room floor as his slippery fingers find Deku much more interesting to poke and prod at. Katsuki apologizes for leaving Izuku hard (or, now, much less hard) and wanting, though not with words but definitely with his mouth; lips and tongue leave hot kisses across whatever skin he can reach and once Izuku is panting into his mouth, whining and pleading for more, more, more , he pats Izuku’s thigh and commands deep and husky, “Turn around.”


Deku obeys like he always does when he’s desperate. His hands and knees dig into the soft mattress and Katsuki’s grip on his hips is hard and bruising, pulling him closer until Deku can feel the flesh of his dick against his rim, teasing and hot. His eyes roll back and so does his head at the stretching sensation; he’s used to it by now, but it never fails to take his breath away. Now the new sensation of Katsuki’s searing hot flesh dragging across his insides is added and a moan is ripped deep from his throat as he feels closer than ever to his Kacchan. Who knew a thin piece of latex could make a world of difference?


Thrusts speed up and Katsuki is getting close; Izuku is rambling filth and his belly grows hot when “Fffuck- Kacchan, you feel so good~” falls from the freckled boy’s lips because it does feel so good and Katsuki might have to kick his own ass later for not doing this sooner.


Draped over Izuku, chest to back, Katsuki pants and moans into his wild, foresty curls, “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come Deku…” The thrill of coming into Izuku’s body and not into a condom sends a spark to his gut, but it’s nothing compared to the sound of Deku’s sultry, whimpering voice-


“Mmm...fill me up, Kacchan...”


Gripping the headboard for leverage, his hips stutter and rock into Izuku as he comes. He growls and it feels so primal; Deku’s insides are so soft but so tight. So scorching hot yet so comforting that he felt he could stay there forever. He fills Deku up just like he begged for, and the feeling of being so full of Kacchan sends him over the edge, throbbing and twitching on Katsuki’s dick and pulling out choked off moans and whimpers from the overstimulated blonde.


When Izuku’s tight, wet, heat becomes unbearable, nearly painful, Katsuki pulls out with thumbs spreading Deku open to watch his cum slide out and down his thighs in thick rivulets. “That’s so nasty, Deku,” Kacchan’s words seem rude, but his sultry tone says otherwise. “I fucking love it.”


Chapter Text

Deku! ” Katsuki hisses, peeking through the door of the single stall convenient store bathroom. “Get the fuck over here!”


Upon hearing Kacchan’s desperate and angry whisper, Izuku walks over with a steaming hot coffee cup in hand. “What’s wrong Kacchan?”


“Get in here.”


He points to his hot beverage, “But...I just bought this coffee…”




Sighing, Izuku places his drink down on a nearby shelf, hoping the staff doesn't think he’s leaving trash lying about. He joins Kacchan and the space is a little bit cramped since they’re both still in their hero gear, just having apprehended a few villains they chased on foot not even 20 minutes ago. Katsuki doesn’t look happy (what a shock) and Izuku knows he needs to ask. Needs to rip this off like a band-aid.


“Okay, so what’s wrong?”


Katsuki looks away like he might be telling a lie. “...My dick is gone.”


A giggle bubbles up in Izuku’s throat and he catches it before it escapes, but there’s no fooling Kacchan. “It’s not funny, asshole!” Katsuki pushes his shoulder, causing Izuku to fall back against the wall.


“Sorry! I mean, that...doesn’t make sense?” Done with Deku’s lack of understanding, Katsuki clicks opens his belt and unzips his pants and Deku was not ready when a normally glove-covered fist grabs onto his forearm and shoves his hand into his boxers.


“Does it make sense NOW?” Katsuki's hand holds Deku in place and he's right; his dick IS gone. But that's not all-


“Hmm…” Izuku wiggles his fingers deeper into Katsuki's underwear making the blonde squeak, until they brush up against something he hasn’t felt in a very long time. “Oh! It’s not just gone, but now you have a-”


“Don’t. Say it.”




After checking with police and their villain database, the perp had a genital swapping quirk.


“That’s the most useless fucking quirk I’ve ever heard of.”


“Well, its got you shook.” Deku teases, sipping on his hot coffee.


Katsuki growls as he heads back to the restroom to attempt to take a piss like he originally planned. Deku waits in front of the closed door, checking his phone to notice it’s been well over 5 minutes since Kacchan went back in. He raps his knuckles against the door, “Kacchan? Are you ok?” No response. “Can you figure it out?”


“Shut up! I’m concentrating!”




Deku was worried. After eventually getting home, showered, and changed, Katsuki had holed himself up in the bathroom for nearly an hour now. Izuku waited patiently because trying to talk to him while he was in this irritated mood was like walking through a minefield. When Katsuki does come out, dressed in shorts in a tank top and looking exactly the same otherwise (why wouldn’t he??), he takes a seat on the bed next to Deku with a scowl in place.


“What’s wrong, Kacchan?”


Katsuki gives him a nasty side eye.


“I mean, why are you so upset about this? It’s only temporary. 48 hours they said, right?


When Katsuki still has no reply, the pieces fall into place, because Deku has been studying Kacchan his entire life and the bouncing of his leg, the uncertain, hunched over posture, and the anxious fidgeting of his fingers are all a huge tell.

“OH...are you embarrassed?” Izuku places a supportive hand on his back, trying to soothe him like an agitated cat. “It’s not like anything else has changed. You’re still the same Kacchan.”


Izuku’s comforting words do help him feel a little better, but of course, the moment is ruined when Deku chooses to make things weird again.


“Soo….” the word hangs in the air and Katsuki just knows what’s coming next. “...Can I see?”


He punches Deku on the shoulder. “You pervert! No, you can’t see!”


“Why not?? It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before!” Deku argues and, yeah, he’s curious because of the effects of such a strange quirk but it’s also laced with a desire to have Kacchan let him have a closer look .


“That’s different! I didn’t have...this.” he waves his hand over his crotch wildly.


They lock eyes and Izuku gives him THAT look; the one that means he’s going to be losing this fight. A hand rests on his knee and Deku wastes no time leaning in for a kiss, but his lips end up against the blonde’s jaw when he turns his head away in avoidance. It doesn’t stop him though and he’s kissing up Katsuki’s neck and up to his ear to whisper, “You can’t deny that you’re curious too…”


A shiver runs down his spine as Izuku’s fingers start to move; they graze his knee and lightly trail up his inner thigh and his breath hitches when Deku’s fingers run against the seam of his boxers where there would normally be the familiar shape of his hardness, but instead he’s soft and Izuku’s fingers push into the rounded flesh; it’s so much more sensitive than what he normally has down there and Izuku doesn’t miss the shudder that travels through Kacchan’s body.


Once again, Deku asks if Katsuki wants to try this; maybe it’s strange but it’s also exciting, and he guarantees Kacchan will enjoy whatever he lets Izuku do. “Please Kacchan,” he whispers hotly into the flesh of his jaw, “I can make you feel so good...” And it’s very tempting because he knows Deku has had girlfriends before him in high school, so he's gotta know something , and the fairly thin wall holding him back comes down and he falls back to lay comfortable against the pillows on the bed.


“Fine nerd, you win. Do what you want.” He tries to sound indifferent but Izuku can hear the hint of excitement behind Kacchan's words, and his eyes light up because despite loving everything about Kacchan and his body, there's something he loves about eating pussy that Kacchan just can't give him with his usual equipment. He felt bad that the moment he knew what the quirk’s effect was, he got excited; but getting to share a moment like this with Kacchan sounded like a damn dream come true.


He kisses the soft skin of the inside of his knee and thigh as he works his way up Katsuki's body, fingers grabbing the waistband of his shorts to tug them down his legs and feet. He's still embarrassed, pulling his knees up for cover, but he easily succumbs when Deku leans in for a very sweet kiss that leaves him feeling warm and fuzzy all over. He spreads his thighs to make room for the body above him, and he briefly forgets about his shyness of the situation when familiar lips and tongue follow their well-traveled path across his skin.


The further down Izuku goes, the higher Katsuki's anxiety and excitement spike, and when he lays on his stomach with his legs kicked out behind him, the actual reality of the situation hits Katsuki-


Deku's gonna lick his pussy.


The words sound so fucking weird in his head, and probably even worse out loud, but when Izuku starts at a more familiar area, he melts into the touch. Tongue and lips explore at the crease of his thighs and his entire body tenses up when the tip of a tongue swipes across something more sensitive than he's ever felt on his dick.


“Holyshitwhatwasthat!?” Katsuki gasps, his head with flushed cheeks rising off the pillow, and Izuku is laughing but not at his expense.


“Ha, that was your-”


“Don't say it!”


Deku laughs at Katsuki's bashfulness again and rubs his fingers over the sensitive bud and the blonde practically goes cross-eyed in pleasure.


His tongue goes back to work and even if he is a little rusty, (it's been too many years since he's done this) Kacchan couldn't tell as he jams his heels into Deku's shoulders to arch his hips off the bed, pushing himself closer to Deku's sinful tongue. It's both teasing and methodical; like a puzzle he's trying to figure out and he watches every move Katsuki makes. Watches every gasp and moan and arch of his back. When he swirls his tongue around he feels the toes pressing on his shoulders curl. When he sucks and twists his head just right, the suction has Katsuki's eyes rolling back with a level of pleasure he'd never felt before in his life.


Even if he's the one doing all the work (not that he minds at all) Deku gets lost in every sense of being tongue deep in Kacchan's pussy; his smell and taste are different than usual but it's also so unique and intoxicating that it has his eyes falling shut as he devours the blonde from below. The gasps and moans that begin to fall so unabashedly from Katsuki's throat are like music to his ears and they coax him to keep going, turning his head to find the right angles that drive Kacchan crazy. The warm, slick heat in his mouth feels amazing and so does Katsuki's hands when they make their way down to dig into wild curls to stroke and pet and grab on tight. He finally opens his eyes again and his vision is a bit clouded with lust, but it would be impossible to miss the look of absolute bliss on Katsuki's face, any shame he felt before was long forgotten.


When Deku pulls his mouth back Katsuki moves his hips on instinct, trying to chase the source of pleasure and their eyes meet because the blonde really wants to curse at him for stopping. The words are right at the front of his teeth, 'You fucker, who said you could stop??’ but instead his blush returns and his face and neck feel hot when Deku slurs and groans like he's drunk, hair mussed, with a devilish smirk on his slick lips and tongue, “Your pussy tastes so good, Kacchan…”


It's so hot and embarrassing, at the same time, so to shut Deku's shameless mouth up, calloused fingers dig into his hair again and pull Deku's filthy mouth against him once more. It's wild and dirty once more, tongue curling, fingers holding Katsuki open, and finally lips coming back with a hard suck. Katsuki can't even hold back the garbled chants coming from him while he can feel Izuku's moans vibrate through his lower body.


“Ffffuuck Deku, I-I’m gonna- I'm-” and the rest was forgotten as quite possibly the most intense orgasm is pulled from his body; legs shaking, hands pulling Izuku's face closer, and hips grinding down and probably smothering the poor boy beneath him (but if he was going to die, please let it be here between Kacchan's slick-covered thighs.)


Once the dizzy spell from lack of oxygen passes, and Katsuki pushes the head in his iron grip away from oversensitivity, Izuku sits up again; the sting in his lower back was a fine price to pay to spend the evening being suffocated by Katsuki’s bruising hold.


“Kacchan? okay?” Deku asks while wiping his face with the bottom of his shirt.

Boneless and brain-dead, Katsuki murmured some kind of words; Izuku wasn't sure if it was supposed to be intelligible or not. He was still twitching and shaking against the bed, mouth open and head thrown back. Izuku smirks and thinks smugly to himself, ‘Still got it, Deku.’

Chapter Text

He knew that Kacchan loved a good competition. From capturing villains to video games, to even a simple race through the train station to see who could reach the platform first; everything is a competition to Bakugou Katsuki. Especially when it comes to Deku. Mostly because, well, he’s Deku. Also because he’s usually the closest thing in the vicinity that would be considered a challenge.


Things got way more interesting when the challenge entered the bedroom.


“No sex. No jerking off. Nothing. Let’s see who can last the longest.” Katsuki always set the rules. They were usually easy enough.


Deku didn’t make it to three days.


Then things left the bedroom again but in a different way.


Katsuki mercilessly teased Izuku with a hand through his costume and a whisper in his ear as they sat in a meeting at their agency, “If you can wait until we get home, I’ll let you fuck me however you want.”


He barely made it to the end of the meeting before he was excusing the two of them and dragging Kacchan to a bathroom stall for a hurried and not as satisfying hand job.


Fed up with losing, Izuku decides to make his own challenge. There’s no way Katsuki would pass it up. And if he did-


“What? Can’t handle it, Kacchan? I understand…” the taunting always brought him around in the end.


“Of course I can! Alright, I’ll play your shitty game. State your terms, loser.” And Katsuki takes the bait as usual.




“How’re you doing, Kacchan?” Izuku asks very sweetly. Too sweet. It’s definitely facetious.


Deku chose specifically today to bring about his challenge. He wanted Katsuki uncomfortable, but not TOO uncomfortable (he never would be able to forgive himself if Kacchan got hurt on the job over something this stupid.) They were stuck in meetings and paperwork today; the type of day that usually drags on and on and on, much to Katsuki's displeasure.


He squirmed in his desk chair uncomfortably, purposefully ignoring Deku’s questions. Izuku loved it. Loves having the control. Loved watching Kacchan fall apart at his hands (or not even with his hands, in this case.)


Katsuki typed away at his laptop, hunched over and trying really hard to concentrate. His knee bounced and he shook his head occasionally, trying to clear out whatever intrusive thoughts kept popping up. If anyone came into their office to ask a question, he refused to get up, keeping his lower half covered up by his desk all day.


In his mind, Deku’s words from that morning rang loudly, “If you can hold out all day, I’ll take care of you so good when we get home...” and that was the only thing keeping him from running to the bathroom and finishing this stupid game; wrapping his fingers around his dick, and he was torn somewhere between leaving in the toy that vibrated so mercilessly and deliciously inside of him or pulling it out and shoving it down Deku’s throat.




He did make it all day, Deku would give him that. He didn’t touch himself or give in. Didn’t beg Deku to pull the vibrator out. Didn't even demand faster or slower speed from the phone app that controlled the toy. He took everything in stride and when they got home he demanded his prize. Izuku would gladly give it to him, but not before he took things a little bit further first. Katsuki likes a challenge, right?


Which is how the blonde found himself naked with wrists tied to the headboard, vibrator still in place.


With shaky breaths that he desperately attempts to keep under control, he definitely tries to keep his cool as the toy nudged against his prostate vibrates at just the wrong speed and intensity. It's almost enough to get off, but not quite, but it's too much to ignore, especially after hours of it sitting snugly inside of him.


Deku slides his way between Kacchan's legs without the blonde even noticing, head too hazy from being in limbo between pleasure and pain. “So did you come at all today? He asks while running a single fingertip over the leaking and straining cock before him.


“No…” the reply was unsteady and a lie; he did come. Twice. When Deku was busy and looking away he found the right angle to sit in his chair and get the constant vibe he was hungry for. Turns out it was a mistake because it drove him crazy. After that, he couldn't take his mind off of Deku. Deku's hands stroking his dick. Deku's mouth licking and working his cock over, swallowing him all the way down. Deku pulling out the toy and fucking him in the restroom right there at work; the thought that anyone could come in and find them had been almost too tempting. But he wasn't about to lose to that nerd.


The one finger turned into three, then all five and just like the toy, it wasn't enough. He pushed his hips up, demanding more, and maybe Izuku was feeling generous because he did give him more; grabbing his phone and using the app to turn up the vibration a bit more.


Just that little push had his dick throbbing and ass clenching down on the toy. His eyes rolled back and his mouth fell open but he couldn't find it in him to make a sound. His belly was dry and Izuku smirked grabbing the base of the toy and tugging it just enough for Kacchan to feel the stretch before letting it sink back in.


