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Eijirou slumped against the wall next to his bed and sighed through his nose. Katsuki carried on, his eyes laser focused on the page in front of him, not sending Eijirou so much as a sideways glance. Eijirou didn’t mind - it was typical Katsuki behavior, getting that focused and not yielding until his homework was finished, but Eijirou’s attention was lapsing, and it was lapsing hard.

Eijirou watched his boyfriend for a moment, admiring the sharp cut of his features even through his flat expression. Eijirou would probably never get used to how idly beautiful he was - fuck, they’d been together for so long and it still hit him upside the head every so often.

But with those thoughts came a stirring in his groin, one that reminded him just how long it had been since they’d had sex - or since Eijirou had had sex with anyone, for that matter. Tetsutetsu was as busy as he was, what with their upcoming exams, and the upperclassmen he’d slept with in the past were all long since graduated.

He sighed and fell sideways into his mattress, and that, at last, caught Katsuki’s attention. Red eyes flicked up to consider him before Katsuki rolled his eyes and returned to his reading. “You big baby,” he muttered, and Eijirou let out an exhausted whine.

“Katsuki, it’s hard. Don’t be mean.”

“You’re being stupid. We haven’t even been working that long.”

“We’ve been working since dinner!” Eijirou objected, propping himself up on one elbow to gesture to the clock. It was almost ten. “Somebody needs to tell Aizawa he’s assigning too much work.”

Katsuki snorted. “Good fucking luck. Guy’s got a stick so far up his ass he chokes himself with it on the daily.”

Eijirou chuckled lowly. “Ugh, maybe he’s as pent up as I am right now.”

Katsuki didn’t reply for a second. Eijirou turned to look at him, at his furrowed brow, and cocked up an eyebrow. “What’re you thinking about?”

Katsuki sent him a brief, annoyed look, but opened his mouth to explain anyway. “You’re probably right,” he muttered. “Between the kid and the night shift, he probably has no fucking free time. Probably hasn’t gotten to cut loose in months.”

Eijirou considered this. “Man, if it meant an end to all this work, I’d blow him,” he said, finally, mostly - mostly - joking.

Katsuki, on the other hand, was dead fucking serious. The corner of his mouth quirked up into a smirk. “As if you could suck Aizawa’s dick,” he scoffed, fixing Eijirou with a curious look. “You’d get expelled before you could even think it.”

Eijirou gasped in mock surprise. “You think I jest, good sir?!” he retorted, his competitive side rearing its head. “You’ve seen me in action, dude! I could totally blow him!”

Katsuki edged closer, that teasing smirk still locked in place. He propped his elbow up on the edge of Eijirou’s mattress, holding his hand out to shake. “Alright,” he said, “you get me proof that you sucked Aizawa’s dick, and I’ll have a threesome with whoever the fuck you want.”

Eijirou frowned. “You’ve already had a threesome with Tetsutetsu, though.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “I said whoever the hell you want, it doesn’t have to be Knockoff.”

Eijirou considered this for a moment. Aizawa wasn’t their sexiest teacher, but it did seem like he needed to cut loose a little. And while Eijirou couldn’t think of anyone in particular right now, the concept of getting Katsuki in bed with any of his personal favorite people was… tempting, to say the least.

He clapped his hand against Katsuki’s and shook.

“Deal,” he said, and Katsuki grinned ravenously.




Even as much as he’d meditated on the subject, when Eijirou did eventually make his move on Aizawa, it was anything but planned. In fact, he’d all but given up before it finally happened.

“Kirishima,” came a familiar voice, emerging through his cloudy consciousness, making him rise, slowly, slowly, from sleep. There was dull orange light imprinted on the backs of his eyelids and he let out a displeased sound and turned his head away. It was way too late - or early - for this to be happening.

“Kirishima, you should go upstairs.”

“Go ‘way, Mom,” Ejirou grumbled, and it was only a split second later that he realized how far off he was with that statement. He opened his eyes, feeling like they were glued shut, and groggily looked up into his sensei’s face.

“You’re going to get a crick in your neck, Kirishima,” Aizawa said tiredly, and Eijirou realized he was right - he was draped over the common room couch, his head lolling back on the backrest, and his neck already felt a little stiff. He slowly straightened up with a groan, rubbing at the side of his neck and peering around at all his study materials, littered across his lap and the table in front of him.

“Ugh, what time is it?”

“Past midnight,” Aizawa said, and Eijirou realized he sounded even more tired than normal. “I would’ve been here sooner, but my patrol ran into some trouble.”

Eijirou wondered for a moment why he was here in the first place, then abruptly remembered Aizawa dropping Eri off with Yaoyorozu earlier that evening. He nodded in acknowledgement and stifled a yawn, then stiffened as he realized - he was finally alone with his teacher, after weeks of trying.

“Anyway, if that’s all -”

“Sir, would you like a blowjob?”

Aizawa stopped in his tracks, and Eijirou felt his heart sink as he pinned him with a stern look. Eijirou did his best to look innocent and approachable as Aizawa considered him.

“What.” he said, finally, and Eijirou fidgeted sheepishly. He should’ve known this was a bad idea. “What did you just say, Kirishima?”


Aizawa redoubled the harshness of his glare, and Eijirou stiffened. No, it seemed denying it altogether wasn’t going to do him any favors. “I -” he stammered, wracking his mind for an explanation that seemed at least somewhat more savory than the truth, “You just seem so spent, lately! None of us have really gotten a chance to cut loose, and you least of all! So… maybe a blowjob would help you relax a little. Right?” he finished, weakly, and averted his eyes to stare into the texture of the couch’s fabric.

There was a moment where neither of them said anything, and Eijirou just prayed internally to whatever god was listening that Aizawa would be merciful with his punishment. He drew circles on the back of the couch, finding comfort in the rasp of the reedy fabric against his fingertip.

At long last, Aizawa sighed, and Eijirou let his gaze flick upward, as far as his capture accessory.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend, Kirishima?”

This was a route Eijirou hadn’t anticipated. He looked into Aizawa’s eyes, a little shaken, and nodded. “I mean, Katsuki doesn’t mind if I sleep around. I think he actually kinda likes it.”

“And you’re not doing this as blackmail? Looking to lift your grades?”

Eijirou felt a chill lance through his stomach. He’d never even considered his proposal would be interpreted that way - he would never dream of doing that to his teacher. “No!” he insisted, feeling his cheeks grow pale, “No, I would never - I really just wanted to help you out, I never -”

“Enough, Kirishima,” Aizawa sighed, looking more tired than ever. He rubbed at his eye and released a long, slow breath.

Eijirou was about to tell him he could forget the whole endeavor when Aizawa looked him in the eye and said very, very quietly, “Alright, Kirishima. Just this once.”

Eijirou was thrown, just for a minute, as Aizawa turned and sat next to him on the couch, limply sweeping Eijirou’s papers out of his way. His heart did a little trill, then, and he jumped to his feet, his face breaking into a massive grin. “I’ll do my best, sir!”

Aizawa winced at his volume and shook his head. “Quiet, Kirishima, you’re going to wake the whole dorm. I could get in all kinds of shit for this, kid.”

“Sorry,” Eijirou amended, quieter now as he nestled himself between his teacher’s knees, barely holding back his excitement. He was going to suck Aizawa’s cock! An older man! Even Fatgum had gently turned him down when he’d tried to propose they fool around, how on Earth had he managed this?!

He reached forward to place his palms on his teacher’s upper thighs, eyeing the crease at his crotch, already feeling drool begin to pool on his tongue and his cock beginning to show interest. He rubbed his thumbs in little circles as he leaned forward, opening his mouth to mouth teasingly at Aizawa’s groin -

“Get on with it, Kirishima,” Aizawa grunted, and Eijirou frowned upward. One might have thought his teacher would look even more intimidating than usual from this angle, but Eijirou’s own bizarre mix of frustration, exhaustion, and eagerness had loosened his tongue.

“With all due respect - uh, sir - you’re not even hard yet. Don’t you wanna savor it?”

“I’m being seduced by my student in a very public place. You’ll forgive me for being a little anxious about being caught.”

“Fair enough,” Eijirou conceded under his breath, reaching forward with little more objection and tugging Aizawa’s zipper down. He then reached into his underwear, feeling a little thrum of excitement at the velvety feel of his fingertips brushing foreskin before fishing his teacher’s mostly-soft cock through the opening.

It certainly wasn’t the largest cock he’d ever seen, even flaccid, but Eijirou still couldn’t help a happy little sigh as he got his hand around it and tugged a couple times. He was really doing this - he was really having a tryst with his teacher.

They could get caught - he could be expelled - but instead of anxiety, all he felt at that thought was growing thirst, driving him forward, luring him into opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around Aizawa’s growing member, feeling it grow that much stiffer for his hot, wet mouth on it. He pulled back, drawing his tongue over the underside, feeling that all-too-familiar sensation of soft soft skin on his sensitive lips.

Aizawa was quiet, but Eijirou felt the stiffness in his thighs on either side of him and was vaguely aware of his deadly grip on the edge of the couch tightening when Eijirou bobbed lightly. He looked up and his eyes landed on the goggles still hanging around his neck.

That’d make for some solid proof.

