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The Avengers group were huddled and bound by restraints that kept their powers at bay, Hydra had become a terrorist group that was able to constrain the temper of Bruce Banner, the unparalleled strength of Steve Rogers and Thor Odinson, and the cleverness that belonged to Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. It wasn’t merely the work of sedatives but the items that confined them into a simple man-made cell.

As they had cleared the grogginess in their minds, they looked around and wondered how to escape. The room was dimly lit and there was no windows, only a ventilation cover for air and a door, only able to be opened from the outside rather than inside, was guarded heavily by burly men whose backs were to them. It looked to all of them this was a hopeless situation.

“Can’t you lose control and turn into a green rage monster, get us out of here?” The tactless line was said by none other than Tony, who seemed to use rude remarks to cover up the fact that he could not figure out how to get his team out of this situation. Which only earned a dirty glare from Bruce, his gaze glassy clearly from drugs that were repressing his anger from connecting to the power that consumed him. A time where this power was a curse and this time around it would have been a blessing in disguise.

“We can’t afford to go at each other’s throat, we need to figure out how to get out of here,” Natasha whispered, trying to ease the tension between the members but also bring them down to earth and remind them that their situation held precedence.

She was about to continue the talk of a reality check with them but she was cut off by Thor, a man who was tactless in his own way comparable to Tony. “There seems to be a puny human next to us,” Thor remarked as he watched the boy who was only steps away from adulthood, far too young to be locked up.

A future taken by the hydra for reasons that none of the Avengers could figure out why. They watched him sit there, cloaked in a vague darkness. However, all the members of the Avengers could tell that this young man had seen better days. Clearly, he was here longer than they were and there was a calmness around him that made the others sit up a little straighter. Each one of them thought what could someone this young, someone who had yet to taste the perils and wonders that the world had to offer was doing being locked up by an extremely capable Hydra group. Without having to discuss it with one another the Avengers knew that they had to get to know him, surely he was not meant to be here.

“Why are you here?” A question that everyone had in their mind was finally proposed by Steve, there was a kindness in his tone that made the inquiry less intrusive and if anything more concerned. That was Captain America for you. All kind and upstanding, a man of the people. However, this was met with silence. The young man did not say anything, instead staring at them with the same blank expression that did not seem to budge. A blink or two but other than that there was no change. Occasionally, one of the members would try to ask the same question or a different variation of who he was, why he was here or any information that he could answer but to no avail. Silence was offered to them in a result and it seemed to agitate the members that this stranger wasn’t giving them the answers that they needed

“Can he speak… or even hear us? Is the human broken?” Thor wondered out loud, although it sounded stupid there was some truth to what he was curious about. It was something none of the other member’s didn’t consider but little did they know the stranger was staring at them and a small smile tugged on his lips.

Only Natasha noted this and she instantly scooted as close as she can to him, there were only bars that separated them and she wanted him to be able to see her movements. Her hands rose up, wrists pulled tightly together due to the restraints but she was able to sign. Keeping a neutral expression on her face; however, what she could not hide was the urgency she had in her eyes.

Slowly and with delicate precision, she was well-versed in many languages and in sign language itself. Fluid movements were carefully watched by the stranger across from her as she signed: [ Who are you and where are we? ] For a few seconds, all the members of the Avengers had held their breath in anticipation, wondering if this action itself would give them anything. Instantly he signed back, not too fast since he wanted to be able to comfort them, answers finally trickling in: [ Clint Barton. Hydra has taken us. Somewhere. Far. ]

He was able to read lips however he was not able to read all their lips and how fast it was. Because of this, the young man had always taken his time to sign back in an even pace. No desire to make others feel pressured to read fast since those who were not deaf would never be able to handle the regular pacing of his hands. But nonetheless, the answer was then translated to the others in the cell with the woman he signed with. Clint watched them, each person different from the other with clashing temperaments.

Bruce was the first to comment, stress had eaten at him. Despite the fact, his temperament had flared and whatever sedative they gave him was now prevented him from turning into the Hulk. Which only stressed the scientist more than it had to, a look of desperation in this watery eyes.

“How are we locked up here? I can’t even turn, I can’t save us. This isn’t right, I-” Quickly he went quiet, his face pressed against his palms as he rocked back and forth. This was a crisis, for once he desired to turn to save his friends but when he needed it the most the power he had now missing. Which earned a sympathetic glance from Thor for his no longer green friend.

He knew that his answer only gave more questions than answers so to deter any arguments from erupting from this so he continues to sign much to their surprise: [ Be calm. They are watching ]. Clint’s gaze looked around the room, not staying in any place for too long. This brought chills down everyone’s spine, the Avengers quickly scanned the room and they could at least from first-hand glance see any cameras. And even the guards weren’t watching them, instead stoically watched the door that had yet to open. Muscular arms holding guns that could easily kill them if they saw fit. This silenced any argument from the Avengers’ part. At least for a few precious seconds before Tony walked up towards the bars that separated them from Clint, the younger man staring at this man who looked worse for wear.

“Do you know how.. To escape from here?” It was a whisper from Tony’s end, said slowly and Clint ready every silent word from him. Not having to look at Natasha who signed it to him. But now was not the time to tell them that he did know, he knew for a long time but it was only this time around that Clint would be able to escape due to the Avenger’s arrival. Instead of answering, Clint scooted farther into his cell. Cloaked by the comfort of the darkness and they could no longer see his expression. Before they could even snap at him, thinking that he was ignoring them out of spite, the only door into the jail room was opened. Different uniformed men appeared, empty expressions as they unlocked the cell to Clint. Forcibly grabbing him with little gentleness, checking the cuffs on his hand to see if it was still secure. Seeing that it was they pushed him out, no words said after all it almost seemed as if this was a usual occurrence but that was the Avenger’s guess. Nothing more or less. The door as soon as it was opened slammed shut. Silence blanketed over them at shock. Unsure if that was the last they would see of the boy who spoke only in minimal movements.