“Aw, you still haven't come yet. Here, let me help you.” He swipes a finger across his phone lying on the bed and this time the vibration is ramped up more than just a little bit. Katsuki twitches and chokes back a moan while Deku's fingertips continue to tease; rubbing on that oh so sensitive spot just under the head. The sensation is overwhelming though still not enough and Katsuki has to cave in; he has to tap out because he just can't take it anymore.


His voice is weak and slurred and he's pretty sure he's drooling and he knows he has tears clinging to his eyelashes, but he can't bother caring how pathetic he must look when he begs, “P-please, D-deku…”


“Please what, Kacchan? Ask me nicely.” Katsuki had to wonder how Deku got to be such a sadistic little shit. He's willing to bet he had a hand in this.


“Fuck...p-please...let me come…”

Chapter Text

When Katsuki started dating Deku, he knew he was going to have to be patient. Take his time with anything physical. Kissing didn’t happen for a few weeks after they became a couple. Full on making out was about 3 months. At 6 months he started making his attempts for something more, bringing Deku to his room (because he wasn’t about to get a handjob while being stared at by every piece of All Might merchandise ever made) and coyly sliding a hand up his thigh only to have it picked up and placed back onto his hip.


At 7 months Katsuki speaks up, because he’s a horny 18 year old, duh. In tank tops and shorts with the brutal summer heat outside, he pulls their lips apart from their mildly burning make out session and Izuku looks at him in hazy confusion.


“Deku…” he tries to think of the most eloquent and convincing way to ask for what he wants. “Touch my dick.”




Oops. Not like that. “I mean- if you want!” Of course, he didn’t want to make Deku uncomfortable. He’d never do that .


“Well, we have been together for a while now…” Deku thinks out loud, wringing his hands in his lap. “I don’t know, I just don’t want people to think I’m a slut.”


“Deku,” he sighs, bringing a hand to his head. “That’s so stupid. No one’s going to think you’re a slut for giving your boyfriend a hand job. And no one’s gonna know unless you plan on telling the whole fucking class your dirty business.”


Deku purses his lips in thought with a hum. “I guess you’re right…” His shyness is cute, Katsuki has to admit. So he tries working a hand up his leg again and this time Deku relents. He can feel the tenseness in his body but the line of kisses up his jaw take away some of Izuku’s anxiety and he shivers as Katsuki’s thumb caresses his inner thigh. When a moan falls from his mouth the blonde eats it up and pushes Deku against the bed, far too eager to keep himself in complete control anymore.


Fitting snugly between his thighs, Katsuki pulls up Deku’s shirt to kiss and lick at his chest and the smaller boy gasps as a tongue curls around a nipple and teeth graze the sensitive flesh shortly after. He buries his hands into Katsuki’s hair and quickly, he’s forgetting all about why he was so nervous in the first place.


Kacchan kisses him all over and it feels so amazing and he feels so special to be receiving all this positive attention from the only person he’s ever wanted it from. He wraps his legs around Katsuki’s slim hips and pulls him in close; the feeling of their bodies pressed together is hot and delicious and amazing but also not enough.


“You okay?” Katsuki checks in with him and it makes Deku want to tear up a little bit because Kacchan is being so sweet. His eyes are so soft and his voice is not its usual brash tone. He's a little breathless with a flush across his face. “Do you wanna stop?”


“No!” Oops. Too eager. “I mean, no...keep going. I wanna feel all of you…” Izuku wants to cringe at how much he sounds like a shitty romance movie, but Kacchan seems into it, and the way he hungrily presses their mouths together again is the ultimate proof. Katsuki's hands slide under his shirt and pull it off. Even though he's seen Izuku in the locker room with less clothing before, there's something special about having him here; lied out before him, and only for him to see. Like a gift unwrapped that he didn't think he deserved.


Dating and loving Deku was the easiest and hardest thing he's ever done. It’s easy because Izuku makes it easy; He’s cute, but hot. He’s sweet but spicy. He’s strong but soft, and he’s oh so forgiving of the things Katsuki has done in the past. It’s hard because Katsuki makes it hard for himself, believing Deku deserved much better. But when Izuku wraps his legs around his waist and his arms around his shoulders to press their lips together once more, he feels like he's doing something right.


Katsuki buries his face into Izuku's neck and he wants to whisper against his skin. Wants to say something sweet. Something he's wanted to say for a while. But it's too soon, and he doesn't really trust is own voice right now, so he keeps it a secret for a little while longer.


“Kacchan…?” Izuku calls out to him with a pat to his blonde hair; he sounds concerned like he's been talking to him for a while now but Katsuki was too lost in his own thoughts to comprehend. Without an answer he straddles Deku's hip instead and grinds himself down; the heat and hardness between them is so delicious and new and exciting and they both want more, so Katsuki wastes no time in bracing his hands on Deku's chest to push and slide their hips together.


Deku's head falls against the pillows, mouth panting and moaning and he's loud; thank god Kirishima isn't in his room right now. He grabs Kacchan's hips and pulls him along; drags him across his lap and Katsuki loves how strong Deku is. Loves the bruising grip on his hip bones and the scarred fingers that dig into his flesh.


Fingers dip into Izuku's waistband and tickle the flesh underneath. Katsuki's fiery red eyes meet a glazed over green; like frosted stained glass, just to make sure he's ok with how far they're going. When Izuku bites his bottom lip and trails his fingertips down Kacchan's thighs, it's as good a sign as any to give the blonde the go-ahead.


His eyes follow every inch of newly exposed skin and Izuku is beautiful; more than he could ever imagine. He's covered in scars and chewed up, fucked up skin, but it's beautiful because it's proof of how strong he is and how far he's come and Katsuki's so proud to have seen his metamorphosis from the beginning, even if he hasn't always been the most supportive a lot of the time. He tells himself every day, 'You can't change the past, just give him your best now.’


He removes his own clothes too because, “That's not fair, Kacchan!” and both of them are desperate and wanting so Katsuki is quick to take his position on top again; 'there’s plenty of time for romantic shit later.’ They both gasp at the heat of their cocks touching for the first time, and it rivals the summer scorcher outside while sending a spark of lust down to Katsuki's gut. They're both hard and leaking and eventually grinding against each other again, but the closeness of skin on skin is much more delicious than what they had before.


Fingers dig into muscled flesh and mouths find one another again; tongues taste each other and it's far from the first time they've kissed but when his senses are filled with everything that is Deku it's hard not to feel intoxicated by the sounds of his breathy moans, the uneven glide of his damaged and healed over skin, the smell of his shampoo lingering in those soft curls, and when he leans back up to grab a bottle of lube from his bedside table, the sight of Deku- his Deku- laid out and just for him, with those same wide, sparkling eyes that had apparently always looked up to him. Always saw him as strong and amazing, even when Katsuki felt he was at his lowest.


The slick slide of lube makes everything so much better; so much hotter, and so much easier to move together. It's a little bit clumsy because it's so brand new, but neither of them cares over the sounds of Katsuki's needy growls and Izuku's choked back whimpers. Scarred fingers dig into the flesh of his ass almost painfully, but Katsuki loves it because he's whimpering his name breathlessly, and begging, and falling apart, “Please please, Kacchan- you feel so good…”  


Movements grow hurried and they're both so close and it doesn't take much before their hot, slick, grinding has them both coming between their bodies; it's messy and slick and loud because the headboard is rocking into the wall, yet Katsuki can't bring himself to care about any of that. There's only him and Deku.


They lie in a bliss filled, cum covered mess; head spinning and still lazily arching their hips against each other, bodies still aching to be closer. Katsuki tries to get up, though he’s pretty sure his legs are jelly now. He wants to get something to clean up the mess between them; he feels like he’ll regret it if he doesn’t, even if it’s just one of their discarded shirts, but Deku holds on tight and whines, 'Nooo don't go, Kacchan…”


And Katsuki can't find it in himself to deny Izuku anymore.

Chapter Text


The music was loud and the bass beat nearly shook the foundation in a way that only a large group of wild, unruly teenagers can do. Various dance hits fell from the speakers while unsupervised nearly adults that don’t quite act like adults used it as an excuse to dry hump their friends and significant others in a semi-public space.


All the 3rd years got invited to Mina Ashido’s Halloween Bash (unenthusiastically sponsored by Momo Yaoyorozu, as they trashed her parents’ house while they were away.) Sticking with the Halloween theme, there were black lights and glow jewelry and even a fog machine to add to the spooky atmosphere. The invitations specified that it was Costume Mandatory, and the number of girls dressed as sexy cats was astounding. Food was tossed around, much to Momo’s chagrin, and drinks poured fairly freely; Momo knew she would be regretting that too.


While Uraraka unabashedly gave her embarrassingly awful rendition of some pop hit on the karaoke machine, two boys- one dressed as an adorable little ghost, the other, a less adorable and more hot werewolf; outfit complete with broken shackles and chains hanging from his neck and wrists- made their way into the currently deserted kitchen because the ghost said he wanted a snack.


Apparently that, ‘snack’ was Bakugou Katsuki, because, with one more cautionary glance around the room, Izuku pulls the wolf by the chain dangling from his wrist to corner himself between the wall and his body, just barely out of the doorways sight behind the large refrigerator. With fingers curled around belt loops, he grinds their hips together and it’s totally not what Katsuki expected. “I thought you were hungry.” He swallows hard and notices Izuku watch his throat bob.


“I am.”


Katsuki knows that look and that voice and he kind of wants to say no. Wants to push away from the wall and tell Deku to wait till later. Until they're back at his place. His parents are out of town, so it's perfect. It's safe.


But he also kind of wants to say yes. Wants to press Izuku closer to the wall and devour the adorable little ghost. Bite on his neck with the dull, false fangs. Wants to grab Izuku's wrist and shove his hand into his pants.


Katsuki shakes his head; the fuzzy pointed ears pinned on top shaking slightly with his hair. “It's too risky here, Deku,” Red eyes meet green and even though the lights are dim throughout the entire house, Katsuki can see the mischief in Deku's emerald irises. “Someone could catch us.”


“That's part of the fun, right?” a devilish smirk spreads across his face and Katsuki feels like he doesn't know this Deku. Is this party Deku? Maybe it's drunk Deku. Just how much did he have to drink?  Either way, it's not the normal nerdy, bashful Izuku who got flustered just from holding Kacchan’s hand on the way to class. This Deku had absolutely no problem grabbing the chain hanging from Katsuki's collar and yanking him down for a fierce kiss, with all of their closest friends only a room away.


The pull of the collar around his neck sent an unexpected shiver down his spine, but it was nothing compared to the spark of lust that burned in his gut when Izuku whispers teasingly into his mouth, “Now, can you be a good boy for me?”


How was he supposed to say no to that? He nodded his head without missing a beat, words lost and swallowed down his throat.


Deku chuckles deep and low and kisses his way across the angled jaw to Kacchan’s ear, hands grabbing at hard muscle beneath his shirt. The chain on the wolf’s wrist clanked as his hands disappeared beneath the bottom of the ghost outfit, fingers slipping under his button-down shirt to dig into the freckled flesh on his hips. When he hears Deku’s order of, “Down on your knees.” He obeys without question, excitement and arousal tingling throughout his body as he keeps glancing at the doorway like he’s expecting someone to walk in at any moment.


Izuku reaches a hand down to cup Katsuki’s chin, fingers digging slightly into his cheeks and forcing his head to face him instead. “Be a good boy and keep your eyes on me.” With fumbled movements, they work together to maneuver Izuku’s flowy outfit out of the way enough to open his belt and pants, pulling everything down just enough to have his leaking dick hanging out between the fabric. He was going to be nice; kiss across freckled hipbones and lick the exposed skin under his abs, but Izuku had other ideas. When he grabbed the chain leash and pulled hard, Katsuki was forced forward; grabbing onto Izuku’s hips for support, his nose fell against the curls at the base of Deku’s cock and he felt the heat from his arousal hitting his cheek as he was pulled flush against it.


The collar digging into his neck was surprisingly hot and so were Izuku’s words as he held the bunched up material of his costume in one hand and demanded from the blonde again, “Open your mouth, Kacchan,” and Katsuki did with a moan as hard flesh was pressed against his lips, leaving a smear of precome across his chin. When Izuku slips inside of the wet warmth of Katsuki’s mouth, his eyelashes flutter and he hisses a sigh; the feeling of the back of Katsuki’s throat against his tip has him choking on his words, “Ah, you’re such a good boy.”


The praise shoots to his own gut as Kacchan works his lips and tongue over Deku’s cock, pulling delicious sounds out of the boy that thankfully, the terrible music was doing a great job of covering up. The grip on the chain was still tight and Izuku used it to his advantage, pulling Katsuki’s head back to swallow him down, working up a nice rhythm that Kacchan absolutely let Deku set the pace of. He watched the flush work across Deku’s freckled cheeks and every time Izuku called him a good boy he felt the need to reach down and touch himself, palming his cock through the material of his pants.


When something pushed his hand away from himself, it took a moment for him to realize it was Izuku; his foot stepping down on the covered flesh just light enough to cause a little bit of panic, and a lot of arousal. The thought of being completely at Izuku’s mercy was a lot more appealing than he once thought it could be. The bottom of his shoe pressed just a little harder. Breathless and wanting, Izuku whispers from his hunched over position on the wall, “Don’t come yet. Be a good boy, ok?” Deku’s words are both hot and maddening; he wants to come. So bad. Wants to reach into his pants and jerk off until he’s spilling on the floor of this very public party. Katsuki moans in disapproval, but he’s not sure how well the message came across with a dick in his mouth. Izuku laughs breathlessly, “C’mon be a good boy for me and I’ll make it up to you later.”


For some reason Katsuki agrees and puts his hands on the wall to keep them occupied and brace himself as Izuku jerks the chain harder, faster; his voice is mostly lost to the shitty music around them but Kacchan hears his whimpers and breathless panting loud and clear when he feels and tastes Izuku filling his mouth and throat, hips stuttering to ride out his orgasm. He swallows it all and lets his tongue fall out just to show Deku just how much of a good boy he is.


The shoe is back against his straining hardness and when Deku leans down for a kiss, slipping a tongue in to taste himself, he mutters softly against his lips. “You were such a good boy, Kacchan…Make it to the end of the night and I'll take care of you, okay?”


Katsuki whispers, throat raw and raspy, “Woof woof.”

Chapter Text

Late night sparring in a deserted training room is exactly how Bakugou likes to spend his sleepless nights, dragging the only person who he knew would be awake and ready to fight at 1 am.




Izuku was used to the taunting by now; two years ago it would have rubbed him the wrong way. Probably make him more nervous than not. But now it’s just a good indicator of how annoying he was for Kacchan to fight. They’re equals now, and rivals too, so these battles could go either way, though Kacchan still tends to comes out on top every time.


There were knees to the gut and elbows to the face, amongst other painful forms of bodily contact, and their final match is over when Katsuki has him straddled and pinned to the ground, wrists held down in an all too familiar way.


They were both exhausted, both panting and trying to fill their lungs with air, but Katsuki still finds it in him to throw on a cocky smirk and breathlessly spit out some heckling banter at the boy below him.


“You lost to me AGAIN, Deku. You’re beneath me. As usual. You know what that means, right…?”


Izuku definitely knows what that means. They’d started this little arrangement a few months ago, and it seemed to be great motivation for both of them. The sparring wasn’t necessarily new, but their recent relationship title of, “friends with benefits” was. So on nights like these where Kacchan calls Deku out to the training room, looking for a battle and also something more, they fight, then they fuck. The man who comes out on top gets to be on top. The rush of adrenaline and testosterone never failed to have them running for a shower, then back to Kacchan’s room for another kind of sparring session.