Eijirou sat back on his haunches and reached up, feeling Aizawa’s stubble prickle his fingertips when he delicately wrapped them around the front of the goggles. “Can I try these on?” he asked, and Aizawa gave him a curious look but lifted them over his head regardless.

“They’re not a toy,” he warned, and Eijirou snickered when he pulled them on, blinking up at his teacher through the shuttered view.

“Eh, maybe being a little playful would help,” Eijirou pointed out, indicating Aizawa’s stiff posture and still-flagging cock. “It seems like you’ve got a little performance anxiety, bro.”

Aizawa pursed his lips and looked away. Eijirou laughed again.

“You don’t have to be all prideful about it! I won’t tell anybody.”

“I would hope you wouldn’t tell anyone regardless, Kirishima.”

“For sure, for sure,” Eijirou said dismissively and pushed the goggles back onto his forehead. He had them, now, and that was all that mattered - he only hoped Aizawa would be too exhausted to remember them later. Eijirou could sneak them onto his desk after he’d proved himself to Katsuki and nobody would be the wiser.

With that, he went back to sucking, nibbling his lips up the side of Aizawa’s cock, even working a hand into his pants and palming his balls. Once Aizawa was finally going, it didn’t take long - a couple deep sucks that barely choked him, some batting of his eyelashes, and he was releasing into Eijirou’s mouth with barely a word of warning, gasping quietly with fluttering eyelids.

Eijirou swallowed happily, feeling more than pleased with himself as he straightened up with a grin.

“How was that, sir? Feeling a little more relaxed, now?”

Aizawa took a moment more to come back into himself, taking raspy breaths, and Eijirou took the chance to stand up, not bothering to hide his own erection; he had just given his teacher a blowjob, and there were only so many appropriate reactions to that sort of thing. Aizawa did eye it, though, and Eijirou was quick to notice.

“Don’t sweat it, bro! You don’t have to do anything back.”

Aizawa gave him a stern look and Eijirou flinched back, expecting some kind of lecture, but the intensity quickly wore off as Aizawa’s expression gave way to pure exhaustion - although, Eijirou thought, it seemed much less tense than before. He clapped Eijirou on the shoulder as he stood and tucked his cock away, muttering something about getting some proper sleep. Eijirou gave him a warm grin in return.

“Thanks for everything, sir!” he said, trotting off toward the elevators while Aizawa made for the girls’ side. As soon as he felt safe, he quickly removed the goggles and tucked them in the pocket of his sweats, feeling a thrum of excitement. Katsuki would be long since asleep, he was sure, but he couldn’t wait to share the news - and if Katsuki chose to take care of his boner for his trouble, he was sure he’d have no objection.



Eijirou stepped quickly across the threshold of Katsuki’s room, having changed into his pajamas and eyeing the smooth lump where Katsuki’s spread-eagled body lay. He’d left his study materials downstairs in his hurry, but that could always be amended later - right now, he was more than eager to cuddle up with his beloved.

And show him his little prize. That was a pretty big motivator, too.

The bed creaked as Eijirou sat on the edge of the mattress and gently moved Katsuki’s arm to make himself some space to lie down. Katsuki ran hot, so Eijirou was more than happy to sleep on top of the comforter, but the fact remained that an undeterred Katsuki took up entirely too much space.

With another gentle shove to get Katsuki closer to the other side of the bed, there came a grunt, and Eijirou gave him a reassuring smile as he blearily blinked his eyes open. Fuck, his boyfriend was too cute.

“I came bearing gifts,” Eijirou said gently, before Katsuki could open his mouth and lambaste him. He lifted Aizawa’s goggles over his head and offered them to his still perplexed looking boyfriend, who took a second to consider them before his eyes lit up in recognition.

“There’s no fucking way,” he said, sitting up suddenly and giving Eijirou a wide-eyed look.

“There absolutely is! You can kiss me for proof, it still tastes like cum in there.”

“You didn’t - you could’ve just gotten a picture or something, god -”

“I’m underage! Wouldn’t it be bad for him if a picture got out of him getting a blowjob from me?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes but nodded nonetheless, conceding the point. “Whatever. You could just… I dunno, have a picture with them on.”

“Mhm. Is that really it, or are you just looking for something to remember this special moment by?”

“So what if I am! My slut boyfriend blew our teacher, it’s fucking hot!”

Eijirou laughed lowly. “Aw, I love you too.”

Katsuki turned the goggles over in his hands, and Eijirou recognized his familiar frown - the one he adopted when he was deep in thought. He opened his mouth to ask what Katsuki was thinking, but Katsuki answered before he could get anything out.

“So,” he mused, and sent Eijirou a blazing hot glance, “do you think you could manage it again?”

And, well, Eijirou had never been one to back down from a challenge.

When Eijirou had heard that his entire class would be re-visiting their first-ever workplace experiences, he’d groaned internally, recalling his time with Fourth Kind back in the day. It wasn’t that Fourth Kind wasn’t a fine, upstanding hero, he was just… well, he seemed to prioritize different things with his trainees than Eijirou had expected he would. He was far from eager to repeat that part of the experience.

What he hadn’t expected this time around was that he’d actually get to use Fourth Kind’s training gym, much less that he’d actually get to spar with his former mentor. His muscles burned, his back was stiff from hardening himself against so many crushing blows from all those super-powered arms, but god if he wasn’t eager to get into the showers and rub one out afterward. What could he say? He was a big fan of manly types, and it didn’t get much manlier than the Chivalrous Hero.

That was where he found himself shortly thereafter, panting hotly under the hot stream of water, braced against the wall of his shower stall with one hand in front of him, tugging roughly at his cock while the other reached behind and parted his cheeks. Steam rose through the air and the rattling of the shower head, as unpleasant and vaguely off-putting as it was, was more blessing than curse for how it disguised his heated breaths.

Unfortunately, it also seemed fairly effective in the other direction - because when he heard the click of the neighboring shower stall’s lock and Fourth Kind’s booming voice over the partition, Eijirou’s feet slipped on the tile floor, and his eyes burst wide open with surprise as he yelped and fought to regain his balance.

The partition shuddered forebodingly as Eijirou caught his fall with fingers gripping the top, and he heard Fourth Kind grunt on the other side.

“That bad, just from saying hi? I must’ve really ground it into ya when you were a first-year, huh?”

Eijirou blinked away his vertigo and coughed a little, adjusting his voice so that hopefully his old mentor wouldn’t catch the lust in his tone. “Ah, maybe a little, Mister Fourth Kind, sir,” he called back, wincing at the wobbliness of his voice. He righted himself, feeling his legs shake underneath him and willing his arousal away. A half-asleep Aizawa was one thing - he didn’t think Fourth Kind would take to him attempting to seduce him quite so kindly.

He heard the rattle of Fourth Kind’s shower starting up next to him and set to finishing his own so he could get out, away from the pro’s thick, powerful hands and into his waiting bed back at U.A. where he could work these thoughts out of his system - possibly with Katsuki’s help. Yeah, with Katsuki’s help.


Eijirou’s head perked up at the sound, barely audible over the sounds of the shower heads but definitely there. He looked up and around, and over the partition, he saw his mentor’s hands braced against the wall, curling his fingers into fists as another grunt worked its way out of his throat.

Oh, boy.

“Sir?” Eijirou called experimentally. There was no reply for a long minute, but he did hear a sharp intake of breath.

“Yes, Riot?” Fourth Kind ground out, and Eijirou could feel his dick twitch at the sheer want he could hear in his voice. Maybe he’d be more receptive to his advances than he thought.

“Are you alright over there?” he said, and wasn’t sure how to phrase this so he wouldn’t be immediately kicked out of Fourth Kind’s agency with a big fat F on his report. “Do you want me to come over and help?”

He heard a little movement, a sigh.

“You’d better know what you’re getting into, Riot.”

Eijirou’s heart soared. “You got it, sir!” he chirped happily, and his feet slapped loudly against the tile floor as he hurried out of his stall. Fourth Kind called a half-hearted warning against running on the wet floor before Eijirou pounded enthusiastically on the door.

His cock jumped as the lock clicked open and Fourth Kind opened up. His mentor came forward, barely giving Eijirou time to take in his broad, powerful body before he was swept up in his crushing grip. There were hands on him, surely too many to count, hands gripping his thighs and pressing him to a hard chest, a hand carefully closing the stall door behind them.

“Keep your voice down,” Fourth Kind warned him, and when Eijirou opened his mouth to shout a “Yes, sir!” he crushed their lips together - or did so as much as he could, with his metal jaw in the way. Eijirou had expected the metal to be cool to the touch, but no, it was hot - not hot enough to sear, but certainly hot enough to notice as Eijirou tilted his head and felt its hardness against the tender skin of his lip.

Fourth Kind wasted little time in pressing Eijirou against the wall, holding him up with two hands on his thighs, leaving two more hands to roam over Eijirou’s slim waist and shoulders.

