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So Alike

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FRED AWOKE BLEARILY IN the dead of night from his wet dream. It had been so vivid he was shaking and caked with sweat. A faceless man or woman unknown had cornered him in a Hogwarts classroom, removed his pants, and started sucking him off.

Fred sat up slowly in the cramped bed he had to share with his twin brother, George. Their family had never been able to afford a second bed, but neither brother minded. They'd grown up sharing a bed and saw no problems with it now. In fact, at Hogwarts they often shared a bed too, even though they each had their own four-poster. After 11 years of sharing a bed (now 16), they had grown so used to feeling each other's bodies nearby at night that they couldn't get to sleep in separate beds.

But that was before the dream. Fred gulped as he saw that he had kicked his covers off in his sleep. He was lying shirtless next to George, who was on his side with his back to Fred, miraculously still asleep and also shirtless. Fred bit back a moan as he saw the sizable tent in his own scarlet pajama bottoms.

He could remember the dream perfectly. He'd been able to feel when the unknown person had grabbed the base of his shaft, cupping his balls in their smooth hand. He had moaned in the dream when they had slipped their tongue under his foreskin. Had he moaned in real life as well?

Fred had woken up before he could orgasm, a fact he was highly disappointed in. Because they shared a bed, the twins never became sexual with themselves in the bedroom. They jacked off plenty, but almost always in the shower or on the loo, and never in bed. Especially with the other brother right next to them.

But Fred couldn't help it. He wouldn't be able to get back to sleep without cumming, and he doubted he could get up, walk across all their creaky floorboards, and leave the room without waking his brother, who would then see his bulge. No, Fred would have to carefully jack off without waking his twin brother.

No sooner had Fred decided this than George snorted and rolled over. Fred froze, his hand halfway to his pajama pants already. He could see his brothers face perfectly in the moonlight coming in through the window, as well as his slim but muscular chest. Fred waited several seconds but George, who was now facing him, remained asleep.

Fred's cock twitched beneath his PJs, pulling him back to the task at hand. As quietly and deftly as he could, Fred slid his pants down. His cock was revealed, a good 6 1/2 inches with foreskin over half of his head. Fred gave his brother one last glance, bit his lip, and wrapped his right hand around his warm, hard shaft.

He started slowly, pulling his hand downward and watched as the foreskin was peeled back off his head. Fred slid the hand back up, the foreskin did the same, and Fred let out a pant as a small spike of pleasure flashed through him. He did this several more times at the same speed, then began to pick up the pace.

He made sure that his had was still moving slow enough to not wake his twin, all the while stealing glances at his brother to ensure that he was still fast asleep. And indeed he was. His face was peaceful and oblivious, exactly the way Fred wanted it. He picked up more speed.

The bed had started to shake ever so slightly, but it was hardly enough to wake George. Fred gripped his shaft tighter and bit his tongue between his teeth. He was now gasping freely as his foreskin rose higher up his head with the new intensity of his hand movements, though they were small gasps one had to strain to hear.

And then Fred closed his eyes, allowing himself to dive back into the memory of the dream. The man- and Fred had now decided that that's what they had been- had bobbed his head, taking more of Fred's cock into his mouth with each bob. Fred moaned.

The man soon had half of Fred's cock in his mouth and was making wet slurping noises as he bobbed his head. His tongue was flitting all around and his teeth were nowhere to be felt. Fred moaned louder.

Now nearly all of Fred's dick was inside the featureless man's mouth. It was a sight to behold, and it felt better than it looked. Fred moved his hand faster, his sleeping brother forgotten. A light slapping noise could be heard as his hand came in contact with the flesh above his crotch.

And now the man was going all the way down to the base of Fred's shaft on each bob. Fred whined again as he felt his member slide down the man's throat. It felt so good! Far better than just his hand, which was currently working so hard. Fred could feel himself getting close. He gasped and a grin born of pleasure spread across his face. He was going to cum at last! And then. . .

"Morning," came a voice dripping with slyness from beside Fred. He jumped, eyes snapping open, and saw with horror that his brother was watching him with a smirk on his face. Fred heard a swish and the oil lamp on George's bedside burst to life, casting an orange light over the whole room. Fred's hand released his cock and reached instinctively for a blanket that wasn't there to cover himself. He was left with nothing to block George's gaze as the buildup of pleasure within Fred's body dissipated and his cock was left just as frustratingly hard as when Fred had first woken up.

"Don't stop on my account," George said, eyes glued to Fred's cock, which even his hands couldn't hide.

"Stop looking at it!" Fred yelped and George turned his eyes to his brothers flushed face instead.

"Why?" He asked innocently.

"What d'you mean why?!" Fred said indignantly. "We're brothers, that's why!"

"Well you're the one who woke me up jerking it in our bed, mate," George pointed out. "And we're not just brothers, remember? We're twins. And that means-"

"We're identical!" They both said together. Fred's eyes went wide.

"Ah, now your getting it!" George winked. "It doesn't matter if I see you do it because it's literally nothing I've never seen before. We could masturbate right next to each other and it would look exactly the same."

Fred nodded slowly. "So. . . So I can keep going?" He blushed and winced at his question, but was pleasantly surprised by his brother's answer.

"Absolutely!" George winked. "In fact," he said, rolling onto his back and kicking off his covers to reveal a tent of his own, "I could use an orgasm myself."

Fred watched breathlessly as his brother pulled off his pants, revealing his own hard-on. It was indeed identical to Fred's cock. Size, shape, foreskin, and even the veins on the side were mirror images of Fred's own member. Everything George had said was true. So why was Fred suddenly hornier now that George was exposed.

"Since we're so alike," Fred began hesitantly, taking a risk, "I guess it wouldn't matter if we jacked each other off, right?"