Tonight starts the same and they conclude the match with the usual winner. But this time there’s no lull in the fight; no 5 minute shower with heated looks across the empty locker room. No scrambling through the dorms’ common area to run up three flights of stairs, which ultimately lead to one of them being pushed against the door with a thigh between their legs and a set of teeth sinking into their neck. This time Kacchan doesn’t want to wait for any of that, because his hips press down onto Izuku’s and grind, and it feels so good; it feels so hot and urgent and needy. It also feels so bad, because they’re still out in the training room where technically anyone could come in at any time and Deku isn’t sure why that turns him on so much.


Katsuki’s hands start to move and touch and feel across Deku’s body. They run over his abs and under his shirt, feeling the post-workout heated flesh on his fingertips. When he pulls the shirt over the wild bird's nest of curls, Izuku’s heart races because all of this is so new, despite what they’ve already been doing. But if Kacchan thought he was going to get the upper hand right here and now, he was going to have to fight again for it. They're still in the training room, so the fights not over yet, right?


With a few well-timed maneuvers, they're flipped; Deku on top, Kacchan on bottom, and if course the blonde is angry at their shift in dynamic. “You asshole! You used your work quirk, didn't you?”


“No!” Izuku lied, but just a little bit. 1% wasn’t THAT much, right? He tries to establish his new role; now he's the one in charge with Kacchan pinned beneath him. He pushes their hips together again and they're both still hard so Katsuki can't be THAT mad about it. Hands slip under the blonde’s waistband and pull everything down, and Kacchan wasn't quite ready for the feeling of the gym mat on his ass from below.


As Izuku leans over to lick and bite at hard pecs and sensitive nipples, the taste of Kacchan's sweat sitting deliciously on his tongue, one hand sneaks away to his pocket. Katsuki's now free hand grasps at sweaty green curls and yanks him off his chest with a growl.


“You dickhead you-” he pauses to see what Izuku was reaching for. “Wait, d-did you bring lube here, you asshole?!” Even Katsuki had more sense than to actually fuck in the training room. The grinding from earlier was just for fun, and Izuku ignored him while he brought the foil packet to his mouth and ripped open a corner with his teeth, all while making sure the bucking boy beneath him wasn’t able to chuck off his body weight.


“Oh, if you can’t take it, that’s ok.” Deku knows just how to get Kacchan to do what he wants, and maybe manipulation is a nasty trick, but this WAS still a fight, wasn’t it? “We can stop if you want…” Though he threatens to quit their actions, he still spills some of the lube onto his fingers slicking them up and reaching between them to slip a finger into the body below. He works his middle finger to the knuckle, the feeling of Kacchan’s tight heat surrounding him and making his head spin already...or maybe it was Katsuki flipping their positions again ; throwing Deku off to the side before straddling him and bringing them back to where they started.


“Hell no, loser.” Katsuki pushes off of Deku’s chest and with a hurried rush of movements that Izuku isn’t even sure how they happened, his pants are down and his dick is out and being covered in lube that Kacchan had somehow stolen from his grip. He lines up with Deku’s cock, and before sitting himself down to make his point, he growls low and husky, “You only get to fuck me when I let you fuck me.”


The stretch is a little much because Katsuki wasn’t prepared for this to happen, but he’s no quitter so he takes him all the way down; a wince barely flashing across his face for a moment. The look of shock and arousal on Deku’s face was enough to drive him forward; raising his hips and dropping them down hard. The drag of Izuku’s cock made his eyes roll back and when Deku tries to grip his hips in his scarred fingers, Katsuki slaps them away. “You may be fucking me, but I’m still on top, loser.”


Katsuki rides him hard and fast and Izuku was merely dragged along for the ride, letting Kacchan lick and bite at his neck, and when they’re both so close to the edge, the only thing that stops them from falling is a sudden slam of the training room door.






“Wait, so Aizawa gave you two house arrest AGAIN?” Iida asks sternly, expecting much more from the two troublemakers currently wiping down windows in the common area before class starts. “Were you fighting again? Didn’t you learn from the last time?”


Katsuki rolls his eyes, "What are you, my fucking mother?"


“So, who won this time?” Uraraka asks excitedly while ignoring Katuski, wanting the juicy details of what went down the night before.


“Me!” Deku says it fast and proud before Kacchan could get a word in.


“No, you didn’t! I was on top!!”


Izuku bites on his lip to choke back his own laughter while their classmates are left in the dark.


“Shut up, loser!”

Chapter Text

“Hey, Kacchan~!”


Katsuki heard the distinct call of his childhood nickname come from the common area couch where Deku waved for his attention, smile bright and shining, as he sat comfortably snuggled against the armrest with a blanket and a textbook in hand.


He joined his adorable boyfriend on the couch, tossing his gym bag on the floor near his feet while ignoring the squeals and giggles coming from the girls baking something in the kitchen behind them. “What’s up, nerd?”


Izuku goes on and on about whatever he's studying. Katsuki's not sure why; he obviously read the book and did the assignments too. He let Deku chatter away excitedly until it turned from endearing to annoying, and he decided that the best way to shut the freckled boy up was with a kiss.


It took Deku by surprise, cutting him off mid-sentence, but he quickly melted into it as Kacchan's arms surrounded his body and pressed him against the armrest. The kiss started sweet and innocent, lips warm and soft; but as a tongue snuck its way in to slide against his own, he felt a familiar heat travel through him that made his body beg for more. With the girls totally oblivious yet just a room away, this definitely wasn't the time or place to go searching for what that, “more” was.


Katsuki pulled back to pluck the textbook from Izuku's hands, throwing it off the couch and not caring that Deku never had a chance to mark the page. The thump of it hitting the floor shook Deku out of his stupor. “H-Hey! I wasn't done with that!” He tried to put on a serious face, but Katsuki only saw a cute pout with flushed freckled cheeks and arousal in his eyes as he crept forward to slot himself between Deku's spread legs.


His hands quickly followed, sliding under the blanket and up his thighs; his shorts not doing much to keep Katsuki’s busy hands from exploring any further. “Kacchan!” Izuku whispered harshly, curls bouncing around as he turned his head turning wildly to scan for any onlookers. “Stop! There’re people around! They’re right in the kitchen!”


Katsuki could only huff out a laugh, fingers spreading Deku’s legs further and the smaller boy relented pretty easily despite his protests. “Oh yeah? Then you’d better be quiet then, right?” For some reason, Deku let Katsuki pull his shorts down, leaving him bare from the waist down, and when a fist wrapped around his already hard dick, he kind of forgot that his classmates were not that far away and could probably hear them if they were loud enough.


Kacchan worked his hand over Deku’s cock, pulling out sounds that were quickly muffled by his strategically placed hand. He let his fingertips tease the hard, hot flesh and he ran his thumb over his slit, spreading the drop of precome around the head and it felt so so delicious and Izuku never even noticed when Kacchan reached down into his gym bag for a bottle of lube (of course, he had THAT on him…) but he did notice when a warm, slick finger found his entrance and slipped right in.


He gasped and sighed and again, he scanned the room, tossing his head over the armrest to check as many angles as possible. Kacchan’s finger dragged along his insides and he held back his moan when a burst of laughter erupted from the kitchen. Their eyes met and Katsuki watched the arousal turn to fear for a brief moment and he grinned; teasing Deku was still one of his favorite pastimes, just in a new way. “Careful nerd, don’t want anyone to catch you, right?”


Before Deku could retaliate, a second finger joined the first and the stretch had him gasping and shuddering; toes curling with the added sensation of Kacchan still stroking his cock at the same time. It felt amazing and he wanted nothing more to cry out like he normally would when they were alone, but they’re not alone. He can hear the girls not too far away as they continue to joke and laugh and gossip. He can’t really make out the words through his lust-clouded mind, but they’re just distinct enough to remind him that they’re still there.


Izuku’s embarrassment brings a deep blush to his freckled cheeks and Katsuki loves it. He loves to make Deku fall apart and watching him struggle to keep his composure was even hotter. He pushed his fingers faster, gripped Deku’s cock harder, and he knew Izuku was close; his hips thrust erratically, trying to decide if he should fuck into Kacchan’s grip, or push down onto his skillful fingers. Eyelashes fluttered over emerald green irises and his head lolled onto his shoulder; he bit on his knuckles while his labored breathing turned to whimpers of, “K-Kacchan- oh fuck, don’t stop.”


Katsuki chuckled, “Oh, NOW you don’t want me to stop…” He kept a steady pace, done teasing and ready to give Izuku exactly what he’s looking for. He pulled out all the tricks that Deku liked; curling his fingers into that perfect spot that may or may not make the boy scream. Rubbing his thumb just under the head of his cock, making the muffled moan catch in his throat. Whispering hot filthy shit that Deku would never admit out loud that he absolutely loves , “You like my fingers inside of you? Want me to make you come?”


“Hey Deku! Want to try a piece of our cake?” Uraraka shouted from the kitchen, and when the boys locked eyes; green with fear and red with amusement, Katsuki quirks an eyebrow at him, a silent way to say, ‘Go on, answer her.’


Of course, Kacchan’s hands don’t relent and they keep up their blissful torture. As Deku reaches his peak, fist abandoning his mouth to dig scarred fingers into the couch cushions, he can’t think of a proper response for her, so he shouts a reply of the only thing that could come to his mind at the moment as he spilled into Katsuki’s hand-


“Yeah, I’m coming~!”

Chapter Text

Sometimes duty called and work separated the hero team known as, “The Wonder Duo.” They learned the hard way that Katsuki and his quirk weren't quite suited to work stealth missions, so occasionally, only Deku would get the call to fly across the country for special operations; leaving Kacchan behind to keep an eye on their home turf.


“How was your day, Kacchan?” Izuku sighed as he laid comfortably in the middle of his big plush hotel bed; exhausted from spending the last week undercover. While it was nice and clean and expensive, everything about the room was also stiff and sterile and not like his home that he missed so much. One week down and he still had at least one more to go without his own comfy living space to go home to, and it was getting to be a bit much.


“Good. Saw you on the news. You kill any assholes over there?” Katsuki tried to sound aloof, like he wasn't super worried about the radio silence that had hung ominously in the air the whole time that, up until now, Izuku had been gone. Their no-contact agreement had led to about 40 missed text messages when Deku finally turned his phone back on. He thumbed through the increasingly worried-sounding texts during the cab ride to his hotel, and they blatantly spoke the truth that the blonde wouldn't say out loud.


“Yes, Kacchan. I killed all of them.” Izuku played along, laughing at the blonde’s dumb joke, but it does little to relieve him of his homesickness; actually, it makes it worse. He missed Kacchan. Missed waking up with him, tangled in the sheets of their big comfy bed. Missed Katsuki’s cooking; it was always amazing, and having a home cooked meal ready for him was much better than all the junk he’d been eating here (thank god for the room service, now.) He missed Kacchan’s kisses and touches and he would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the more intimate affection of his longtime boyfriend.


They chatted away fairly aimlessly; Katsuki knew not to ask about work because he knew Deku didn’t want to talk about it. Izuku rambled on about the shitty home improvement show that played low on the tv in front of him, ‘Can you believe they painted the kitchen blue with those countertops??’ and the only thing that broke him out of his ramble of interior design faux pas was Kacchan suddenly interrupting him and asking, “Deku...are you in bed?”


Izuku looked around confused as if he was supposed to be anywhere else. “Of course. It’s a hotel room. Where else would I be?”


Katsuki hummed on the other end, not even bothering with how stupid his question actually was. “Right...ok so, what are you wearing?” He lowers his voice, husky and deep and surely Izuku will get it now, right?


But as oblivious as usual, Deku doesn’t pick up on Katsuki’s not-that-subtle advances. “Um, boxers? I just got out of the shower before you called…I’m going to sleep when we hang up. Why put anything else on?”


Katsuki sighed and rolled his eyes. ‘Deku’s a fucking idiot. Try another route.’ “You miss me, Deku?”


“Of course, Kacchan. I hate having to be away from you for so long.” He can hear the pout in Izuku’s voice. The longing to be together again and the sadness behind his’s something Katsuki absolutely wants to exploit right now.


“What do you miss the most?”


“Most? I have to choose one thing?” Izuku huffs a laugh and he does try to think of what he misses the most. “I mean, I miss... you. All of you. Your arms around me, and when we kiss and get snuggly in bed. I really miss that.”


That’s cute and all; Katsuki won’t admit how much that makes him melt inside, but it’s still not exactly what he’s looking for. “You miss me touching you? Where do you want me to touch you?” On his end, the words send a shiver through his own body; it’s only been a week. Was he so starved for Izuku’s touch that his own dirty talk was getting him riled up?


“Where?? Uh...I-I mean…” Izuku is smart; a little bit oblivious, but Katsuki knew it wouldn’t take him long to understand. “Kacchan, this is embarrassing. I-I can’t just say that…” Deku felt his face and neck heat up, and suddenly the AC blasting through the room wasn’t enough to keep him from feeling hot all over.


“Do you want me to kiss you? Kiss down your neck, right behind your ear…”


Izuku gasped and he can clearly imagine what Kacchan’s lips feel like when they ghost across his jaw. His own fingertips followed the trail he knows the blonde would take and it made his breath catch in his throat. “Yeah...yeah, I like that...I want that…” His hand grips his phone tighter, needing to hold on to something to keep him grounded.


Propped up against his pillows at home, Katsuki ran his hand over the already hard outline of his dick through his shorts; knowing how flustered Izuku got over just his words was already driving him crazy. He wanted to reach in and stroke himself, but he also wanted to see how far he could push the freckly man on the other end.


“What else do you want? You gotta tell me, Deku…”


Izuku takes a deep breath; the words want to come out but it’s difficult because he feels so awkward saying it out loud. “I, um, I want you to...suck my cock…” Heat pools in his belly and his stomach turns a little with how embarrassed he is, but Kacchan’s hum of approval makes some of the anxiety go away.


“Oh yeah? You like when I suck your cock?” Izuku can’t hold back the moan that falls from his lips; Kacchan’s filthy words are so hot and his fingers trail down his body, ready to slide right into his shorts before Katsuki whispered an order to him, “Take off your clothes, Deku.”


Izuku doesn’t hesitate, even though Kacchan can’t even see him. His boxers are tossed off the side of the bed and for some reason, he feels like he needs Katsuki’s permission, “Can I touch myself?” His voice was breathy and urgent and the growl on the other end of the line had him moaning as his own fingers teased up and down his own spread thighs and hips.


“Fuck yeah, touch yourself. Tell me how good it feels...” Katsuki gripped onto his own hardness, pulling his shorts down just enough to get the job done.


“So good, feel so good…” Izuku was lost in his own fantasy. The dirty film in his mind played and it starred Kacchan; on his knees, sucking his cock down just as well as he always did. His breath came out in a shuddering whimper as he stroked himself to the thought of Katsuki’s lips and tongue sliding across his dick. He's braver now; lust making its way through him and smothering the anxiety down. “Are- ah, are you touching yourself too?”


“Fuck, yeah I am, Deku...You make me so hard...” Katsuki stroked himself faster, Izuku's desperate sounds had him so close to the edge, and he could hear it in his voice; Deku was close too. “I can't wait to see you again. Gonna fuck you up against the wall the moment you come home.”


The fantasy in Izuku’s mind is so hot; Kacchan pinning him to the wall from behind, pulling his pants down just enough to slide inside of him. Hips slapping against his ass as he fucked him hard enough to forget that they had been apart for so long. It had whimpering and panting; throwing his head back against the pillow and pressing his phone tight to his ear, not wanting to miss a single word or sound. “Fuck- yes yesyes~”

“Fuck, you sound so hot. You gonna come for me?” He knows what turns Deku on and what gets him off. What makes him desperate and lose control. He snarls into the phone demanding from Izuku, “Fucking come for me.”


At the sound of Katsuki’s forceful tone, he obeys, hips bucking while moaning unabashed; hopefully, the walls aren’t paper thin (sorry, guy in room 419.) The warmth filling his hand and splattering across his body had his eyes rolling back and the iron grip on his phone was steadfast. When he finally came down from his high, he was able to find his voice again. “Kacchan?” he whispered weakly but found no response. “Hello?”