“Made good progress, have you, Riot?” Fourth Kind murmured softly, and Eijirou glowed with the praise - chivalrous as Fourth Kind was, he wasn’t one to flatter; his praises came well-earned. Eijirou stayed cognizant of his mentor’s previous command, though, and expressed his thanks with his lips - a flutter of pressure against the scar on his eyelid, a hesitant drag against his metal-covered throat. Fourth Kind grunted in acknowledgement when his mouth at last met the bare skin of his shoulder and shifted his hands, setting Eijirou’s skin alight as he smoothed one palm down his stomach, one down his side, and squeezed his thighs with new strength with the other two.

Eijirou gasped when that meaty hand met his cock, and then again when the second cupped his ass on its way to his hole. He’d had threesomes before, but there was a certain overwhelm that took him over when he was with just one person and could still barely keep track of the points of contact. His cock twitched in Fourth Kind’s hand and he sighed audibly - at least, until one hand left his ass and stuffed two fingers in Eijirou’s mouth.

“Get these nice and wet for me, Riot,” he grunted, and Eijirou nodded in understanding. His fingers were thick - each almost as thick as two of his own - and Eijirou could feel the sting of his lips stretching as he struggled to run his tongue around and between them. A prickle of delight lanced down his spine when Fourth Kind curled those fingers of his, pressing into Ejirou’s tongue, testing his gag reflex as they slid further in. He could feel his teeth pricking Fourth Kind’s skin but he hardly seemed to mind, not when he pulled them back and hooked them behind Eijirou’s bottom row of teeth, tugging his mouth open.

He seemed to consider the inside of Eijirou’s mouth for a moment, then nodded. “Very good,” he said, and Eijirou’s chest grew warm. Two compliments from the Fourth Kind in one day? How things had changed!

He could feel drool pooling beneath his tongue, though, and he could hardly let it go to waste. He gently closed his jaw and his lips, pressing forward, drawing Fourth Kind’s fingers deeper to wet them further.

It was a real shame he’d left his phone in his pants pocket, he realized. This would make for a great selfie to send to Katsuki. He felt the warm metal of Fourth Kind’s rings against his lips and moaned into the thought of Katsuki quietly seething, seeing Eijirou unraveled at someone else’s hands…

“Enough,” Fourth Kind said, and Eijirou reluctantly let him pull his fingers out of his mouth, watching his own drool stretch between his mentor’s fingertips to his lip and feeling that wet strand fall onto his chin as it broke. He licked his lips, too careless to wipe the dampness off his chin, especially when he felt those slicked-up fingers circle his hole.

Fourth Kind flicked his wrist on Eijirou’s nigh-forgotten cock and he gasped, eyelashes fluttering as he felt one fingertip breach his hole. “Fuck -” he grunted, and Fourth Kind sent him a withering look.

“Watch your language,” he chided, and Eijirou resisted the urge to stiffen his back and shout “Yes, sir!” like he had a thousand times. Thankfully, Fourth Kind’s hands didn’t hesitate - he continued rubbing at Eijirou’s cock, continued pressing his finger deeper, deeper, and the thickness of his fingers may have been hard to miss just looking but feeling them like this, pushing into him, well.

To say the least of it, Eijirou was seeing the light as far as older men were concerned. Tetsutetsu was big, bigger than Katsuki, but his fingers couldn’t begin to compare.

Man, he’d have to hit Tetsutetsu up after this. Didn’t he have a thing going on with Vlad King? He’d probably get a kick out of hearing Eijirou had hooked up with their old mentor.

Speaking of, Eijirou could feel his sphincter meet the warm metal of Fourth Kind’s ring - and then he felt it press into him, burying that finger to the knuckle.

God, it was huge. Was this really only the first finger?

He released a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding, then quickly sucked it back in as Fourth Kind curled his finger into his prostate. “Fu -” he gasped, but stopped himself with a bite to his lip. His toes curled a little with the effort as Fourth Kind continued teasing at his prostate, flicking his wrist almost lazily over Eijirou’s cock. He slid a thumb over the sensitive skin at the tip and Eijirou had to harden his lip against his teeth as he dug them in deeper. His fingernails scratched at the wall behind him until one of the hands on his thighs let go and tugged on Eijirou’s wrist, encouraging him forward to embrace his mentor fully.

Eijirou shook his head reluctantly, panting through the steam to look his mentor in the face. “I-I could ha - hah - harden,” he warned, and Fourth Kind frowned. “I don’t wanna - ah - scratch you.”

Fourth Kind shook his head in turn and tugged Eijirou’s wrist harder. “I’ve had much worse, young man,” he growled lowly, and Eijirou felt his cock twitch once again as Fourth Kind tightened his grip. “I can handle it.”

Well, Eijirou couldn’t really argue that. He willingly wrapped his arms around Fourth Kind’s shoulders, marveling at the feel of that powerful body pressed against him.

It didn’t take much longer after that - a few more flicks of Fourth Kind’s wrist, the slow press of his second finger into him, and Eijirou was digging hardened claws into his mentor’s back, throwing his head back in a strained moan. Fourth Kind worked him through it, kissing down his neck, slowly pulling his fingers back out, and pumping his cock. When he blinked his eyes back open, he lowered him back to the ground, panting, sated, and out of his goddamn mind with giddiness.

“Wow,” he breathed, looking up at his mentor, who gave him a satisfied nod. He glanced down at Fourth Kind’s thick, thick cock, and snuck a delighted look at his mentor’s face. “Want me to return the favor, sir?”

Fourth Kind seemed to consider it, and Eijirou’s heart sank when he shook his head. “You’ve done quite enough, Riot,” he said, and gestured for the door. “Thank you for your service.”

Eijirou nodded, disappointed, then remembered something. “Wait, just a second, sir -” he said, and turned quickly to open the door and grab his pants, frantically grabbing for his phone with his damp hands and unlocking it as fast as he could before scampering back into Fourth Kind’s stall. He reached out - his mentor still hadn’t washed Eijirou’s cum off his hand, good -  and pulled that hand toward him.

Fourth Kind cocked one bald eyebrow at him. “What are you doing, Riot?”

“Just a little souvenir, sir,” he replied, and drew his tongue over Fourth Kind’s dirtied fingers while switching his camera into selfie mode.

“I don’t know, man, I’ve never seen the appeal with Aizawa. I mean, no offense, but I like the thing I have going with Sekijiro a lot better.”

“Sekijiro?” Eijirou commented, a little taken aback by the familiarity with which Tetsutetsu referred to his teacher, then laughed a little bit, as if in agreement. “I mean, he’s a little slender for me, too! If I had a choice, I’d absolutely go for him, but Aizawa was closer. What do you think of this - His and hers?”

He held up a box of shareable lubes and Tetsutetsu laughed. “I don’t know about ‘hers’. Doesn’t seem like it’d get much use.”

“Hey, you’re bi, aren’t you? There’s always a chance!”

“Yeah, I don’t think any of the girls in my class are into me, though. I’ve kinda become known as a man’s man.”

“Very true,” Eijirou muttered, setting the box back on the shelf. He laughed to himself a little. “You know, I know you and Vlad King have been sleeping together for awhile, but it’s still kinda weird to imagine.”

“Yeah? Why?” Tetsutetsu asked, absently passing down a box of condoms for Eijirou’s consideration.

“I don’t know, I guess… it’s just weird to imagine you being submissive. Like, you always top me. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re scared of having shit near your ass.”

“I’m not scared of shit,” Tetsutetsu said instantly. After a second, he added, “But, no, you’re right, I don’t bottom.”

“I didn’t say you were!” Eijirou said, straightening up and adding the box of condoms to their basket. “I mean, if you were, you wouldn’t be letting the Blood Hero fuck you!”

“Dude, I just said I don’t bottom.”

“You really can’t expect me to believe you ride him every time -”

“I don’t! Dude, listen, he’s a huge bottom bitch. He loves my dick, man.”

Eijirou blinked. “Wait, you mean -”

Tetsutetsu smirked. “Bro, Sekijiro’s an even bigger size queen than you.”

There was no goddamn way. Eijirou eyed up his long-time fuck buddy, trying to place him next to Vlad King in his mind. There was no way.

“Okay, not to say I don’t trust you, but -”

“Dude, I swear it’s true! Listen -” Tetsutetsu dropped his voice lower as a couple people passed them, conscious of how sound travelled in the cramped space of the local convenience store, “- we’ve been looking for someone to have a three-way with for a long-ass time. If you’re having that much trouble believing it, why not just come see for yourself?”

Oh, now that was tempting. Eijirou did love seeing Tetsutetsu in action, but… well.

“Are you sure he’d be okay with me? I mean, he’s got that whole vendetta against Class A.”

“C’mon, it’ll be fun! You get to wreck one of the top heroes - trust me, it’s fucking incredible when he -”

“Okay, okay, I’ll take your word for it,” Eijirou cut him off, glancing around the convenience store and scooping up their basket. Tetsutetsu had been at this for awhile so he was a little less skittish about admitting to fucking around with men over twice their age, but Eijirou still got nervous about it all. “Just - text me a time and place, and I’ll be there.”

Tetsutetsu gave him an eager grin and a punch to the shoulder. “Trust me, bro,” he said, turning to approach the register, “You’re gonna have the time of your life.”



It had been much easier to believe Tetsutetsu before he found himself standing before the door of Vlad King’s city office, working up the courage to knock. Why the hell hadn’t he taken Tetsutetsu up on his offer to walk over together?