His brother was silent for a moment, making Fred's heart beat with anxiety. But slowly a grin spread across his twin's face. "I like the way you think, Fred~" he replied.

"Really?!" Fred asked as a wave of relief flowed through him. "You wanna do it?"

"Of course I do! It always feels better when someone else does it. . . I think," George replied. As one, the two brothers sat up with their backs against the headboard and reached over, crossing their arms as they grasped each other's privates.

Fred moaned when he felt George under his fingers, then blushed hard, looking at his brother's face. But George either didn't mind or was too occupied with Fred's own cock to notice the sound.

"I see you shave too," George commented as his fingers brushed over the smooth skin of George's cock.

"I prefer the way it feels shaved," Fred admitted. He slipped George's head between his thumb and forefinger and began peeling back his brother's foreskin. George gasped slightly and wrapped his hand firmly around Fred's cock. "You ready?"

Fred nodded slowly. "Fair warning, I don't think I'm gonna last long." Having almost came twice in the last 15 minutes followed by the surprising but hot turn of events with his brother had left Fred feeling as if he could shoot his load at any second.

"No problem, Fred, I'm feeling the same way."

In unison the twins began jacking each other off. Fred couldn't hold back his moans of pleasure. George was right. Somehow, having someone else touch him, even someone identical to himself down to the last freckle, felt better than when he would jerk himself off.

George chuckled lightly. He seemed to be enjoying Fred's reaction, although it was hard to tell as Fred was putting as much work into his handjob as he could muster. It was frustrating to him that George could sit there with a sly grin on his face as Fred worked this hard at making him feel good. And meanwhile George was stroking Fred almost lazily and it was making Fred squirm with pleasure!

My brother is touching me, stroking me. He's gonna make me cum! came a snide yet anxious voice in the back of Fred's mind. Why did the thought only make him hornier? He closed his eyes and moaned.

"Damn, Fred! You kinda sound like a girl!"

"Sh-shaddup, Georgia!" Fred huffed, firing back weakly. He wasn't sure if his brother was just teasing him or if he actually sounded feminine. He decided he didn't care.

"Mnnnn that's good!" George purred as Fred increased his grip.

"S-stop talking. You're gonna make me cum."

"That's the point, remember?" George replied as he loosened his own grip. Fred expected the pleasure to lessen, but instead his brother let the tips of his fingers glide softly over Fred's skin, making his cock tingle.

"Ohhhh God, I'm gonna cum!" Fred moaned, opening his eyes. He saw George staring intently at his cock and realized that his brother not only wanted to make him cum, he wanted to see it and feel it. He was getting off on this!

And that one simple realization sent Fred over the edge. He tried to swallow his cry of pleasure as he shot his warm load all over his bare chest, but it was no use. The cry came forth full force as he shot stream after stream onto himself.

George let out a deep, guttural moan of approval and appreciation. "Damn, Fred! You were r-really pent up!" He said, panting slightly. Fred realized that during his orgasm he had gripped his brother hard, increasing his pleasure. George wouldn't last much longer.

"All. . . All thanks to y-you," Fred replied weakly as the last of his cum dribbled out. His strokes were slowing down, but it didn't matter. George was panting more and more with each one and his tongue was lolling out slightly. There was a dazed look on his face too that Fred found cute to look at.

"Cum for me," Fred whispered. That did it for George. With a whimper that was completely unlike his attitude throughout their encounter, he arched his back and came hard onto his chest and stomach. The stuff came out in only three bursts, but it was almost as much as Fred had ejaculated a mere minute before.

George fell back against the headboard panting hard, his chest rising and falling in sync with Fred's. "That was fantastic!" He said. Fred nodded in wordless agreement.

"Feels like it's missing something, though," George frowned. "I know! I always eat mine after. Do you do that?"

Fred shook his head. "Normally I jack off in the shower. It all ends up down the drain. Sometimes when I do it out of the shower I taste it, though."

"Well it's sort of a tradition of mine, and I'm not stopping tonight." George reached over and used his fingers to scoop up as much of the cum on Fred's stomach as he could. Fred gasped as his brother tipped his head up, mouth open, and dropped it all inside.

"Mnn, not bad!" He said, swallowing with a grin. "Come on, try mine."

It was a dream come true for Fred, if that could be said about fantasies developed in the last ten minutes. But still he hesitated. Was he really going to eat his brother's cum?!

"Well go on!" George said, "it's not gonna bite."

Giving in, Fred reached over and tried to scoop George's mess up, but it kept slipping through his fingers. He hummed slightly, frustrated.

"Want some help?" George asked.

"Not a chance!" Fred responded. He sat up and turned slightly, then put his palm forcefully against George's shoulder. George's eyes widened as he realized what his brother was about to do. But Fred ignored him as he bent down and started to lap George's cum up with his tongue, one drop at a time.

George shivered. "Oohhh that's so hot!" He said, then blushed. "I. . . I mean, considering."

Fred ignored him and cleaned up every last drop, circling George's nipples briefly with his long tongue before releasing him and collapsing back onto the bed. "Ahhh I like yours better than mine!" He licked his lips.

George sighed. "I think that's enough fun for one night. We should try to get some sleep."

Fred nodded in agreement and turned onto his side, his back facing his brother as George put the light out with a flick of his wand. Neither of the twins bothered to put their pajamas back on. Fred felt sad that it was over, and that things would most likely go back to normal after tonight. Surely this was a one-time thing? George would act as if nothing had happened, his usual way of dealing with things, and Fred would never feel his touch so intimately again.

But then George wrapped his arm around Fred's body and kissed his shoulder. A triumphant smile spread across Fred's face. It took all of his willpower to not cheer then and there. And so it was that both boys drifted off to sleep. Warm, content, and complete.