Squinting at his phone screen’s brightness, Izuku noticed that the call had ended. He must have hung up on accident. “Uh oh.”


“Deku? DEKU??” The line went dead and he looked down to find the mocking flashing numbers of the call time signifying the end of their talk. “Grr...Stupid fucker, busts a nut then leaves me hanging…” he grumbled angrily, his need to jerk off now more of a bothersome task than something fun. He bitterly stroked himself until the familiar chime of a text message caught his attention.


[I'm sorry! I love you! <3]


Katsuki rolled his eyes. Guess he can't stay THAT mad at the nerd. Another chime and his eyes go wide at an attached selfie of a very lewd, very naked, and very cum covered Deku.


[Wish you were here ;)]

Chapter Text


Katsuki likes when Deku takes charge. It took him a while to submit to the role, but once he had solidified the thought that it wasn't some power play bullshit, just Deku being over excited about pleasuring the blonde, he relented much easier to Deku pinning him down and having his way with him.


Laying back against their bed, feeling like a lavished King while Deku does all the work, Katsuki admires the sinful tongue that had already traveled across all the plains of his muscled flesh. He praises how that tongue curls around pierced nipples, teeth clanking against the small metal loop and tugging gently with a growl. Lips and tongue play across the cut of his hip bones, and hooded emerald eyes sparkle beneath long fluttering eyelashes as he swallowed Katsuki down with a hungry moan.


Deku's skilled mouth always makes him lose control. He grips the sheets in a tight fist as Izuku works his cock, and when Deku finally lets go, releasing Kacchan's dick and letting it sloppily fall against his abs again, his grip relents and his palms feel dangerously slick. He wipes them against the sheets, clearing his hands of the risky residue.


Even if he let Deku take the reins, he still can't stop himself from barking out an order, the words falling from his lips deep and laced with lust. “Ride my cock, Deku.” He's glad Izuku's feeling nice enough to obey instead of torturing him further, (not that he would mind that either…) and his breath catches in his throat when Izuku turns to straddle his lap backwards, facing away while taking inch after inch with a shuddering sigh.


Izuku knows how to tear Kacchan apart. Knows what he likes, knows what he loves. He knows that he likes the sultry glances over his freckled shoulder, spitting praises that have the blonde bucking up into him.


“Your cock feels so good, Kacchan.”


“You're so amazing.”


“You fill me up so good.”


Every time the praise hits him just right and he throws his head back with a moan, damp hands grabbing onto freckled hips to urge Deku to move faster, harder; but Izuku likes the slow torture. Likes having Katsuki begging for more. He braces himself, scarred fingers grasping at Kacchan's knees to work his hips slow and methodically, and he loves the uncontained curses and moans that fall from Katsuki's mouth.


“Oh, fuck Deku, that's so hot…” sweaty palms squeeze at two round, freckly ass cheeks and pull the flesh apart; the lewd image of his dick sinking into Izuku had him biting his lip to fight the need to throw his head back, not wanting to miss a second of the show Deku put on for him. He's so close, and with a growl he can't fight the urge to slap his palm down on to the plump flesh hard, ripping a loud cry from Deku's throat...followed by a series of strangled whimpers and curses that weren't the normal sexy kind.


“Ow ow Kacchan! What the fuck??” The unusual curse at his name caught Katsuki's attention, as well as the smell of singed flesh and the deep red perfectly shaped hand print on Deku's right ass cheek. Apparently, Katsuki didn't have the best control over his quirk when Deku's fabulous ass was involved.  


After a few scrambled attempts to provide first aid, they deemed it useless and decided it was better left to the professionals.




Deku pouted on their bed, belly down with a t-shirt and nothing else as Katsuki slathered his burned and hand-shaped seared ass with the hospital provided ointment.


“At least you got another cool scar now, right?”

Chapter Text

“Okay...what the fuck is this about?”


Katsuki dropped his wet umbrella at the doorway of his own home, but it really felt like he just stepped into the twilight zone. Staring between the image of Deku, wearing his normal shorts and stupid “Tshirt” shirt, and Deku, wearing some get up like the just hopped off the set of the next shitty Lord of the Rings movie; he stood with hands at the ready, just in case something more malicious was the cause for all of this nonsense.


“Kacchan! This guy, uh well, me I guess, showed up at the door. He said he was looking for you.” Deku didn’t seem all that disturbed by the dubious doppelganger, turning to him with a friendly smile. “This is Kacchan. What do you want with him?”


The other Deku looked Katsuki over, the inquisitive expression on his face was all too familiar as he approached the apprehensive blonde, hand resting on his chin while he muttered to himself. “, this isn’t my Kacchan. My Kacchan is more...uh, uncultivated…?” He laughed to himself, though the other two men looked to each other in confusion of what that could mean.


“I'd say we could go look for him, but it would be useless in this pouring rain.” The open drapes of the nearby window proved that the lack of visibility would make their search party useless. Deku turned to himself again, “Let's wait until the storm passes, then we'll go out, ok?”


“Wait,” Katsuki gave his Deku a scowl of disbelief. “You just believe whatever this fucker says? What if he's luring you out to kill you and take your place, then kill me? Ever think of that??”


The Dekus looked at each other, then both shrugged in unison. “I would never do that. And he's me. So I trust him. Don't you trust me, Kacchan?” It's a loaded question that his Deku fired off with a pout to his voice, so Katsuki refused to answer it to avoid unnecessary conflict when there was a bigger issue at hand.


He shrugged off his damp coat and kicked off his boots and didn’t notice the interaction of the two Dekus, whispering furiously to each other and nodding with matching grins like they just made a pact. He approached the two, and Hobbit Deku turned to him with familiar sparkling emerald eyes.


“I have so many questions for you, Kacchan. Can I take some notes?” The Deku-double all but cornered Katsuki, staring at him the way his Deku normally does when he’s very interested in getting to know Kacchan better. He was pretty non-threatening, just like everyday Deku, so he allowed him to cling on to his arm and drag him to the couch. “Let’s sit down, I really want to get to know you better while I’m here.”


He allowed himself to be placed on the middle cushion with Different Deku to his left, and suddenly there’s a dip on the other cushion when he’s joined by a Deku to his right; a stupid grin set on his freckly face.


“Sooo…” The mirror image of his boyfriend’s face lights up; eyes wide and shining and Katsuki knows that look. He knows what’s about to happen-




Katsuki is about ready to go cross-eyed with how annoying this was. He’s WAY worse than the normal nerd. He turned to Deku with a scowl, “What the hell is with this guy he’s-mmph!” but before he could receive a proper answer, his Deku was all over him; hands on his jaw and tongue dipping into his mouth in a fierce kiss that Izuku should be embarrassed about because of their unusual audience, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. It’s nothing he hasn’t seen himself do before. Or something like that.


Katsuki was torn between ripping Deku off of his face and melting into the familiar touch. The noise on his left had stopped as their mouths separated and the New Deku stared at them with his own freckled cheeks flushing. “ it’s like that, huh?” He watched, mostly Kacchan, and he was just as amazed and bewildered at the situation as they were.


A recognizably scarred arm reached across the couch and buried into his own soft curls, bringing their new addition closer for Kacchan to have a taste of him too. Katsuki should have been weirded out (well, yeah he kind of was,) but it was hard when the same captivating green eyes filled with enthrallment were coming towards him once more but from the left. The same freckle-speckled cheeks, the same lips he’d kissed time and time again. When they do meet, it’s both familiar and brand new; the mouth and tongue feel the same, but the way they move is different. It’s like kissing that shy, virgin Deku again; the way Deku was before Katsuki got through with him. It’s soft and gentle and it kind of feels wrong to like it so much but, it’s still Deku. Right?


They pull away and Deku’s mirror image was breathless and flushed, “ My Kacchan and I do this too...” he ran a hand over Katsuki’s firm chest, and it’s both unbearably hot and so fucking cute. To his right, his Deku had a fire in his eyes that isn’t new at all, and his hand trailed up Kacchan’s knee to his thigh. Suddenly, the blonde felt very blessed. Like he had a sweet angel on one side and a spicy devil on the other. The best of both worlds. Two Dekus at once. Who wouldn’t want that?


With four roaming hands and two sets of lips, they explored Katsuki thoroughly; one could follow the well-traveled path in the dark, while the other explored his uncharted territory. The more familiar man was the leader of the two and had absolutely no problem pulling off Katsuki’s pants, leaving him bare from the waist down for two sets of green eyes to stare down at hungrily. “Wow…” the Deku doppelganger licks his lips and finds his voice again, seemingly more confident now that his twin was helping him along. “You really ARE very similar to my Kacchan…”


Leaning back on the couch, almost completely horizontal, calloused fingers played along his thighs, hips, and under his shirt to tease along his abs and pinch at his nipples; they’re everywhere. Deku was everywhere, and when the two nerds were on their knees between his legs, he couldn’t decide where he should look. His Deku was throwing him a wicked grin and sultry glance that never failed to send a spark of lust to burn down in his belly. The other was staring at his dick like he was a starved man, and the more familiar Deku carded his scarred fingers through similar green locks to guide his head down, giving him permission to have a taste of his own Kacchan.


The tentative tongue attached to their new addition was slick and teasing; shyly dragging the tip across the hard, heated flesh. Katsuki’s legs were spread further, more room needed to accommodate two bodies instead of the usual one. He ran his left hand through soft bouncy curls but grabbed on tight with a gasp when their guest suddenly swallowed him down; the shy demeanor seemed to be an act because he sure as hell knew what he was doing. He worked his mouth up and down with a moan, digging his fingers into strong muscled thighs. He came back up for air with saliva and precome falling from his lips, but Kacchan’s dick wasn’t lonely for long when a second, more skillful mouth came down and did everything he liked best. Flicked his tongue in just the right spots, turned his head with every downward drop. Each Deku was unique, but both were amazing as they took turns sucking and licking over the lucky blonde’s cock.


The sight of four bright green eyes, two sultry Dekus, and a whole lot of flushed freckles had Kacchan close already; multiple mouths working his dick was not something he was used to. His eyes wanted to fall shut, but hell no was he gonna miss a second of this strange, sexy show. His toes curled and he was right on the edge; two tongues licked around the head while someone’s hand, who the fuck knows who’s, jerked him off. His Deku smirked; playful and devilish with his voice low and sultry, “Can you come for us, Kacchan?”


Yes. Yes, he could. His hands felt dangerously clammy as he gripped the pillows on the couch in a tight fist. Panting and whimpering and lost to the sensation of two bodies servicing him, he bucked up into the steadfast grip on his cock and came into the two open, waiting mouths; tongues and lips lapped at what they could but ultimately failed, leaving strings of cum dripping down their chins.


The dirty and defiled Deku’s watched Kacchan come back down from his post-orgasmic high; both boys licking at their lips, and like some kind of creepy yet sexy Shining Twins, they speak in unison with equally raw throats, “You taste so good, Kacchan.”

Chapter Text

Of course, when all he wanted to do is be at home, tucked away from the annoyance of society for an evening, Deku insisted they go grab takoyaki from a very specific stand in Harajuku. They navigated the tight and crowded walkway of Takeshita Street and, as usual, the line is nearly a mile long (ok, so he’s being dramatic.) Thankfully they could break from the sweltering throng of bodies ambling through the narrow street; fall had yet to hit, but the humidity felt like it was at its worse. Even the shorts and tank tops they both sported did nothing to help alleviate how uncomfortable it was outside (that nerd better hope this food is worth it, goddamnit.) Deku was lucky Katsuki was so nice to bring them out on a night like tonight.


“This fucking sucks.”


Deku rolled his eyes with a smile, always used to Katsuki’s bitching and moaning. “We’ll be done before you know it. Then we can get some ice cream afterward. You like that, right?” Deku wiggled his eyebrows, almost suggestively, at the thought of sweets.


“No, YOU like that.”


Izuku looked up at him with a sheepish grin. “...Can we get some ice cream?”


“You nerd.” Katsuki joked and pushed him slightly, catching Deku off guard and almost knocking him into a small group of loitering pastel Harajuku girls to his right.


“Oh! S-sorry!” Deku apologized, throwing a nasty scowl at a snickering Kacchan. “You jerk, I almost hit those girls!” While Deku was busy trying to get his revenge, slapping and elbowing at Katsuki’s large biceps, the blonde couldn’t NOT hear the murmured gossip hissing from the group of sickeningly bright cotton candy girls.


“Oh, that’s Hero Deku!”

“Should we ask for an autograph?”

“No! Don't bother him right now, he’s off duty.”


“Woah, I’ve never seen him without his hero gear on...look at his arms those scars look so nasty.”

“For real! It’s so gross, looks like his skin is falling off. And his hands are messed up, too.”

“Let’s get out of here, I’m trying to eat.”


Katsuki was used to hushed and rushed whispers when he was out and about. He was in the top 10 of the hero billboard chart, and even without his signature look, the spiky shock of blonde hair and the ever-fiery piercing copper eyes were easily recognizable. It was worse for Izuku, who’s foresty curls stood out in any crowd, despite his shorter stature. Even with his hair cut down to a more manageable and less conspicuous undercut, it couldn't trick the masses into thinking that he wasn't Deku; Hero Deku, the other half of The Wonder Duo. The admittedly more charismatic of the two with a bright, megawatt smile that could light up any dark situation.


Except when Katsuki looked back to him, his smile is gone, and was replaced with a worrying look of self-consciousness that Katsuki hadn’t seen in a while. He hated it. He used to be the one to cause that look. It made his stomach turn and it was futile to fight with the girls; they were already walking away in their platform shoes and frilly skirts, and they surely didn’t understand the weight of their words. Deku wrapped his arms around himself silently and stiff and Katsuki pressed his larger body against his right side, shielding him off from any other passersby on the street.


They never got Deku's ice cream.




That night, almost a week ago, triggered a change in Deku. Katsuki noticed it fairly quickly because, for as much as Deku watched and studied him, he did the same right back. He could read Deku like a damn book, and the nearly depressed demeanor mixed with Izuku’s new habit of covering himself up most of the time were huge tells. It’s still hot; who goes out in long sleeves this time of the year? Deku never wore a hoodie inside unless it was the dead of winter, yet here he was bundled up like it was freezing instead of still unseasonably humid outside.


“What’s with the hoodie, Deku?” Katsuki finally asked one evening, passing a cooking Izuku on his way to fish out a beer from the fridge, tugging on the hem of his own Ground Zero hoodie that never really was his; Deku had commandeered it the moment Katsuki brought it home.


“Um, I’m cold.” That was a lie. Who’s cold while they’re in front of a hot stove? Also, Deku couldn’t lie to save his fucking life.


“Oh yeah?” Katsuki leaned against the counter behind Deku, taking a swig from the amber-tinted bottle. “Then why aren’t you wearing pants?”


Izuku looked down while spooning at the stir-fry and, yeah, he was wearing the oversized hoodie with a pair of All Might boxers. Nothing else. “Uh, my legs are hot?”


“Mmhmm…” Katsuki walked away with a knowing hum. He WAS going to get this nerd to open up tonight.




Well, he tried and failed. Izuku wouldn’t budge; Katsuki tried to approach the issue gently, ‘Come sit with me, Deku’ but the shorter man had wedged himself between the armrest and a large throw pillow to close himself off from the blonde. Anyone who thought Bakugou Katsuki was a stubborn motherfucker had never tried to pry deep-set insecurities out of this freckly bastard.




Katsuki sat at the foot of their bed, waiting for Deku to return from brushing his teeth. As much as his obsessive muttering can be annoying, the lack of it was more unnerving; Deku’s quiet demeanor really stood out when Katsuki was so used to the liveliness he would usually bring into their home.