He took a deep breath, steeling his nerves. He’d be okay! Of course he’d be okay. Vlad had been seeing Tetsutetsu for years now, and he was a teacher besides - he knew not to be too cruel to him. Right? Aizawa was a million times more terrifying than this guy.

But at least he knew Aizawa. He’d been dealing with Aizawa’s brand of ‘scary’ for longer than Tetsutetsu and Vlad had been together. The most he’d really seen of the King had been in joint classes with 1B, and even then, they hadn’t interacted much.

And now, apparently, Eijirou was about to fuck him.

He felt a little thrum of excitement in his chest at that thought; he’d thought the thrill would have worn off a little bit by now, but Aizawa and Fourth Kind had both been largely impulsive moments - he hadn’t really planned either of those encounters to the extent he had with this one.

Tetsutetsu was waiting for him upstairs. He just had to get up the courage to knock.

Just as he had that thought, though, he heard someone call his name. He looked around for a second before he heard Tetsutetsu’s voice from above, calling “Up here, dude!”, and he looked up to see Tetsutetsu’s head poking out of a second story window, grinning down at him. “Door’s open, just come in!” Tetsutetsu shouted, and retreated back into the building.

Eijirou swallowed down his fear, then, and nodded to himself. With as many times as he’d gotten intimate with Tetsutetsu, it was somewhat easier to face the task ahead of him with his image in mind. He’d had sex with Tetsutetsu plenty! What was one tagalong going to hurt? And Tetsutetsu had said over and over that Vlad was a good lover. He was going to have fun with this - Tetsutetsu had promised him that much.

With one last deep breath, he pushed through the door and looked around.

Over time, Tetsutetsu had taken to going to Vlad’s city office for their trysts - there were fewer people around, and the ones that were likely to walk in already had Vlad’s seal of trust. It was also a lot harder for Vlad to get fired from his job as a teacher if they reduced the chances of getting caught by someone with connections to his boss.

That being said, Eijirou hadn’t expected the reception area to be empty. He craned his neck around, looking to see someone, anyone, but apparently the King had done his job well, and it made sense, with how long he and Tetsutetsu had been meeting up. This place was a ghost town.

The stairwell was simple to find, and since Vlad’s office only had the two floors it was simple enough just to walk up to the second floor, past all the desks and chairs - a little neater than he was used to seeing at Fatgum’s place but not nearly as well-organized as Fourth Kind’s. The decor seemed a parody of the stark white surfaces of a hospital, set off by deep red as an accent color.

It was easy enough to find Vlad’s office, cut off as it was by a wall of frosted glass windows with the curtains drawn across them. Eijirou swallowed down his fears before they could stop him and knocked, the impact sounding high and tinny on the glass.

“Come in!” called Tetsutetsu’s voice again, and Eijirou bit his lip. He still hadn’t heard Vlad say a thing - just what sort of situation was he about to walk into?

In the end, though, it seemed he’d worried for nothing - when he opened the door, Vlad was sitting in his desk chair, leaning back with an appraising look on his face, and Tetsutetsu was perched quite casually on his desk. He gave Eijirou a bright, welcoming grin.

“Dude, you made it!”

“Took him long enough,” Vlad grunted, and it came quieter than his usual jibes towards Eijirou and his classmates in 1-A during joint practice but had the same sort of energy. “Well, don’t just stand there, get in here and close the door.”

Eijirou obeyed without question and fidgeted by the door, sending Tetsutetsu a worried look that went ignored; Tetsutetsu seemed more interested in Vlad right now, in reaching over with his sneaker and poking him in the thigh. He was giving his paramour a look, something with searing intent that had Eijirou wondering just how many such looks the two had shared, because he couldn’t have begun to parse the meaning of it if he tried. And here he’d thought he knew everything about Tetsutetsu.

“Well?” Vlad said, startling Eijirou out of his ponderings. He beckoned with one hand, pushing away Tetsutetsu’s leg with the other. “C’mere. Let me get a look at you.”

Eijirou nodded stiffly and crossed the room, sending Tetsutetsu another curious look. He circled Vlad’s desk and, distracted as he was, he could hardly miss the large, rough hand groping him over his clothes.

“Whoa!” he yelped, looking down in wonder at Vlad’s broad palm, easily cupping his crotch over his uniform pants. Tetsutetsu let out a warm laugh.

“You told me he was big,” Vlad grumbled, and Tetsutetsu laughed again.

“Couldn’t bring in anyone bigger than me, bro,” came his easy reply. “I’d get jealous.”

Something in the roll of Vlad’s eyes told Eijirou he wasn’t terribly taken with being called ‘bro’. “You know my rule, Steel.”

“Hey, I told you I’ve been with him before! He’s good, I promise.” He jumped off of Vlad’s desk and put his arm around his teacher, giving him a friendly shake. “C’mon, don’t be pouty just because he’s from Class A.”

Vlad kept his arms resolutely crossed, but Eijirou didn’t miss how clearly he was fighting back a chuckle at Tetsutetsu’s pressing. Eijirou let himself smile, too, just a little - in the end, the King really did love his student, huh?

That appeared to be another mistake, however, because when Vlad caught sight of the look on his face, he immediately curled his lip in contempt. “What is it, Bargain Bin?” he jibed, leaning forward, “Have something to say?”

It didn’t help when Eijirou had the thought - however fleeting - that this behavior reminded him a little of Katsuki. He fought to keep his expression level, not to betray the little rush of affection in his chest - there were few things quite so manly as a competitive nature, but Mister King didn’t seem like he’d be particularly receptive to that statement now. “You’re just - really attractive,” Eijirou stammered, trying to think of something more helpful to say. He spared a glance at Tetsutetsu, who raised his eyebrow at him. He was trying, dammit!

“Stop teasing, Sekijiro,” Tetsutetsu said, finally, leaning down with another teasing shake of his mentor’s shoulder even as he received a scowl for having used his first name. “I know you’re gonna say yes, anyway. You could never say no to a willing dick, bro!”

Vlad pouted up at his student, and this time Eijirou wasn’t foolish enough to let his amusement show on his face. There was a tense moment between them, with Vlad’s pursed lips offset by the sharp points of his lower canines, and Tetsutetsu’s indulgent, affectionate grin.

“Fine,” he said, and sent Eijirou another scalding glance. “Don’t fuck up, Knockoff.”

Eijirou decided now wasn’t the time to tell him that was the exact same name Katsuki used for Tetsutetsu. “Okay,” he said instead, sending a glance Tetsutetsu’s way. “Uh, where do you want me?”

“Well, I know I want him on the desk,” Tetsutetsu directed Vlad’s way, and when his teacher opened his mouth to object he countered, “C’mon, dude, don’t be a brat just because we have company.”

Eijirou raised his eyebrows at Tetsutetsu’s daring. In joint classes, he would willingly follow any and all directions Vlad gave him, but he really was taking charge here - it was kind of incredible, really, and even more so when Vlad obeyed, even if he was rolling his eyes the entire way, stretching out on his back on the sleek surface of his desk and peering warily out the corner of his eye at the students.

“And you, go by his head and get your dick out,” Tetsutetsu said, turning his friendly face towards Eijirou. He was so easily settling into the typical, relaxed dom persona he typically adopted with Eijirou, it was bizarre to think Eijirou had ever had trouble imagining him in this position with Vlad. He followed along easily, crossing to the other side of the desk and peering down at Vlad’s face from that position.

“Well?” Vlad prompted, and with a glance toward his groin Eijirou could see, even through the thin fabric of his suit, that the Blood Hero was more excited than he was letting on. “Bring it out, Knockoff.”

“Okay, okay,” Eijirou said, fighting off the urge to laugh once again. This guy really was reminding him more and more of Katsuki by the second.

Aside from his chest, he realized. He had a much larger chest, and somehow it was even more prevalent with him bent backwards over the desk like this, enough that he grew distracted by it as he unzipped his uniform pants.

Might as well make something of it, he supposed, and leaned forward once his dick was finally free, planting a hand on either side of his chest, feeling his hardened nipples under his palms. “And I thought you had the best tits in all of U.A, Tetsu,” he teased, sending a glance up at his friend.

Vlad grunted underneath his torso, but it wasn’t enough to distract Eijirou from Tetsutetsu’s proud smirk, hovering as he was over Vlad’s clothed cock. He passed his tongue over the thin fabric and Eijirou could feel Vlad convulse underneath him. “He’s really something, huh,” Tetsutetsu conceded, and Eijirou laughed once again. These two really did have a soft spot for one another, huh?

Vlad seemed to lose patience, then, and lifted one hand to guide Eijirou’s cock to his lips at last. Eijirou gasped blissfully as his cock was enveloped in that wonderful heat, and before he could stop himself he pressed further in, effectively gagging him.

Tetsutetsu dropped him a wink, and in one smooth motion he tore through Vlad’s skintight suit. Eijirou couldn’t see all the way down the tear, but it stopped at his balls, just short of his cock.

Vlad made a noise of indignation with Eijirou’s cock still in his mouth, vibrating wonderfully around him, and Tetsutetsu just laughed. “Oops,” he said, and slipped down farther, fumbling with one hand for a bottle Eijirou hadn’t noticed on the desk. It clearly had lube in it.