The sound of the shutting bathroom door and the click of the overhead light caught Katsuki’s attention; the room was cast in an orange-yellow glow from the bedside lamp that still left ample enough lighting to see clearly. Izuku approached, still donning the hoodie, and Katsuki shoved his hands in the front pocket to drag his moody boyfriend closer until their knees touched.


“What’s going on. Tell me.” Done with Deku’s closed off disposition, he quit skirting the issue and decided to dive right in.


“Nothing. You keep asking and I have nothing to tell you.” Izuku sounded annoyed, but Katsuki would be too; rather, always is, when Deku is shaking him down for answers.


“It’s those girls right?” Izuku’s eyes widened for a moment, before looking away. “The takoyaki girls. Talking shit about your arm. I heard it too, don’t fucking lie to me, Deku.” He wasn’t mad, just concise. His words held no bite, but there was a rudeness to them that Deku couldn’t ignore.


“No! I-”


“You know better than to listen to shit like that. You know it’s not true.” His hands left the confines of the pocket to slide under the hem, finding heated skin underneath (probably from wearing a damn jacket all day,) and making Deku shiver. “And even if it was true, no one else's opinion matters except for mine, right?” Katsuki held his eyes in determination. Instead of the usual sparkling emerald, they looked a gloomy brown from mixing with the honey-colored lighting behind them. Calloused hands circled his waist, ready to make the man relent to the shitty feelings he’s been harboring.


Izuku bit his lip and looked like he wanted to tear up. ‘Forever a crybaby.’ Katsuki thought to himself with a snort, bringing the hoodie up enough to kiss at the skin across his strong chest. He had scars there too; he had scars everywhere. Some worse than others, though none as bad as his right arm. Some were faded and barely there silvery pink lines. Others were more puckered flesh the sometimes grew tight and uncomfortable; Katsuki had helped Izuku lather it up in ointment to keep the skin healthy enough times to know how bothersome it was.


Deku sucked in a breath, “Y-you don’t think I’m- it’s ugly and gross?” Katsuki had forgotten he asked Deku a question, too preoccupied with running his lips over Izuku’s storybook of scars and swiping a tongue across a nipple, grazing his teeth over the hardening flesh while pinching at the other.


“Fuck no,” Katsuki grabbed at slim hips roughly and brought him down the straddle his lap. “Nothing about you is gross. Except when you burp in my face. That’s disgusting.” Deku laughed; probably the most genuine smile that had adorned his face in the past week. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s neck and brought their lips together; something he’d also avoided in his troubled state. He hadn’t realized how much he'd missed being pressed against his Kacchan, immediately moaning and slipping his tongue inside.


Katsuki’s hands bunched up the fabric again and he whispered against Deku’s mouth, “Can I take this off?” It’s a polite request and for once, not a demand. Izuku says yes by lifting his arms up for the heavy material to be pulled over his head, causing what wavey curls he had left to spill over his forehead.


Hands roamed over his strong, lean upper body; over the hard plains of muscles on his back, up to his shoulders, then down his arms. He took his time to dip fingertips into the uneven, fucked up flesh; Okay yeah it was kind of horrific. It looked like his skin was melting off. The little snot nosed kid inside of him thought it was badass. But he was used to it by now, and he knows why it's there. He's heard the story. He's forever grateful for the shit Deku's been through. He's told him before. Maybe he should tell him again.


“You're stronger than that,” Lips followed the thick, healed-over skin from his forearm to his elbow, then up the inside of his bicep, forcing a moan from Deku’s throat as he ground his hips down in Katsuki’s lap. “To take what these fuckers say to heart.” His head fell back; green curls spilling away from his forehead and Katsuki kissed up his shoulder and neck too, cradling his head in his hand and they both loved the feel of Katsuki rubbing his calloused palm over the short-shaved hair. Katsuki loves to exploit how much Deku loved it.


When the slow and teasing touches became too unbearable for Izuku, they strip themselves and he lied back against the sheets. Crooked fingers reached to turn off the lamp but Katsuki slapped his hand away in punishment, ‘Fuck you, it stays on.’ He didn’t want Deku to hide. He wanted to watch all of him. Watch him fall apart as he teased him again; kissing every scar he could reach with Izuku on his back. He wanted to watch his head loll against the pillow as he swallowed him down with practiced ease, bringing him to the edge before pulling back to turn him over and start all over again.


Slick fingers dipped inside of him and the delicious stretch had Deku writhing against the sheets. He tried to meet each pump of Katsuki's fingers but whined when another hand pushed his hips to the bed, making it difficult to move.


Katsuki kept a slow, relentless pace, kissing across the back of thick muscled thighs until Izuku was begging, unable to think past mindlessly muttering, “Kacchan, please please please…” and since he asked so nicely he figured he should give Deku what he wants, right? He slicks himself up and enters slow; not because he's a sadist and he likes when Deku loses his mind with lust (though he really DOES like that,) but because he's big and doesn't want the smaller man to regret it later. He braced himself with a palm against the sheets near Deku's head and one on his hip and pushed carefully past the now pliable ring of muscle.


When his hips were flush with the perky ass below, Izuku let out a shaky sigh; looking over his shoulder to the blonde towering over him, he moaned and whined helplessly into the crook of his heavily scarred arm. Hot breath puffed against the back of his neck and he shivered as Katsuki kissed and sucked at flesh; words that usually spilled nonstop out of Deku’s mouth were whispered against his neck, “You’re so amazing. So beautiful…”


Somehow, Katsuki is able to keep his composure and not slam himself into the body below him. The drag of his cock against Deku's insides had them both moaning deep and desperate. Izuku muttered his own filthy praise because he’s always been a talker during sex, especially when emotions were running high.


“Mm...Kacchan you feel amazing…”


“God, your cock is so big...feels so full…”


“Harder Kacchan, please…” He wanted it fast and hard; He liked when Kacchan left him wrecked and shaking, but he's not in charge since he's being mercilessly pinned down, so he was merely dragged along for the torturously slow ride.


The smaller man was practically sobbing and Katsuki would never deny how hot Deku was when he begged. The fact that he could make Izuku cry with desire just from his cock was a huge boost to his ego. It was sexy and he felt powerful, but that moment was fleeting when, by some unknown maneuvers that Katsuki was too blissed out to recognize, Deku had him pinned down and straddled with purpose; staring him down like he was a villain and ready for a fight. Deku was strong and despite being the smaller of the two, he could kick Kacchan's ass up, down, and sideways if need be; but Kacchan didn’t like admitting that out loud to anyone else.


Determined to get what he craved, Izuku wasted no time in grabbing onto the already slick hardness and taking it down again, faster just like he wanted. There's a shift in his demeanor; apparently, everything he was worried about was long forgotten as he switched on his spicy, confident side. He rode Katsuki fast and hard and put on the show he knows his boyfriend loves. The sultry heated gaze and unabashed moans were his favorite part, but the way Deku jerked himself while working the thick muscles in his thighs were a  very close second.


Katsuki chuckles through his own deep throaty moans, large hands stroking up and down Deku’s quivering thighs. “Guess you don't feel so ugly anymore, huh?” Deku stilled his movements and squinted his eyes with a pout, not happy about Kacchan disturbing the mood and calling him out about his horny change in attitude.


The blonde rolled his eyes with a smirk, “I'm kidding, nerd.” He reached for Deku's hands to pull twisted fingers forward, kissing sweetly along the crooked knuckles and making Izuku's heart melt; a stupid goofy grin spread across his freckled cheeks.


Deku felt himself being pulled down to lay across the larger body below. Pressed chest to chest, Katsuki smoothed his hands across the marred flesh, reveling in how unique it felt and how it was so Deku. So Izuku. No one else’s body felt this way under his exploring fingertips; not that he’d want anyone else beneath them anyway. He held the smaller frame close, and a litany of reassuring praises fell forth. “You’re fucking beautiful. So perfect, ok? So perfect for me…”


Deku could doubt the people on the street; any shitty passerby could have their own shitty opinion. Didn’t make it right. He could doubt himself. Katsuki was no stranger to wallowing in your own self-loathing, though those days have passed now. But Deku wasn’t allowed to doubt Kacchan. He should know better than to think Bakugou Katsuki could see him as anything other than beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. That may not have always been the case, but it sure as hell was now.


“You know I love you, right?”


It wasn’t a statement to second guess, but a question to answer truthfully, and Deku buried his face further into the crook of Kacchan’s neck; a wobbly smile spread across his cheeks and suddenly he was too bashful to let the blonde see him cry.


“Yeah...I do.”

Chapter Text

His phone chimed with the unique alert of a certain contact’s text coming through, and the sound had Katsuki quickly flinging himself off of the couch and throwing on a pair of pants; the game of Smash Bros going completely ignored as the spiky blonde was taken over by classical conditioning, not even needing to know what the received text message actually said.


He tossed the straggling pizza boxes and beer cans into the laundry room; those were a problem for Future Katsuki. He scrambled desperately to make his apartment NOT look like a dump before his guest arrived. Of course, Izuku, his number one booty call (who had somehow turned into his only booty call; every other guy not even coming close to the very high bar Izuku had set,) liked to hit him up with a ‘you up?’ text late into the night. It made sense; he was a bartender after all. But Katsuki is a slob and in college so he needed ample time to make sure he didn’t look like the lazy piece of shit he kind of actually was.


Finally checking the text after the place was deemed, “Eh...okay?” it wasn’t even a question he received, but a, ‘I’ll be there in 5’ which really meant, ‘I’ll be there in 20’.


Or, right now, as the friendly knock on the door signified the arrival of Midoriya Izuku. The Holy Grail of friends with benefits that was the whole package. He's got a good job so he never tries to mooch. He's nice, polite, and smart; much better than the usual uncultured swine Katsuki somehow kept attracting. He's got an annoying laugh but that's something Katsuki can overlook because Izuku is hot. And not just like some dude with decent muscle definition because he was skinny with no meat on him. Izuku is fit and strong. He played baseball in high school so he's got an ass that Katsuki hopes will never quit. He's short but it just balances out the hot with cute. So do the pretty little curls that fall over his forehead and the adorable freckles that remind the blonde of stars on a country night sky...Damn Katsuki, that's fucking cheesy.  


Standing in the humid 2 am air, Izuku shined and it's like the sun was out with his bright happy smile as if he didn't just finish an 8 hour shift past midnight. “Hi, Kacchan!”


Katsuki put on his best ‘not impressed’ scowl; Izuku knew it was an act, but he usually humored the blonde anyway. “I told you not to call me that, Deku.”


The annoying nicknames they had chosen for each other were a little too domesticated for someone who you were just supposed to be boning on the side, but neither of them stopped to think about what that really meant.


Deku followed Katsuki into the apartment, throwing his keys and wallet on the coffee table. When he tossed his arms up around broad shoulders, pulling the blonde down for a kiss, it felt like Izuku belonged there. Like this was how things always were, and always would be. Katsuki never noticed that Deku had been swinging by more and more frequently, without even asking (proven by his earlier text messages,) and it actually felt weird when Izuku wasn’t sitting on his couch, cackling wildly at a late night episode of Friends while eating Katsuki's last pint of ice cream (“I’ll pick up some more later! Promise!”)


Izuku’s soft lips against his own were so familiar by now and they stirred him up in such a way that he felt the most romantic thing just spilling out of his mouth-


“You fucking smell like you got gangbanged by a group of drunk sorority chicks.” Yeah, Deku worked a fast paced job behind a sweltering, cramped bar with a lot of girls who doused themselves in perfume, and sure, MAYBE he had a drink or two spilled on him this evening. “Take a shower before you throw yourself all over me.”


Even though he told Izuku to back off, he made no move to push the shorter boy away. In fact, Deku pressed their bodies closer, kissing up his neck and whispering into his ear, “Come with me?”


Katsuki kind of wanted to make an immature joke, but the shiver that Izuku sent through his body put a stop to that. Even if he smelled like a frat boy after a rough night, Katsuki couldn’t help but bury his face into the curls tangled with dried sweat with arms circling around Deku's waist, “Alright stinky, let's go.”


They'd seen each other naked plenty of times; from the night they had met in person they had become familiar with each other's asses, inside and out. Showering together though is brand new and almost felt too intimate for what their relationship was labeled. He let Izuku settle under the hot stream of water first, moaning at the steamy contact against his tired shoulders and back. Katsuki didn't realize how long he had been staring at Deku's throat as he tilted his head back into the spray of the showerhead and then all the way down where bubbles of soap clung to his exposed skin until Izuku called out to him. “Kacchan?” Pretty green eyes followed his naked flesh down to his hardening cock and he bit his lip invitingly. “Come here…” voice laced with something suggestive, no doubt, so Katsuki obeyed without a second thought.


Always horny, Deku immediately had hands all over him the moment the curtain was drawn closed. The wet blonde grabbed and stilled his wrists, “Nope. Shower first, loser. Then we'll fuck all you want.” Izuku pouted and laughed and he looked so cute with his normally fuzzy hair slicked down with water. It made his eyes look doe-like, or like some kind of Disney princess, no longer shrouded behind the curls that usually framed his face. Katsuki squirted a glob of conditioner onto Deku’s head and began scrubbing him like a filthy dog, fingers digging into his scalp roughly.


“Ow! Not so hard!”


“That’s not what you usually say.” the blonde laughed and didn’t let up until he deemed the shorter boy thoroughly clean.


Soaped, rinsed and hair tangle-free, Izuku leaned into Katsuki again with a satisfied hum. “You’re an asshole.”


Katsuki chuckled with Deku’s face cradled between his hands, squishing his freckled cheeks in his palms, “Yeah but you love it.”


Izuku giggled and his tired eyes and wobbly smile were the proof that he would probably be spending the night once again. “Mmm...I do.”


Their lips met so soft and sweet and so different than it used to be 6 months ago when they started this arrangement. It used to be rushed fucking, clothes barely pushed aside to get the job done; maybe 20 minutes before the other was off again and sporadic text messages dotted their lives with short-lived pleasure and excitement. Enough to keep busy 22 year olds satisfied, at least. Now, it was late Friday night snack runs that lead to mid-Saturday morning sex that they dragged out until noon; exploring each other’s bodies more thoroughly than casual friends with benefits usually did.


Fingertips sent sparks of lust down the others’ body; Deku took his time to brush against nipples and abs and the sparse trail of blonde hair that started at Katsuki’s belly button and led Izuku to what he’d been craving throughout his shift. Deku’s wet grip around his cock had the blonde moaning between their mouths and Izuku was glad to swallow it up, slipping in a tongue to taste what was uniquely Kacchan.


The drag of his hand was delicious and drove Katsuki crazy. He followed the constellations of freckles that cascaded down Deku’s neck and throat, sucking and biting at the flesh because the smaller boy was a freak and liked when Kacchan marked him up. Never tried to hide it, either. Izuku muttered against blonde strands, making Katsuki's breath hitch and a lump well up in his throat, “I was thinking about you all night…” Deku was the only guy that had ever been able to fan the flames of lust in his belly with just his words alone. “You drive me crazy, Kacchan…”


Thoughts lost in a horny haze, with the spray of water against his skin; it was relaxing like white noise and Katsuki almost missed Deku’s sultry words whispering against the corner of his mouth, “Want me to suck your cock?”


Never one to turn down a free blow job, he moaned deep in his chest, biting his lip while grinding their hips together; Izuku’s filthy mouth had that effect on him, whether something was coming out, or going in. “Always.”


Deku on his knees with his cock in his mouth was something Katsuki never got tired of. The heat of his tongue burned in his belly and the way he looked up with sparkling, hooded eyes made Katsuki wish that Deku only had these eyes for him. He worked his mouth sloppily up and down his dick and came up for a deep breath right before taking him all the way down, his nose digging into his hip. There might have been a tear that squeezed past his closed eyelid, but it could have just been water too.