Within moments, Vlad was openly moaning around Eijirou’s cock as Tetsutetsu did what Eijirou knew for a fact he did best, and Eijirou’s hands on Vlad’s chest were more to keep himself stable than to tease, now. He breathed a blissful sigh as Vlad pushed his hips back, far enough that he could lap his tongue down his slit, no doubt tasting his precum by now. He fought to keep it in, however, because how lame would it be if he was the one to cum first?

No, he was definitely seeing Tetsutetsu’s point by now - there was a huge draw to slowly unraveling such a powerful older man. He felt Vlad’s nipples pebbling beneath his fingertips, now, and made a point to gently twist one of them while Tetsutetsu picked himself up on Vlad’s other side, at last pulling out what was surely Eijirou’s second-favorite cock.

“Ready, babe?” he asked, hooking one of Vlad’s legs over his shoulder, and before either of them could respond he thrust his hips forward, prompting another grating moan from Vlad that vibrated up through Eijirou’s front and made his knees go weak.

“Fuck,” Eijirou said, and Tetsutetsu grinned at him through the redness on his face, sliding his available palm up Vlad’s stomach to link his fingers together with Eijirou’s. This - this was familiar to Eijirou, and he welcomed the contact as they both began rolling their hips in unison, drawing wonderful wonderful moans from Vlad that rumbled through Eijirou and apparently did something for Tetsutetsu, too, if the way his expression folded open was any indication.

Eijirou noted one of Vlad’s hands snaking downward, toward his own neglected erection, trapped as it was in what remained of his suit. Eijirou could see a growing wet spot on its front and flicked his eyes downward, drawing Tetsutetsu’s attention to it.

“What did I say,” Tetsutetsu grunted, releasing Eijirou’s hand and grabbing Vlad’s instead, “about being a brat, Sekijiro?”

Another sound escaped Vlad’s throat, higher-pitched this time, and Eijirou realized it was a whine. “H-holy shit,” he gasped, and with that he came, pulling out of Vlad’s mouth at the last second and painting his throat and chin and mouth with his release. Tetsutetsu soldiered on, undeterred, as Eijirou caught his breath, bracing his hands on the edge of the desk and watching Vlad’s expression unravel as he, too, finally lost it.

Tetsutetsu was the last to cum, and he pulled out, too, letting his jism burst out over Vlad’s lower body. He took a moment to come back to himself, staring vacantly at the both of them, and finally smiled.

“Gotta get a selfie, right?” he reminded Eijirou, and he startled. God, he’d really almost forgotten.

“Thanks for reminding me,” he said, fishing around in his back pocket. He hesitated, just for a second, as he considered what would be a good shot for this one.

Tetsutetsu didn’t let him think on it too long, though, because he reached forward and tugged Eijirou down as he bent forward so that they both rested their heads on Vlad’s pecs.

“Say cheese, bro,” he said, and Eijirou laughed as he tapped the capture button.

It was always a treat, having the Pussycats stop by for a training session. Their lively demeanor was a wonderful contrast to Aizawa’s straight-faced, stone-cold style of expression.

What was arguably a bigger treat was finding himself pinned up against the lockers after an afternoon of training, with the absolute beast that was Tiger rutting up against him, their clothed cocks packing wonderfully together as Tiger grunted in his ear.

“Good little kitten,” he purred, and that pet name gave Eijirou an idea.

He swallowed, his mouth a swamp from having his head thrown back, mouth wide open, and grinned coyly up at the hero. “Shouldn’t I - ngh - be calling you that?” he panted, reaching up with one shaking arm to flick the cat ears Tiger wore as an accessory to his hero costume. “Kittycat.”

It worked exactly as he’d hoped it would - Tiger paused, considered him for a moment with his typical catlike smirk, and reached up to remove them. Eijirou felt the headpiece hug his crown as Tiger pressed it down on his head. Now, that’d make for a great picture to tease Katsuki with.

He hiked up his leg on Tiger’s hip, eager to get started again, and gasped when he felt strong hands grasp at his ass and lift him. The frills of Tiger’s skirt scratched against Eijirou’s stomach as he found lips crushed against his, hot heat pressing against his own, both of them grinding with renewed passion while Tiger grunted out praises and pet names.

Katsuki scowled down at his phone.

“What’s the matter, babe? You don’t like this one?”

“No,” Katsuki grunted, locking his phone and tucking it in his pocket as they approached the dorms after school let out, “you look fucking hot.”

“What’s wrong, then?” Eijirou asked, with growing concern. “Are you not liking this arrangement? Because I can stop, if you want - you can be my one and only, if you’re not feeling this anymore.”

Katsuki silenced him with a roll of his eyes. “Ugh, no,” he scoffed, then continued, gentler, “I fucking love watching you have your fun, slut. You’re doing fucking amazing.”

Eijirou pursed his lips. “But you’re annoyed by something, Katsuki.”

He didn’t receive a reply for a long moment. Finally, Katsuki said, “I dunno. You’re choosing lame fucking people. I’ve never even met Sixth Sense or whatever.”

“Fourth Kind?”

“Like I said - whatever. And Furbait here -” Katsuki gestured to his blank phone screen, “- is just low-hanging fruit. Anybody could fuck this guy.”

“Mhm,” Eijirou said skeptically.

“Whatever. But the point is, after you blew Aizawa, I haven’t given a shit about any of the guys you’ve been with.”

“Really? Even Vlad?”


Eijirou rolled his eyes. Even if Katsuki insisted he had no idea what he was talking about, Eijirou knew that Tetsutetsu’s presence, at the very least, was enough to get him incensed. “Whatever, dude - if you’re so bothered by it, why don’t you just take charge, next time?”

Katsuki paused with his hand on the front door of Alliance Heights, giving Eijirou a considering look. Eijirou was confused for a moment, then realized what, exactly, he’d just said.

Before he could take it back or play it off as a joke, Katsuki nodded contemplatively.

“Yeah,” he said, pulling open the door and holding it for Eijirou, “I can do that.”



Eijirou heard the sharp crackling of Katsuki’s palms even as he moved his lips against Best Jeanist’s, feeling an odd little jolt of delight at the knowledge that Katsuki was actively frustrated by his endeavors this time.

“LET ME GO, FUCKER,” he screamed, and Eijirou disconnected from Jeanist’s mouth to grin happily at his naked boyfriend, helplessly bound to Best Jeanist’s office chair while his former mentor cradled Eijirou in his lap, running firm but gentle hands up his sides as he took Eijirou’s distraction in stride and mouthed over his jaw and neck. “I should’ve known this was a shit idea,” he grunted as Eijirou gasped at the action of Jeanist’s mouth.

“Katsuki -” Eijirou choked out, meaning to give his boyfriend some kind of assurance, but before he could say much Jeanist backed off of him and sent Katsuki a look.

“What did I tell you about being quiet,” he said curtly, and with a flick of one hand a cluster of fibers rocketed forward to gag him, taking advantage of Katsuki’s open mouth to stuff it with cotton and wrap around the back of his head. “Goodness, Eijirou, is he this selfish in bed all the time?”

“N-no,” Eijirou stammered, somewhat thrown off by the use of his first name. “I mean, he’s usually pretty loud, but - ah -”

Jeanist scoffed as he smoothed his hands downward, making Eijirou jump when they made contact with his lower back, something about them - so silky soft, despite the hardness his line of work enforced - feeling all the more delightful for it. “So tactless,” Best Jeanist muttered, and Eijirou was confused for a second until he sent another look Katsuki’s way while sliding his hands even lower to grope his ass. “See, Katsuki,” he said lowly, and leaned in so his breath brushed over Eijirou’s neck while he continued teasing him, touching him all over. “So focused on showing your appreciation through words, you have no idea the power worshipping through your actions can have.”

Katsuki screeched again, only barely muted by his gag, as Best Jeanist leaned down, farther, the hard breaths from his nose tickling Eijirou’s collarbone as he slid his hands into his waistband, rubbing teasing circles with his thumbs, then opened his mouth to suck hard at his nipple, every action he took exuding care and admiration and making Eijirou feel so utterly, utterly sublime -

Until his reverie was interrupted by a creaking and a screeching and a grunting, and he looked back over at Katsuki to see his face twisted with fury and possessiveness and determination, jolting his entire body to scoot Jeanist’s chair closer to the pair. Eijirou couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled out of his mouth, even as Best Jeanist straightened up with a sigh.

“You really are just a ball of pride, aren’t you?” he said, and with another flick of his wrist his jacket unravelled the rest of the way, reinforcing Katsuki’s restraints with enough force to send the chair rolling backwards, swiveling so that Katsuki could no longer even see them. Eijirou had to force down his laughter at the ensuing shriek of outrage.

Under his jacket, Best Jeanist was actually quite built - certainly not as thick as Vlad or Fourth Kind, but full of hard, lean muscle from top to bottom. Eijirou felt it under his palms as he wrapped his arms closer around Best Jeanist’s shoulders, gasped when the pro tugged him forward, grinding their erections together.

“You’re prepared?” Jeanist prompted him, and Eijirou nodded, and within seconds it seemed his pants had come apart like wet paper, and there was a cock pressing into him, slowly but firmly, and he felt his breathing stop as Jeanist rocked into him.

His moan was drowned out, however, by a startlingly loud explosion. Eijirou’s head snapped around, and he squinted through the smoke at his boyfriend’s silhouette. Katsuki wasn’t stupid enough to set off that large an explosion indoors! What the hell was going on?

It became clear before long, however, that Katsuki had apparently had a rare moment where he didn’t care about consequences. When he emerged from the smoke, it was in a flash, meeting Best Jeanist’s chest with a hard, forceful palm, driving him back onto the hard surface of the desk and slinging one leg over his head.

“Eat my ass, Best Jeanist!” he sneered, and drove his hips downward, his ass meeting his former mentor’s face with a harsh slap. Eijirou burst into breathless laughter, and his boyfriend sent him an annoyed glance.

“What’s your problem, Shit-for-brains? You got what you want - ah -”

“No problem,” Eijirou assured him, watching redness bleed into Katsuki’s cheeks as he rocked himself back on Jeanist’s cock, “actually, this makes for a pretty nice view.”

“Sh-shut up,” Katsuki gasped, and Eijirou leaned forward to kiss him.

“You know you’re the best, babe.”

Gang Orca’s cold, dizzying eyes surveyed him as Eijirou attempted to make sense of what he was seeing.

It… didn’t look like most dicks he’d seen, although he supposed he should’ve known Gang Orca wouldn’t be packing anything particularly ordinary in his trousers. Still, he looked at his slit and couldn’t help but wonder what exactly he was supposed to do with it. Would his cock emerge from inside there? What was he supposed to do until then?

“Well?” Orca prompted him, and Eijirou could see his lips curling with amusement. “Hardly living up to your reputation now, kid.”

“Sorry!” Eijirou laughed, and leaned forward, curious to get a taste. His palms met Gang Orca’s bare thighs, taken aback, not for the first time, by the rubbery feeling of his skin. He bent forward further and opened his mouth, drawing his tongue curiously along the outside of his slit. He’d assumed, based on visuals, that it would feel like the outside of a vagina - but somehow it was as firm and unyielding and rubbery as the rest of his skin, and when Eijirou traced his tongue along it it tasted less like the skin he was familiar with and more akin to seawater - not quite the same, but certainly a different kind of salty than he was used to.

He continued with his ministrations, a little wary of actually placing his tongue inside the slit for fear of his cock emerging and choking him, but happy to continue tasting the odd texture of Orca’s skin for as long as he’d let him.

It didn’t seem that’d be terribly long at all, however, because soon enough Orca was releasing an odd sort of rumble from within his throat. Eijirou looked curiously up at him and was met with a piercing stare.

“Quit teasing, kid,” he said, and Eijirou could hardly deny him - after all, he was probably one of the more terrifying older men he’d gotten this far with. He nodded quickly and finally, finally licked inside, tasting an even saltier, wet taste that coated his tongue readily as he dipped it in. He traced along the outer rim, surprised to see how shallow Orca’s slit was -

Until he was even more surprised by his cock finally emerging, jamming itself down Eijirou’s throat. Orca laughed coarsely as Eijirou gagged, drawing back even as Orca’s cock continued on, growing to what must have been - well, longer than Eijirou’s forearm, for sure.

“Holy shit,” he choked out, and Orca’s dick waved at him, tweaking the head in a friendly motion. “It’s…”

“Prehensile,” Orca provided, and continued smirking. “Go on, kid. Unless it’s too much for the self-proclaimed number one cockslut of U.A?”

Eijirou swallowed thickly. No, of course it wasn’t - it was just a surprise, that was all. “In your dreams,” he replied, meeting Orca’s derision with a smirk of his own.

With that, he reached forward and gripped the shaft with either hand, fascinated for a moment at the firmness of it, without a trace of the velvety softness of human foreskin. It was largely like the rest of Orca’s flesh, although wetter and pinker, and when Eijirou flicked his tongue over the odd flattish head, he felt a thrill ride through him as Orca groaned in delight.

It was too broad for him to suck properly, but it certainly wasn’t going to stop him trying. He moved his lips along the tip, wrapping them around the very top and opening his mouth to reach his tongue down toward the slit. Orca was much more vocal, now, and it encouraged him to know that even if he didn’t know what exactly felt good on this odd, alien appendage, he was still doing good.

He pulled away from the head and kissed down the side, feeling his lips grow sticky with Orca’s strange inner juices, and fiddled with the head with one hand while pumping with the other. He sent a glance up Orca’s way, and though his expression was typically quite difficult to read, there was no mistaking his heavily-lidded gaze.

Eijirou opened his mouth as wide as he could, then, and pushed down over the lip of Orca’s tip, filling his entire mouth with just that fraction of his cock. He barely even had to suck before Gang Orca groaned one final time and came down his throat, filling Eijirou to the brim with stinking, sticky cum.

Eijirou pulled off and gulped down the mouthful, feeling some of it dribble down his chin despite his efforts. Gang Orca was sprawled backward, panting, staring at him with dark eyes.

“I’ll get you some water,” he said, finally, and rolled off the bed, pulling off his cape and tossing it over Eijirou’s shoulders. Eijirou pulled it around him gratefully, grinning as Orca made for the bathroom of their quaint little love hotel.

He was tempted to just melt into the bedsheets - but certainly not before pulling out his phone for a selfie, cumstained face and all.

Endeavor was hot - and not just figuratively.

He was hot when he shoved Eijirou down onto his office’s couch, he was hot when he forced his tongue into Eijirou’s pliant mouth, and he was hot when he pried Eijirou’s hands apart and pinned his wrists on either side of him.

Hot enough to burn, just like Eijirou’s insides did when Enji Todoroki smirked down at him, an unspoken taunt blazing behind his ice-colored eyes.

“Of course the Orca wouldn’t be enough,” he boasted, and grinded into Eijirou’s ass, driving his hot, hot cock against his prostate and making his stomach jump into his throat, “He’s not the number one hero.”

His deep, gravelly voice seared Eijirou to his core as he abandoned his wrists and forced his thighs up to his chest, pounding relentlessly into him as Eijirou panted and begged and screamed out - he was the best, he really was, the best cock to ever be inside him, surely -

And when Endeavor finished, burying himself to the hilt and spilling liquid lava cum into Eijirou’s guts, Eijirou was left ruined on that couch, panting and barely listening when Endeavor barked over his shoulder to clean himself up and be out as soon as possible.

He could barely muster up the energy to snap a photo of the bright red handprint on his wrist, but he did manage a teasing grin when he sent Katsuki a selfie in addition.

“Sorry again ya had to work on your birthday, kiddo,” Fatgum said, grinning apologetically over a steaming bowl of noodles. Eijirou shook his head dismissively for what must have been the tenth time, hurriedly slurping up his own serving so he could berate Fatgum once again.

“‘S okay, I shwear!” he chirruped around his latest mouthful, then forced it down with a heavy swallow. “Fat, I’m telling you, I’m glad to be here! If you need the help, and if you’re willing to take me out for dinner afterward,” he laughed heartily, gesturing to his soup. “You even paid for extra pork belly! I’m not gonna quibble over that.”

Fatgum took a long draw from his beer, his brow furrowed with concern. “‘Course,” he replied, finally, setting his pint down on the table in front of them. “‘M a little worried ‘bout yer kouhai, though. She’s usually a little more considerate than to call in that very day…”

Eijirou fidgeted, a little uncomfortably - he hadn’t meant to cause Fat undue stress when he’d begged his kouhai to call in so he could take her shift. It’d been a spur-of-the-moment thing when he’d heard Katsuki had also been called in to his own internship last minute; it was his eighteenth, after all, and he’d definitely expected to spend it a… certain way.

It was probably a dumb idea. Fatgum was probably above making passes at one of his employees just because they were legal now. But, dammit, he’d been lusting after his mentor since he’d first met him - and how could he not? He was caring, kind, intelligent, and it was certainly hard to imagine a world were Eijirou wasn’t into a guy who could lift him up with no effort. He even had a pretty cute accent.

There was just one little problem - Eijirou had actually tried seducing him before. Long before - back before he’d gone on this little adventure, back before he’d ever even conceived of going after Aizawa - and he’d been solidly rejected. “Too young for me, kid,” his mentor had chuckled uncomfortably, and Eijirou had left it alone.

Well, suffice to say Eijirou’s encounters over the last couple months had emboldened him a little, enough to believe that, just maybe, he still had a chance with his new favorite hero.

He made a grab for Fatgum’s beer to sneak a sip and heard his mentor snort indignantly. He pressed Eijirou to his side with his closer hand and plucked his drink out of Eijirou’s hands. “Last time I checked, yer eighteen, not twenty yet,” he chided, rubbing Eijirou’s shoulder affectionately while Eijirou pouted and wiped at his mouth. He hadn’t had a whole lot of experience with alcohol and at this point it still all tasted the same, leaving a bile-like taste in his mouth as he sighed dramatically and leaned into Fatgum’s side, steeling his nerves to finally say his next part.

“Yeah, you’re right. Guess I can only fuck, now.”