When Katsuki was close, he gave Izuku his warning; fingers digging into wet strands and the unashamed whimpers he only gave to Deku left the boy below moaning on his cock with his eyes rolled back like he was the one getting his dick sucked. “Fuck,’re gonna make me come…”


Katsuki spilled into Deku’s eager mouth and he had no problem hungrily swallowing everything down (‘spitters are quitters, Kacchan’) pulling off with a satisfied moan with his tongue out to prove he definitely was not a quitter. Bringing him to his feet, Katsuki blearily mumbled, “Want me to help you?” but Izuku shook his head and smirked, holding up his left hand to show off the cum striped across his palm and fingers. “Did you jerk off? You like sucking my cock that much?”


Izuku grinned, hands all over the blonde again, igniting another fire between them even though he had just doused the other, “I love sucking your cock,” Deku was an expert at turning Katsuki on, knowing that he was a sucker for having his nipples pinched, and knowing he could have the blonde bending to his will by kissing right behind his left ear. Knowing that a few filthy phrases in just the right tone would have Katsuki doing everything he asked and more, “and I love riding it even more.” How Izuku could switch seamlessly between cute like a bunny and hot like a fire was something Katsuki wouldn't question, but he was thanking whatever god was up there for this blessing.


The water started to run cold so they hopped out. Katsuki toweled Deku down and he looked like he was having the time of his life being pampered, hair ruffled from the fluffy material. He all but tossed Izuku into his bed and the naked, freckly boy immediately rolled over to his designated side.


Katsuki quickly left to turn out the lights and tv in the living room and ready to return and maybe squeeze a second round of his curly-haired company. What he found instead was a half covered Deku, arms tossed over his head with his mouth open and snoring loudly.


He snickered and rolled his eyes; unknowingly falling harder for Izuku every day.


Chapter Text

“W-what?? No...Kacchan, that’s too weird!”


Izuku stood shocked and flustered in the middle of the living room, stopped while carrying a basket of laundry to their bedroom for folding. Katsuki’s ridiculous request left his face and neck feeling hot with embarrassment, but the blonde just shrugged like it was no big deal.


“Why is it weird? You can jump on top and ride my dick with no problem. Why is this any different?” Katsuki placed his laptop on the nearby table, a break from the endless box of work-related emails for The Wonder Duo was much needed, his eyes practically burning from staring at the computer screen for the last three hours.


Izuku huffed, placing the laundry basket down on the couch and crossing his arms self-consciously. He felt exposed despite wearing one of Kacchan’s shirts that was so large he was practically swimming in it, and a pair of shorts that were a little too short and clung to him in such a way that it caught the blonde’s attention as he walked by; the elastic of the hem dug into the back of his thick thighs and practically made Kacchan’s mouth water. “Well- I, uh, I don’t know! It’s just embarrassing! You want me to Sexy? I can’t do that!” He didn’t really have a good argument against Katsuki’s point, but the idea was still humiliating.


“Nah, it’ll be fine, I’m sure. Just don’t act like a nerd.” Katsuki typed on his laptop, Googling ‘songs to strip to’ and starting a playlist of music that definitely was sexy; heavy bass and sultry rhythms that made Izuku’s eyes go wide at the thought of trying to do that while not making a fool of himself.


“Yeah, I don’t think that’s possible.” Izuku had absolutely no confidence in himself; he can’t really think of a time he’d danced in any way, shape, or form in the last 10 years, at least. He slowly moved forward until he was in front of Katsuki, knees barely an inch apart as the larger man leaned back comfortably in the armchair with a wolfish grin.


His face grew somehow hotter as Kacchan’s eyes bore into him eagerly, ready to watch every move Deku made. Figuring that the worst that could happen was Katsuki would make fun of him for looking stupid for the rest of his life, he tried to feel the music, letting the heavy bass flow through him and determine the sway of his hips. He looked down, focusing on a spot on Kaccan’s chest, because eye contact was way too hard right now, as he bunched up the hem of the shirt, grasping the material and pulling it up enough to show off his defined abs while letting his fingers skim across the hard muscles. His own touch felt electric on his skin and he noticed Katsuki’s rhythmic breathing go still before Izuku looked up to lock their eyes, dropping the material once again to hide everything he just exposed.


Izuku felt a surge of confidence from the intrigued look on Kacchan’s face; mouth slightly open and a quirked eyebrow signified that he must have done something right. Biting his lip with a barely audible moan, he spoke low and deep, “Did I do that right?” It was both serious and facetious; wanting to tease the blonde further, but needing to know if he looked like an idiot.


“Fuck yeah you did, come here.” Katsuki went to reach for covered hips but two hands slapped his out of the way, blocking the blonde from touching him.


Izuku clicked his tongue, “Nope, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to touch the dancers.” He pinned Katsuki’s hands down to the armrest, submerging himself into the role and leaning forward to better look him in the eye. “Keep your hands right here, okay baby?”


Katsuki could only nod and obey, speechless as Deku’s hands returned to his own body. Swaying with the music again, he slowly teased glimpses of what was under the large shirt, freckled skin falling in and out of Katsuki’s vision and muscles contracted with every roll of his hips. The vivid outline of his cock pressed against the tight material of his shorts had Katsuki's mouth watering; a lewd preview of what was left to be exposed. He brought the bunched up material to his mouth, holding it between his teeth to keep his hands free. They skimmed across pink nipples, making Deku shiver at the touch. He tossed his head back as his fingers spread across the scarred skin of his chest and stomach and moaned as his hands dipped between the crease of his thighs. Green eyes met a lustful red as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and tugged them down just enough to show the dark curls and the base of his dick underneath and he felt himself grow harder under Kacchan’s heated gaze.


Katsuki’s hands gripped the armrest dangerously tight as he leaned forward, wanting to be closer to Deku while filthy fantasies ran through his mind. He wanted to pull those barely-there shorts off and suck him down until Izuku was a quivering pile of mush in his hands. He wanted to turn Deku around, bend him over and lick him up and down; his sinful mouth and tongue were good for more than just talking shit and flinging curses. The only thing that broke him out of his horny daze was the snap of the elastic hitting Izuku’s skin again as he let go of the waistband and the shirt between his teeth. Deku straddled the stunned blonde’s lap, rolling their hips together and he laughed while gripping at broad shoulders, “You really should be paying me for this. I’m working for nothing here.”


Katsuki snorted, “Well I don’t have any cash on me, but I’m sure I could give you something else...”


Izuku slowly pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it away. He ran his hands up Katsuki’s thighs just shy of where the blonde really wanted them. “I think I know how you can pay me back…” He turned on his seat, facing away and purposely arching his hips to show off the defined muscles on his back and the curve of his ass; he knows he’s got a nice ass and never passes the opportunity to blow Katsuki’s mind with it. Grinding down on the obvious hardness below, he moaned as he felt the sizable cock hot and heavy through both layers of clothing. Deku leaned his body back, head falling against Katsuki’s shoulder as he rolled his hips again and they both moaned; Katsuki’s view of Deku’s lean, defined torso marked and marred with scars and freckles drove him crazy, and Katsuki’s eyes hungrily devouring him had Izuku so close to ending their game, ready to fall headfirst into the little trap Kacchan had set up from the beginning.


“Fuck,’re so fucking hot...Can I touch you?” The breathy whisper in his ear made Izuku shiver and it proved that Katsuki wanted it. Bad. Wanted to put his hands all over Deku and make him fall apart like he was. Wanted to pull the lean body against his and devour him until he was shaking and begging for more. He wanted more than anything to push Deku down onto his dick until the man was coming and writhing against his chest, in his arms...but that’s not what Izuku wants right now.


“Nope. Keep your hands right there.” Izuku stood up and made a show of pulling down his shorts, his beautiful ass on full display and Katsuki wouldn’t be surprised if there were two burn marks against the chair underneath his palms.


Straddling Katsuki once again he worked his hips to the beat while leaning back, hands braced against shaky knees with everything bare and on display. Katsuki’s stare which made him feel hot and embarrassed not long ago had him feeling sexy and powerful and so did Kacchan’s restraint; Izuku’s words being the only thing holding him back from ripping into the sultry boy on top of him.


Izuku took it further because teasing Kacchan was actually really fun; he wrapped scarred fingers around his cock and stroked. Red eyes followed every up and downward movement and he licked his lips at the bead of precome that slipped out. Izuku moaned and whimpered, suddenly too close to the edge, and before he could come into his own hand he stopped to bring his lips closer to Kacchan’s, whispering against his mouth, “Okay... now you can touch me.”

Chapter Text

All Katsuki wanted to do was lie in bed and try to forget how fucking hot the summer nights were. Wearing a tank top and shorts, too tired to even peel them off his sweaty body, he found it impossible to do so with Deku clinging onto his side like a goddamned koala. What’s worse is that Deku runs hot, so it’s sweltering and uncomfortable as a heavily scarred arm draped itself over his chest, slipping under the shirt so there was no buffer between him and Deku’s scorching skin. Despite it all, he can’t really bring himself to say, ‘Fuck off, nerd.’


“Mmm...Kacchan…” Deku was mindlessly muttering shit against his ribs and his hot breath was seeping through the material of the shirt. He burrowed further, squeezing his face into the small gap between bulging biceps and his underarm. It had to have been gross, why does Deku do this kind of shit?


Katsuki just wanted to sleep, but now he was irritated AND sweaty, and the nerd was becoming more and more unbearable- in more ways than one.


“’re too hot. Get off.”


The only response he received was a deep moan and the arm wrapped around his chest was joined by a leg tangling between his own, bringing hips closer to not-so-innocently grind against his thigh.


Guess Deku took his words to heart.


Katsuki heard a deep inhale come from his side, and when he remembered that Deku had his face willingly shoved up into his armpit, for what reason he would never understand, he looked down at the freckly boy below with a scowl. “What the fuck are you doing ?”


Izuku’s hips rocked against him again and this time, Katsuki was fully aware of the familiar hardness pressing against him through Deku’s underwear. He inhaled and moaned again; Green eyes opening and looking up to Katsuki with a hazy, hooded gaze, “You smell so good, Kacchan…”


Katsuki mentally added this to the list of weird shit his curly-haired companion was into. “Deku, that’s disgusting.”


Nothing about being groped in the humid summer stillness was sexy. Even with a fan on, it failed to do more than circulate hot, stale air around the room. The hand on Katsuki’s chest moved down, down, down past his abs to dip into the firm muscles, across the blond curls under his belly button that led to what was beneath his underwear; he was just as hard as Deku. Another inhale, another deep moan, and Izuku’s mumbled voice was laced with lust and thick like honey, “If it’s so disgusting, then why are you hard, too?”


Katsuki had no response- not that he could anyway, with the way Deku’s crooked fingers dipped under the elastic band of his underwear to grab his cock and stroke slowly. Suddenly he felt hotter than he thought was possible this evening.


Deku worked a rhythm between rutting his hips against the blonde’s thigh like an animal (‘when had he pushed his underwear off??’), stroking Katsuki’s dick with a deliciously firm grip, and inhaling deeply through his nose; he was filled with the primal, intoxicating scent that he could only describe as Kacchan .


Katsuki kept his eye on Deku as he buried his face deeper into the hot crevice of his arm. He could have sworn he felt a tongue peek out to lap against his skin, and he was absolutely right-  the salty tang of sweat against his tongue mixed with the heady, manly smell of Kacchan filled his senses and drove him wild. His eyes rolled back with a shuddering moan and Katsuki was enamored with the sight of Deku somehow being so fucking hot while being absolutely disgusting at the same time.


Katsuki’s fingers dug into messy curls and, as much as he said he wasn’t into it, he was totally into it and he pushed Izuku’s face closer to his body. His toes curled as he felt the rhythm between them go frantic when Deku became desperate, chasing his release while completely flush against Kacchan’s body. The strangled moan from his underarm was muffled as Deku came on his leg like a wild animal, and Katsuki wasn’t long to follow with Izuku’s blazing grip stroking him fast and the wet, throbbing heat running down his thigh; for some reason, this heat was totally okay with him.


With the high of his orgasm gone, the sweltering feeling was back and even worse now; he felt hot inside and out and it was all damn, perverted Deku’s fault. Pretty green eyes and a goofy smile caught his attention and Deku had the audacity to lean down for a kiss- though he was thoroughly blocked with a hand pushing his face away.


“Hell no, you’re not putting your nasty pit face against mine, loser.”

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Izuku held one fist to his mouth the other on the bed sheets, gripping it in a white-knuckle hold while he tried to reign in his own desperate moans. The blonde kneeling between his legs moved leisurely, teasingly, torturously, as he made deliberately slow movements with his mouth, hands, and tongue. Izuku both hated and loved it; this little game they began to play that started as an innocent challenge but turned into something more that they both loved. 'I get to torture you for as long as I want, and if you can keep quiet, I'll let you do whatever you want...sound good, Deku?’


Izuku agreed because the challenge was exciting. While his and Katsuki's relationship had improved vastly over these few years of high school, the thrill of their competitiveness was still there, always burning and driving them forward and, apparently, becoming part of some kinky shit in the bedroom, too. Being brought to the edge only to be pulled back felt amazing and awful at the same time, and being told to keep quiet was even more delicious torture. It drove him crazy, and wow, maybe he was a masochist? He’s learned a lot about himself while having this relationship with Kacchan.


Katsuki took his time wrapping his lips over the head and swirling his tongue around. The heady taste of Izuku causing a moan to bubble up from the back of his throat while his fingers stroked at his own hardness below. Deku kept himself together while practically shoving his fist in his mouth to contain his sounds. Lips and tongue trailed down the hard flesh and fingernails scratched the inside of Izuku’s thighs, leaving stinging red welts behind. He hissed quietly and the pain staved off some of the quickly rising pleasure, but not for long as a slick tongue lapped over and soothed the scratches while leaving a trail of saliva across spread freckled thighs.


Katsuki did everything he could to make Izuku fall apart, and Izuku did everything he could not to. His toes curled, his abs clenched, he threw his head back against the bed; anything but make a sound, thrust his hips, or touch Kacchan. Those were the rules. He once disobeyed Katsuki, thinking it was a joke; but when the blonde immediately stood up and walked out the door, leaving them both hard and unsatisfied, Deku knew never to try calling his bluff again.


With a final lick against his cock, Katsuki pulled back with a malicious sounding snicker. “Wow, you actually lasted. And it’s been,” he glanced up at the alarm clock on Izuku’s headboard. “30 minutes! You must really love this shit, Deku”


Izuku had no response, his head lost in the clouds as he awaited the command to finally let go.


“Alright, you want it so bad, just do it already.”


Izuku snapped out of his stupor as he sat up to roughly dug his fingers into soft blonde strands and gripped his head, bringing him back down on his cock once more, but nothing about this was teasing. It was rough, sloppy and nasty as he forced Kacchan’s head on his dick, using his hair as reigns to control just how fast and hard he wanted it. The shift in dynamics in their game was just as amazing as everything else. When the tables turned and he had Katsuki whimpering on his cock with tears in his eyes, he felt surprisingly powerful. He used to feel ashamed for liking it so much, but putting the bossy blonde in his place had him forgetting all about that.


The wet gagging coming from below was barely registered as Izuku brought himself closer to coming while whimpering and moaning and not caring that they might be heard. He pulled on Kacchan’s hair to bring him all the way down until his nose was buried into the dark curls at the base of his dick. Tears clung to blonde eyelashes and he moaned as best as he could when Izuku’s cock hit the back of his throat once more before his hair was painfully yanked back and cum was hitting him across the cheek and lips, sliding down his chin and onto the floor of Izuku’s dorm room.


Izuku panted and hissed at the sight of Kacchan so thoroughly debauched while running a thumb across a cum-covered cheek. He smirked at the raspy, broken pants that fell wetly from Katsuki’s painfully raw throat, “Wow Kacchan, you must really love this shit.”