He couldn’t see Fat’s face, pressed into his side as he was, but he could hear and feel him choke on his next sip. Eijirou bent forward to look at his face, feeling concern stir in his chest.

“Fat?” he tried, “You okay?”

“I - suppose - yer right,” Fat finally replied, thumping his chest and looking away. There was redness in his cheeks for sure, but Eijirou couldn’t be sure whether it was from choking or embarrassment. “Ya really have grown up, huh?”

I sure have, Eijirou thought to himself. He was still tiny compared to his mentor, but certainly bigger than he’d been when they first began working together. He’d gone from less than half Fatgum’s height to among the tallest guys in his class; he’d put on muscle too, and was thicker around after getting treated to so many meals by his mentor. His face had matured, although he was becoming increasingly convinced that he’d be stuck with a baby face forever.

He didn’t voice any of those thoughts, though, just gave Fatgum his best, brightest grin. “I guess I have!” he laughed a little, scratching sheepishly at his neck. “Weird to think how far I’ve come, with your help.”

“My help?” Fatgum barked, then clapped Eijirou heartily on the shoulder. “No, kid, ya grew way faster than I coulda done. That was all yer doin’.”

“What? But you did so much for me, Fat -”

Fat briskly shook his head, his lips curled into his familiar grin. “Nah, I’m serious. Yer gonna be a great hero, Eijirou, and it’s not gonna be my doing. I can only hope ye’ll still have some respect for me when you debut higher than me on the charts.”

“As if that would happen,” Eijirou snorted. He scooped up some noodles with his chopsticks and brought them to his mouth, only to gasp and drop them back in the soup with a soft plink. “Fat!”

“Eh? What happened, kiddo?”

“You called me Eijirou just now!”

“Wha - oh,” Fatgum stammered, looking away as he recalled it, “Oh, I did, huh? Sorry, I just -”

“Don’t apologize! That’s totally okay,” Eijirou rambled, feeling his heart soar at Fat’s sheepish expression. “Can I call you Taishiro? Or Toyomitsu, maybe, or -”

He choked himself off before he could say what he was thinking, but Fat seemed to catch the intent and gave him a stern look. “Sorry, kiddo, but I really shouldn’t be acting so familiar with ya,” he said, firmly, and Eijirou had to suppress a pout at the sense of finality. No, he’d come here with a mission - and dammit, Fat calling him by his given name was a good fucking sign. He wasn’t gonna let this opportunity pass him up.

“Then I won’t call you that,” he conceded, but before Fat could say any more he continued, “but you should totally keep calling me Eijirou! We’ve been working together so long, right? It makes sense.”

Fat looked down at him, and Eijirou did his best to put on an earnest, guileless expression. “Alright, Eijirou,” he sighed, and lifted a hand to affectionately ruffle his hair. “But ya gotta keep callin’ me Fat, okay? ‘S not gonna be good for my rep if ya go around calling my given name. Gotta pretend fer an air of respect, and all that.”

There was no way Eijirou could hold his tongue after that.

“I could call you Daddy,” he blurted, and Fatgum froze. “It’s respectful, right?”

“I’m -”

“Please, Daddy?” Eijirou pressed, grabbing Fat’s hand off his head and hugging it closer to him. “C’mon, I can be good!”

“Kirishima,” Fat said, firmly, and Eijirou felt another thrum pass through him. It was so hot when Fatgum got forceful. “Dad is one thing, but if ya start callin’ me Daddy, there’s gonna be problems. Ya don’t wanna get a reputation fer that so close to yer debut, do ya?”

Eijirou gave an irritated sigh. “Dude, not to be disrespectful or anything, but I kinda already do,” he muttered, fiddling morosely with his spoon.

“Wha -”

“They don’t print it in the tabloids because I’m still so young, but people know,” Eijirou continued, and took a sip of his cooling broth. “Like, word got round to Todoroki’s dad. Y’know, Endeavor.”

Fat spat his drink out, almost comically. “You -” he choked, and Eijirou felt uncertain about this reaction. Was it positive, or…?

“Uh, yeah? I had sex with Endeavor,” he said, and he couldn’t tell what the source of Fatgum’s blush was, but his eyes were even wider than usual.

He didn’t have much time to appreciate their amber color, however, because Fat wasted little time in clapping a hand over them, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Ya can’t just say that,” he grumbled, sheepishly, “Unless it happened today, ya were underage when it happened -”

“He’s not the only one, though.”

“Whaddaya -”

“I think my count for pros I’ve slept with is seven now?”

Fat stood abruptly from his seat, startling Eijirou out of his thoughts. He rooted around in his pocket for a minute, grumbling under his breath, and Eijirou stood too, his heart pumping with nerves. What had Fat so incensed? It couldn’t be an alert, because he hadn’t checked his phone.

Before he could ponder this any longer, Fat slapped some bills on their table and called a brusque ‘thank you’ to the owners before striding quickly toward the door. Eijirou followed along behind, struggling to keep up with Fat’s long stride despite his increased height after all these years.

“Dude, what’s going on?” he called, once they were outside. “Did you remember something, or -”

Fat rounded on him, and Eijirou was struck dumb by the visible conflict on his face as he peered down at him. “Fat?” he prompted, drawing closer. “You okay?”

“I -” he began, and cut himself off with a sigh. “I dunno, kid. I dunno whether to be proud of ya fer embracin’ yer sexuality, or… like I failed as an advisor.”

“Why would you have failed me, dude?”

“Because - instead of -” he cut off again, frowning this time, looking off to the side. “Ya propositioned me, last year, and… I guess I shoulda had a more in-depth talk with ya, or something, I dunno.”

“What, because I had sex with all those other dudes?”

“No, because they’re older men, and they could hurt ya!”

Eijirou laughed despite himself. “Fat, I can take care of myself!”

“Ya think this is funny, kid? Ya could get yerself in serious trouble!”

“But I’m serious, I can take care of myself! You’ve said as much plenty of times!”

“I never said ya couldn’t, I just - if it’d been me instead, I coulda made sure, yannow?”

“Ooh, so now you’re wishing it had been you, huh?”

“I -” Fat stammered, not meeting his gaze, and Eijirou’s heart soared. Fat was jealous!

“Aw, are you mad those other guys got to me first? Fat, I swear, you were the first older dude I ever even dreamed of being with! You can always get it, it’s never too late!”

“Eijirou,” Fat Gum hissed, glancing either way down the street. It was pretty quiet outside, which explained why neither of them was being accosted by fans, but it meant it was all that much easier for them to be overheard. Eijirou wasn’t about to be deterred, however, and pressed closer with a bright grin plastered on his face.

“C’mon, Fat,” he pressed, looking hopefully up into his mentor’s face. “C’mon, Daddy. Show me how you’d keep me safe.”

Fat’s lip quivered as he looked down at him, and Eijirou felt the tense seconds slither by as he considered the proposition.

“Alright,” he said, finally, “I’ll treat ya right, kid.”



Fat Gum slid Eijirou’s uniform pants down past his knees, and Eijirou’s hands sank blissfully into Fat’s bedsheets as he propped himself up on his elbows, craning his head over his shoulder as Fat - still with his mask on - opened his large mouth and slid his tongue over Eijirou’s waiting hole.

Eijirou shivered at the contact, more than delighted that this was finally, finally happening. With every slick pass of Fat’s tongue over him, he got closer to getting what he’d wanted for so, so long.

Fat’s bedroom was decorated in more muted versions of his signature colors, making for a warm, buttery feel to everything as he continued ravishing Eijirou’s aching hole. He’d fingered himself before going to meet Fat, but between patrol and dinner he’d long since returned to normal down there - and it would take a lot more prep than he’d done to get him ready for Fat’s girth, regardless, if the bulge Eijirou had seen in his boxers was any indication.

So he was happy to let Fat take it slow, pressing into him a little more with every swipe of his large tongue. He let his voice out readily and Fat soaked it up, sending him reassuring glances and tender squeezes to his thighs every so often until Eijirou felt something big dip inside him.

He gasped aloud, feeling Fat’s finger press into him. He’d had dicks that felt about that large inside him before - not particularly large ones, mind, but it was enough to make him glad Fat had laid him out in bed instead of just taking him into a back alley the way Eijirou had intended. He was sure his knees would’ve given out with this kind of treatment.

“Alright, kiddo?” Fat prompted him, and Eijirou let out a shaky laugh.

“I thought you were calling me Eijirou tonight,” he said, and quickly added, “Daddy.”

A rough purr escaped his mentor at that. “If ya want, then, Eijirou,” he said, and curled his finger downward, brushing Eijirou’s prostate in a move that made him shudder and gasp.

Fuck, it was so much. He was already so full.

“I can’t believe I th-thought Fourth Kind’s fingers were big,” he quipped breathlessly, and Fat released an impressed sound.

“Fourth Kind, huh? I wouldn’t’a thought he’d be the type,” he said conversationally, gently moving his finger in and out of him, circling Eijirou’s prostate with a teasing, loving fingertip. “His whole thing is being chivalrous.”

Eijirou laughed lowly, sighing at the wonderful stretch as Fat pressed a second finger into him. “He - ah, he was actually one of the easier ones,” he confessed, “It was a lot h-harder with Aizawa, and way harder with - with Endeavor -”

“Ya don’t say,” Fat said, and there was an edge to his tone now as he drove his fingertips harder into Eijirou’s sweet spot. Eijirou whimpered sweetly, grinding down into the bedspread. “Well, he is the number one hero… Ya gotta expect a challenge there.”

“Mhm,” Eijirou hummed unevenly, sinking blissfully into a warm, warm fog. There was pain from Fat stretching him, yes, but being with him, his favorite hero, in this position, grinding down into the mattress, had him feeling so right, so worshipped.

Which was why it came as all the more surprise when he felt his upper half being pressed into the mattress even more while Fat easily lifted his hips, holding him above the bed so that he couldn’t get the sweet relief of pressure on his cock.

“F-Fat!” he stammered, squirming as best he could with Fat’s large hand holding him in place while his other continued sliding its fingers in and out of him. “What the hell!”

“I thought ya were callin’ me Daddy tonight,” Fat said smugly, and Eijirou squirmed all the more. “Ya weren’t payin’ attention, kid.”

“I’m paying attention now,” Eijirou whined, and Fat laughed warmly. “C’mon, Daddy, touch me!”

“Promise ye’ll be good?”

Eijirou snickered. “I’m never good. Didn’t you hear? I fuck older men.”

With that Fat withdrew his fingers and, before Eijirou could voice his protest, gave him a light slap on his ass. Eijirou yelped, more from astonishment than pain, and gave Fat a disbelieving look over his shoulder only to be instantly met with Fat’s familiar, broad grin.

“That’s what bad boys get,” he said, by way of explanation, and heaved himself upward, sitting back on his knees. Eijirou felt his soft thighs sliding under him as he pulled him into his lap, his back to Fat’s front, feeling the thick, hot brush of Fat’s cock on his backside. It almost reached halfway up his back.

“When did you take your boxers off?” he asked distractedly, even as Fat leaned down and lovingly drew his tongue over the side of his neck. He was so big and soft and warm - Eijirou felt like he could just sink backwards into his wonderful, cushiony chest.

“While ya were distracted,” Fat said, and Eijirou felt his face fill with color at that statement. He really had gotten pretty far into himself, there, hadn’t he?

Fat kissed him more, and Eijirou turned his head so that their lips could meet, however briefly. They were light kisses, just a sweet soft pressure one after the other, while Fat smoothed his palms down Eijirou’s thighs.

“Ya ready, baby?” Fat prompted him, and Eijirou shivered at the pet name. He’d been called that a million times, by Katsuki and Tetsutetsu and even by some of his old upperclassmen, but somehow none of them had quite the same effect as Fatgum.

“Hell yeah!” he chirped, and Fat kissed him again, right at the juncture where his neck met his shoulder, and lifted him easily by the hips. Fat’s lap was so broad that Eijirou really couldn’t even properly straddle it - he just braced his knees on either thigh, letting Fat lift him and press him down, splitting him open on his cock.

Eijirou’s breath caught in his throat as Fat slowly penetrated him, sinking into him with such genuine care that it drove even more breath from Eijirou’s lungs. He sank down and could’ve sworn he could feel his own pulse in his stretched asshole, sinking back into Fat’s blissful softness.

“Careful,” Fat warned him, “Ya don’t wanna get sucked up by my quirk, Eijirou.”

That thought had Eijirou moaning. Perhaps another time - maybe not in Fatgum’s bed, but instead in a sparring chamber, where they could properly test the limits of the interaction between Fatgum’s quirk and his own. No, today was for catching up on lost time, and Eijirou was gonna take as much advantage of that as he could.

He reached up with either hand, not quite able to reach all the way around Fat’s neck but craning his neck upward anyway, seeking pressure on his lips, a whisper of reassurance as Fat began rocking into him properly. Fat happily obliged, meeting Eijirou’s mouth with an indistinct murmur. Eijirou had grown used to the softness of lips but Fat’s were in an entire new realm of pillowy softness; Eijirou could’ve sunk into them, quirk or no quirk.

Fat was fucking into him now, licking into his mouth all the while, and there were so many sensations that Eijirou wanted to drink up all at once - the gentle rasp of Fat’s tongue brushing the roof of his mouth, the incredible softness of Fatgum’s stomach on his back, his huge hands on his waist, and his cock, his huge cock brushing his prostate, burning with every thrust and every retreat. He was so, so big, with enough flesh to be as overwhelming as Fourth Kind, enough girth to fuck better than Endeavor, and enough love and care to burn as hot as Best Jeanist.

Fat disconnected their mouths and pressed him forward, and it took Eijirou a second to realize they were changing positions. He went willingly, bracing himself on his hands but not quite able to reach the bed with his legs while still staying connected. Fat took this in stride and wrapped his arms around either of Eijirou’s thighs and ground into him.

Eijirou gasped as electricity prickled up his spine, this new position affording Fat better access to his prostate. He whimpered happily when Fat thrust again, and again. “D-daddy, yes,” he breathed, and Fat grunted with the effort, driving into him with greater and greater force. Eijirou’s elbows wobbled, then gave out, landing him face down and ass up as Fat continued pounding into him.

He didn’t find that he minded, though, as Fat continued abusing his prostate, driving him into the mattress with every thrust. Eijirou clung to the comforter for dear life, each vocalization that escaped him less coherent than the last, and Fat in turn sputtered as Eijirou clenched around him.

Eijirou could feel pressure building inside him, mounting as Fat ground down, filling him so completely that he couldn’t even think to issue a warning - his orgasm just poured out of him, splattering the sheets and his own face as he was dragged back and forth with the force of Fatgum’s thrusts as he fucked him through it. His whole body burned with oversensitivity and he cried out as Fat finally came as well, painting his insides with an overwhelming tide of cum.

Fat fell forward, then, thankfully rolling to the side before he could collapse on top of Eijirou. Eijirou could hear him panting, could feel the entire mattress rise and fall with it, and rolled limply over to look his mentor in the face and give him the most exhausted grin he could manage.

“Wow,” he said, and Fat laughed. He reached up to pull his mask off at last, and Eijirou wriggled forward to press loose kisses to his hairline and forehead and eyelids. “Thanks for indulging me, man,” he breathed, and Fat grinned at him.

“I mean, I’m not gonna lie,” he confessed, “I wanted that as much as you did, kid.”

“Hmm,” Eijirou mumbled, nuzzling lovingly into Fat’s hair. “Ugh, I’m gonna have to go home after this, too.”

Fat chuckled. “I’d let ya stay, but I can’t imagine anybody’s gonna be pleased watchin’ ya stumble out of my apartment in the morning.”

“Yeah,” Eijirou yawned, sitting up to stretch and wincing at the feel of cum trickling out of his hole, “and I don’t wanna have to get up that early, anyway… damn.”

“‘Sides,” Fat mused, “Don’t’cha have a boyfriend to be gettin’ back to?”

At that, Eijirou smiled. Yeah, he at least wanted to see Katsuki before he fell asleep tonight.

With that, he recalled one last thing. “Ooh, Fat!” he said excitedly, turning himself around and dragging himself toward the foot of the bed, where his discarded pants lay. “You get to be a part of my favorite tradition, now!”

“Do I? What’s this tradition of yers, bud?”

Eijirou fished around in the mass of fabric, cursing for a second before finally finding the appropriate pocket. He then made his way back to Fatgum’s side, pondering a good photo to take before coming to the realization that he was eighteen now. His face broke into a grin as he lay back beside his mentor, locating them both in the viewfinder.




Eijirou stumbled into his boyfriend’s room, his legs and ass stinging after such a long day. Katsuki, to his astonishment, was still sitting up, scrolling through something on his phone before looking up to see his visitor.

“Hey,” he grunted, and Eijirou gladly collapsed into bed next to him. “How was Fatdick? Everything you hoped it’d be?”

“You know it’s Fatgum,” Eijirou snickered, then propped himself up on his elbows. “It was great! He was wonderful. How was Miruko?”

“A colossal bitch, as usual.”

“Better than Best Jeanist,” Eijirou teased him, and Katsuki’s face twitched. “C’mon, you love her.”

“Whatever,” Katsuki muttered, discarding his phone to one side and reaching forward to wrap his arm around Eijirou’s shoulders. “You’re better.”

Eijirou hummed happily as he pressed himself into his boyfriend’s side. “You know, I’ve fulfilled the terms of our bet, like, eight times over now. When do I get my fantasy threesome?”

“You got me with the Denim Nightmare, didn’t you?”

“That was your pick,” Eijirou pouted. “C’mon, that doesn’t count.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes but nodded. “Whatever. Just tell me when.”

“Thank you, lovely!”


Eijirou nuzzled into Katsuki’s chest and sighed in exhaustion. “You know,” he murmured, “No matter who I’m with, you’ll always be my favorite.”

“I know.”


“Ugh, get out of my bed.”

Eijirou chuckled lowly, burrowing further into Katsuki’s side and listening to his boyfriend’s steady breaths. Katsuki, in turn, buried his nose in Eijirou’s hair, tickling him a little with the movement of air through his nostrils.

Eijirou smiled contentedly as he drifted off to sleep.