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The first thing Izuku does every morning is roll over to the hot blonde on his right, squeeze in uncomfortable close (without fail, this wakes Kacchan up everytime ), and nuzzle his face into his strong chest. He likes to say it’s because Katsuki is cozy and easy to cuddle, still warm from being buried under the comforter at night. And he really does like to rest his ear against his heart and listen to the gentle rhythmic beat of the life he loves so much. In reality, it’s because Deku is obsessed with Katsuki’s tits. He never fails to make grabby hands for the blonde’s perfect pecs at least three times a day, and it’s not unheard of for him to hug Kacchan from behind while waiting in line at the grocery store, just so he could wrap his arms around the blonde’s ample chest.


Does Katsuki like it? Yes and no. He likes the attention; Deku’s praises used to be something he loathed, but these days it’s what he craves. Does he like the groping? Sometimes. There’s a difference between a sexy fondle or a discreet pinch of a nipple while they’re out, versus Deku getting drunk at a bar with their friends and blatantly feeling him up; under the shirt and everything. It’s a memory Kaminari and Sero won’t let them be forgetting anytime soon. Does he like when Deku gets really weird about his chest in the bedroom? Well, he’s definitely unsure about that one, especially when Deku gets the nerve to ask for a strange request one evening.


They burrowed their way into the big plush bed and Deku is immediately all over him. He starts slow, and Katsuki loves it. He kisses over his ribs and abs and his scarred hands run down his arms and over the surprisingly soft skin despite the goosebumps that pebble up from the loving touch. Straddling Katsuki’s lap, Izuku’s kisses travel up his sternum and across prominent collar bones that lead to a delectable neck and throat. Deku’s lips never fail to spark the lust in his gut when they trail across the tender skin to meet his jaw and Katsuki tosses his head back to give Izuku all of him like he knows he wants. The few freckles that Kacchan has there are a constellation that Izuku knows very well and he could point it out in the dark of night if he had to.


Fingers graze and pinch at his nipples, and it's never too long until Deku can't resist peeking out a tongue and curling it around the pink flesh, moaning like he was the one with lips, hands and a mouth on his body lavishing him.


With a growl, teeth sink into the dense muscle and hips grind down and of course, Deku is rock hard just from sucking on his chest; Katsuki’s hard too, but how couldn't he be with the way Izuku rained down affection on him? How he worshiped every part if him like he was some kind of sacred religious figure. Or at least his chest was.


Deku sat up on his waist, fingers teasing up and down the deep valley between his pecs. Swallowing hard, he shuddered and tried to keep his composure to ask for something that, surely the blonde would say no to. “Kacchan...can I…?”


Katsuki quirked an eyebrow, “... Can you… what?”


An uncomfortable shift, a breathy sigh, and another swallow had Katsuki watching Izuku's throat bob with anxiety as the words spilled past his lips, “C-can I f-fuck your tits?”


Ok, what? He's thrown for a loop. One, why would Deku find that sexy? Katsuki didn't see the appeal, but Izuku was into all kinds of weird shit so just add that right alongside getting off to Kacchan's sweat and being choked. He loved Deku enough not to judge him too harshly. And two, he felt like this would end up being more embarrassing than sexy, but there’s really only one way to find out.


“...Um, ok, I guess…”


He’d never seen Deku move faster to reach across to the nightstand and grab a bottle of lube; as if he felt he should hurry and do it before Katsuki changed his mind. The eagerness on Izuku’s face was all too apparent as he poured cold lube down the middle of the blonde’s chest and slicked himself up, and it was pretty cute to watch the freckly boy try to figure out how to actually do it. His face held determination and then success as he fucked into the small slick space between his palm which pressed tight against Katsuki’s firm pecs. His eyes glazed with lust and his mouth hung open while panting at the feeling of grinding himself against Kacchan’s tits. He’d fantasized about it often, but nothing was as amazing as actually experiencing it.


While the act wasn’t necessarily pleasurable, the view above Katsuki was definitely hot. Deku was lost to the feeling of rutting against Kacchan like an animal, and Katsuki likes how uncontrollable lust looks on Deku. It’s primal and wild as his normally sparkling eyes darken with hunger and he couldn’t help but sneak his a hand underneath Izuku to find and stroke his own hardness.


The deep moans and growls from above and the stuttering hips against his chest were the only sign Katsuki got before Izuku was shaking and coming against him. The wet heat of his release was sliding down Katsuki's neck and chin and when Deku collapsed forward in a shivering puddle of ecstasy, licking at his own cum and kissing the blonde deeply, Kacchan didn't want to admit how hot it really was.


“You're so gross, Deku.”


Izuku smiled and snuggled against the filthy wetness beneath them. “Love you, too.”

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Bakugou Katsuki was a regular customer. He came in every two weeks for an hour massage and always left a generous tip. He's a bit of an asshole, always bossing Izuku around (or rather, “Deku” as he likes to call him, after misreading his name tag and never correcting himself, even when Izuku told him otherwise,) and needless to say, he's both Deku's favorite and least favorite client.


“Mmm... harder, Deku…”


If it wasn't his shitty attitude, the way he moaned his name and threw commands at the shorter boy were another reason to dislike the smart-mouthed blonde. Izuku was lucky Katsuki was face down, unable to see just how much his words affected him and tented the front of his pants.


Experience fingers and knuckles dug into the knots down the middle of the blonde's strong back and Izuku would be lying if he didn't take advantage of Katsuki's lack of visibility. He always took his time to rub his slick hands across the plains of muscle and his eyes were never far behind. He used to be shy about Katsuki's teasing remarks, but after seeing the hot blonde regularly for eight months now, it wasn't unheard of for him to banter back and forth with, 'Kacchan’ (his own revenge for being called Deku.)


“Can’t you say, ‘please,’ Kacchan?” there was a slight snicker to his voice but he followed the demand anyway and Katsuki ignored the retort, more focused on the tender spot Izuku just discovered. He switched to his elbow to dig for a knot underneath the shoulder blade. Katsuki moaned deeply as Izuku held pressure to the spot and worked the tense muscle until it relaxed and his body became a pile of jelly.


“Oh, fuck, that feels so good…”


Izuku’s breath hitched and there was no way it wasn’t heard over the sound of the soothing music playing softly over the room’s speakers. His movements stuttered momentarily as images of Bakugou Katsuki on his back, digging his fingers through curly hair as Izuku worked his cock over with his mouth came to mind. He imagined Katsuki moaning those exact words as he hungrily swallowed him down and Deku couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What does his dick look like? Is he big? Probably. Hopefully.’ Not that it really mattered, but Izuku was sure he would be replaying those sultry words again that night in the shower.


Katsuki liked the same routine every session; half the time on his back, half the time on his front. Today Izuku’s fingers were a little shaky as he flipped up the cover sheet on his left leg, preparing to dig into the muscle of strong quads. Katsuki had complained of tightness in his hip, of course , so he worked his way up towards the offending muscles, which just so happens to be right near the source of his problem.


Izuku knew leg work could be a bit uncomfortable, so the breathy inhales and gasps shouldn't have been unexpected. Or at least that distracting. When he finally reached his destination to work around the hip bone, he quickly found Katsuki’s source of discomfort; a sensitive and maybe a little strained hip flexor that had the blonde whimpering at the too-hard touch, “Shit, tight…”


What did Izuku do to deserve this today? To be mercifully teased by an oblivious and very very hot client who he may or may not have a huge crush on? Suddenly the room was way too hot and his pants were way too tight as he could clearly see and now hear one of his fantasies much more vividly than ever before-

Katsuki's hands were dangerous and hot, as they brushed roughly against soft freckled skin. Just like his personality, they were strong and forceful as they spread apart Izuku's thighs and slick fingers worked their way past his opening. Izuku's head lolled against the pillow with a moan bubbling in the back of his throat as searching fingers found that perfect spot within him and pressed against it mercilessly.


“Kacchan...please…” Izuku had waited for so long. So many months he'd wanted Katsuki to touch him as much as he'd splayed his own fingers across the blonde's flawless flesh. He begged; Katsuki would probably make fun of him for being so eager. He'd probably call him a slut, but Izuku didn't care. All he cared about was the slick head of Katsuki's thick cock sliding into him like it belonged there. Like they fit together. Like perfect-shaped puzzle pieces that left Deku writhing and shaking against the bed.


“Shit tight…” Katsuki growled as their hips met and the drag of his cock drove Izuku wild; his toes curled, his hands clenched around the sheets beneath them, and he all but screamed out in ecstasy as Katsuki fucked him into the bed below.


With his thighs held open, knees practically pushed back onto the sheets, he was left in Kacchan’s more than capable hands, and the blonde was merciless, carving a place inside of Izuku that neither of them would soon forget.


“K-Kacchan...I-I’m gonna come…”


Katsuki was relentless and drove Izuku closer and closer to the edge; his voice was thick like honey yet rough like a raging storm as it washed over Izuku, “Fucking come for me, Deku-”

“-Deku! Hey, loser!” Izuku snapped out of stupor with a gasp and Kacchan was staring daggers at him, still laying mostly uncovered on the massage table. “I’m not paying you to stand around like a goddamned fish out of water. Get your ass to work!”


Izuku nodded blankly, “O-oh, yeah. Of course. S-sorry.” He tried his best to keep his focus on the massage. Like a professional should. He tried not to think about the fact that he was massaging about 6 inches away from Kacchan’s dick. He tried not to think about all the skin and muscle on display that he knew so well already; the way only a regular lover should. He did try to make idle chit-chat to keep his mind from wandering, not wanting to think about how Katsuki’s normally forceful voice would growl commands at him while he was on his knees- god dammit not again.


Somehow the last 30 minutes passed without any more incidents and Izuku was quick to tell Katsuki they were finished and to get dressed while he was already slipping out of the door, trying desperately to hide the still-obvious hardness in his pants.


Running to the single stall restroom and leaning against the wall, Izuku yanked his pants down and wrapped a still lotion-smooth hand over his leaking cock. It felt so wrong and dirty to not even wash his hand first but it was Kacchan, so it also felt amazing, and so did the release that snuck up on him not even 30 seconds after he’d pulled his dick out of his pants. He slumped against the wall for a moment to calm down. He tried not to think about how unprofessional this all was, and washed away his shame before returning to work.


Izuku felt hot all over; both the embarrassment and arousal still tingeing his freckled cheeks red. Gathering new sheets and covers for the table, he was sure Katsuki would be gone by now but, no, unfortunately, he was leaning casually in the doorway waiting. Impeccably tailored black slacks and a wine-colored button down that he left open at the top for a teasing view of his neckline did nothing to hide how hot Kacchan was, even if Izuku saw him mostly naked on a regular basis.


“Oh, Kacchan! Um, how’re you feeling? How’s your hip?”


Katsuki grinned, “Oh I’m good, how are YOU doing?”


“Fine!” Izuku’s voice cracked and yeah, he sounds totally guilty.


“Here nerd, try not to get too distracted next time.” His tip, a messy wad of cash, fell into Izuku’s hand as Katsuki left, throwing a, “See you in two weeks” over his shoulder before he was out the door.


Deku counted the tip; it was twice the amount as usual. Wedged between the bills was a business card with a message written in a tidy script,


|You’re a pervert|

|Call me             |

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“Deku, wake up!”


The harshly whispered hiss was lost in the white noise of the AC blasting into the room that sent a chill through Katsuki; skin and hair still damp from the shower. He told Deku, ‘I’ll be right back,’ with a sultry wink as he disappeared to the bathroom, and Deku nodded in excitement, eyes wide and sitting patiently like a dog waiting for their owner to come home. When Katsuki came back out 15 minutes later, Deku was dead asleep on his back. Didn’t even bother to turn the lamp off or plug his phone into the charger.


Naturally, Katsuki was pissed. The teasing and flirting before his shower left them both hot and bothered, and Deku didn’t seem the least bit tired when green eyes followed Kacchan to the bathroom. Scrubbing himself down with soap-slick hands didn’t do anything but make him irrationally horny, and lubing up a few fingers to get things started made his arousal climb even higher. So yeah. He was mad. At Deku. This was all his fault.


“Deku! Wake up you asshole!” Katsuki shook him this time and unfortunately, Deku was a pretty heavy sleeper and once he’s out, he’s pretty much lost to the world.


Katsuki mumbled angrily, walking around to his side of the bed and pulling out a small box from underneath. One that he hasn’t had to reach for in a long time. The small blue vibrator, (or, normal sized vibrator, but Katsuki’s larger toy of choice was currently snoozing away) was ribbed and curved in just the right way, perfect for reaching all the right places and getting the job done fast. He lubed it up quickly, still muttering, “Stupid sleepy Deku...wants to fuck but falls asleep...what kind of fucking nerd picks sleep over dicking? Grr…”


Just to put the exclamation point on the end of his angry rant, Katsuki climbed onto Deku’s bare chest, sitting across his ribs and even with his not that light weight, Deku continued sleeping deeply, a slight hum coming out from the shift in position. Katsuki was tempted to shove his dick into his open, snoring mouth, but that’s not what he was looking forward to this evening. He wanted the fullness, the stretch, and the toe-curling slide of something inside of him and Deku was going to be involved whether he knew about it or not.


Bracing himself on Izuku’s broad chest, one hand held himself up and the other reached back to slide the toy inside. He did nothing to hide the breathy moans that were pulled from his lips. In fact, he exaggerated them, not caring if it disturbed Deku’s slumber. At this point, he wasn’t really sure if he would prefer Deku to wake up or not.


He tossed his head back as he worked the toy in and out. The drag was just as delicious as he remembered and he whimpered desperately every time one of the bumps caught along the rim of his opening just right. With a press of his thumb, the toy was brought to life and the vibrations shook him to his core as he rocked his hips between fucking down onto the toy in his hand and grinding his leaking cock against Izuku’s chest.

“Fucking Deku, asshole can’t even stay awake for me…” Katsuki quickly found the perfect rhythm, brushing against that amazing spot with every upward push and he almost didn't notice familiar hands slowly running up and down his thighs.


He slowed his movements when he heard a sleep-laced moan from below, as well as tired mumbled words that fell lazily from Deku's mouth, “Ka...Kacchan...ssoo goood…” Katsuki didn't think it would be this hot. How filthy it felt to defile Deku while he lied there listlessly. How much it turned him on to watch the innocent sleeping face below that was totally oblivious to what was happening on top of him. Katsuki's dick leaked across Izuku’s chest and he turned the toy up; the faster speed made him even more desperate and ready to chase after his release.


Scarred hands wrapped themselves around his hips but the grip was more lazy than usual as Izuku continued to snooze while muttering unintelligibly under his breath. Katsuki grabbed and stroked himself in an unbalanced pace between his hand and the toy inside of him. Deku’s warm grip on his body was exactly what he craved and with hips stuttering, hand twisting on his cock and the toy hitting all the spots just right, Katsuki was coming with a growl. His eyes rolled back as his hot release fell across Deku’s chest, neck, and chin and the image of Izuku covered in his cum was so hot he grabbed the unplugged and dying phone and snapped a photo, remembering to send it to himself for safe keeping (Deku was definitely going to delete it when he found out.)


The sound of the camera shutter is what finally roused Izuku out of his slumber and he didn’t even seem to notice the sticky mess that was cooling on his skin. “’re done? Are you ready?” His sleep-thick voice was pretty cute but did he really not realize what had just happened?


Tossing the vibrator to the side, Katsuki reached behind him to find Deku already hard, hot and waiting. The hands on his hips squeezed him tightly and, you know what? Fuck it.


“Yeah, Deku. I’m ready.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki had been waiting for the right moment to strike. To get his revenge. Deku thought he was so smart, making him run around work for a day with a toy up his ass. Teasing him mercifully for hours only to take him home with promises of release...just to tease him even more. While Katsuki’s mind was absolutely blown that night, the entire day before was fucking awful (though in hindsight he probably wouldn’t mind doing it again.)


Suited up at their agency office, shortly before heading out on patrol, Katsuki shot an arm out in front of Izuku, bracing himself against the doorway of the restroom the shorter man was trying to enter.

“Kacchan, move it so I can go before we leave.” Katsuki saw just how much coffee Izuku drowsily guzzled down during their morning meeting, trying to stay awake after going to bed way too late last night. Now was the perfect time to throw out a challenge and hope Deku took the bait. This could be fun…


“Don’t.” One simple word that held so much power, if Izuku let it.


“What? Why not? I don’t want to have to stop somewhere later. Now move.” Getting irritated, Deku made to pull Katsuki’s arm away from blocking the entrance, but the blonde stayed firm in his position. A wolfish grin spread across his face, and mischief laced his sharp features as he moved closer to whisper in Deku’s ear. No one else needed to know what they were doing.


“Just don’t. Hold it.” Izuku looked at him, slightly worried but more confused and he tried to speak, but Katsuki’s demanding tone sent a shiver down his spine and a lump welled up in his throat. “Hold it. You can do that for me, right? Until we get home?”


It was stupid. A stupid idea. A stupid challenge that Kacchan was presenting. It was just part of his game. But Izuku couldn’t find it in him to say no. Not with the way his piercing eyes bore into him, or how he bit his bottom lip in anticipation of Izuku’s response. Not with the taller, confident frame feeling like it was towering above as Deku suddenly felt the need to give Katsuki this control over him.


Shaky, glove-covered hands dropped their hold from Kacchan’s forearm and fell limply to his sides once again. “O-okay.”


Katsuki placed a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth; it was both a ‘Thank you’ and an ‘I’ll take care of you later’ and maybe a little, ‘I’m sorry’, but the only words that left his mouth were, “Good boy.” Izuku squeezed his eyes shut and choked back a moan because, even if they were a little off of the main lobby, the mindless chatter of coworkers, the sound of a low-playing news broadcast on the tv, and the ringing of a cell phone were the proof that there were still people around them and that thought made the growing heat in his cheeks rise higher.


Katsuki snickered under his breath and turned Izuku on the spot, throwing an arm over his shoulders; a 180 in his demeanor as the dark and demanding presence was gone and Kacchan’s work person fell into place once more. “Alright then, let’s go, nerd.”




Deku did his job just fine, for the most part. If the urge to take a piss was bothersome, he sure didn’t show it. Katsuki kept a close eye on him, searching for any sign that Izuku was distressed. He noticed the occasional shift from one leg to the other, and sometimes a deep breath to steel himself. Other than that, Deku did a great job of keeping his composure and Katsuki was willing to hold out just as long as he was.


Or maybe make it worse.


Stopping by a vending machine, Izuku waited against the nearby wall as Katsuki eyed the selection. He curled in on himself just a little as his lower belly felt strained and he actually really really wanted to go to the bathroom, for as much as he didn’t show it. But Kacchan said, “don’t” and for some reason, that single word had held him back; the only restraint keeping him from sprinting to the nearest restroom.


The sounds of Katsuki scanning his card and the beep of the vending machine, followed by the weighty drop of something falling into the purchase slot were barely registered by Izuku as he attempted to keep his cool. He tensed his muscles and closed his eyes and didn't open them until he felt the taller body hovering over him. Katsuki’s words were facetious but his snarky grin was real as he held an open bottle of water up to him. “You don’t look so good. Here, drink this.” He sounded supportive, but he was anything but.


Izuku shuddered and shook his head,  “Um, no, I-I’m ok…”


Katsuki clicked his tongue in disapproval, an arm bracketing Izuku in between him and the vending machine as if he was afraid he might run off like a frightened animal. He lowered his voice to keep any passerby out of their business. “I didn’t ask, Deku.”


Izuku nodded weakly, taking the bottle in a shaky grip and putting it to his lips. He took a sip, what he thought was enough to sate the blonde, but apparently, he was wrong.




Two more gulps of freezing water hit the back of his throat and sunk down to sit in his belly.


Katsuki’s watched with dark, rouge-red eyes and his voice was deep. Hungry. And powerful. “More.”


The relentless eye contact was too much and Izuku squeezed his eyes shut, groaning as he downed over half the bottle. The water sat heavily in his bladder and Deku wondered why. Why was he letting Katsuki do this? Why wasn’t he fighting him back? Why did he let him have this control over him and make him feel so uncomfortable? So desperate? So humiliated? Tears welled up in his eyes as he handed the bottle back, and when Katsuki spoke up again he knew exactly why.


“Good boy, Deku.”




Two hours later and their shift was over. Katsuki took his time walking them back to the agency. Not that Izuku could move all the quick anymore anyway. Deku fell out of step often, needing to collect himself every few minutes, and Katsuki couldn’t help the heat of arousal growing in his gut. Knowing that he caused this. That he had Deku trying and barely succeeding to hold himself together. In public, no less. What would everyone say if they saw the great Hero Deku letting himself be strung along helplessly? Over taking a piss! The fact that he had so much control over someone so incredibly strong felt powerful and exciting and he didn’t think he’d also have to keep his composure in this situation.


Deku was lucky they didn’t come across any trouble that day. Each step was torture and he seriously debated running into the nearest alley, ripping the front of his suit open and letting go right there. He knew it would feel amazing. He knew it was what he needed; what he craved. But Kacchan wouldn’t like that, so he swallowed that thought down and kept moving forward.


They entered the locker room to change, or rather, Katsuki did. Deku threw on a hoodie and pulled off his belt and gloves. Anything else would have been extra torturous movements he didn’t need. He kept close to the wall, resting his forehead against the cool tile while he waited for Kacchan to finish. He squeezed his thighs together and the nervous tapping of his fingers against the white tile-finish felt like they echoed in the large empty room. The tapping toe of his shoe followed shortly after as he bounced his leg and it was like some kind of maddening torture. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t wait to leave, but he also didn’t want to move. The only thing on his mind was his own incessant anxiety and the heavy feeling in his lower belly that he could only describe as complete desperation .




The setting October sun cast a pretty blue and orange glow around them as they finally were on the path back to their home; Izuku’s destination where he could finally break free from Katsuki’s hold and find the relief he’d been desperately aching for. His breathing was heavy as he walked the thankfully sparsely populated streets right at Kacchan’s side, the hood of his jacket tossed up to hopefully avoid any avid fans that would waste more of their time. Katsuki would occasionally make some small talk. Mention some ad on the side of a building. Randomly think of something he needed to add to their shopping list, reminded of the item when passing a busy drug store. Izuku barely registered his words and when he would lag behind, Katsuki would grab his hand and keep him moving, never letting him have too long of a break between strides.


They passed by a convenience store when Katsuki spoke up again. “You know...I don’t really feel like cooking.” His words had a bit of a mocking lilt to them as he led Izuku by the hand past the chiming sliding doors. “Let’s just pick something up.” He ignored Deku’s choked cry of, ‘I’m not hungry!’ as tears nearly fell over how much he just wanted to go home. He didn’t care about eating, or about Kacchan eating. None of that was as important as getting home and hopefully making it to the toilet in time. As they ambled towards the back, away from the prying eyes of the evening 7/11 rush, they slipped into the short hallway leading right where Izuku would love to be right now- the restroom.


Izuku’s head fell back with a thump as he was enclosed against the wall right by the restroom door. His hood slipped off, exposing his telltale foresty curls that Izuku was definitely afraid of someone recognizing this evening. Katsuki was close. He whispered hotly against his ear, lips brushing against his skin and causing a shiver that made it hard to concentrate on the heavy feeling in his belly. “We’re almost home. You can make it, right?” Deku couldn't even respond. His gut already felt so full . Full of desperation, humiliation. Now, arousal was joining them and he didn’t have room for that. But he felt a twitch in his cock, a racing in his heart and he gasped when Kacchan’s hand spayed against his chest and dragged down down down to his lower belly; the slightest pressure causing Izuku to whine and whimper weakly. His panting turned to near sobbing and he could feel the tears about to spill. His eyelashes fluttered, his toes curled in his shoes and he was so close to losing control, barely squeaking out a plea to the blonde-


“P-please...Kacchan...n-not here…” he didn’t want to think about the humiliation of walking out of the store soaked in his own piss. Didn’t want to think about how messed up that was. Didn’t want to think about how good it would feel to just let go right now, under Kacchan’s touch and gaze.


Katsuki made no move. He didn’t push, but he didn’t pull back either. His eyes looked through Deku and it was both intimate and intimidating at the same time. When he finally did stop the barely-there pressure on Izuku’s bladder he kissed away the single tear of short-lived relief that rolled down the flushed freckled cheek and whispered against his heated flesh, “Yeah...not here. You’re doing so good for me. You’re almost there.” Izuku moaned at his words, the praise trying to meld together with the shame and discomfort and the arousal that was swimming within him. Katsuki took his hand again and hurried to grab their food for the evening.




Their apartment was only about five minutes away, but it felt like eons before they arrived. The two flights of stairs were even more arduous, but Izuku did it. He made it. And even if it wasn’t about losing or winning at this point; the challenge that this started out as having turned into something more, he was still relieved that he didn’t completely embarrass himself in public.


He fell back against the wall near the front door, whimpering and panting and it was the only support he had because he wasn’t sure if his shaky knees could hold him up much longer. He already pulled off the hoodie and unzipped his suit halfway, ready to rush to the bathroom the moment the door swung open. He expected the rustling of keys to signify his approval to run, but it never came. Unfortunately, Kacchan’s hand was on him again just like at the store, and it followed the same path as before, driving Izuku wild with fear and desperation as he once again placed the smallest amount of pressure against his belly.


His lips grazed his jaw and his words tickled against his flesh, “You’re so close...can you hold on just a little longer? For me?” He did what Kacchan asked. He waited until they got home, and now they were here. Why was he still doing this??


Izuku panted and shivered and he wasn’t sure if it was totally helpful or not when Katsuki placed a thigh between his legs and pushed up against his half hard cock. “K-Kaccha~ oh, fuck…” There was a momentary relief as he ground his hips down, but more urgency from the pleasure that shot through him. His eyes rolled back and he somehow mustered a shuddering sob, “N-no...Kacchan, I-I can’t- please don’t- ahh!”


Even with Kacchan’s request, even with his own will to make it inside, even with embarrassment nipping at his heels all day long, Izuku felt himself finally lose control when Katsuki pressed down hard; his fingers dipping into the tense muscle had Deku moaning, tears finally spilling as humiliation and pleasure forcefully gushed through him. He squeezed his eyes shut, too embarrassed to look at Kacchan or at the growing wet patch down the front of his hero suit that steadily trickled to his feet. The warmth that rushed through him and the bliss that followed was like that of the peak of an orgasm, but the shame that accompanied it was awful and disgraceful and it made his face flush and the tears keep falling.


Katsuki watched with wide eyes and bated breath when Izuku’s resolve deteriorated. His fingers dug into curly strands as he pressed their foreheads together and he didn’t give a shit as he felt the warm piss leaking down his own thigh and knee that was still wedged between Deku’s. Even if it was so disgusting, he couldn’t help but find all of it so arousing. Deku’s moans of shameful pleasure. Deku’s red, tear-stained cheeks. Deku’s heaving, panting chest. And the fact that Deku went through all of this just for Katsuki was probably the most amazing thing of all.


Where Izuku expected taunts and ridicule, he instead got Kacchan kissing his cheeks and cradling his face. His words did wonders for the lingering humiliation as they were whispered against his skin,


“You did so well for me, Deku.”

“You were so amazing.”

“You’re so perfect.”

“Such a good boy.”

“I love you so much…”


Despite everything; the piss cooling against his legs in the chill of the fall evening air, the embarrassment of knowing he couldn’t make it in time, and the fact that he did all of this in front of Kacchan, he believed the praise that from his lips and a different kind of relief flowed through him. Quivering knees buckled beneath him, but Katsuki was there to catch him, ready to pull him up to walk him inside.


“I’ll take care of you. Clean you up. I’ll cook for you, too. You want katsudon?”


Izuku nodded, body and mind drained, and too exhausted to even think of a real response. “I’m gonna sit your ass in front of the tv and wrap you in that big stupid fuzzy blanket you like, ok?”


Izuku laughed. Katsuki hates the fuzzy blanket. “Ok, Kacchan.”

Chapter Text

Deku never thought he’d ever have Kacchan on his knees for him, giving pleasure while asking for nothing in return. He never thought he’d have Kacchan offering to do that, much less actually being here. Kneeling between spread legs on his dorm room floor, the blonde ran his lips and tongue over the soft flesh of freckled inner thighs before wrapping his lips around Izuku’s cock, sucking him down like a pro. Even though they’ve only had this new relationship for 3 months now, and have been having sex for even less than that, Kacchan was always a fast learner. He was amazing and the best at everything.


The first time they did this, Izuku was so nervous, not really understanding how to receive something without having to give in return, and while he always reciprocated in the end, Izuku couldn’t help but feel guilty. He eventually gave in when Katsuki firmly proclaimed that, ‘YES, I want to do this for you, you idiot!’


More than a handful of times later, and Izuku still held back, even with Katsuki slurping and moaning around his dick unabashedly. He held a white-knuckle grip on his bedsheets in restraint while he bit down on the other fist to stave off the sounds that desperately wanted to spill from his lips.


Katsuki pulled off and let the dick from his mouth smack wetly across Deku's belly. “Are you even enjoying this, Deku??”


Izuku stuttered nervously in response, not wanting to say the wrong thing that would make Katsuki stop, “Ah, o-of course, Kacchan! I-I like everything you do for me…” He tried to butter him up, but he should know better than that. Katsuki could see through him like a clear glass window.


“Then fucking act like it!”


Izuku nodded, anxiety bubbled in his gut as Kacchan demanded that he be greedy. That he use Kacchan for his own pleasure. He ran his scarred fingers through blonde locks and scratched behind his ears and Kacchan was so cute as he leaned into the touch. Grasping onto the strands he pulled Katsuki closer, holding his dick out with the other hand as he muttered with as much confidence as he could muster, “Open your mouth, Kacchan.”


There was a spark or arousal in those fiery eyes as Katsuki opened up with his tongue hanging out. Izuku fed him his cock once more, sliding into the delicious heat of his mouth before yanking his hair forward and back, moving Kacchan’s mouth as he pleased. He pulled him slow and deliberate, watching his lips drag slowly over the hard flesh. When he picked up speed Katsuki moaned deep in his throat as he braced himself against the bed, hands gripping tight onto the frame.


“Oh fuck...Kacchan your mouth feels so good…” Katsuki moaned as sweety boy Deku started to fall apart, head dropping back and curses slipping through his clenched teeth and his fingers dug into Katsuki's hair harder; the pain on his scalp ebbing more into pleasure as Deku became more forceful, thrusting his hips along with the push and pull of soft blonde hair.


Katsuki’s head clouded over with a hazy lust from Deku’s forceful neediness. Deku’s unrestrained moans. Deku’s intoxicating smell and taste that Katsuki could never get enough of as his nose brushed against dark curls at the base of his dick. He could feel the wetness of tears and drool streaming down his face but he wasn’t about to give a fuck about that now. Not when shoving a hand into his own pants and stroking himself was a much better idea.


Hips began to lose their rhythm as Deku was ready to fall into bliss, panting breathy and desperate, “Fuck,’re gonna make me come...can you swallow it all for me..?” A raspy growl was Katsuki’s response before hot slick wetness slid down his throat, filled his mouth, and slipped past his lips, sloppily dripping down his chin.


The tight grip on blonde strands loosened and was replaced with a soothing pat. Katsuki was kind of glad the sweet, caring Deku was back because fuck his scalp was burning. Deku pulled his softening cock from his mouth and took one look at Katsuki’s wrecked face. “Ah, sorry...didn’t mean to be so rough…” He attempted to clear the drool and cum off his face with a swipe of his thumb but only succeeded in smearing the mess further.


Katsuki pulled him in for a gross, messy kiss. “Don’t be fucking sorry.” He whispered against shy, quivering lips and held up his own cum covered hand from his pants, “You’re hot when you’re nasty.”